Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "Bank of Hank-Xmas Drive" (PT.2) ... show the brotha some "$$LOVE$$"

Well America ... were back at square one ... with lies, lies ... and more lies. But it's the season for giving ... heh? Dont forget our present brotha Hank! Dont hold your breath if you like living. Once again ... Hank is up to his old prank's as I pointed out in several previous post's. How did I know? Well there certainly wasnt no special talent on my part ... I'm just a player ... and know how a player operates is all. They "play" the people ... and we should "play" them. It's called being "fair". After all ... you cant "win" if you dont "play". Heh, heh, heh ... :)

A week ago or so Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson told congress to please use restraint before shelling out those "bailout/ rescue" billion's ... to make sure we dont act to hasty and shell out money where it dont belong. Well ... everyone done so ... and Hank done his part distributing the first half of the $700 billion to Wall St. Now that other $350 billion or so ... may have to be used before the month of January 2009 arrives ... why? Because yesterday Hank and brotha "Fuzzy" (Fuzzy is what I call Bush because everything that comes from his mouth is fuzzy) appeared on the White House lawn yesterday to say they may need to spend it already. You know ... now as of yesterday ... "Citigroup" along with "Citi's" cousin's needed some $$LOVE$$ as well, as you already know.

Also to top it off ... slowly leaking it's way into the masses mind's via media, congressional democrat's already have a stimulus package made up to present to President Obama his first day in office that exceed's his initial proposed package of $175 billion he ran his campaign on as a promise. The plan congressional democrat's have is calling for up to possibly an additional $700 billion in a stimulus package ... yes ... a whole new $700 billion! Hopefully every cent of that new stimulus will go to the peoples and American infrastructure, job creation ... etc. If it dont ... we should raise all Hell nationwide ... including rioting coast to coast and avoid any taxation ... and even spending on anything we dont desperately need to. Buy off the "black market" ... from the individual ... off the street corner or internet or wherever ... plus when you do ... it's all tax free! That's illegal? Prove it! Remember, they need us more than we need them ... that's why moderate income folks will pull through this storm the easiest ... because we know how to improvise and survive ... they obviously dont ... if they did ... they wouldnt need us. Trust me ... I've played the game for so long ... and I win about 90%+ of the time!

I would like to see something go to the American automaker's ... considering they are only asking $25 billion ... and laying out plan's to show as collateral. All these investment bank's showed nothing ... not even an invoice or tax return ... and have received in the hundred's of billion's without answering to anyone ... or even remotely having to be accountable for any of it. And you can bank on it ... that most of their money is in offshore account's, foreign investment, and they have no out of pocket tax expense ... as I wrote earlier ... their existence alone is a "write-off".

It is also said that Obama may hold off on new tax regulation's for a year or two ... focused on that top 5% of America. Because it hurt's business and investment confidence ... WHATEVER! I would hope President Obama would not refrain from imposing new regulatory condition's ... immediately! They had their free ride ... it's someone else's turn now. I am a capitalist ... I am pro-free market 110% ... and believe me ... a little more tax to the top 5% is NOT asking much at all ... and no one will spend a day in the poor house. What would be their incentive? ... simple ... they get to claim the USA as their homebase ... and reap all the reward's of being here ... like our government handout generosity ... our extensive tax write off's and loose law's, the people who are the bread and butter of consumption ... who borrow and spend like there's no tomorrow ... and the full protection of the U.S. military ... so they can walk the street's without fear of a roadside bomb on every corner.

Merry Xmas Hank...c'mon...show us a lil $$LOVE$$! :)



Friday, November 14, 2008

The "Bank of Hank" (PT.1) ... and the spirit "Oversight Committee" ...

