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SECRET SERVICE'S ... "Secret Service" ... A few "GOOD MEN" CHEATING "Working Class" & "Vulnerable" People (AMERICA'S PROSTITUTE'S PT.4)

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For this Part 4 of "America's Prostitute's" I chose this so called sex scandal to highlight in this series. But only because I havent seen a thing about what these "few" men have really done ... so being the "Devil's Advocate" here ... some mainstream recent read and video's below from CNN, then some word's of my own on this.

***** CNN/ U.S.: More Secret Service employees resign in wake of prostitution scandal


First of all, the gal who got in this situation having to complain to get her payment, does not consider herself a "prostitute" ... instead being an "escort" ... which is true and the trade term used, so this posting's title is not meant to discredit or insult any of the worker's/ escort's in this industry. She also claim's that she had NO idea that the client(s) were with a USA Gvmnt detail/ security ... maybe not, I'm sure they get quite a few conventioneer's ... but also they know guy's by nature, and should be able to pick up that these gent's are not hardware salesmen, okay? So for the record, both her and the client know nothing about each other ... and just was out having a good time, well the name of the nightclub sayz something too ... basically being translated into english a fantasy playclub that make's fantasies become a reality and cater's to corporate's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) not your typical dance/ disco club venue title, so I dont know who know's what, but the man agreed to a "gift/ fee" and declined to pay later, complaining and saying he didnt know what he agreed to, because he was intoxicated.

Secondly, a certain amount of credit here to the South American country of Colombia for at least having legalized prostitution to bring this into the spotlight ... because this is exactly what goes on way too much with many American men who indulge ... and later complain or dont want to pay for their pleasure's after they had their fun and cum! In a country like the United States where it is only legal in place's like a few selected counties of Nevada or such ... the amount of this screwing worker's out of fee's afterward's is common practice with alot of guy's ... they like it illegal too ... it make's it taboo and enable's them to conceal more their activities and allow's them to negotiate other term's in payment or to even cheat the worker's in the sex trade. Most folk's dont ... but several men take advantage of this, especially on the street level which is the most vulnerable and unprotected.

But the reason I wanted to post this in this series is because of all I read and heard about this over the last week or so, and how it has of course went into a political mudslinging event, over the various reason's that it ruin's the image of America ... the morality shit, the cheating on wifey shit, and all the other related shit. But this clearly show's part of America's image as well ... not to do with any of the above ... but this relaxed feeling that these working girl's are vulnerable to some of our righteous people who use, abuse and cheat them, and actually feel just because they are in this taboo type industry and they are all this and that themselves ... that they are superior and can get away with it.

The excuses now are coming out of the woodwork about these few gent's NOT knowing they had sex worker's partying with them ... I say bullshit ... ya'll are saying that with all the training you have and access to such clearance and so forth, the firearm's and security item's you carry ... you just randomly got intoxicated on a night on the town, picked up stranger's to party with, let them know your staying at a place like the Hilton, and possibly a hint of what you did for a living, yet had no idea of who you were mingling/ partying with? ... Uh- uh ... it dont work like that amigo. With the way these guy's acted ... it is clear that they were very comfortable with what they were doing, relaxed, and show's that they have done this more than a few time's ... it was too much like habit ... and that is where your guard come's down as well. The shameful part of this is that this poor gal who literally worked her ass off an entire evening only got a quarter of her fee ... as far as I'm concerned, the man should be forced to pay up and taken to court if he dont, period!

These guy's also know too well about such thing's like jeopardizing security and breach of such ... this is why I dont buy any of this ... they know damn well who oversee's the industry in particularly a country like Colombia, and what they need to avoid ... meaning ... again ... they were way too comfortable with what they were doing and full of confidence. The idea of this being a one time event, and just a few good ole boyz having a night on the town, not knowing what they were into and/ or doing is a crock of shit in itself. Ya'll's training and being elite in these type area's, and the study of these countries that you frequent ... make's it where there isnt nothing much in this field that you wouldnt know ... and would most likely sense and/ or suspect if these gal's were going to jeopardize a security detail ... ya'll know plenty. Where you fucked up was not thinking this gal may put up a fight for her money after ... which tell's me also, that you probably pulled this before and got away with it, and especially in place's like Latin American countries ... try to go to a country like Germany a pull that shit!

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I also want to add here that I dont think that this is actually representational of the agency overall, or practiced by all in this agency as has been questioned by many, I wanted to focus on the individual here and the situation. And even giving the benefit of doubt, there may have been encouragement to frequent this venue from hotel staff, since they took a hotel tour bus to it. But the reason I dont think it's overall in the agency, because if it was, we would have a history already of security failure's time after time. The reason why I wanted to focus on this type attitude or mindset of the individual is because ... they(he) knew what this place was ... period ... and the fact that before any room visit while at the club, the escort clearly said she wanted a "gift" (gift is a term they use, to not be so blunt to the customer and make it sound like it really is, if you know what I mean ... same as calling a "trick" a "date" instead) ... that "gift" she stated was a "dollar amount" ... he agreed to take care of her ... and even voluntarily took the lady to his/ their own room that was paid for as an expense to us/ taxpayer ... then after ... agreed to pay "some", but only 25% of the actual agreed fee.



Murr Brewster said...

I just read a headline in a normal newspaper that this whole thing was a terrible "embarrassment for the Obama administration in an election year." Exactly how does this reflect on him? Huh.

Ranch Chimp said...

Exactly Murr (and Good Morning) ... I couldnt bloody believe how they were trying to politically connect this to the Obama Presidency and Administration ... this goes to show you the political desperation in this nation ... it's sad. I sware Murr .. that they could find a reason to blame a bad hair day on the President! It frankly dont even remotely have a thig to do with this administration, or I dont even think the agency ... it has to do with human nature and one or two who try to play the cheap, after they got their service. Just my opinion.

Thanx for your input here Murr ....