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BRODY DALLE (PT.2)/ SPINNERETTE: "Ghetto Love", "Valium Knights", & "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise"

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Another here from Brody Dalle for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY", that I already had planned when I posted her Part One with The Distillers, but this to look at "Spinnerette" ... I just wanted to keep the two project's seperate, because they are. And I dont have any idea what direction this project is going, or am even sure if it has a set line- up of member's ... I reckon as Brody put it ... that "Spinnerette" is basically her, and a variety of artist's that she may choose to work or tour with, to try to simplify it. She's been shuffling around with some fine talent anywayz, and thank goodness without corporate dictation from the industry! Which in my opinion ... ruin's some of the art ... that's just me though, and many musician's would agree with me on that! This work goes a lil more into the mainstream rank's, yet at the same time isnt overorchestrated, digitally watered down and/ or overproduced, in other word's.

But yes ... I do like Brody's Spinnerette worx, even though I am probably most fond of her Distiller project ... yet this varies more and touches other avenue's, so it's fresh as well ... yet still highlighting some of her early root's, and a real nice cover version of the DEVO classic as well below! I'm looking forward to the next few year's on where she will take it, or whatever else she decide's to venture into as far as the industry ... she has multi talent's as far as being able to contribute. And Thanx Brody!

***** BRODY DALLE (PT.1)/ THE DISTILLERS: ... "Drain The Blood", "Young Crazed Peeling", & " Warriors"

Spinnerette- Ghetto Love ... Thanx to SROANTHEM

Spinnerette- Valium Knights ... Thanx to BADXCAT

Spinnerette- The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (DEVO COVER) ... Thanx to CRAZEDPEELING


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OWS vs. U.S. Prison Complex: and it's "PROFITEER'S PREYING (Praying) for PRISONER'S" (Incarcerated American PT.11) & (Mo of Yo Money PT.4)

Another posting that serve's both the "Mo of Yo Money" & "Incarcerated American" series of this journal, because the incarceration issue here should be of concern to every American, even those who not even been incarcerated, because it has to do with your tax dollar's in these tight trying time's. I have went over this in this series and various other posting's ... this caught my atencion nearly 20 year's ago, so dont think this is something "new", it isnt ... they have milked billion's through this. Some newsread, video below, then a few cent's I will add on this. And big credit here to the OWS Movement in particular, these folk's have been targeting all the right place's too! All this awareness that's being brought out is such a plus for us, and the more folk's that blog and push this the better. While our leader's are talking "austerity" we can talk about a lil "transparency", eh? I feel we should have OWS on the payroll at time's and do some salary/ benefit's cut's to some of those on Capitalism Hill!

NYDAILYNEWS.COM: Protesting Prisons- for- Profit that prey on the poor, powerless immigrant detainees

OWS Targets Private Prison Industry ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... Rania here put's this in a nutshell!


***** RCJ: "MO OF YO MONEY" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

You may be a tad shocked hearing me say above that this was being done 20 year's back, but it's the truth, as a matter of fact, Texas was probably a major cornerstone in this. I found out way back then, through a couple inmate's that I visited in what's called RPV (Returned Parole Violator) facilities. I noticed they were NOT state, yet housed all state convict's, at the time they were controlled by a company called Wackenhut, who had since changed their name from that, which was originally known for securities transport and security service's, to now a detention corporation. What sparked my curiousity back then, was the fact that they were old closed down/ abandoned county jail's, hospital's, etc ... and this company came in and redone/ refurbished them, yet used inmate's to do all the service/ work on much of it from HVAC to electrical, plumbing, you name it, they simply utilized those who had previous "trade's" in the freeworld prior to their incarceration ... then after their work on re- building these, of course your state authorized inspector's would come in for the final inspection and approval to verify everything was correct. Today it is far more advanced ... and these are being built in mass quantities with so many contractor's getting a piece of the pie ... all in the name of cleaning up our street's of crime.

This industry has came a long wayz since then and make's billion's across America of our tax dollar's, and as I pointed out before in other posting's, a majority of these incarcerated are in on technicalities, violation's, non- violent offenses labeled "criminal" in the penal code's, etc. Rania Khalek above also point's out the number's of folk's on probation/ parole's too, which is enormous if you want to add that in the figure's, and many of those on paper ('paper' is parole/ probation/ community supervision) may even get a month or two here and there on a violation, yet when their booked into the facility, the tax payer get's billed for an entire year, even if they only do a month or two ... nearly $40K per year come's in for each inmate average nationwide, even Texas, which has a much lower cost of living than California or New York for instance, much less regulatory factor's involved, less union, etc ... yet it's all federal dollar's is why. All you hear these dayz, especially out of Washington, is how we need to cut, cut, cut, and it's all us that need to cut only, it's almost unheard of to cut any of these multi billion dollar racket's popularly called "contract's", the same racketeer's who finance all the campaign's, etc.

Nowadayz they even went as far as contracting out these inmate's to work everything from road crew's work and labour out on chaingang style detail's to even doing office work, invoice processing, manufacturing, and many other's, in the process, telling these inmate's they are getting an education and honing their skill's for the world they will be released into, which as you know a tight job market ... and "if" they can get employed in the freeworld through reference's for ex- offender's, they are alwayz paid the lowest wage's allowed by law. You get my drift here on the complexity of this? It's basically a slave labour market, no matter what spin or title you want to slap on it ... as well as a major rip- off of tax dollar's ... and the only one's who benefit from this is not our societies, because we get nothing, not even any meaningful employment at that, but all those mega bank's and shareholder's who control and built this complex/ industry.

Inmate's even look at this as a "privilege" ... Oh yeah! when your on lockdown in a cell ... you will do just about any chore you need just to get out of that cell and get some walk time, and low scale violator's fall automatically without "review" into "trustee" categories, being that their NOT a threat, they turn them in and out every year and get new worker's, keeping the pool's full year round, and most importantly, the money rolling in. If you cut out alot of this, our unemployment rate would actually go down in our society, bottom line. Basically what you have in this nation, is not a prison system looking to clean up crime at all, as a matter of fact, the more the merrier, these major shareholder's dont live where the rest of us do ... they dont have common crime anywayz, because there is no desperation, and they dont give a shit one way or the other. And every once in a while they find some celebrity like Linsay Lohan, or someone like Martha Stewart to convict and run through the system for show, it's a trade off or basically all part of a marketing strategy. All they are is investor's in slave labour and profiteer's preying for prisoner's.

LARD- Drug Raid At 4am ... Thanx to TURBINEITORR ... just a lil ole favourite and classic piece that was released in 1990, that was a fitting music piece for the million's that have fallen to trumped up illegal drug charge's in our nation!

Word Out ....


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GAS PRICES at the Pump 2012 PT.1: Republican's "Pump the Pain" & President Obama "Catches the Blame" - The Political "FUEL" Game & POST NOTE Update

Probably one of the last thing's on my mind to post about today was "oil/ gas", BUT ... due to the saturation of media on the economic concern's of this, the talk in the street's at the pump and every radio media across the Metroplex and nation, I had to add this, and because I have covered this issue since the start of this journal whether it's the politic's of energy or the speculation market game of the 21st century and everything in between. But ... Here we go again I reckon, just in time for an election's freakshow of another sort.

I want to be fair to all side's here, even though I am a voting liberal or democrat or whatever you want to label me as, because when it come's to economic's I still cherish and embrace my conservative value's (I voted conservative most of my voting life, so you can just say I'm politically 'born again' I reckon : )

Some read and video's below, then some word's that I will add after ....