Henry "Hank" Paulson ... U.S.Treasury Secretary and Chairman of the "Bank of Hank" has a basic motto ... which is ... "A sucker is born every minute". Once again our Treasury Guru is changing lanes with no turn signal in heavy traffic. The spirit "Oversight Committee" is not intervening in any of this ... because ... they are obviously in some "spirit" world ... Why do I say this? ... Because no actual oversight committee even exist's! (at least not in our world!) And now we are taking 9" inches instead of 6! Understand ... if you give these folks an inch ... they will take a mile ... that is the nature of the "game" ... if you think otherwise ... your blind and/ or deluded ... and will lose your ass in the real world. Not one "oversight" position has been filled ... and when they asked for the "bailout" ... the rules were that the White House and Congress will have confirmed an oversight committee and have a report to present ... and all by a deadline date ... which has already long passed!Hank ... you've been "made" brother ... and America ... you've been "had".

What the bottom line here is on this"bite" ... is that was the whole "rush" of passing this bailout ... including Hank getting down on his knee and begging Nancy Pelosi (D-Speaker) ... "Please". The bite was moved quickly all orchestrated by Bush/ Cheney because they feared that because of poll's ... the democrat's might control the House and Senate ... and even the Oval Office ... if they didnt move then ... there could be too many obstacles causing delay's with the suspected new democrat power. Now that they have the blank check ... deposited in the "Bank of Hank" ... and managed to slip out of confirming any oversight personel ... they have until January 20,2009 to do everything they can ... to make sure the money is locked "contractually ' to where they want it to go.

Notice in the last 2 week's or so ... now all kind's of companies are asking for a piece of the pie ... even a group proposed to give a piece to credit card holder's who cant pay off their credit card's! And they were quickly denied ... but I agree there ... as far as I'm concerned ... if you cant pay for all the crap you charged ... too bad. I got almost $30K in debt on card's over 20 years ago ... I didnt ask anyone for squat ... and if I did ... as far as I'm concerned ... when I cant carry my own burden ... I might as well put a gun to my head. I have mixed feeling's about helping the big auto maker's ... I want to definitely give them something ... however ... I want them to realize ... if you want to stay in the game of competition ... start making car's that "compete"! ... fuelwise as well as longevity ... the Japanese make us look like rookies from south of the border! My daughter just bought a brand new fully loaded Honda yesterday, it wasnt cheap, but it was the logical best bet for the buck, not Ford, Chevy, or Pontiac! But the auto industry mean's ... job's ... and is a bedrock industry of American capitalism at it's finest. Another damn thing ... what the hell ever happened to just filing plain ole "bankruptcy"? ... Geeeez ... every weakling from coast to coast want's a damn "bailout"!

In other "economic nightmares" ... Delta and Northwest Airlines just merged ... forming the largest airline in the world ... well ... I'm just slap happy excited ... another mega giant to try to monopolize things more! Letting some of these folks fold and fail (especially mega investment banker's/ manipulator's) or at least file bankruptcy ... tighten's the ship! If an airline fold's ... the damn planes dont like disappear ... or the mechanic's vanish, and other personel ... they roll on to another investor! But at least a merger is better than a handout. The G-20 posse which Bush host's this week ... are already talking universal global market regulation's, and their "host"(Bush) is already sideswiping the call ... if you listen to his clever address yesterday ... saying that old school western capitalism regulatory policies is the only way. Well then listen to what the Hell you preach sir ... and let those who are not up to parr to compete ... FAIL! Did he not also tell the people that the new global market is much different and more complex than the old? Well then that tell's you to let your global constituent's be player's in ground rules! Usually on mega airline merger's ... the prices increase to consumer's because ... well ... less competition. This will be interesting though because of the dollar and less travelled skies ... however ... the future actions of OPEC as far as supply decreases might play a role as well. Cincinnati as well as Memphis from this has their Hub status in jeopardy ... but what they are not reporting ... is many others do as well (mid-size American cities) ... trust me. And consumer's already lost the fight to improve airline service ... across the board!

