Friday, May 6, 2011

TEXAS TEEN CHEERLEADER PT.2: "Support Your Local Rapist" and NOW Pay $45K for Complaining (Sexploitation Nation PT.5) "WAR ON WOMEN"

This "Sexploitation Nation PT.5(WAR ON WOMEN)" will be also PT.2 of "Texas Teen Cheerleader", a story I covered last November in the Houston Area, of a teen cheerleader who was kicked off the school's cheerleading squad, because she wouldnt cheer on her rapist, who was a popular sport's figure in the school, basically she was acting politically incorrect, unfashionable, unpopular, ... well now ... the court's ordered her to also pay $45,000 in court fee's for the school, saying her case/ complaint was "frivolous", and of course as we Texan's know ... today's GOP in Texas, damn near consider's every goddamn lawsuit as frivolous, doesnt matter if your raped, sodomized, screwed out of your paycheck, or had a surgical instrument accidentally sewed up in you during your last surgery .... IT'S FRIVOLOUS!! "Frivolous??" ya'll call this "silly" or "unworthy" of atencion? ... I call it more backsliding crap on women's right's, I mean ... ya'll arent the Taliban, are ya'll? This is just more slippery backdoor Texas right winger crap, similar to wanting to show gal's fetal horror movies before they get an abortion! THIS IS ABUSE! IS WHAT IT IS! If you complain about one goddamn injustice to your right's as a Texan American these day's ... it's "frivolous".

As far as Ya'll in these Texas Court's and School's concluding this ... how "frivolous" would it be if it was your kid getting raped, and refusing to cheer for their rapist? I dont have much more to say on this obvious BS! ... other than what I wrote in Part One of "Texas Teen Cheerleader" ... so some newsread below and some CNN video (video expired and removed). See what you think. KEEP FIGHTING THEIR ASSES HILLARIE & DAD!

For year's folk's have alwayz asked me why I dont believe in term's like "right/ wrong", "good/ evil" ? This is an example of "WHY", and also "WHY" I have so many question's ... because what you see here by the court's and school board, is the "victim" is the "villain" and being labeled "wrong", and the rapist and school board is being labeled as "right" and the "victim's" ... I rest my case!


***** BUSINESS INSIDER: Cheerleader Has To Pay $45,000 To The School That Kicked Her Off The Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist ... (newsread)


POST NOTE : (Sunday 08 May 2011) I want to add this post note, because after looking at this the other day, I realize that it will be easy for one to read it and say I was throwing politics into an issue it dont belong, I dont know how the legal system worx, I'm one who is just out to attack sport's, I am too partisan, etc, etc.

Look ... everything in this and so much else is strictly about politic's, business, and law. And you may say that the Supreme Court refused it, so why am I just blaming this on smaller local court's? Understand that the Supreme Court is just that ..."Supreme" ... there are ton's of case load's waiting to be heard on the Supreme Court as it is, and they are backlogged, were talking about a smaller court's case, done by the "book" legally that involve's simply a cheerleader that got cut from the squad. The politic's? is because there has been a recent rise in trying to slow individual lawsuit's to begin with, and because of budget's, backlog's, and frivolous suit's ... this is a backdoor to a slippery slope to call just about every damn suit frivolous ... since this move is pushed by corporate mostly interest's, the Texas strong GOP will go with it, these same "interest's" are also responsible for aggitating fundamoralist religious group's as well, using talk like "socialist liberal's have been going too far, and it's only a matter of time, you wont be able to pray, all your kid's will be forced into homosexuality, etc ..." and the usual scare talk that get's panties in a bind. But all this is rooted from the same entities, that dont give a rat's ass about religion, personal right's/ liberties, or anything but their own interest's ... and they use all these group's and bring in the politic's to do so. Beside's, I have voted conservative most my life, and I dont hate conservatism, but it's changed and lost it's grassroot's.

We have came so far, as far as more balanced right's protection's especially for women and minority culture's which were in the gutter for year's ... we sure as Hell shouldnt be going backward's, right when we just are starting to really do some positive's ... it took decade's to get that moving, and if we start to go backward's, it will take decade's to repair. The court's went by the book, and I know how this worx as far as having to pay legal fee's when your a loser in a case like this. My point is ... this should have never even got to this level, the school district is mostly to blame here ... some mediation's for this litigation should have been worked out long ago, in closed door session's, so if anything is "frivolous", it's the school board. BUT NO ... you know why? ... because of the business and politic's in Texas only ... and dont think for a minute it has nothing to do with either, it's an investment .... for instance, such as a local high school in Far North Dallas (the suburb of "Allen") in these tight time's building a $60 million dollar stadium, one school, one stadium ... you dont think folk's invest these type's of dollar figure's strictly because their thinking of the kid's, do you? Their interest's is future investment's and human commodities in professional sport's ... do you think some of these teen's are driving $40K/ $50K car's because they got a part time job at McDonalds? I am a big sport's fan, so I dont hate sport's, but this has become more importante than academic's and learning ... and especially student's right's. Hillarie is looked at as ... NOT a team player, politically unfashionable, a troublemaker, etc ... period. What they expect her to do is let bygone's be bygone's, and turn the cheek and say "Oh Well", it's past, etc. ... and to set an example to other's who step out of the mainstream line like she did. They know the strong precedent for motion's that a case like this can make locally as well as nationally ... that is why it is swept under the rug so quick.



