Tuesday, May 31, 2011

401K LOCKDOWN: Senator's to "PROTECT" you by Locking Down your 401K ... "THE DEMOPUBLICAN CESSPOOL PT.2"

The "Demopublican Cesspool" PT.2, is to take up from PT.1 where I started using the term to describe how an "inner order" of the Houses formed to try to screw us out of the HCR "public option" ... which of course ... they finally did, and to also explain how this method was going to be used on everything in the future that we seek or ask for, from Health Care, to war's, to social services, financial, and everything, to twist our need's into their want's/ takes. Basically every order has an "inner order", you have many politician's who enter the circle with great intention's on both sides, only to find out once they're in, that it work's a certain way that been for year's, and that is when they get sucked into the cesspool and cant turn back basically. Some read below, then a few word's from the ole Chimp.



***** CNN: Congress: Protect workers from 401K penalties (newsread) .... original article expired, so this is a replacement

Okay ... this is just another scam piece of nonsense but should be taken seriously, so that's why I am posting this ... I have been hip to the 401K deal and how it work's for year's actually ... I got hip to it, researching it in 1989/ 1990 when looking myself to get in it ... but after study of it, declined. The reason they want to lock this down, or regulate it more, is because of all those who invest your money, and all that is into ... in other word's ... if million's of folk's are taking money out of these ... the ripple effect on the investment market's will hit across the board, and as I wrote in other posting's ... in the 21st century, these will have more impact and move much faster than anything of the past, such as the era of the Great Depression or whatever other bubble/ bust series that hit us from one decade to the next. They say they'll give you longer to pay back your "loan" from it? WHAT ??!! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... loan?, penalties?, etc, etc ... it's your money ... folk's are not that stupid, just goes to show you how out of touch our leader's are with reality ... folk's just feel helpless, get lazy and forcefeed themselves a dose of stupidity out of convenience, so they dont have to waste time thinking for themselves, and that's what these leader's in these cesspool's depend on ... prove them wrong and walk.

Bottom line is ... this is another one that American's need to halt simply, they probably had this planned for some time, remember ... they are always two step's ahead of us, and that's why we need to keep one step ahead of them ... so whenever these issue's come up like this or social security reform, this reform, that reform, etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... buck it, or take your money and walk ... if 75/ 80% of the nation done as I do ... we would be out of this mess in only a few year's actually ... I walked away year's ago, and stopped playing their game and devised my own game basically. I mean ... those who lost up to half of their 401K's during this last recession ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... did ya'll get any break's, or get any of ya'll's money back? did you still not have to pay all your management fee's, even if you lost your ass? Some say this is for the good of all, and to make sure you dont waste your money, make bad judgement, etc, etc, etc ... there is alwayz an excuse or debate ... issue's like this, there is nothing to debate or dissect ... the bottom line is, it is your money, plain and simple. Now ... if you want these folk's to control more of how you spend and how much of your money goes to who and what, your free to do so, but actually not thinking freely as you may think you are.

What do you do? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... exercise the freedom's and choice's you do have ... and find alternative investment's and utilize every tax shelter you can, and write these rep's, pound their asses and spread the word ... I mean ... what is it with us? ... are we just too busy?, lazy to think?, want someone to hold our money for us and spend it for us, because we dont know how? C'mon ... were not that helpless, but if you keep listening to these lightweight's who we think are leader's ... you will become a helpless soul. How many of these folk's we pay to handle our finance's and dictate to us, hold our hand's, etc ... invest in 401K's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... dont be silly ... they invest directly in real estate, commodities, petro market's, metal's, etc ... and you may think, you dont have enough to invest, dont believe that, if you have enough to invest in another's market option choice such as the short list's your company tell's you of who you can invest in by those who run the investment's firm or 401K plan ... you can choose to invest even that small amount elsewheres, it's still a risk, but you do your homework and create your own strategies and risk factor's. Not unless you also give folk's money to play the table's on the Vegas Strip for you as well, and pay for their hotel/ accomodation's and airfare too, then getting 10% of the winning's if any, cause that is basically what your doing ... again ... THINK ....

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Weaseldog said...

As I've been saying for years, we can't all retire at once. the market has value because more money goes in, than goes out.

If the money flow is flat or negative, the market declines.

As we've seen again and again, governments go to drastic measures to protect their gambling houses. If that means freezing your 401k or severely limiting the quantity of money you can draw from it, they won't hesitate to do it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well said WD/ Jack ... and you see why I do and think the way I do for year's now ... which is to mprotect my little interest's as well. Thank you for your input here Jack ... hope your concert last weekend went off well too!