USNEWS: Blame Barack Obama For Rising Gas Prices

BOSTON.COM: Higher Gas Prices Cloud Obama's Re- Election Hopes

FOX NEWS Resumes Perennial Gas Price Charade ... Thanx to MEDIAMATTERS4AMERICA

Obama to Blame for High Gas Prices ??? ... Thanx to RALPHDRAW3 ... This gentleman sum's this up perfectly, sounding like me, even in the tone of voice, I reckon from loathing talking about this monster market turned political insanity. But this is as CLEAR as you can get. Even got a lil ole chart here to make it look professional : )

**** NOW ... a Lil response from the President on this, after all ... I want to be fair here ... and listen to the man, because it's fact. I just found this, this morning (saturday), and had to put together this posting in piece's, because of domestic interruption's.

***** CNN: Obama: GOP gas plan a 'bumper sticker' ... (newsvideo)

I will try to be as short and sweet as I can on this bullshit, okay? One of the biggest arguement's is that if President Obama would have recently okayed this so called Keystone Pipeline from Canada or whatever to Texas, it would have created thousand's of job's and would have halted the rise in oil/ gas price's. This is clear as day nonsense, as much as Palin of Alaska telling folk's if you vote for her, you will see $2.00 a gallon gas price's. First place, aint no tellin where all that refined oil would go, and much to China probably or even India, okay? ... Remember ... oil is a world market. Also remember that every damn time one of these conflict's in oil rich region's come up, that jack's with the market's and speculator's are jumping all over it like a cheap suit ... that's just business, eh? And the job's bit isnt what it's all pumped up to be, another line of political shit, period.

As example also of the left/ right battle ... take this big bank bailout deal back around 2009 ... today in 2012, the bailout's are actually blamed and credited to President Obama, when in actuality, they were set up under the Bush/ Cheney Administration and put in motion by the Republican Party ... it didnt have a thing to do with Obama actually, they waited till the last minute as I wrote they would do in posting's back then, rushed it through on a "fear card", then slapped it on the President's desk to sign, with the threat to him, if he didnt do it, the world would collapse basically, with damn near all advisor's that first month to the new President being bought and paid for ... basic street hustle on a larger level. Today you can listen to any GOP/ right media network ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and they ALL claim that they were "against" the bailout's, it's so obvious what the score is here, it's almost unbelievable were so gullible and full of fear that we buy even half this nonsense. Of course their against it now ... they already milked all the surplus! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

There aint a damn thing the President or even any of the well known political mouth piece's in Washington can do to significantly change how the market's work in any short time frame, anymore than they can change back the clock on the various formulation's that has to be made for various region's at various time's of the year due to the weather, the engine's, ozone hazard's, demand, etc, etc. All bloody week long this has been blamed on the President and this one key point, of course mainly from the conservative side out of political desperation, since they dont have a pot to piss in otherwise politically ... I mean, just look ... even the unemployment rate has been even decreasing, and as I said in a recent posting, the official rate may even go as low into the 7% range by november at the rate it's been going ... beside's, those are just the showcase figure's, not the actual figure's, but even unemployment decrease's has been a constant under this administration, this administration has made so many move's to keep this economy above water over the last 3 year's and been as successful as anyone could have hoped for considering the downward spiral it was on prior at the end of the last administration.

I started talking about this speculation game probably back about 5 year's or so, again looking at the new arena and the math, and it was clear as day to anyone this was going to happen, yet we ignored it. Back then I was driving in a 2 ton full size 4X4 SUV, today I'm in a late model small sport coup with ultra low emission's and max mileage per gallon, why? ... why do you think? Even last year, every damn media across the nation was predicting a gas price surge for 2012, yet, those who are complaining obviously ignored all the news. Dont act so suprised and disappointed, this was inevitable, and not one thing of significance can be done about it politically, even if the President went hog wild and signed every bill he could to let drilling be done everywhere and a pipeline, etc ... that wouldnt even halt the market's fluxuation and the obstacle's in them oil rich nation's ... and it would take even several year's for it to have a positive economic affect domestically.

The President and his administration is doing everything humanly possible to try to make thing's economically smoother, and it is WISE, to not stop their progress over some price increase in gas, or to change the crew in the middle of the job. It will boom and bust just like any other market, in the meantime, think about what you drive. I understand folk's I know that have to have full size pick- up's, because their inde contractor's and have to haul their tool's around too, but I also see load's of folk's, even single, with the largest SUV's and extended cab pick- up's, that dont haul a thing but their asses ... it's your choice ... you can whine or act smart. It's not the President's fault.

***** POST NOTE: A lil extra I needed to add, because I got interrupted yesterday. There is an arguement of course that could come up as far as the "government" controlling more of the price at the pump, I'm not sure "how" government's do this, but I still have familia in Toronto (Canada) and have friend's/ familia in Monterrey (Mexico) and I know that in Mexico for instance, that the government has control over the price at the pump, yet all gas station's in Mexico if you noticed are all one name "Pemex", controlled by the Mexicano Government , Mexico also control's the price of thing's like Tortilla's (bread) too. If you drive across the border in Texas to a northern Mexican city to get gas, it is the American custom's coming back that will "regulate" how much gas you can bring back too, Mexico doesnt jack with you. Since we are supposed to be a "free market" and have "choice", and personal free choice of what we "choose" to buy/ purchase ... why is it that our government has any problemo of us American consumer's buying our gas or even pharma drug's especially in Canada or Mexico, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it doesnt take a genius to figure out that : ) So many Texan's even go to Mexico for dental and medical service's too.

If our government were to do something similar, it would ALSO be used as a political tool and fuel for a clash of the left and right, saying that the move is anti- American and a display of Socialism ... so neither of the 2 political side's would want to do that ... USA politic's again are in large part controlled by the corporate sector and major bank's, period. Why do you think the whole left/ right circus was created and sustained maximum power for so long? ... to keep us mildly at each other's throat's and thinking that is our option's ... for the mass population of voter's to not use "reason". These method's of control actually go back to ancient Rome for instance when the Emperor Constantine inspired what I see as the "Holy Bible" of today ,and incorporated it into government and military ... the only "God" the bible was wrote by or "word" of it, is from a human "dictator" and a hand picked group, as example, or else ALL the writing's including even the gospel's of "women" would have been included. My thinking for instance being a mix of all/ both, is NOT popular (at least at this point in history, it will be though with future generation's), and disruptive to their circus. Again, until you can get the money influence out of Washington and the corporate control, you can never be a "solid" free market or have any "real" choice. The whole thing is rigged against us only, that is what will be challenged ... soon.

Word Out ....


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CHINA 2012: "Foxconn/ Apple" and The "Up's & Down's" of New Frontier's ... (CHINA THE SLEEPING GIANT PT.4)

This Part 4 of "China: the Sleeping Giant" will be not to look at China in particular, but a look at Foxconn and Apple more than anything, it is good to be aware of what corporation's support and do what. I of course have alot of faith in the country of China, I feel it will be a giant even more in the future and a great partner as well, and even be an attractive place for many American's to move and start a small business ... it's just a matter of time and working out difference's.

