Monday, November 3, 2008

"America...and our right and nature to defend ourselves"...

One of the local topic's that brought this to my attention...was over the last couple week's in Texas,gun sales were at an all time high.Why?..Because there are many rumor's floating around the Texas community that there is a good chance that Obama may be the next President..and if so...he has plan's to be stricter on gun right's,and possibly add extra taxes on ammo sales are going through the roof in Texas also.Whether these rumor's have any truth to them..I dont know. Even though I am an NRA supporter..I know damn well even if government tried to disarm American's...especially Texan' would be like trying to control drug traffic..hopeless.Folk's will defend themselves no matter what...some wont..and wait to get shot..then call authorities(if they live)...but way Jose!

Washington,DC just earlier this year...overturned a DC gun that folks can at least try to defend themselves without fear of being turned from a victim into a criminal.But also the info I gathered online was that...the restrictions and rules are ridiculous as only being able to have revolver's..and unloaded or some similar crap...uhhhh..what do you do?...uhhhh...tell the thug about to waste you to hold on a sec...while you load? As far as I'm concerned to all those politician's that want us to abide by these rules...or law's...Go screw yourselves.
Nancy Pelosi complained about it..and said it is a mistake...but what many of these politician's dont the neighborhood's that many of us regular folks have to live in..and our reality...hardly anyone in Washington knows a damn thing about the real world..and only talk to us when they want our vote.

In the Pittsburgh(PA) neighborhood of "Crawford Square" for instance yesterday (Pittsburgh is one of my favourite US cities by the way)a 75 year old woman shot an intruder coming up the stairs at her after he broke into her his groin,he is in an area hospital...surviving non-threatening injuries from it.She was defending herself...and that's all I need to know..for Petes sake...the lady is alone and 75 years old..what was she supposed to do? The only mistake she made in my opinion...was not shooting the SOB in the head.She used a .38 revolver.

In my neighborhood this last sunday(NW Dallas)night(11/02/08)..11:50pm...2 men knocked on a neighbors door...pull a gun when the neighbor answered..demanded money...what they didnt know was our neighbor had a gun...shot at them killing one of the suspects and the other is on the run..they dont really know yet if the 2nd suspect recieved a slug as well..but did..get away. I tried to look up more details about it online..but this is Dallas..and I got like 85,000 results or so(on home invasion shootings)I hell with it.This is common here in Dallas as far as home invasion style we see our fair share of action in this town...usually latino immigrants are the target's of these and many get killed in the process by the intruders.

Why wont gun control work?...because this is America..and law or no law...we have a natural right to defend ourselves..and it's our nature!


concerned citizen said...

AKA handmaiden
We agree here. Although I am a flaming liberal, I do not want to give up my right to own a gun, which I do BTW. I don't trust any government to protect me.

An interesting note on gun talking to some Iraq war/occupation Vets, I have found out Iraq is a gun toting nation, in respects, a lot like the USA. One of the major problems of the occupation has been disarming the Iraqis. They react pretty much the same way we would.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your visit and input "Concerned Citizen"...I think that most folks realize that the authorities cant protect us and that these laws are words on paper that are useless,as far as making those who commit these crimes pay for their actions.Whether a person is liberal or conservative or otherwise. As far as disarming Iraqi's..I cant believe that Bush would even support such commi crap! He's supposed to be a damn conservative from West Texas!I dont think we should be telling Iraqi's or anyone else how to run their country...period. And I dont think we belong there at all.We done our job and freed them,the petro industry is only there to milk them now,they simply went from one dictatorship to another. Not a damn thing was accomplished for one damn American except draining us financially.Personally I dont give a damn what other countries do,nor would I fight to free them..if they attack objective is to eliminate them...period,this war is about nothing but control and money for the same people that robbed us, nothing else.