Thursday, June 2, 2011

INCARCERATED AMERICAN (PT.1): The "INJUSTICE" in Justice ... Modern Slavery, Racism, Drug War's & Prison Privatization ...

First of all ... this is a "new" series for this journal that is way past due. Much of this was inspired by so many, especially locally, of folk's that suggested and asked that I would do something on this. Also I never knew how many folk's view this journal until just over the last couple month's, even though I had this site up over 3 year's now. I only knew if one been by this site basically when they commented, or the various folk's in my community I know that bring up some of my posting's to me on the street or elsewhere. But a fellow blogger that I frequent, as well as them frequenting my site brought up to me back a couple month's ago, that I should check my comment's page, and also my stat's page (back when I decided to make comment moderation's) ... I know how dumb this sound's, but I never even thought of looking at them before and never did ... I havent gave much atencion to it, or keep up with much of that end basically, and "no" ... for the first 3 year's of this journal I never even looked at my comment's file's page, beside's responding on the posting to comment's, or ever the "stat's" page. But also found out checking this, that more people view this than what I thought, once I started looking at these thing's a couple month's ago. Basically I write in here as a personal journal only and available for anyone to view.

Anywayz ... this series is past due because I owe this to so many folk's that I personally know and have talked to on this, who have either been incarcerated themselves, or have friend's/ familia that are, and so much of the injustice's I hear about first hand from folk's that dont even know what is happening to them, or why the court's operate a certain way, or their defense, even in many cases, overpriced defense fee's for private lawyer's that dont do a goddamn thing but sell "plea bargain's" to their client's and rarely ever try any case of their's, telling many of the offender's that even may be innocent, that they dont have a chance in Hell to go to trial and try get proven innocent, because of if they have any prior's, or just because a jury wont believe them or other lame reason's. A young person not knowing much about the law, out of fear alone, will plea bargain to thing's that their not even guilty of in many cases because they feel they have no chance of proving their innocence, and the attorney's, especially court appointed attorney's who act more like prosecutor's in these plea bargain's than trial defense attorney's. It is downright unbelievable of how some of the system worx ... that I could do an entire journal dedicated to this one subject. Basically poor to low middle income folk's of all race's are victim to this also, but the number's of folk's victim to this, of colour in this nation is incredible. I mean ... if you work and get a paycheck, they will milk the shit out of that, through various programme's, fee's, and agencies (many private) ... and if your unemployed and dont have money to milk, they will just incarcerate you, and of course they get approximately in the upper "$30's" of thousand's range, per prisoner/ offender, per year, that are being housed/ incarcerated. But the stories on this racket is almost unbelievable, if you didnt know anything about how this worx.

Basically finding wayz to incarcerate people more in this nation is about the largest industry of today ... it's simply became a business venture and investment, plus twisted to get public support and tax revenue's, because we believe for the most part that these prisoner's are a "threat" to society, and we feel scared as it is and insecure about everything from local crime, to the drug cartel conflict's to terrorism ... but there are more folk's in prison in this nation for simple petty drug use and/ or red tape community supervision violation's such as probation/ parole in this country than for actual crime's. Many violation's are technicalities, such as not submitting your change of address in writing, certified mail or such to your supervisor within 24 hour's of the move and many other's, that can wind you up with a quick year or two, without a formal court hearing, but a board hearing instead. Even the sex business of prostitution, female prisoner's are pulled into, and even some male's ... all kind's of bid's on contract's from who will supply commissary product's to inmate's such as hair care product's and personal hygiene product's of all, to junkfood product's and meal's, etc ... the revenue intake is billion's across the nation. Example: A few year's ago in the Dallas County Jail, one of the nation's largest, 2 companies got into a heated court battle over which one was going to get the new hair care and hygiene product's bid to supply to the jail, because the hair care product's alone was bringing in million's per year, because of the high population of African American inmate's and how much they spend on these product's ... this is fact.

It has been fact for the last 20 year's or so, that originally what was called Wackenhut Corporation, had the contract for year's in Texas for the RPV (returned parole violator) facilities, and small time institution's, where the inmate's done alot of construction and maintenance, remodeling, (prisoner's basically work for free, and go along with it only for simple payment of maybe being able to access contraband, getting out of lockdown just to see outside, or a number of reason's) such as old closed down building's/ structure's, county/ local jail's in small town's and such, while the one's who ran the facilities raked in million's in tax revenue's from it, and also were involved with much of the illegal contraband sales to inmate's at inflated price's from the staff, as well as telecommunication's provider's that had contract's to supply all the phone service's to facilities, where a 3 minute phone call (even the one's in some facilities, where you are supposed to have a right to at no cost) can cost the receiving party $20 or more. The racket's of this I will explain and point out more through this series, but it's absolutely incredible.