I am more concerned with the small businesses of America ... that Transmission shop in your neighborhood ... the corner print shop ... the countless small businesses which are the bread and butter of the American workforce ... who employ three quarter's of American's. After all ... they dont "export" job's ... and they are our saviour when we get in a bind. It takes about (well in Texas and most states) $25K to start a small business up ... do we realize how many small business start up's a couple hundred billion can create? think about it. What about the million's of personal retirement investment's, municipal bond's, etc? Should not everyone get a piece of the pie in the actual domestic business sector ... after all ... investment banker's are no different than billionaire bookie's ... who employ a bunch of high fashion flunky hustler's.

This is exactly why Obama is staying out of the G-20 hoopla this week. He say's it's because there is only one President at a time ... but I know what is in the back of his mind on this one ... he dont want to "brush" shoulder's ... because he is about to enter with a fist and proposal's that they will basically "hate" ... and they all see him coming as well ... that is why they have been hustling overtime. Rest assured ... Obama has everyone of their number's! He might not be an experienced politician ... but believe me ... he certainly know's the game! And his attitude already silently frighten's all these player's!

While many were voting for him out of desperation ... or based on race/ ethnicity ... or because they just joined with the popular cult ... I was voting for him because I seen and made this guy from day one ... and I kept silent about him, and what I truely made him as ... which is a smart soft spoken campaigner who realizes ... to effect the game of old in any way ... you must enter the arena like this ... for the pop culture image ... and then become a major part of the system/ game, but at heart ... he's a real warrior. You must get inside to actually take any action.

PS: A woman that has a little neighborhood store read this and thought that my view's about credit card user's are a little harsh. My point is ... that many folk's just over charge without no concern for the outcome ... and "buy" thing's they dont even remotely need or even use much. Then whine about ... "they need help ...". For crying out loud ... why in the Hell do folks whine after they splurge or induldge in this manner? When I was 10's of thousand's in debt 20 years ago ... I didnt whine that the "bank's did it to me", I am the one who done it to myself.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We the People...rave and rejoice...while AIG and friend's robb and rape us...

Again...we are getting screwed,blued,and tattooed as I write these word's! The Fed and Corporation's have been actually working overtime...and believe me...they are not wasting any time at all.All the thing's that we feared of this bailout before we approved it...is becoming a reality.And the folks benefiting from it...are getting bolder and bolder...at least they know how to take advantage of a sucker bet when they see it.

We are still in a daze,patting each others asses,shedding tears of joy,celebrating, etc....because we finally have a President other than a white male in the Oval Office. While those who robb us...are ...well...robbing us in overtime...taking advantage of the "moment".Not that we shouldnt be joyful and celebrate...but who's watching the foxes in the hen house,that's been doing us in...and getting all the "hook-up's"? NO ONE! And get this..we are even paying the thug's overtime who are robbing us! This has got to be the biggest scam in American history.

Today the fed announced an additional $27 billion for AIG,after AIG reported another $24 billion loss...and get this...they even threw a few more lavish parties,passing them off as meeting's.First we gave them $85 billion...then another $60 billion,and then today another $27 billion...and the Fed say's that it's because AIG is a "systemically significant institution"...too important to fail.So is a prison system...heh? The Fed even scraped the initial pay-out plan..and are not giving any details to even Congress on what the new plan's are...no transparency whatsoever. And we are no better off today then we were when we were told to rush this bailout through...more lay-off's today...now with DHL..and Circuit City announcing bankruptcy. Hundred's of thousand's of more job's at risk by the end of this year..
yes...in only a month and a half!And with today's announcement..the Fed will "extend" the loan's(corporate welfare)...and get this...even "reduce" their interest on the payback's! What does this mean?..heh,heh,heh..simply this...they win if it work's out...and we get all the risk's if it dont.

