Monday, April 2, 2012

IAN GILLAN/ DEEP PURPLE: "HIGHWAY STAR" ... (posting inspired by Dave)

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Deep Purple 1971

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will go to the classic rock band out of the UK ... "Deep Purple" ... and especially to honour Mr. Ian Gillan (lead vocalist). This posting is the first in this journal of Deep Purple, but will only be one song here in particular, because this was the first song that I sang at an audition that landed me a gig jamming with a working rock band, early 1970's. The posting is inspired by a buddy and fellow musician Dave of Sights & Sounds Arlington, who also inspired me to start up this journal's music series as well. Dave and I alwayz talk about music till were blue in the face ... he is a metal guitarist, about 20 year's younger than me, but no rookie either ... having played in the underground hardcore rock and punk club scene of Deep Ellum here in Dallas as an underage teen ... he was tall and could pass for a few year's older as a kid.

But over the weekend Dave asked me ... what "singer's" had most impact on me doing vocal work? Well there were 2 vocalist in particular that started that ... David Byron of Uriah Heep and Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, the 2 that I covered for random audition's of cover tune's (James Brown was the first record's I owned as a child who inspired my overall love for music, mid 1960's). But the first audition that landed me an opportunity to be with a crew/ band in a pro type studio was kind of funny, we never met before (group's name was "Scavenger" with member's from Houston and Los Angeles) ... these guy's asked me to cover Led Zeppelin ... well ... I couldnt ... Robert Plant's vocal's were not compatible with my range on so many cut's, we went over a couple other choice's, but not compatible ... so I told these gent's ... "you want rock ... how bout some Uriah Heep?, I know several piece's" ... they didnt do any Heep tune's, but liked them ... I said something like "Geeeezzz Guy's ... how about Deep Purple?", and the bassist said ... he loved Highway Star and everyone agreed ... asked me to cover it (like Gillan, I also do blues harp's/ hamonica's/ I had in 12 key's, as well as congo percussion's) ... well to make it short ...we smoked (kicked ass) doing this piece together, and the rest is history. Highway Star was wrote 1971 ... this cut was done live in 1972, and Ritchie Blackmore is also one of my favourite guitarist's too, who later formed the classic "Rainbow" crew and sound, with Ronnie James Dio ... Enjoy!

DEEP PURPLE- Highway Star ... Thanx to ELVISKING67



Tim said...

Thanks RC, although a change for me, I enjoyed it very much.

Ranch Chimp said...

Glad you enjoyed Tim ... it's some of the oldie stuff too. Thanx for your input here Tim ....