This is NOT a bleeding heart journal whining about a person doing time for a crime, but instead to point out, some of the crime of those imposing time and the system we have let this become, at least in my opinion and anyone with a clear view on this. We have so much stuff going on that most folk's dont have any idea of these thing's and are too busy with so many other distraction's. And were constantly forcefed issue's of other nation's abroad and injustice's, which are many of course around the globe ... but I am also one that is concerned with our issue's as well in America. I realize and am grateful that I live in America instead of some of these other nation's with so much injustice, but I also hope to not let our issue's slide on a slippery slope by ignoring them, that may lead to a decline of our liberties and justice in this nation ... beside's ... we cant help those in other nation's, if we dont even help ourselves here first, which we have been in serious neglect of ... not just these issue's such as wrongful incarceration, but across the board ... we are neglecting everything from our education system, to our infrastructure need's, to even who we elect as representation, and spending more concern, time and money on, building more and more prison's to incarcerate more and more non criminal people, and criminalizing more and more thing's, while spending billion's upon billion's dropping bomb's on other nation's, then rebuilding the stuff that we blow up after, and the US taxpayer's are paying for all of it, yet only international investment firm's are raking in all the money, getting free labour with these incarcerated folk's and/ or dirt cheap labour for their estate's to the facilities, sex service's, and cheap labour for manufacturing corporation's, with record profit's.

Our representative's are alwayz saying that there is a budget crisis and we need to sacrifice more, blaming it on everything from social service's of SSI to medicare or whatever, to our public school's, and cut more from our own budget's, because we are "overspending" ... think about where most of the overspending is being done and going. And it is alwayz the taxpayer's that get the cut's and burden's to bear from the action's of our representation on both side's and of these folk's they support, that basically rob us, and are the actual criminal's. And the more we continue across the board to let international corporation's and investment's privatize everything in the name of "freedom from big government" , the worse it can only get ... because it will give these power's from all the powering nation's in these interest's circle's the power to do whatever they choose with our country and it's people.

These two video's below ... which are "accurate" I may add, will be to debut this series.


(2) Private Prisons- Commerce in Souls- Grassroots Leadership ... Thanx to Rippley Ripples **** this video was updated and changed, because the original posted video was removed from YouTube ...



an average patriot said...

Making money has often become a dirty act. Funny but just reading this I have to say my brother in law worked for wackenhut as a guard at cape Canaveral.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Jim/ AP!

Actually Jim ... I knew a Guy that was a security guard for Wackenhut too year's back, in fact year's back in the early 70's in place's such as New York ... they were only into the security and armoured car business as I remember, I dont even know if they were in Texas back then. And in the 90's I used to visit a friend every couple week's who was at the Wackenhut Women's RPV Center in downtown San Antonio, where they redone the old closed down Bexar County Jail and made it into a RPV Center, and I also been to the one in San Marcos a few time's, and the guard's were alwayz cool as far as small chat and such, but of course there was also alot of underhanded type business going on, never heard of any beating's or such of anything myself.

I certainly dont have any problemo with making money either, I love making money. The thing is Jim ... what we have been seeing over the last couple decade's is more than just making money or balanced business, and more of a mega power struggle of some sort, and from what I gathered, been in the work's for like 30 year's. Another thing as far as making money and business is concerned Jim ... you dont even have to practice some of the thing's that so many of these type's do, to be successful in business, you can be straight up, spit and polish as far as business in this nation and do well, without cheating folk's or anything else, so I figure it cant be all about money on these high level's, their wealth is already enormous too, meaning there is more of an agenda to accomplish something else ... or ultimate power, like in this case.

Kind of remind's me of a rape case a couple week's back that Infidel done a posting on concerning that IMF Chief sexually assaulting a NYC hotel maid ... I was thinking and commenting how dumb it was to do that, because he had more gal's and mistresses than you can shake a stick at, lot's of money, a wife, etc, etc ... but I was missing something that Infidel brought up, that I never even thought of ... was the "power/ control" thing of it. I mean ... I never thought much of that, because I never had a thing for much power, for me too much power mean's too many responsibilties also and too much of my time, and I never ever felt a need to want to have some kind of total control over a woman either, in other word's, it's no benefit to me.

This is also why I have pounded throughout this journal though, more focusing on downsizing and diversity, etc ... because it's going to happen eventually, history of 6000 year's or so even show's that. We in this era dont longer need what we once did. These mega entities at a time were the engine to this system, and we couldnt have done without them. Today .... we are far more diversified, interconnected, and more efficient, more option's, competition, etc, etc ... we dont need this type stuff Jim, or them any more ... bottom line ... that's why I leave them and abandon them and their business as much as I can ... their relic's trying to keep up with a changing and more efficient world, and trying to have total control over it.

Thanx Jim for your word's here ....