I also had familia (nephew) who recently moved to the City of Beijing , taking a job over there, and so far he absolutely love's it, the subwayz are easy to learn, very good service, and from the photo's he sent, it appear's to also have some awesome sculptural public art and architecture ... said that the people are actually more friendly than Texas even and very respectful. He also said that the price's/ cost of living is very moderate, much is cheaper than Dallas, but electronic's/ tech's are about the highest thing there. Dallas has a very low cost of living compared to the 3 larger metro area's in the U.S., New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. I also hear that China is about the hottest place on the globe for new entrepreneur's and business start's ... Dallas is also one of the easiest and best U.S. cities for this too ... anyone who been in this town know's how business active it is, and it's constant changing face ... but town's like Beijing make Dallas look too regulated! imagine that, if your a Dallasite especially! : )

But also as I said, this posting is not to criticize China, understand that it's a new frontier in capitalism, trying alot of new thing's and idea's and havent worked out all the bug's yet ... it's fresh in this style of open market's, and even they have to be careful of western influence, and especially the corrupt neo- corporate communism of the west ... because today China is like the wild, wild west of business and boom! At the same time, China doesnt have the best history of human or even worker's right's, lousy at that ... but ... I believe that the Chinese people want to change this and be playing partner's, and in time as I pointed out in past posting's ... China may be even a more attractive place than America to live. What we see here below I exclusively credit to folk's like Foxconn and Apple ... they "chose" this and will continue as long as no one step's up to the plate, same as other corporate giant's. These unfortunate thing's will be worked out in time, I call it "corporate" is because this is what they want to do worldwide, the same with buying all our government, shutting down union's, and privatizing everything, as I have covered in other posting's ... China is in a way a victim to this new style mass market and outside corporate icon's as well.

I also recommend watching the full 17/ 18 minute Nightline video segment of this.

***** ABCNEWS: A Trip to The iFactory: 'Nightline' Get's an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple's Chinese Core ... this is newsread and additional video's.


Foxconn: An exclusive inside look ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

A couple more video's worth the listen that I wanted to add below from RTAMERICA

China rebuilding America's infrastructure? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Paul Craig Roberts: China isnt to blame for a weak US economy ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** POST NOTE: Also to add here, is that I also was inspired for this update posting on China, not only because of the new news from above, like RTAmerica & ABC, but because time and again I seem to hear a tone of resentment toward's China. Just the other day in some small chat with a couple guy's (Brad & Dave) ... both great guy's and love America, was even crediting alot of job loss in this country to the outsourcing of job's/ manufacturing in China. I realize the hurt, I myself time and again have stressed we need investment's to be stronger here from someone, somehow, but also "our hurt" is mild considering what it could be right now ... I know what it's like to have to try to "find" product's "Made in USA" in a large retailer like WalMart, etc ... it's almost impossible, but getting better and hopefully will balance out a lil more in time. But is this the "fault" of China? ... No, it's the fault of the west, we made this reality we have, and those we elect over and over decade after decade, and the way we consume these slave labour wage product's in mass, and turn our head's.

And one fella/ neighbour (Wolf/ Wolfgang) the other day even mentioned about the growing tension's between our two countries and a military stand- off as well, so this is something I hear about first hand just in casual chat from average folk's too. Look ... like I told ole Wolf the other day ... if "we decide" to have military friction with this country, it will be the "choice" of our representation, not the Chinese or American people's. As far as I'm concerned ... Yes, if I was China I would have concern with all the western intervention and influence, and also look what Wall St alone done to us (America) ... would you be concerned? And if needed to flex some muscle for show, I feel it is justified on their part. Too many time's we are telling everyone else on the globe what they need and have to do ... and in the case with China, who made our economic woe's recently a tad better with dollar's they loaned us that they made off of us ... they have a "fair" right to question and even oppose some of our wayz and/ or proposal's ... it was us who made them in large what they are today, and they been returning the favour in business, investment's, trade. We have this attitude of us being No#1 forever and controlling the globe with our wayz and rule's, yet dont realize how good we have it when we can have allies that are great partner's for business too.

I dont want tension's to grow between us, but to keep good friend's and for both us to learn, grow, change, and improve our wayz is all. I dont care about being No# 2, 3, or 4, I care about living as comfortable as possible and doing well, not a number, or being the head hog, and having to babysit all the globe. Working together with a giant like China, can only benefit both our people's in the long run.


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ICELAND: "Beauty IN The Beast" ... from Volcanic Fire & Ice to Flight of the Northern Light's (ABOVE & BELOW PT.6)

This Part 6 of "Above & Below" will just be some looksy at a place you may not hear too much about, but it's one of the most beautiful picturesque place's on the planet ... Iceland . While browsing so many of Iceland's volcanic, northern light's, and nature video's on YouTube, I couldnt help to choose a couple to post in this journal ... Enjoy! : )


Eyjafjallajokull Eruption Photo & Iceland Nature 2010 ... Thanx to MRPECHR

ICELAND. avi (Northern Light's) ... Thanx to ZALBAMARTIN


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Why REPUBLICAN'S should be Kissing PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ASS (Some Morning Breakfast for THOUGHT PT.2)

Part 2 here of "Some Morning Breakfast for THOUGHT", I just ... well ... thought up, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... but mainly because of the political talk in the media's, so to be more politically fashionable decided to address the reality of the current politic's, what to expect, and "Why" Republican's should be kissing President Obama's ASS : )

When driving around the Metroplex I alwayz like to tune into conservative talk programme's on the radio, I mean ... Dallas/ Fort Worth is saturated with them : ) And all I been hearing about is constant whining over President Obama ... "he didnt do this" ... "he didnt do that" ... "he's bringing the country down with the economy" ... "we need this" ... we need that" ... "we need Romney or Newt" etc, etc. So this is mostly directed at my neighboring conservative's here in the Metroplex. I mean ... when it come's to money, business, fiscal responsibility and related, I'm about as conservative as you can get ... the only difference with me, is I'm truely conservative on these issue's and believe in actual free market instead of corporate communism ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) As far as the pop culture conservative issue's on condom's, birth control, gay marriage or whatever ... grow the Hell up Ya'll! ... Ya'll act more like a bunch of whining sissies than conservative's Geeeezzz : )

Ya'll should be doing less whining about the President and more "thinking" about what the Hell ya'll would be able to do to make anything any better, so far you have shown nothing ... and already done fucked up the economy with the last administration : ) And frankly all ya'll should be grateful you have President Obama in office now, and that he will get re- elected ... time's havent been this good for ya'll since the dayz of ole Bill Clinton! You should be literally on your knee's paying homage to President Obama and kissing his ass for what's he's done for you and this nation. I dont think folk's realize what kind of financial situation has been forming over the last several year's ... these tough time's we have are mild compared to what it could be, believe me. Conservative's say they want a President they can work with and who is truely bipartisan and pro- business at the same time ... well compared to the line- up you have now with these folk's like ole Newt, Mitt, Santorum, or the rest ... you couldnt get a better President to work with than Obama.

By the time the election's come up, the unemployment figure's may even go as low as the 7% range at the rate their going now ... and the President has bent over backward's for defense and securing the homeland, and proven to be more conservative on importante issue's than ya'll corporate ass kissing conservative's ... he has been frankly the best thing for business and growth in this country ... or as good as anyone can hope for in these time's. He has stayed on the issue's ( as much as any human would be able to keep up with), had an inbox from Hell, a stack on the desk of issue's knee deep, and hasnt missed a beat, he also been in office for a term already and know's what will have to be done by now. To change this President as I said before in the middle of the job, is not only stupid, but pointless and can gain nothing.