Infidel753 said...

Utterly disgusting. The only justice here is that Silsbee will forever have this grotesque travesty of justice linked to its name -- and so will Bolton himself.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well ... that's the way I see it also Infodel. I would be pissed as a father/ mother/ familia or victim, and would hope that this gal and her familia/ friend's attack back at this injustice shit till the cow's come home ... another G.W. Bush buzzword like his BS phrase of calling Global Warming ... Climate Change ... and his constant PUSH for year's to call every damn lawsuit "Frivolous", of course unless it's corporate litigation from one icon onto another ... then it's ligit. You know Guy ... for year's, folk's asked me why I dont believe much in term's like "good/ evil", "right/ wrong" ... look no further ... Bolton BTW never done a day of time, and continue's to have that sad puppy dog look on his face ... what a poor sap, eh? ... Boo- Hoo ... my heart bleed's for him. I'll shut the Hell up now Guy ...

Thanx for you input here Infodel ....

an average patriot said...

I can't believe that crap! I know you are from Texas but the more crap I hear coming from Texas the more stunned I am. They are really off the wall.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim(AP)!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... Well Jim, Texas ceratinly has some unique qualities ... now some stuff is stereotypical stuff, or a tad stretched that you can find a dime a 6- pack ... but NONE of this is, and this is coming from a fella that spent almost his entire life in the Lone Star State, so whatever you read that I write is straight up. But there has been some real slithering as far as certain right's/ liberties in the last decade especially, you give these folk's an inch, they will take a mile, rest assured. But I do love this state, there is a Hell of alot more advantage's than disadvantage's let's say ... but you alway's have those other factor's. Plus ... folk's like myself have lived here so long it seem's so common to us, but due to my love for Texas ... I certainly am going to point out much of the issue's that need to be dealt with as well. I try to be fair as I can, and wasnt out to smash the GOP, but they support too much of non Texan interest's abroad and nationally that comtaminate our state and liberties.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I want to add Jim (and to anyone that read's this) ... one of the big issue's I had here was with how the death penalty is worked out, too many flaw's, and I have reason to believe ... factual reason, not this mind manufactured paranoia crap ... that several/ many have been wrongfully executed in this state, their court appointed defenses in most cases were slacker's, who even fell asleep during trial's, it's a long story, but I have posted on it and will more ... and also for the record for anyone who may think I am opposed to capital punishment ... I AM NOT ... but I AM OPPOSED to just executing folk's based on their past and not the case (unofficially) and the piss poor representation working class folk's get not only from the state appointed but even private attorney's as well. But too many questionable execution's here Guy, and I am not one of those that say ... "Oh Well, if we get 9 out of 10 right were okay ...". ... So I am also in support of suspending all execution's in this state at least until this is worked out and everyone on death row has their cases cre- looked at, as well as DNA confirmation where applicable. Beside's ... it actually cost's us more to execute than to incarcerate for life, believe it or not.

Beach Bum said...'s GOP in Texas, damn near consider's every goddamn lawsuit as frivolous...

In a way I have to laugh at the insanity of this since South Carolina is the same way. God help you if a common person has to sue because of something done wrong to him or her but if its a corporation or a rich person all the doors of justice open quickly.

Ranch Chimp said...

There you go Bum ... I wasnt sure if this was pushed in what state's, but it has been getting priority here ... I'm tellin ya Guy ... these folk's (GOP) are on a roll, that is why I pounded that "2010 Show" series I done in this journal ... talking about not even letting the GOP gain the seat's they did this last election, cause they are that close to the finish line of converting this country into a mega sore, believe me ... and all these cut's, bailout's, and all the other shit we give as American's are NOT going to do us a damn bit of good, including these war's ... not one American will get anything in return ... because as I wrote in that series and other post's ... the big dealer's are fixin to abandon America (China and India, and Russia is the new economic power houses of the future globe, this country will be turned into a paradise for the wealthy and a nightmare for the working classes, mark my word brother) ... and hardly anyone even see's this shit ... we (USA) are NOT number one in a damn thing but stupidity and being ass kissing flunkies.

Thanx for speaking here Bum!