Saturday, October 25, 2008

Most of our "War's" are strictly......"Business"...not "Freedom"...

We have the finest trained military personel in the world,the best of the best when it comes to our defense hardware as well...we have lost so many of our defenders in a war(Iraq)...that is strictly about business.Let's see how fast our President would respond to freeing a countries people's who have nothing for us to milk them for.Or has a military or government themselves that is very competitive.Then...we alway's go into these war's having our personel tie one hand behind their back's.We train them to do a job...the job is to exterminate the can one do their job when you over-regulate them? Who in the world do we believe we are fighting in this war? An opposition who think's with "our" value's..a mush headed philosophy? The opposition is doing it's job...should we not?

First of all...I dont believe our place is Iraq...nor our job to tell everyone else around the globe how they should govern...but that's just me. My value's are mine, and are not the value's of many other's around the long as they dont attack me...I wont attack philosophy is quite simple..and when it does come to war...I actually believe in eliminating the threat..again...simple.A dear friend of mine...who is an immigrant,a muslim,and an Arab..asked me one day.."How do we expect to go into a country..who has been thinking the way they think for centuries...and all of the sudden expect them to be able to embrace the way we think? ....." Why are we so quick to tell other's what is the right way to live? And more importantly...why do we even have one American soldier dying in a place like Iraq?

We would all love to see world peace and hold hand's and sing song's together..and that's nice...but's it not the reality at this point in our we evolve we get less violent as a history will show you.What extremeist muslim's may do in 2008ad/ce...isnt much different then what christian's were doing 500 years or so ago...and christian's been around much longer as well. Meaning it takes "time" for cultures to evolve to the next level of existence and mindset.It is human nature and history that people's will "free" themselves when push comes to shove..all... in time. The remedy for oppression?..simply"free will". All people's of the globe are played like a pawn in a game...when we wake up and actually see this and stop believing in the nonsense and stupidity that we are taught to believe since childhood,is also the time that we will achieve peace and balance and freedom,and true independence. One thing our species does not understand simply.."balance"..we weigh everything...see in term's of good/
right/wrong. Not even our own modern civilized government understand's matter what our class is or culture...most of the species dont.But time.

We dont truely know what freedom is...why? Because we have not yet evolved to the point where we know as individual's how to actually take control of our own lives and break the chain's that keep us psychologically slaves of other's.Subconsciously we are actually masochistic...yet not yet realize it. Being masochistic by choice is one thing...being masochistic genetically is another.It's not that we are stupid..we are not...understand ..this took 1000's of years to accomplish.

Peace,liberty/freedom...will actually find it's own way...just like globalization will. Our challenges in the future will be just as challenging and cause some conflict as well...why and when? Because we will come to a point when the human will evolve to the next step..and no longer be a species of just nature..and more of a product of our creation,intelligence and biotechnology...thus...the less advanced of the species...being those like us..will have a type of resentment toward's them ..because we will not understand them..and of coarse this will also cause conflict...with those this time...not just because of cultural/religious differences,but actual biological differences...the species will splinter is what I am time. After this time...there will be no more reason for war...or even anything that remotely resembles business as we know it today,our existing values or any way that we even live for that matter.Those who think like us...will...well...let's just say be replaced...basically like every several generations are.Our utopia will actually become a reality!

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