Dont whine so much ... ya'll Repubican's will probably gain a few seat's in Washington anywayz or whatever ... then starting 2013 ... we'll get back to gridlock and the usual petty bitch fight's that ya'll instigate, bucking the President on a rainy day just for being born. Why is this good? because ... it will boost investment confidence and the market's ... point here, is the gridlock to come in 2013 and beyond from President Obama getting re- elected will be a business plus ... if your truely conservative, you know damn well that business love's gridlock in Washington, because they dont have to deal with too much changing in the law's so fast that they cant keep up with it, therefore indirectly inspiring confidence and stability ... and most importantely "spending" and "investing" ... so dont fool yourselves thinking that putting one of these clown's in that are running for the GOP nomination will do a goddamn thing for business.

Enough said .... Word Out!


***** CNN: Obama on U.S. manufacturing ... (newsvideo)


Friday, February 17, 2012

SLAVERY & INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE in America's 19th to 21st Centuries (Black History Month PT. 3) & (Incarcerated American PT.10)

This is another posting that will serve 2 series of this journal ... the "Incarcerated American" and "Black History Month" series both. The video and read below is not so pleasant in much, and can be a tad disturbing or graphic perhap's, but it is a reality ... and there is ton's of documentation to this, although it hasnt been mainstream too much until the last few year's. But I look at it simply as a part of African American History as well ... is it not? The positive part to this is looking at the strength and determination of some of these folk's, considering what they had to endure and how far they have came.

You may wonder what in Hell does this have to do though with today and incarcerated American's of the 21st century? Everything actually ... as I posted here in "Part One" of the "Incarcerated American" series. You see 'Slavery' still exist's ... now it just caught up with the new civilized time's, and now incoporate's all race's at the bottom of the class level's of society (classes that are purposely created to stay in that class), and went global. In ancient Egypt for instance, you slaved and got a roof and meal's, in 19th/ 20th century America, like in other countries around the globe over centuries, they targeted a particular culture/ race and enslaved them much through criminalizing them, and this was with force and harsher condition's, when slave's were freed in America ... what did they do? Simply find another way to enslave those they targeted, etc ... but slavery in some form still exist's any way you slice it, today it's just more elaborately sugar- coated.

The big bank's that control for instance the education extension loan's especially today have "slave's" for life, believe me (guide your children and grand children well) ... if your a student and go into nearly $100K of debt before your 30 and cant even file bankruptcy, your going to be paying your wage's to them for maybe the largest portion of your life, like a dog running in circle's trying to catch it's tail, etc. Yet the way it's designed is that many are also raped/ robbed of their accomplishment's and not rewarded in a balanced way on merit, you have to get the formal education to get into the system and accepted, yet you learned nothing in many cases but how to talk in support of it, and how to make those who dictate money, instead of how to make money for yourself, get my drift? So whether it's a slave master of old, or a new corporate/ banking master, their flunky pre- paid political representation ... you shouldnt give any respect to that which has no respect for you. Their "elite"? ... shit ... dont kid yourself, most of them could never endure what these folk's do and wouldnt last a week in real society, or could even give a halfway decent dayz work for that matter ... basically their not shit, and simply have alot of money they stole and made off the back's of other's ... so who is the real "criminal's" ask yourself? Look at true strength and not based on what someone else tell's you.

I will continue to hammer these issue's as well, although they may not be that attractive or popular, because it's sort of a personal commitment thing for me. This phoney manipulated mindset we live in will change in time ... trust me.

'Slavery By Another Name' Relays the forgotten stories of post- Civil War Slavery ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

This is link below is the full video "Slavery By Another Name" and I recommend viewing it, it's about 1hr/ 25 min long, but if it's too long, you can alwayz do like I do and watch it in part's ... you can also purchase the DVD here.

***** *****



Modern Day Slavery: Racism and the Drug War ... Thanx to AMERICANDRUGWAR



***** RCJ (related posting) "SLAVERY 2009 .... a 'taste' ... 21st Century Style"


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"Sexploitation Nation" Part 15 is a subject I been meaning to cover for sometime, and Thanx to RT America and Huffpost/ Science below, this was a fitting posting to look at "Love and Marriage", so the title of the posting was also inspired by the classic piece of music made popular in the mid 1950's by Frank Sinatra as well.

Another reason for this is because of the relentless whining these dayz over the issue of "marriage", whether it's for heterosexual's or homosexual's(?) ... I mean, it just get's boring as well as nauseating ... from both polarizing side's (one feed's the other) ... you have the right conservative's "morality whining" that it's only meant for guy's and gal's, and then the left liberal's out of retaliation constantly looking for any person's or animal's "gay" that they can promote, and everytime they highlight an artist or person of notoriety, they alwayz have to mention what their sexual orientation is ... completely ignoring the person's achievement's and/ or inefficiently honouring such ... just get's boring. Example ... when I highlight great artist's for instance in my "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" such as Freddie Mercury (Queen), Elton John, Rob Halford ("Fight"/ "Judas Priest"), or Genesis P- Orridge (Throbbing Gristle) to name a few, I focus on their talent's and contribution's to honour, not that their "gay". So both the left and right sicken me, I have to support the left, because the right just want's to oppress everyone and everything.

When I done the "What Is Gay Marriage?" series for this journal, it was to explain what "marriage" is and the changing face's of it over the generation's/ centuries, such as in Part One ... (LINKED HERE) . I also mentioned in past posting's that other change's in the species, such as the species splintering (biological/ technical) as well as robotic's will also be a major cultural change, that will get other bellyaching group's to form and basically whine. This posting will show an example of that, because it will only be a matter of time, before folk's want to have loving relationship's and marriage with robotic's and such on a mainstream level, which will cause conflict's to come too ... as far as the usual petty bitch fight's ... as if any of these fight's will put food in your belly or a roof over your head ... we constantly whine over our moral difference's.

Whether you laugh or cry over this below, or think it's stupid, or think nothing of it ... it is simply human nature to want companionship and relationship's of some kind, and various wayz to fulfill that want ... even if it take's creating being's in our own image. What folk's sexually do or what kind of relationship's they embrace, never meant much of nothing to me personally one way or the other ... on that type of thing, I simply live and let live ... whether my neighbor is having sex with a same sex partner or a robot or doll, doesnt do a damn thing beneficial or harmful to me, my wife, or any of my familia, and sure as Hell dont pay the bill's or clean up the corruption in our leadership, which you would think would be priority concern. But "yes", I would also support robotic marriage 110%. Other than that ... I'm fixin to go to bed ... to "sleep" that is!

***** HUFFPOST SCIENCE: Robot Love, Sex, even Marriage may come, Relationship Scientists say ... a good read here as well as a nice YouTube video's selection linked.

