Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "Bank of Hank-Xmas Drive" (PT.2) ... show the brotha some "$$LOVE$$"

Well America ... were back at square one ... with lies, lies ... and more lies. But it's the season for giving ... heh? Dont forget our present brotha Hank! Dont hold your breath if you like living. Once again ... Hank is up to his old prank's as I pointed out in several previous post's. How did I know? Well there certainly wasnt no special talent on my part ... I'm just a player ... and know how a player operates is all. They "play" the people ... and we should "play" them. It's called being "fair". After all ... you cant "win" if you dont "play". Heh, heh, heh ... :)

A week ago or so Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson told congress to please use restraint before shelling out those "bailout/ rescue" billion's ... to make sure we dont act to hasty and shell out money where it dont belong. Well ... everyone done so ... and Hank done his part distributing the first half of the $700 billion to Wall St. Now that other $350 billion or so ... may have to be used before the month of January 2009 arrives ... why? Because yesterday Hank and brotha "Fuzzy" (Fuzzy is what I call Bush because everything that comes from his mouth is fuzzy) appeared on the White House lawn yesterday to say they may need to spend it already. You know ... now as of yesterday ... "Citigroup" along with "Citi's" cousin's needed some $$LOVE$$ as well, as you already know.

Also to top it off ... slowly leaking it's way into the masses mind's via media, congressional democrat's already have a stimulus package made up to present to President Obama his first day in office that exceed's his initial proposed package of $175 billion he ran his campaign on as a promise. The plan congressional democrat's have is calling for up to possibly an additional $700 billion in a stimulus package ... yes ... a whole new $700 billion! Hopefully every cent of that new stimulus will go to the peoples and American infrastructure, job creation ... etc. If it dont ... we should raise all Hell nationwide ... including rioting coast to coast and avoid any taxation ... and even spending on anything we dont desperately need to. Buy off the "black market" ... from the individual ... off the street corner or internet or wherever ... plus when you do ... it's all tax free! That's illegal? Prove it! Remember, they need us more than we need them ... that's why moderate income folks will pull through this storm the easiest ... because we know how to improvise and survive ... they obviously dont ... if they did ... they wouldnt need us. Trust me ... I've played the game for so long ... and I win about 90%+ of the time!

I would like to see something go to the American automaker's ... considering they are only asking $25 billion ... and laying out plan's to show as collateral. All these investment bank's showed nothing ... not even an invoice or tax return ... and have received in the hundred's of billion's without answering to anyone ... or even remotely having to be accountable for any of it. And you can bank on it ... that most of their money is in offshore account's, foreign investment, and they have no out of pocket tax expense ... as I wrote earlier ... their existence alone is a "write-off".

It is also said that Obama may hold off on new tax regulation's for a year or two ... focused on that top 5% of America. Because it hurt's business and investment confidence ... WHATEVER! I would hope President Obama would not refrain from imposing new regulatory condition's ... immediately! They had their free ride ... it's someone else's turn now. I am a capitalist ... I am pro-free market 110% ... and believe me ... a little more tax to the top 5% is NOT asking much at all ... and no one will spend a day in the poor house. What would be their incentive? ... simple ... they get to claim the USA as their homebase ... and reap all the reward's of being here ... like our government handout generosity ... our extensive tax write off's and loose law's, the people who are the bread and butter of consumption ... who borrow and spend like there's no tomorrow ... and the full protection of the U.S. military ... so they can walk the street's without fear of a roadside bomb on every corner.

Merry Xmas Hank...c'mon...show us a lil $$LOVE$$! :)




Infidel753 said...

You know what they say -- $700 billion here and $700 billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money :-)

$700 billion divided by the population of the US is $2,300 per person, or $3,500 per adult. If they want to spend that much on an economic stimulus, they should just send a check to every citizen. Let us decide whether to spend it on a new car, a vacation, booze & hookers, or whatever. Now that would stimulate the economy.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your input Mr.Infidel.You know...I have thought about that over again more than once.Your damn right..if they gace $3.5K to every American,you know damn well most folks are going to spend it...especially around these upcoming holiday's,before or after even.I could spend that so fast...I would make Hank Paulson look slow! Later guy!