What a deal heh?...they report a loss of $24 billion...and get $27 billion for doing so...that is the easiest $3 billion "hook up" I've ever seen! And even the Fed refuses to be held accountable for anything that goes sour.The Fed has dished out $2 trillion in loan's over the last year and a half...and our Congress doesnt even know who got what in the deal's.And the ones dishing out arent talking either...just telling us..."dont worry...their handling it".Oh...they did announce that they will"limit" "golden parachutes" for the top 70 executives...hmmm..what does that mean..a cheaper hotel..and a happy hour? heh,heh,heh...dont count on it.

Meanwhile...the price of a barrel of oil went up today almost a buck and a half..but OPEC swear's that if the price doesnt go up any more..and soon...they plan to even further cut production...heh,heh,heh,...their telling us straight up...that they will not let the price go down any further! I have pointed this out several times in previous post's as well..the bottom line is this...none of them give a rat's ass what we think...and how can you blame them for screwing us? We have bent over with a smile...and shown we are full of fear if we dont do what they tell us. America! It is time we robb them! Boycott them...scam them...and bite back before they bite us...in any way you can...they deserve everything they get.And while we take back.. we should feel heroic for doing so! Hammer these bastard's hard and relentlessly,and most importantly...enjoy every minute of it...heh,heh,heh. And believe me...we will
....in time.

In other part's of the globe...China just announced a huge multi hundred billion stimulus package for it's country...and guess what? It's going to go for infrastructure for it's people,school's,hospital's,mass transit,job creation..etc...etc..isnt that something? A communist government doing more for the people's then our own government would for us with our own damn money...and what China is doing will also benefit the globe...and especially America...financially...especially our export's this time.They are and will do more for us...then our own failed investment institutions will do for us...in our own damn country...and we are paying these bastard's way on top of it.That's the reality!

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Mother Murder"...Dena Schlosser PT.1: ... about to walk free in Texas...

A Dallas area State District Court today ruled that Dena Schlosser of Plano (North Dallas suburbia) can be released from her hospital rehab incarceration next month. Judge Chris Oldner of the 219th State District Court ruled for Schlosser to be released next month for "outpatient" treatment, and for a plan to be completed by December 05, 2008.

In November 2004 Mrs. Schlosser grabbed her 10 month old daughter ... took a kitchen knife and severed her daughters arm's,which in the process ... her daughter bled to death. After her task ... she called 911 ... and reported what she had done ... and waited calmly for authorities to arrive ... put up no resistance ... and explained what she had done. I can only assume that the process was not as easy as cutting off the leg's of a cold dead turkey either ... especially with a kitchen knife. Authorities who arrived at the scene reported she was very calm at the time.

In April 2006 Justice Oldner found Schlosser "not guilty" by reason of insanity at her now 2nd trial ... Schlosser's first trial ended in a "hung jury". In 2007 her husband John divorced her and left with their 2 daughters to move to Weatherford (a small neighbouring Metroplex community)

Schlosser was committed to a North Texas State Hospital in Vernon (SE of Dallas) where she shared a room with another mom named Andrea Yates who a few years prior to this case ... drowned 5 of her children in a row in Houston ... she was also found "not guilty" by reason of insanity. Schlosser was transfered to another Hospital shortly after with minimal security ... Rusk State Hospital (Vernon is maximum security). The entire time Schlosser has done nothing but bitch, moan, and bellyache about her conditions in writing to the Judge since day one. She also wrote the Judge stating she wanted another trial because of medical record's mistakes that were made at her trial that were already corrected. Her first written letter to the Judge came only 7 month's after her incarceration ... asking to be released ... that she thought she has been rehabilitated. And her attorney say's that she has made progress. Um,um,um ... imagine that! Now Judge Oldner say's she can be released ... but she must find a suitable residence near the Rusk facility ... she can have no unsupervised contact with children ... and she must continue to remain on birth control.

I must be insane myself ... because ... like the Andrea Yates case ... I cannot see the punishment here. There has also been a couple other cases in recent years in Texas where the mothers killed the children ... and not one has done a day in a prison. All the cases that I recall..it was voices that told the mother's to do so ... and the voices were identified as being from god.Schlosser was no exception ... for she also received messages from the Almighty.