Sex Robot Relationships more common than you think? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


"Love and Marriage"- "Indiscreet" (1958) music vid ... Thanx to NERWENIEL

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"THE TOP OF TEXAS CENTENNIAL TOWER" Construction to Begin & "The State Fair of Texas (PT.1)" (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.10)

This Part 10 of "Taste of Texas" will look at the new "The Top of Texas Centennial Tower" being constructed and to be complete by Sept 2012, just in time for the Texas State Fair . But this observation tower ride will be a one of a kind and the tallest ride in the world at that, being equivalent to approximately 50 stories ... you go up in a deck and spin at the top and descend basically, from what I gather a museum as well at the base of it ... but I'm certainly looking forward to this one, it ought to be a fun one! : )

But the Fair is really alot of fun and bring's out the "kid" in all of us I reckon : ) ... I enjoy it more than my grandkid's even. It's the largest that I know of, approximately 3 million folk's attend these dayz, and even if you went there for the day and the night, you couldnt even cover it all, so much to see from the car show's, numerous band's performing, multiple museum's on the Fair ground's and ride's galore! It's also known for it's fried food's specialties, and they have some rare and original food's (I dont eat fried food's no more , but I used to) many that will just make your mouth water at the smell. If you just want to cruise the Midway all across it, I recommend the Skywalk, Tram or whatever it's called for that low aerial view, because the ground's is massive, the Ferris Wheel on a clear night is really awesome as far as a view of Central Dallas at night (and it's really a tall one too), and you also have DART Mass Transit rail service directly to the front gate for convenience. I know they also plan on using the Midway now for year round, and also you are right there at Cotton Bowl Stadium as well (Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a different one, in Arlington, next to the Texas Rangers baseball stadium) which also hold's the annual Red River Shootout game between Texas and Oklahoma. Actually for old Dallasite's, ya'll may remember when they kept the Midway open for ride's year round, but not since like the 1980's.

There are so many ride's at this place it was hard to choose, and also looking for the best audio/ visual I could find as well, yet still keeping it amateur ... and these folk's below were so kind to share these. I chose a few favourite ride's that I like of course, and also a review of some of the fried food's!

***** Dallas News: With arrival of 500- foot tower ride gondolas, State Fair of Texas preps for May 4, 2013, Summer Adventures opening | Dallas City Hall ...

***** DALLAS OBSERVER BLOG: First Look at Fair Park's 500- foot- tall "Observation Tower Ride" Meant for Midway


***** PD/ RCJ: "TEXAS STATE FAIR" PART 2 (A Memorial for "Big Tex")

State Fair of Texas 2011 Windsurf Ride ... Thanx to REXMARCHANT

Fried Food Review at State Fair of Texas 2011 ... Thanx to PEGASUSNEWS

Skyscraper Ride State Fair of Texas 2011 ... Thanx to LILRAMBY75 (165'ft up @ 70mph)

Ferris Wheel @ Texas State Fair 2011 ... Thanx to MRBONEHEADDAVE


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USPS PT. 2: Sen. Claire McCaskill pushes to delay Post Office closing's (How To Privatize America PT.8)

This PT.8 of "How to Privatize America" and PT.2 of "USPS" is an update on what is happening with this USPS "Death Spiral", as Sen. McCaskill put's it. The Senator is another one stepping out of the box like Sen. Sanders and trying to stop this, or at least get a time delay for a couple year's to try to give the USPS time to restructure ... but understand that most of the representation in Washington will avoid this like a plague ... yet ... this will be one Hell of a big issue when it's brought to the table. Right now we are distracted with these political campaign's, debate's and related "go nowhere's" political entertainment, most of the major media is not covering this hardly, and for good reason ... no one want's to dig too much into this, it screw's with the political bullshit were being fed. McCaskill like Sanders, is stepping up to the plate on this, and this is a big one. This also show's you who is working and who is playing.

In Washington you have basically two type's ... "leader's" and "follower's", folk's like McCaskill chose to lead and do what is in the peoples interest's basically. The Republican's will turn on her, being paid basically to do so, and many Democrat's in her own party will simply ignore the issue till it come's to light when post office's start closing their door's coast to coast. But both these parties will politically play this if it start's becoming big talk this summer ... Why? because of strictly the election's, they will just lay back silent and watch the poll's and how the vote's go in the house, and whichever get's the most popularity, they will use it as a political wedge basically ... "wedge" being a line of bullshit and gimmick's to shove up the voter's asses. But also especially expect for Republican's to flip- flop and start to indirectly support delaying this, because of political desperation, if and when it start's to get showcased alot in media's and demand from the people. But most of their mouth's are like a broken record, repeating the same shit they hear off each other, and not really standing up to the plate, taking a stand and leading.

"IF" McCaskill can influence enough to delay these closure's, that's a plus, we can only vote and sign petition's and thankfully we have movement's like OWS and affiliate's who are also going to jump on this. This is being showcased right now because of Sanders and McCaskill in Missouri and Vermont ... but believe me ... it will hit the nation coast to coast if they pull this off, and start the death spiral in full gear. The USPS as you may know is basically being held hostage, being forced to cover benefit's and so forth for 75 year's down the road ... only to try to make it fail, the objective is of course "privatization" and the 10's of billion's annually to be made off it. There are even alot more other service's that I could list off beside's what the Senator's spoke of that can revitalize it and make it competitive, Washington has NOT allowed them to.

***** KMBC.COM: McCaskill: Rural Post Offices Need Reprieve

***** LABOR NOTES: What's Behind Postal Crisis? Privatization


McCaskill Pushes For Rural Post Offices ... Thanx to NBCACTIONNEWS


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BRITTNEY BAXTER: Georgia's Latest 7 year old Heroine ... "PUNCH, KICK & SCREAM" ... "SELF DEFENSE PT.6" (For Sharmaine)

Image result for brittney baxter

Brittney Baxter

This Part 6 of the "Self Defense" series will be to honour and look at the case of Ms. Brittney Baxter ... her story has been widespread and a must for this series. Her training, strategy, and weapon here was simply "Punch, Kick, & Scream" ... and it worked like clockwork, she also received local honour's for bravery, and she sure as Hell has my vote! ... You Go Girl! : )

The strangest part to me in all this, is the suspect Mr. Thomas Woods ... maybe I'm missing something, but it just dont make much sense (if I was an investigating detective in this case for instance). Here is a man (suspect) that does this on camera, knowing that it is being recorded (WalMart stores have more 'eye's in the skies' than Vegas casino's damn near), he as well is on probation/ parole, fresh out of a state correctional unit, where he was doing a few year's on a "voluntary manslaughter" charge, that he got off easy on, due to a legal technicality because his attorney was not present during his questioning and confession ... being of course a violation of his 5th Amendment Rights, which in turn he "worked" in the prosecution to get a reduced cop- out swap. So I wonder, what in Hell was this man thinking? ... it look's like a suicide mission on his part, knowing this is at least an "attempt" case for kidnapping and may even fall into "federal" category (federal time, you have to do day for day, no good time off) ... it just dont make any sense.

However ... a BIG CONGRAT's to the Lil Lady Brittney!! ... and this should be inspiration to other children in similar situation's in public type broad daylight abduction attempt's. I wouldnt advise this for an advanced scenario though where the child is already in captivity in an isolated area. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to my granddaughter Sharmaine who just turned 8 year's old.

***** ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: 7- Year- Old Honored for Bravery in attempted kidnapping

***** ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: Suspect in attempted Wal- Mart kidnapping killed uncle in 2004




Girl recounts kidnapping attempt escape ... Thanx to HLN


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PIGFACE: "The Horse You Rode In On", "Mind Your Own Business", "The Good, The Bad and The Druggly", & "KY Re: Amin (Live)"

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour the group "PIGFACE" . This is a group that isnt really a specific line- up of steady/ fixed member's/ artist's ... kind of a project of sort in a way, this is hard for me to explain, so I will let the Wikipedia link above do that for me. Bottom line though, it was kind of a musician invite thing from Al Jourgensen's early day tour of the Ministry , this music group assembly had so many musician's play in it over the last 20 year's, several I met and know myself that have contributed to this project, so the sound of the group may not have any real trademark label or style for that matter, called by this Wiki link simply a industrial rock group, to make it simple.

