Monday, April 23, 2012


For this Part 16 of "The Awakening", it will be of course more good news and a look at the progress and the foot soldier's that are coming up for this 2012 American Spring. Since the beginning of this series and journal I have been writing about this, and again am so pleased that it is atually coming forth this quickly ... and of course again ... all the new offshoot's/ splinter's are in full bloom ... and believe me ... will continue to move and actually become so much more diverse as this grow's ... and importantely "occupying" so many fresh and young mind's as well to broaden their knowledge and involvement. You see everyday so many new American's that are becoming involved and younger folk's all over ... even a few that I talked to that were attending the Dallas Intl. Guitar Festival this last weekend were talking about these issue's (and these were folk's in their early to mid 20's) ... and a Hell of alot more knowledgeable on the state of the state, than we were ever back when we were their age.

Most of the media's (small and large) are going to be only saturated with the big left/ right battle for the 2012 election's right now ... but once this get's out of the way and we get a lil more taste of the riff/ raff, bullshit, etc that of course will come with the same ole same gridlock and routine starting 2013 and beyond, it will only fuel the flame's more and spread this fire further, believe me. No doubt that there are alot of good folk's in Washington too ... like Senator Sanders and such ... and several like even our President (Obama) have so many great idea's to bring change ... but the financial power that control's, corrupt's, and turn's Washington into the cesspool it has become is just so strong ... financially speaking ... they probably at least control over 75% of everything that goes on in Washington, through infiltration of parties, lobbying, campaign finance, and other form's of racketeering that they use ... the tool's of course, being the Rights and Constitution and the tax dollar's that we all willingly and unknowingly gave them for so many year's, along with our hard work, vision, and innovation ... basically ... we been had. But no use to cry over spilt milk ... it's done and over, and there is much work ahead to be done. And this "spring" again will go globally as well since the main instigator's of this corruption to even the austerity measure's you see ... are just one entity ... again let me point out ... this was solely the reason for all this forced globalization and even the financial bailout's are not done to save banking institution's, but to rathole all of the 99%'s wealth and redistribute it through international investment's, and leaving us broke ... and when your broke ... well ... you dont have much of shit left, except those right's and constitution's, that's why you dont want them to take all that too (which is possible right now through mass privatization and wealth) ... because if they do, you wont even have a pot to piss in left : )

Below of course, some of the heroes/ defenders and their movement's that are in swing this spring and some new offshoot's that are inspiring and moving toward's real change.

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Beach Bum said...

While I applauded the Occupy movement on many levels I can't help but feel it failed in some crucial areas.

The most important area was failing to organize a coherent political response. Its messages were scattered, at best, and frankly it was a little too Utopian. Now I see it reviving along political lines this time with the election drawing near but if it becomes a loose cannon demanding too much it might just secure the election for Romney.

Ranch Chimp said...

I dont quite see it the same way Bum, as I have pointed out in the previous posting's, and it is inevitable that this has to and will come about, the corruption and get nowhere's in any significant time with stagnation and political bitch fight's have been overwhelming and more damaging to democracy than any benefit. There is alt being exposed and many new face's that like what democracy they still do have. As far as the worry over giving Romney any edge ... politic's as usual will play their role and course, well ... as usual, and if these folk's are as "insignificant" as so much of the mainstream think ... well then ... there's nothing to worry over.

Thanx for your input here as alwayz Bum ....