Why are not any of these individual's doing prison time? The death penalty in Texas only applies to murder #1 cases that have an additional felony ... such as aggravated robbery, rape or such along with the initial murder charge, even though personally speaking ... I think the death penalty should also apply to any of these cases as well. At least let these offender's do some actual prison time ... like ... you know ... "life" ... where they can even get paroled after good behaviour after 15 years or so ... for Petes sake ... what kind of messsage are we sending with these so called ..."not guilty by reason of insanity" verdict's? They say... it's either voices from god or stress or what have you. Well ... then call god in as a material witness in these cases ... if god doesnt show up ... oh well! Stress? Uhhhh ... why do these folks get pregnant annually? Did they ever hear of birth control? They cant help it ... their insane? Knock it off ... this isnt a damn "Dr. Phil" episode! All the personal letters that Schlosser wrote to the Judge ... with legal details of what actions to take? I mean ... is she insane ... or a criminal law major?

I dont find their thinking to be "insane" at all ... I think some of our thinking is irrational actually. I dont even think the most liberated counties in the USA such as San Francisco County or even Multnomah County(Portland,Or) could swallow this nonsense! I sure as Hell dont!


Monday, November 3, 2008

"America...and our right and nature to defend ourselves"...

One of the local topic's that brought this to my attention...was over the last couple week's in Texas,gun sales were at an all time high.Why?..Because there are many rumor's floating around the Texas community that there is a good chance that Obama may be the next President..and if so...he has plan's to be stricter on gun right's,and possibly add extra taxes on ammunition..so ammo sales are going through the roof in Texas also.Whether these rumor's have any truth to them..I dont know. Even though I am an NRA supporter..I know damn well even if government tried to disarm American's...especially Texan's...it would be like trying to control drug traffic..hopeless.Folk's will defend themselves no matter what...some wont..and wait to get shot..then call authorities(if they live)...but myself..no way Jose!

Washington,DC just earlier this year...overturned a DC gun ban..so that folks can at least try to defend themselves without fear of being turned from a victim into a criminal.But also the info I gathered online was that...the restrictions and rules are ridiculous as well...like only being able to have revolver's..and unloaded or some similar crap...uhhhh..what do you do?...uhhhh...tell the thug about to waste you to hold on a sec...while you load? As far as I'm concerned to all those politician's that want us to abide by these rules...or law's...Go screw yourselves.
Nancy Pelosi complained about it..and said it is a mistake...but what many of these politician's dont see...is the neighborhood's that many of us regular folks have to live in..and our reality...hardly anyone in Washington knows a damn thing about the real world..and only talk to us when they want our vote.

In the Pittsburgh(PA) neighborhood of "Crawford Square" for instance yesterday (Pittsburgh is one of my favourite US cities by the way)a 75 year old woman shot an intruder coming up the stairs at her after he broke into her townhome...in his groin,he is in an area hospital...surviving non-threatening injuries from it.She was defending herself...and that's all I need to know..for Petes sake...the lady is alone and 75 years old..what was she supposed to do? The only mistake she made in my opinion...was not shooting the SOB in the head.She used a .38 revolver.

In my neighborhood this last sunday(NW Dallas)night(11/02/08)..11:50pm...2 men knocked on a neighbors door...pull a gun when the neighbor answered..demanded money...what they didnt know was our neighbor had a gun...shot at them killing one of the suspects and the other is on the run..they dont really know yet if the 2nd suspect recieved a slug as well..but did..get away. I tried to look up more details about it online..but this is Dallas..and I got like 85,000 results or so(on home invasion shootings)I said..to hell with it.This is common here in Dallas as far as home invasion style robberies...so we see our fair share of action in this town...usually latino immigrants are the target's of these and many get killed in the process by the intruders.

Why wont gun control work?...because this is America..and law or no law...we have a natural right to defend ourselves..and it's our nature!