I attended their debut record release gig in Dallas when they first started, I wasnt sure where this group was going or even if they would make it past what is known to many new group's as the "6 month syndrome" and continue for any length of time. As far as industrial and post modern industrial, alternative, electronika ... they brought in alot of the cream of the crop over the year's, legendary figure's/ composer's as far as the circle's of these type genre's. My first thought's at their debut as I told a few musician's I attended with, that there could be a clash of interest's, ego's, composition's, etc ... who lead's this? what direction is it going? ... will it be too homogenized, overorchestrated, overproduced, etc, because also of having so many musician's (up to a dozen or so at a time) trying to highlight their individual worx, and various project's? So I attended with much anticipation to see how this would pull off on their first tour, knowing it would require some conformity to some theme and working together, which can be difficult sometime's, beside's just a one time jamm gig where a group of highlighted artist's get together as a super group play a few tune's/ 45 minute set's, tour up a dozen cities and call it quit's and just let it go, and back to their initial project's.

But alot of these musician's had a thing in common as well ... being that they all seem to have drawn inspiration from each other's project's, and even many were invited in that worked the old school WaxTrax label and associated production's, and Al Jougensen as I pointed out in previous posting's also inspired so many of these new idea's and brought together alot of folk's to where it seemed like familia in this industry ... a small independent type network, but catered to a genre that was lacking in mainstream label's at the time as well ... but in definite growing demand. But for this to last for 20 year's ... nope ... I didnt expect it. But even with a clash of ego's and a revolving type door, it worx well as this type project and they manage to give a great selection of piece's they created. I chose 4 of many favourite's that I have been over for month's on and off, to try to compile as well some of their more recent worx ... so enough from me, cause I can rattle on about these folk's till the goddamn cow's come home ... Enjoy!

The Horse You Rode In On (Unedited) ... Thanx to PIGFACE- TOPIC

Mind Your Own Business ... Thanx to THEREALAEXION

The Good, The Bad and The Druggly ... Thanx to PIGFACE- TOPIC

KY Re: Amin (Live) ... Thanx to THEPIGINTHEFACE



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A lil out of the ordinary posting for this journal, but a very importante issue, so I wanted to post on this, even though it isnt popular with alot of folk's that I personally know. But there's million's of American's like myself, that depend on these label's and are concerned with this issue, so it's only fair to consumer's. The talk out of those in these food's industries, is that they of course are doing what regulation's and law's require, and of course I appreciate that as a consumer, but I also know about business, and how watchdog's are needed to constantly keep up with this. I also heard arguement's that consumer's should be sharper, more intelligent and aware, etc, etc ... not expecting for government to protect them from everything ... which is also fine ... but ya'll make goddamn sure to remember who payroll's our government and these agencies, as well as ya'll's industries with our consumption and spending. And also a reminder for all these folk's about "thinking of the kid's", since they are alwayz talking about it.

Also what inspire's this posting is, 2011 I hooked up with my doctor and started a health sort of diet, which include's examining of these labels on product's ... I mean, I was mid 50's, overweight, and ate good for year's, "good" here meaning the usual unhealthy, fattening, and processed shit, pig out buffet's and barbeque's, and ton's of Tex-Mex, that smother's American's and especially Texan's eating ... which I love, but it dont love me. As a result as well in just a matter of month's, I had such weight loss, that I actually asked my doctor if something was wrong? ... he kind of chuckled and said something like ... "No ... your doing fine Thomas, I wish alot of my patient's in your age range were as open to this and not so stubborn" ... having went back to the weight I was back in my 20's. Believe it or not ... just simply cutting all the food's, soda's, and junk that I taken in for year's with minimal excercise at that done this, and eating whole grain's, health type food's, etc. But what bring's me to this, is when I first started on this and visiting supermarket's (I ate out alot prior to this), I started reading label's and the advertising closely, which was recommended to me ... and as I suspected ... there was just too much bullshit in it all after taking that 2nd glance. And this was the worst part ... because I soon realized that every goddamn thing was saturated also with sodium, sugar's, fat's, calories out the ass, etc.

It's no goddamn wonder that obesity, diabetes, and all kind's of other shit plague our nation, and rapantly at that amongst our young people. I was somewhat shocked taking that closer look at what we eat, yet at the same time like many other's, I ignored these thing's for year's. I mean like almost everything had some "health" or "whole grain" labeling/ advertising shit on it ... like even kid's cereal's out of curiosity I looked at, that were obviously ill, were labeled as being a healthy source of this or that, fiber, etc ... and the chemical's was unbelievable ... I couldnt even understand what half the shit was in it as a consumer at time's without having some college education in these science's. It was like recipe's for weapon's of mass(es) destruction. Even fast food joint's advertise certain order's/ plate's, as being wholesome or a great source of fiber, whole grain bread's, or other bullshit.

I live right by the major intersection of Marsh Ln & Forest Ln in NW Dallas ... there are 3 major supermarket's at this intersection ... an Albertsons, Tom Thumb/ Safeway and a Sprouts, which is a farmers market like chain with alot of the whole food's stuff, etc ... then another half dozen or so within a couple mile radius of the major chain market's and Wal- Mart Market, etc. All of these market's have advertising out the ass inside of health food's, etc ... the most straight up out of all the market's and choice for me is Sprouts for instance. But to me, even though the FDA has a so called grasp on everything, it aint good enough. I want to be fair here, because over this piece that ABC News covered, there is alot of bitching out of big business ... and I'm not trying to accuse anyone here of out to be harming folk's/ consumer's ... but when I hear these folk's constantly bitching about regulation's in food's labeling, especially to our representation in Washington, it's a bit much, with the endless complaint's that consumer's and government are trying to put them all out of business ... frankly ya'll are putting your customer's out of business, which in turn will affect ya'll's business/ profit's in time ... get the fuck over it!

I know alot of folk's as well that do not like to talk about these thing's, and I understand ... because we love what we eat, watch our own selves on what we eat, etc. Yes, we have our own responsibilities, and one of those is also being aware of this deceptive advertising and making aware through our government and agencies of such ... were saturated with so much bullshit to begin with, I see no shortage of it. It should be of concern what is being advertised ... and believe me ... it's only a matter of time as well before folk's start to wake up to these so called "energy drinx" as well, which are consumed almost as much as morning coffee by American's. Back a year ago or so I heard talk out of some politician's (GOP side) ... that was actually against these basic consumer protection's as well, even wanting to cut certain agencies from existing, to so call "tighten our spending" ... when we should be cutting their goddamn salaries and pet project's spending to "save" as well ... whining that it's all bad for business ... a rainy goddamn day is bad for the car wash business too ... bitch about that.

I'm trying to be as fair as possible as well, in the link's and such I posted below ... so the reader doesnt just automatically assume that I am some anti business health freak of sort ... understand that I have to be aware as a consumer of these thing's, especially at my age (56), and concerned with it for my grandchildren and their friend's as well. Also importante to know, that the whole food's market's like mentioned above are very competitive in price's with these mega chain market's, so it isnt like you have to make alot of money to eat better either, and they have really a great selection of food's as well, so it's not as bland as some may think either. And Thanx to ABC News/ Diane Sawyer for partly inspiring the title of this posting.

***** ABC NEWS/ MEDICAL UNIT: Companies Not Telling The Whole Truth About Whole Grains the read and other for above here.

