Sunday, October 12, 2008

"The Price of Vice"... Drug's, Gambling, and Prostitution ....

This has been a topic on just about everyone's head at one time or another ... whether it has hit us at home ... in the news, community, etc. Sen. Obama has even proposed the decriminalization of marijuana for instance ... but NOT "legalization". As a result ... he has been labeled the most left candidate ever. Well ... if this is called "left" ... let me then use a little "common sense" here and even go a step "lefter", I guess. Why? Because over time in America ... this will eventually take form in some way.

Whether we realize it or not ... we pay quite a hefty price for others vice's ... even if we dont engage with act's of prostitution, or use drug's, or even play a damn lottery, not to mention ... real gambling. Even "bingo" is a form of gambling, and betting on horses racing, dog's or even rat's. We are up in arm's over our economy, ranting and raving on how "our" government spend's. Yet we dont even look at what we are spending as a people ... and will continue to. If we just simply used what we are born with ... which is called "common sense", we could be far better off financially as a whole then we have even been in our "glory economic times" ... because simple answers that dont need a "Havard" degree to analyze for a year and debate about are right in front of us ... but our "stubborness" and our need to impose our "value's" on all humanity and citizenry ... we wont even pause for a moment and look at reality.

But the "legalization" of these vices would actually save us a bundle ... and give us money to actually help families, children, communities, and try to regain an actual surplus. Just drug's alone would be enormous. Now the drug dealer's/cartel's would actually be the first in line to oppose this ... they sure as Hell dont want drug's to be legal. The legal system ... from law enforcement, to the petty cases court's to the attorney's that know how to do nothing other then enter "no contest" plea's for their client's in these petty drug cases ... would hate it as well ... cause they all make a fortune off drug's being "illegal". The prison system would not like it either ... why? Because prison's get so much per prisoner in tax revenue to keep the prison's going, especially the privatized prison industry where most of these go in alot of states. In Texas for instance ... by incarcerating petty cocaine cases ... you can get tens of thousands per year per offender ... have the offenders do all their own work from agriculture/ farming ... making clothes/ uniforms ... to even general maintenance of the facilities ... and basically not spend much of anything on them ... allowing those who run these institutions get abundant salaries, bonuses, and rathole and divert millions of these dollars into other channels. Keeping drug's illegal makes billion's for many ... except for those who pay the taxes to keep all this insanity going ... which are "we the people". You take poor people, working class people ... you imprison them as "criminal's ... because they hadnt enough money to afford defense ... giving them state appointed attorney's who are more deadlier to their client's than even some of the prosecutor's ... and make million's off their incarceration.

The money just off legalization of drug's that we the peoples would have to use for real important goal's would be incredible. Consider how much we actually spend on this war on drug's in law enforcement. Consider how much we spend for the court's and incarceration ... consider how many unaccounted billion's annually go to countries like Mexico, Columbia,and especially Afghanistan ... despite all our presense even in Afghanistan ... the opium trade there is just booming! Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... at least some folks arent feeling the pressures of Wall St., or the failed banking institutions worldwide ... eh? Were suffering ... their living high on the hog!

Full legalization of prostitution and gambling ... the same thing ... pimp's wouldnt like it ... Vegas and world gambling resort's wouldnt like it ... why? Because our money would actually go to us ... instead of them! They love for us to stick with our traditional value's ... because we keep them all "rich" by doing so. Change,  liberation, and decriminalization would basically put them all out of business. It would increase crime and these vices? Actually it would drastically reduce crime, vices, and addiction, and these lying pieces of shit know it ... remember ... "The forbidden fruit's are the sweetest". Just for a moment ... think out of the box ... use common sense ... look at the picture ... do the mathwork ... and see what you come up with ... and most importantly ... use actual reason and fact. People especially children dont look at doper's, alcoholic's, and other's with strong addiction's ... and say .... "Wow ... I want to be just like them" ... It's simply not natural. And anything that anyone could ever want as a vice is already very available ... and will continue to be as long as we have a system that fully operates on money. You wont change human nature.

Just imagine instead of trying to combat the underworld and their rackets ... and not knowing which community these things pop up in next ... we would actually have control of where these addict's and businesses are ... we could regulate them ... and make a small fortune in tax revenue's at the same time.



Anonymous said...

I am tired of having to worry about laws enacted because of some minority's morals or values. It's ridiculous that grown adults aren't allowed to make their own decisions on what to do with their own bodies. Beer isn't banned, except for kids, which it should be. But since alcohol, a drug, is considered OK (rightfully so), why not all substances? So what if one person wants to smoke weed- it's not going to make others stupid. And it isn't the big guys in the drug trade that are going to prison. Heck, sometimes it isn't even the little guys. It's often their girlfriends or wives who do the time. It's all backwards.

On to happier thoughts now. Good post.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your comment Ms.Chell. As a young man I done drug's. No ...I didnt "experiment" I just done them to get "high" or similar. I am a little old now,if I were to smoke pot/weed now,heh,heh,heh...I would probably fall asleep! This is all about "one" thing Ms.Chell...that "Almighty Dollar" as my dad would put it. Morality changes like the bloody seasons...seen one...seen em all! Dont make em like they used to..some are even now more repulsive and dumb! And any soldier who put's their neck on the line for our country should also be able to drink a beer! This crap can fight and get killed but your not at a age responsible to drink is BS..come to my damn home..I'll drink a bloody beer with you! It's "illegal"? Ask me if I care.

Anonymous said...

Yah! You're darn straight our young men and women in the military ought to have a beer if they want. What the heck?! They can make the choice to give literally everything for their country, but they can't make that one other choice? Come on!