Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We the People...rave and rejoice...while AIG and friend's robb and rape us...

Again...we are getting screwed,blued,and tattooed as I write these word's! The Fed and Corporation's have been actually working overtime...and believe me...they are not wasting any time at all.All the thing's that we feared of this bailout before we approved it...is becoming a reality.And the folks benefiting from it...are getting bolder and bolder...at least they know how to take advantage of a sucker bet when they see it.

We are still in a daze,patting each others asses,shedding tears of joy,celebrating, etc....because we finally have a President other than a white male in the Oval Office. While those who robb us...are ...well...robbing us in overtime...taking advantage of the "moment".Not that we shouldnt be joyful and celebrate...but who's watching the foxes in the hen house,that's been doing us in...and getting all the "hook-up's"? NO ONE! And get this..we are even paying the thug's overtime who are robbing us! This has got to be the biggest scam in American history.

Today the fed announced an additional $27 billion for AIG,after AIG reported another $24 billion loss...and get this...they even threw a few more lavish parties,passing them off as meeting's.First we gave them $85 billion...then another $60 billion,and then today another $27 billion...and the Fed say's that it's because AIG is a "systemically significant institution"...too important to fail.So is a prison system...heh? The Fed even scraped the initial pay-out plan..and are not giving any details to even Congress on what the new plan's are...no transparency whatsoever. And we are no better off today then we were when we were told to rush this bailout through...more lay-off's today...now with DHL..and Circuit City announcing bankruptcy. Hundred's of thousand's of more job's at risk by the end of this year..
yes...in only a month and a half!And with today's announcement..the Fed will "extend" the loan's(corporate welfare)...and get this...even "reduce" their interest on the payback's! What does this mean?..heh,heh,heh..simply this...they win if it work's out...and we get all the risk's if it dont.

What a deal heh?...they report a loss of $24 billion...and get $27 billion for doing so...that is the easiest $3 billion "hook up" I've ever seen! And even the Fed refuses to be held accountable for anything that goes sour.The Fed has dished out $2 trillion in loan's over the last year and a half...and our Congress doesnt even know who got what in the deal's.And the ones dishing out arent talking either...just telling us..."dont worry...their handling it".Oh...they did announce that they will"limit" "golden parachutes" for the top 70 executives...hmmm..what does that mean..a cheaper hotel..and a happy hour? heh,heh,heh...dont count on it.

Meanwhile...the price of a barrel of oil went up today almost a buck and a half..but OPEC swear's that if the price doesnt go up any more..and soon...they plan to even further cut production...heh,heh,heh,...their telling us straight up...that they will not let the price go down any further! I have pointed this out several times in previous post's as well..the bottom line is this...none of them give a rat's ass what we think...and how can you blame them for screwing us? We have bent over with a smile...and shown we are full of fear if we dont do what they tell us. America! It is time we robb them! Boycott them...scam them...and bite back before they bite us...in any way you can...they deserve everything they get.And while we take back.. we should feel heroic for doing so! Hammer these bastard's hard and relentlessly,and most importantly...enjoy every minute of it...heh,heh,heh. And believe me...we will
....in time.

In other part's of the globe...China just announced a huge multi hundred billion stimulus package for it's country...and guess what? It's going to go for infrastructure for it's people,school's,hospital's,mass transit,job creation..etc...etc..isnt that something? A communist government doing more for the people's then our own government would for us with our own damn money...and what China is doing will also benefit the globe...and especially America...financially...especially our export's this time.They are and will do more for us...then our own failed investment institutions will do for us...in our own damn country...and we are paying these bastard's way on top of it.That's the reality!


Anonymous said...