***** WHOLE GRAINS COUNCIL: ABC News on Whole Grain labeling

***** FOOD CONSULTING COMPANY: Nutrition, Labeling, Regulatory ... Question's & Answer's

The video below is just for humour, a look at a McDonald's cheeseburger and french fries meal after 4 years .... now that's what I would call a "happy meal" {:-)

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video ... Thanx to DIETHEALTH


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Related image

Tim Cole

A couple dayz ago, a historical marker and site was added here in the Metroplex for a man who was wrongfully convicted of a rape, and died in prison after 14 year's, but the story behind this is actually incredible, and for some maybe even unbelievable, that in a country like USA with such a complex check all system and finely detailed ... that this can happen. So this will be Part 9 of this series, but to serve as well as a Memorial posting of sort. Tim's brother Cory also inspired part of the heading for this post in the part "Addiction to Conviction".

Tim is a hero as well, but not because of his service in the U.S. Army to this nation, but because of the "willing" sacrifice he made of not giving into this, and standing his ground to the end ... which in turn resulted in the nation's best compensation for folk's that are wrongfully convicted here in Texas, yet Tim wasnt able to utilize any of that compensation being dead either, and this man had no prior's (arrest's or conviction's), was a college student and even a Army veteran, spit and polish. I mean, this guy was offered a parole long ago just to confess, yet he held out ... still saying that he would do 25 year's flat before he take's a cop- out plea to something he didnt even do. You see ... too many time's all over the nation even ... defendant's take these quick cop- out plea's to avoid incarceration ... I mean, when your in a cell, all you want to do is "walk" ... it dont matter anymore to most that's it's on your record, etc ... many of these folk's just plea to get it over and walk, whether it's right, wrong, justifiable or anything else, bottom line ... they just basically "give up".

Just read through some of the link's below to get a grasp on the politic's of this as well. Do you know why they offered him a plea deal to get paroled? ... because they knew the case was wrong and they fucked up, period ... not because of Tim, but to only cover their asses, this kind of shit is destined to backfire in time. But even the way that investigator's held back evidence from the rape victim here is actually about ... everybody want's the "check box" on their scorecard/ record ... being case investigated, solved, and suspect convicted ... it's all about stat's and number's, to brag and campaign on, when running for office's such as County DA's, Judge's, Police Chief's, state political seat's, etc ... to boast of their "conviction" record's and how they cleaned up crime, etc, etc ... holding up their pie chart's and stat sheet figure's. Even most of these public defender's are in on this, and any case that isnt capital ... make's folk's also get lazy to do their job's and stand by the oath's they have taken. Add the financial/ monetary factor's and being able to use these common citizen's and even veteran's at that, as a commodity to fill prison contract's and milk taxpayer's money off it, just make's this whole system about as corrupted and outdated as it get's.

And they even had a confession of the actual rapist after the conviction, where he himself had contacted/ wrote several official's and court's even, cause he felt so lousy seeing this man doing time for what he done (waiting for the statute of limitation's to expire on the offense, before he confessed though) ... his "letter's" were ignored (see the NPR piece), that is really the kicker to this ... I mean, you know you fucked up, the evidence is clear and about to explode into the mainstream and you actually try to even cover that and pretend none of this happened. This is the kind of people we pay to run our judicial system's? And everytime they pull this shit, it allow's the one's who actually committed the offenses to walk and be free to commit even more ... it's not only injustice, but pure incompetence and failure to get the job done. I could go on and on with this shit, but my point is clear. Read and view for yourself below.

***** NPR: Family Of A Man Cleared By DNA Still Seeks Justice ... this piece point's out basically the ramrod and politic's as well.

***** CBS DALLAS/ FORT WORTH: Historical Marker Honors Wrongfully Convicted Texas Man ... (newsread)

***** WIKIPEDIA: Tim Cole


Cory Session, Brother of Timothy Cole, speaking at 10th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty ... Thanx to STOPEXECUTIONS ... I wanted to post this video to have a listen to Tim's brother Cory. This "march" was Cory speaking on behalf of the anti- death penalty drive back in 2009 concerning the case of Cameron Todd Willingham that I posted on here . My issue here is NOT with the idea of the death penalty, I never really opposed it (for the victim's familia), but have been forced to oppose and question it, because of these conviction's which have been a repeated story time after time here in Texas especially ... so I have no choice. I mean ... if I was in a position of power myself or a Governor or whatever ... I would do everything in my power to at least stop all execution's indefinitely ... looking at the condition, I would have no choice, period. And this is not only in Texas ... I would put a halt to it nationwide immediately if given the opportunity, because these wrongful conviction's are nationwide, it's just that Texas rank's first place in this.


Image result for timothy cole memorial statue


Sunday, February 5, 2012

VOLCANO HOUSE/ SPACESHIP HOUSE/ EVIL LAIR? ... Whatever! ... A Look & Shout Out for the House in the House }: )

Anyone familiar with this area of the Mojave Desert know's of the awesome beauty in this area ... not only familiar with the area, I also had done some hunting out here when I was younger, even bow hunting, and it's one of my favourite area's of the country as well. Although it may seem desolate as Hell for mile's and mile's, it's only a lil over a half hour drive to Barstow (CA), which is a decent size town, and 2 hour's from Vegas or L.A., take your pick! But remote enough at the same time to give you that unique peaceful feeling, and nice little layout for an artist, or even a small home sound studio.

I just had to have this home in this journal after seeing/ reading about it, I never even reckonized it myself in the past, and used I- 40. I was somewhat shocked that this home hasnt been able to sell for like over 2 year's now ... I must be missing something here(?). The price being $750K frankly is a steal of a deal in my opinion, and I know damn well if I had the money, I would be out here giving this property a serious lookover. This place is totally kick ass in my opinion!

With 2 bedroom and 2 bath, not too big, but the space and floorplan with split level make's it very comfy and spacious looking, and not so confining. A carport for a few vehicle's, has a patio that entirely surround's it, beautiful fireplace in the center and bar, with glass transparent wall's surrounding it, great for small social gathering's, a solid structural awning as well all around to provide shade, a nice sized outdoor sundeck ... and the glass wall's also give it a romantic touch and erotic as well for those special time's with your partner! The roof is an observation deck and if you know this area, you know how awesome the star gazing is out here at night, and spectacular for the telescope! Also beside's 60+ acre's of property, a 2 level 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom guest house at the bottom of the hill with an outdoor patio, and your own lake/ reservoir. I'm not sure about the energy source, but this would also be ideal to invest in solar panel's too.

CURBED NATIONAL: Buy a House at the Very Top of a Volcano for less than $1M

Spaceship house on a volcano ... Thanx to CNN MONEY


Saturday, February 4, 2012

AMERICAN POLITIC'S/ VOTING 2012: ... The "Political Pot Pie" & "Politipop Paddy Wagon" (THE AWAKENING PT.13)

Part 13 of "The Awakening" will look at the vote and choice's in America currently, and the state of the state, due much to our political representation ... I mean, people in other democratic countries of the globe probably get a laugh out of our politic's, and I dont blame them. It is funny, but at the same time, increasingly frustrating, because again ... we just go in circle's. I supported so many of the President's proposal's as well, which are even truely bipartisan, but even the President, or any President obviously is not able to move forward because of the deep monetary corruption in our representation. And even more nauseating is the political media's, becoming harder the closer we get to these election's, to actually find something without a left/ right slant and just focusing on the issue's and reality, instead of the petty biased bullshit that smother's political talk.

