Friday, June 10, 2011


This posting will be for the "Sexploitation Nation" series as PT.6 for a reason, which I will explain after the 3 short video's I posted below to view before I say anything concerning the New York Congressman. I chose these video's first of all to give folk's an idea and glimpse of what actual work is like, since it has became sort of rare for the American taxpayer's from alot of this bunch we employ on the Hill, to even get our money's worth out of some of these goddamn slacker's up there.



***** PD/ RCJ: "ANTHONY WEINER" PART 2 (24 July 2013)





And this journal will refuse to post any of the pop culture trash video's, that I have seen all over the media's/ blog's and such over the last week ... period! All this week all I have heard has been the left and right pitching a bitch over this man because of his personal sex life. And I know all the arguement's, many on the left are whining because of election's and to save their pretty asses and face's, and being politically fashionable ... then the righteous stonefaced hard- fisted right side bitching about lie's, moral's, and other hypocritical bullshit, then all the comedian's from pro to amateur putting together funnies to talk about the Congressman and his photo's, the girl's who are outraged that he would be such a sexist and dirty, and a schlew of other rubbish. There has been SO MUCH ... that if I didnt live in such a sexually repressive country such as the United States, I couldnt believe this is happening.

I been hearing also alot of talk about those who are demanding that the Congressman step down ... of course for the good of the party on his side, and for the other side, just something to get to bitch about out of their worthless deadbeat asses. And frankly I hope that the Congressman DOES NOT RESIGN ... Why? ... because sooner or later this country will have to "break the chain's" and grow up and start to act like grown adult's for a change. I mean ... everytime someone does anything like this out of the politically fashionable mainstream ... they are smashed, trashed, humiliated in public and told that they have to resign or indirectly forced to, by a mainly majority of both the left and right, who use folk's like him as a target for their sexual problem's/ issue's that they cant get out of their system's. Many say that it's not about the sex thing and about him lying at first, at least that's what they say, but you know that there is something subconsciously their not admitting, cause if every politician who lied were supposed to resign ... we would never ever have a government at all because they are all liar's, period!

I would only guess that the Congressman first lied because he love's his wife so much and didnt want to lose her, such a remarkably beautiful wife I may add. Then I hear all the problem's from professional's about having too high of a testosterone level, because of being a man of power, or sex addiction, or other crap ... I'm not in power and get an erection daily at 55 year's old ... perhap's I have a problemo too, eh? Then if we didnt, you would be trying to sell us goddamn erectile dysfunction drug's to make us erect ... ya'll are so sexually screwed up in your head's that you dont know what ya'll want! As far as Congressman Weiner's wife is concerned, who has also been gawked at all over the media's ... that's their business and their relationship. As far as these gal's who are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the Congressman's sexual taste's, photo's, or how bad they may feel ... why do these gal's even continue to correspond with a guy if they dont approve of him or what he does? Why do they continue to communicate and feed the fire? Just tell him, you dont want to chat or engage ... is that too difficult?

The 3 video's above are short and to the point and show what we need more of as far as I'm concerned out of our so called representative's, who are reluctant in many cases to step up to the plate, get off their soft lazy asses and speak of in representation of the people instead of only special interest's. In my opinion ... Congressman Weiner time and again proven that he earn's his paycheck and actually work's ... so as far as I'm concerned since he act's/ work's like two representative's for the price of one ... I frankly dont give a rat's ass what he does in his free time!

Enough said ....



Tim said...

RC Point taken. Personally I'm not as big a fan as you on Weiner. That's nether here or there. In the end it will be his constituents that decide. From what I've read they're behind him. So be it.

Infidel753 said...

I haven't made a big deal out of Weiner, mainly because he's not one of those preachy moralists. When some holier-than-thou family-values Republican get caught doing diaper scenes with hookers or soliciting gay sex or something like that, I'll point and laugh, because of their hypocrisy, which is the real issue -- not the sex.

The main problem with Weiner is that, by doing this stuff and thinking he'd never get caught, he showed very poor judgment. But I don't believe the story deserves the attention it's gotten. My only post about it was a one-sentence acknowledgement that he'd confessed (and that one post is now up to 17 comments, much more than most of the real posts about real subjects).

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Tim! (5:40am Dallas)

One of the commentaries I heard from a democrat strategist was that Weiener didnt really mean much to alot of Democrat's anywayz, because he hasnt proposed any kind of serious legislative idea's or anything of much value, so there are also alot more than yourself Tim, that dont hate the Guy, but not really that big of a fan of his either. I posted on him a year ago or so I reckon, not sure if I still have the posting off hand as I write this though) ... but it wasnt because he done anything outrageously heroic or made any big mark ... but because of how passionate he was for those truely elite folk's that put their lives on the line for the country and the City of New York during 9/ 11, and went up against King, the right wing rep for that area, who was playing the game's as far as helping these 9/ 11 responder's. It is the "little" thing's that I notice the most I reckon, and that and other time's when he stepped up to the plate and spoke so passionately on behalf of the voting taxpaying citizen's is what really got me about this Guy Tim, when it come's to a person's job preformance, I notice these little thing's especially, especially with co- worker's or those who I may have supervised over ... I tend to highlight those in the trenches that are not the most "known" performer's, but those who give their all on the job and actually work and are passionate and love what they do. It's these qualities that I seen in Weiner is all.

Thanx much for your input Tim!

Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Infodel!

I viewed your posting on Weiener a couple time's Guy ... and agreed with it all the way ... I think that he made some risky and self threatening move's, and I kept up with also the folk's that have commented on your site on it. I didnt comment, but only because I felt there wasnt nothing I could contribute in my comment's that would also be enlighting or beneficial to your reader's either. I understood the frustration as well from the democrat perspective as with some of them, how this Guy has tainted their party, and is more like an eye pore than anything beneficial to them, many democrat's feel like that even, and I understand. I dont feel like your posting was negative AT ALL, or was unfair, or insulting at all, as a matter of fact ... straight and balanced. But alot of stuff I seen over the last few dayz on other site's and media's from both side's were not as kind ... I can nderstand the funnies from some of the comedian's and even found alot laughable, but there is that subconscious part of me, that has I reckon a certain amount of concern when I see many folk's that just want to end the man's career over this. I feel that in order to get past this mentality on sexuality in our society, we need to get past some of this. So this is why I wish that Weiner would not resign only, because it seem's to get worse and worse, instead of making progress on these issue's Guy, sometime's I feel like we go two step's forward's and one step backward's everytime, if that make's any sense. And I also never known you or your blog to ever smash folk's on the issue of sexuality either, or make any such big issue's on it like many other's do.

Thanx for your word's here Infodel ....

Beach Bum said...

The only problem I have with Weiner is how he destroyed every cause he fought for by pursuing his destructive behavior. I watched Fox enough to see they WERE scared of him, now Weiner is just someone they can laugh off.

Ranch Chimp said...

Not even the Democrat's have anything they want Weiner for, more and more yesterday on the radio news I heard they still want him out. If I were him I'd buck them all, maybe go independent, so I wouldnt owe either side nothing.

Thanx Bum ....