Oh, but isn't it a wonderful feeling, to have to practically carry the loot for those robbing us blind, and then ask if they'd like more? In a way, it's our own fault for electing the representatives we have, who then turned around and supported or appointed those who would so brazenly swindle us. Though "we the people" might not like what's happening, we seem to have freely given away the say-so.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Chell...I agree with that...110% you see...like the old saying goes.."make your bed..now you lie in it..."..And today...in the news AIG refusing to interview or even answer media questions about their shenanigan's show us just how bold they are. I was telling a buddy earlier(Infidel753)...Why is Washington so slow to change? Because you see..if your getting a couple thousand a year in salary and benefit's,have a tax write off for everything you do and buy,sit in $500/$1000 leather ass warmer's,have a health plan that makes common folks health plan's look like a joke...how quick would you be to WANT "change"? That's why I wanted Obama and all dem's to control both houses...not that it would be "drastic" change..but the only shot at getting anything close to going against the grain,because I knew no 3rd party candidate would win this time,and if one did,the retaliation from the houses would only create another 4 years of solid gridlock.This is about as realistically close as we could get to anything that resembles "change" of any kind unfortunately. I wanted to shake up a little what the corporate community was getting away with. Even though I am for tax incentives and pro-business..I sure as hell am not for this crap their pulling ..or incompetent cry babies who cant swallow defeat or failure.These CEO's and such of today...are a bunch of whining pussies,weakling's and shameful 2 bit hustlers.And to watch them whine and beg...like Paulson does backing them up...with that wimpy look on his face while doing it...is absolutely disgusting and pathetic for a man to have to watch. Half of these folks nauseate me to be honest.And we actually have legal power in our representatives to stop this nonsense...but our representatives dont act strongly enough to attack any of this crap!Hell no..I wouldnt have given them a bailout/rescue etc..I'd bail out the auto industry before I'd give them food stamp's!I'd put all that $700 on infrastructure and job's,stimulus check's for the American people,they wouldnt get a goddamn voucher for a fricken McDonald's "happy meal" from me!

Ranch Chimp said...

Correction...above where I say a "couple thousand" a year...I mean a couple HUNDRED thousand.

concerned citizen said...

It stymies me that so many of the the American people can see what is coming down the road & are seemly powerless to do anything about it.

Why do we work against our own interest so often? I've been trying to figure it out, wondering how much is our own fault & how much is manipulation by the powers above us.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your comment and visit"Concerned Citizen"...that is baffling indeed..you certainly are not the "Lone Ranger" when it comes to wondering this.You see.. as I have posted before...we have all the "tool's" and a "constitution" etc...to make our own reality what we choose. A wise man once wrote that the mind is a small replica of the universe,and like the universe...ever expanding. We have been nurtured psychologically for thousand's of year's to think the way we do,and that is to look for "authority" to guide us,and take thing's from these larger than life figures as, well...heh,heh,heh..as being best for our interest and survival. Make no doubt..that a day shall come...when..the individual will rise to the level where it will not need a higher authority, nor the systems or cultures that it currently depend's on and embraces. It's simply a matter of ...maturity and evolution. As I have wrote earlier..we are as a species..genetically masochistic, we didnt get this way overnight..we were molded into this by those who psychologically enslave the human psyche...to where we became as them, and the worst part...is dependent on them. We will come to realize..that all this we do this day and past..simply was necessary to achieve a higher state of existence. And this government/representation you see now...will simply fail by it's own hand's...and the new breed..will simply ...walk away..
like the Mayan's of past abandoned their ruler's and cities.This is why also I wrote in an earlier post..that Bush was a man of change.."change" we can believe in. Why? because it was necessary for Obama to win...heh,heh,heh..
what is looked at as being different from right to left, actually compliments each other,and are one..not right nor left.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing...you can alway's get a fairly good picture of thing's that are likely to come about...at least..a general idea. You have to look honestly at the species,and what makes it truely tick,it's past as well...but you must sacrifice...that mean's to give up your mind to the way you think yourself...free your mind from all the crap in other word's. Your phobia's,guilt,fears,... and especially thing's like right/wrong
good/evil...and other such nonsense
The mind is much more powerful than most people can imagine,but
it must be left to go free on it's own.That is the "soul" of your existence.