I have been voting Democrat, only as a choice of the lesser of two evil's ... I dont exclusively agree with the left or the right, and never really did, I cant count how many time's I have been asked by folk's on both of these side's, which side am I on?, after they may listen to an opinion of mine, both suspecting that I am on whatever side their opponent is. The majority of folk's that vote and in the political media's who feed and attack each other simutaneously are mainly on Politipop Paddy Wagon's that are all driving themselves to jail basically, the way they think at time's and fight over this day old Political Pot Pie that's pretty much a waste. I dont even try to explain anymore how I think and/ or favour political side's ... it's downright pointless and a waste of time ... I mean, if someone cant even vision anything out of the box their in, you couldnt hit them in the head with a brick and make them understand. But yeah ... million's like myself are totally burned out on this.






(REPUBLICAN'S) GOP Race: Idiot for President ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

(DEMOCRAT'S) See No Evil, Hear No Evil ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

In the meantime while still caught in this rat- trap .... Below a short preview vid clip of an upcoming interview with Senator Sanders ... this is currently probably the most importante issue in this nation concerning politic's we have now dominating, that in turn will affect everything else damn near. Again ... clean this up to some degree, and we would actually have a much better system even while keeping a democrat/ republican majority. The Senator and many other's are working on this, even in individual state's this issue is being hammered. Activism, signing petition's, pressuring Washington and local government's can work, bottom line ... and will work in just a matter of time, bank on it.


(SOLUTION'S) Senator Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance reform preview ... Thanx to SAMBELLAVANCE


Friday, February 3, 2012

DON CORNELIUS: ... The DON "MC" of R&B/ Soul ... & Special Guest "James Brown" (BLACK HISTORY MONTH PT.2)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour the creator of "Soul Trian", Mr. Don Cornelius . This posting is also for "Black History Month" ... and most fitting at that! Beside's "NFL Football" and "MTV" (old dayz MTV), ... "Soul Train" was the only tele programming I was hooked to over the year's, anyone who knew me, knew how "Soul Train" was a ritual of sort ... but to be honest here ... it was those "Soul Train Girl Dancer's" I quickly got addicted to, that ... let's just say ... got me all worked up! ... some of the most sexiest women on any tele network, that really knew how to move!

But Don was a one of a kind ... so straight laced with that salesman pitch and style ... almost like the auto and insurance industry sales he started in, never left him : ) He is also a U.S. Marine veteran, and served in Korea. Don was more than the "MC", and the "Don" when it came to picking the talent ... what an eye! and built an empire from scratch, with that hustling American entrepreneurial spirit. He done so much at the same time on showcasing R&B/ Soul artist's ... the most in my opinion since Motown's work, just taking the industry and art to a different level. And Thank You Sir for all you have contributed.

THE NEW YORK TIMES/ MUSIC: Don Cornelius, 'Soul Train' Creator is dead at 75

DALLAS NEWS.COM: Don Cornelius- Orbituary

***** CNN: 'Soul Train' legend remembered as 'pioneer' ... (newsvideo)


James Brown Get On The Good Foot, Soul Power, Make It Funky, Soul Train 1973 ... Thanx to FRANCESC CABO ... I just had to add this performance, when Don had on a guest, and childhood music mentor/ inspiration of mine ... James Brown ... The first "record's" I ever owned were James Brown 45RPM's ... and what a smoking performance by the Godfather of Soul!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

PRO DEMOCRACY DICTATORSHIP GAME'S: "Intoxicating Ourselves with Bullshit instead of Booze" (Mo of Yo Money PT.3)

For Part 3 of "Mo of Yo Money", is another issue that I have brought up time and again throughout this journal about my questioning our agenda in so many countries around the world, and our budding into everyone else's business, so again I can compile some of this in this one posting. First of all, it create's opposition to U.S. policy, undermines and degrade's the meaning of "democracy", which in turn lead's to terrorism, sabotage, kidnapping, resentment, etc on us and our allies, and social unrest in their countries ... and those who dictate this (our representation and those who dictate them) never feel any of these backlashes period, only us, and those people in them countries, to create this new- wave non democratic form of democracy, period. Bottom line ... a large portion of our tax money is used to enslave and imprison other's abroad, and now even us. And we ask ourselves "What can we do about it?" ... yet the majority of us dont even vote or try to do anything.

Instead, every time we invade one of these nation's in some fashion, we American's are jumping for joy, slamming drinx and partying, talking shit like "we freed the people" ... simply because we toppled and killed one shitty leader and now replaced it with another one who does whatever we tell them. The point is ... you can put in all the leadership you want and manipulate thought, etc ... but you cant create actual change and peace unless it's in the people's heart and interest, and where they "choose" to go and do. Same as creating Palestinian and Israeli peace for example I have used before ... the leader's meet, shake hand's, talk about their love for each other, etc, etc .... but the question is ... "the people"? ... do they feel the same way as those in the palace's making these agreement's?, eh? ... simple. It can be done, but it has to be in the people's interest's and will to do so ... that's what we dont get. The people we have engineering this, dont get it, and use strategies that are clearly deceptive and then cheat the people, and create more conflict's than those nation's initially had. It's easy to place a group of millionaire's or whatever in a conference room where they have a few drinx and become friend's and chat ... I mean ... we do it ourselves all the time in bar's/ social club's/ gathering's ... yet we and they forget in the process, the reality of the rest of the world around us and the nature and need's of the people, basically intoxicating ourselves with bullshit instead of booze (alcohol).

I'm certainly not against helping any nation who want's to be allies with us and in some way "share" and/ or return the favour, but I am against going into countries/ territories and telling folk's what to do in their own territory. Take Afghanistan for instance ... we have a puppet leader in place, that many question, and all these atrocities that go on, just like the other day when a man murdered his wife for giving birth to a girl instead of a boy, we whined in our media's, yet that same leader we support, goes along with it ... and we spent billion's and 10 year's in that nation, thinking were there to free folk's from these thing's, yet they still run rampant, and we "keep" feeding the fire. Look at Iraq 2012 ... is it really better than when Saddam ruled it? there's constant conflict and bloodshed, there's thousand's of Iraqi's lining the street's for day labour, because foreign corporation's/ interest's came in and brought worker's in from countries where the worker's will work for lesser wage's than Iraqi's, and even stay in labour type camp's/ compound's away from their families while they do nothing but slave for these entities ... and we call this "free" or even "democratic" ... even when people voice and rebel of this in the street's ... our newly trained Iraqi force's kill the people right on the street's and brutalize them ... and our representation in Washington actually support's this, yet on camera tell us they are against tyranny, oppression, and inhumane treatment etc, etc ... I mean ... which is it?

We also use the claim of much being in "defense" ... again ... I have never felt a threat unless we are "under attack" (physical attack, not 'woof ticket's' of shit talking), and I am positive that we have the defensive capability to challenge and counter any attack drawn on us ... so to me, that is more nonsensical talk. Yet ... at the same time, we keep supporting those in our political representation that do and support this, and accept that they spend so much of our money to continue this without trying to stop it. While we accept simultaneously that we are in a financial rut ... then accept thing's like cut's to our entitlement social programmes, institution's, infrastructure repair, education, health, etc, etc. We bitch about these too big to fail institution's yet stand in line to do business with them ... even everyone in Washington from the President on down the line allow this, yet speak against it. And I'm not being unfair here, we have gave these folk's year's and year's to change ... we ourselves have neglected to change.

A few link's for read and video below I chose to add ....

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