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KABUL HOTEL ATTACK: "The PUSSIVE" & "Fighting your way out of a Paper Bag" (Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.3)

This Part 3 of "Funding & Stupidity are Not Compatible" will be formally titled "The PUSSIVE" ... which is a term I came up with (it was brought to my atencion dayz after this posting that there was already a word "pussive") for the "passive pussy" mindset that seem's to plague America, because of either partisan political reason's, the unlimited pay- out's to our representative's from special interest's foreign and domestic, and the simple herd mentality that has plagued many American's over the year's like a virus. A few link's from past posting's, news, and video below on the Kabul, Afghanistan Hotel attack, then a few word's I will add.

***** VOICE OF AMERICA: Afghan Officials: Hotel Attack Will Not Affect Security Transition


AFGHAN DRAWDOWN: ... MY ASS!! ... A posting from recent of this cycle we are in, in Afghanistan

"The "simplicity" of Terrorism, Energy, and Economic Independence" (19 July 2008) ... this posting is about the simplicity solution of what we make a complexity, about how energy and economic's are the key factor's in what we do, the importance of domestic interest's more over international, what Obama may become if he make's President and is not careful, and why terrorism will increase, reason's, and future target's.

Taliban attack hotel in Kabul ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

I knew not a damn thing about any of this political or foreign problematic issue's until after looking at them over the last 5 year's, and 3 year's now online, and the more I learn, the more it suck's. I of course assumed for year's that we were going to have some very serious issue's, looking at all the math and so forth, the personal economic issue's I have been working on for over a decade that I shared with familia and friend's for survival reason's, and to lessen the impact on the storm's that will come as well as awareness of what to avoid. Oddly when it come's to my point of view on these relation's in land's like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some other Arab nation's ... many American's I communicate with, kind of look down on me as being a neanderthal, bigot, or similar, and those I found that agree with me the most are folk's that are immigrant's that I know and talk to from these land's, which was a suprise to me at first, but now I see why. It's because of the two culturally different wayz of thinking that is vast, and I understand this. This is also why I am very selective about what I read and how much I read as well, it's importante to read, but a problem when you just do too much, because it can distract, and mix up your own thought on importante issue's too, like anything else, it need's discretion and moderation to a degree.

I could have chose a schlew of video's to post here with a whole buffet of complicated explanation's, analysis's, etc ... and frankly as you can see above, most are making it more complex than it is as far as the solution is concerned, and too pre- programmed by institutional thought, political correctness, pussiveness, and media. But these passionately pussive and complex negotiation's, bargaining, and questioning what should we do, and where are the answer's, how much more ass kissing and pandering we should do, etc, is a waste to put it simply. You may think the approach and solution is too complex and cant be simple ... and that's because we chose for it to be that way, if you never look at the basic's, how can you understand what is all involved?

First of all, the longer we avoid this crap, the deeper we get and the harder it is to get out, and our representation politically is an absolute failure for the most part, who couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone organize it, because the system is too contaminated with created/ designed distraction's, partisanship, lack of regard, patriotism, integrity, and everything else, many individually with good idea's and solution's, but caught in a system controlled by few that have twisted it inside out and held our political representation hostage in this endless game. We are far too deep as it is, and now can only hope to at least save what we can of ourselves economically and/ or what little we have left, and any other thing we can, because at the rate we are going, we are not in a position to just save the world, we'll be lucky if we can halfway save ourselves from the miseries to come. You may think that this war and occupational endeavor's is all about saving lives, giving freedom, saving homosexual's and women from persecution etc. But none of this is about that and ONLY about money and control. I mean we have gotten totally to a point in America of mass stupidity, because of what we believe, follow, think, and support ... and like I have alwayz pointed out for year's ... "stupidity breed's in masses".

We will continue to see terrorism evolve more and more with no doubt also at the rate we are going, so someone need's to stop and at least try to change direction to some extent. We create terrorist's daily, from our incarceration of innocent's to occupation and political infiltration of many nation's, our support of dictator's, our bombing and killing of innocent people, trying to convert and change everyone to think like us, because we dont like their way of thinking, etc, etc ... we are constant sniveling nosey busy bodies, asking question's and telling folk's what to do where we may be better off letting them handle thing's their own way and let nature take's it's course. I mean ... did we get as far as we are in this country because we depended on other government's to tell us what to do and how to think? And we cry and weep when we hear our own get killed in these foreign attack's ... I ask ... What are they doing there in time of war and widespread terror and western resentment?

This group who claimed responsibility directly after the attack here in Kabul, is the same group (Taliban) that we are currently trying to get to be our friend's, kissing their asses relentlessly, and even willing to pay them billion's, build a schlew of project's for them and palace's they will govern in once we get them to "like" us, and be friend's, then .... 10 year's from now after we gave them all this (and this is an old familiar tune) they will again turn on us, or when our paycheck's to them run out, or they get hit with recession/ bubble- burst effect's our new capitalism will result in periodically, or any other thing, then blame us for everything, get more poor people who have nothing, to be willing to be walking time bomb's again, and repeat this over and over and over. If we left these nation's alone and stayed out physically and politically, we wouldnt even have to worry about terrorism, period.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: For anyone who may read this that doesnt know me personally ... I am an independent thinker for the most part that look's at fact's and practical solution's to issue's of concern. I dont "hate" any nation, or would not help folk's in need that showed respect in return. Some of these nation's have internal issue's as well that are not even part of our cultural way of thinking, just like we have internal/ domestic issue's of our own ... I dont have the answer's for them though. I will stay out of ANY nation's business as far as their interest's, and if asked to not be there, I will walk, especially when there is no reason for me to be there and keep budding into someone else's business. If there are word's of war and criticism toward's me/ us I will shoot word's back, but most likely walk away instead, and not waste my time with word's of conflict, in this case with the Taliban ... what in Hell would there be to negotiate? (and Hell No! I wouldnt give them a dime ... Why?) However ... if my tribe, nation, people, and interest's are attacked and especially casualities on my own ... I will retaliate with extreme prejudice and relentlessly, until one of us are dead, I will keep coming back and back at my own discretion and term's of engagement. But I would attack back so hard, that there would be no question if we won, who won, and in a time frame that is unthinkable in these time's, being fast, not month's and year's of talk, debate's, negotiation, or the like's ... my only objective would be termination of the target/ enemy. Other than that ... you leave us alone, I will leave ya'll alone, plain and simple.


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