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Part 5 of this "SnoweJob" (I got this term from Sen.Snowe and her first introductory "Trigger Plan"). Which will show what I term now as the "Unification of the Demopublican" "Coalition" and "Plan". Basically all this video will show you is just more lies,covering each other's asses to keep strength in their parties for upcoming election's, no "definitive" statement's, and a crock of other flip flopping nonsense to keep people in a state of mental limbo. As I posted previously in this particular series, they may "twist" the term "public option" to scam us ... but they are even bolder than I expected...they are outright tossing it out, accept for a few ... who will have to buy into the scam anywayz eventually or lose. Or make a PO not really public or an option, but some non profit faith based group care clinic's (or similar crap) for those of low income, to where they can milk them too or penalize them or garnish wage's perhap's. But also totally controlled and profited by the insurance companies, and their Hill pocket puppet's ... put it this way ...what you see materializing will be more regulation's and less option's on the people and more for the corporation's,as far as "their" option's, and their regulation increases will also work to their benefit. Why? Because they simply wrote them ...... bottom line. Also I want to point out ... dont "blame" this on Speaker Pelosi .... Bank on it that she was simply "betrayed" like I wrote how former Treasury Secretary Hank "Bank of Hank" Paulson played her, she is not the villain as this video may make one suspect, trust me on this.

Although this journal in earlier posting's is fairly covered with health care crap and their scam's ...this particular series start's with Part 1 posted Sept.09,2009 with Snowe's "Trigger Plan" ... Part 2 introduce's the "Baucus Democratic Bite" posted Sept.30,2009 ... Part 3 posted Oct.14,2009 about more of the "Baucus Bite" and other treat's .... Part 4 posted Nov.11,2009 will show how much each Congress and Senate (both democrat and republican) received in pay-off's from the medical/ insurance/ pharma industries, which I believe was close to a half million per in Congress and close to one and a half million per in Senate ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ...and even most of that can be written off on taxes. A partial solution to this problem is to stop these payoff's from being accepted or offered, I mean this is nothing more than legalized "bribery", you or I would be indicted if we done such, aside campaign contibution's. How the tax write off? Because who do you think write's legislation and tax codes? Certainly not your neighbor or mom and dad.


***** CNN: Public option pullback? ... (news video)

***** REUTERS: Most in U.S. want public health option: poll ... (newsread)

One of the reason's I focused so much on this health care reform issue had nothing to do with it's popularity in the various media's and masses. But because I look at just say the last 30 year's and see what happen's every time American people "ask" for something ... and our rep's take it up to consideration and a vote ...the entities of corporation's who actually own our representation figure out how they can take what we want and ask for ...and make a profit off it somehow, then coach and have their attorney's prepare legislative proposal's for our rep's to debate in conference over .. so it's nothing new...just old school hustle technniques, I mean ... the average street kid who hustles can pick up on most of this stuff in a heartbeat ...these folk's in control though have their legal expert's make it very complex to understand for that reason that it is a saturation as I posted earlier of a couple thousand pages no one could actually piece together and figure all out enough to tear it apart during the process or probably at least a decade...however as you can see in the video's above...because of distrust amongst American's now ...we are figuring out their scam's I posted will happen as we evolve into this crap and begin to get less distracted and more focused.

This particular scam ...I just went with the basic approach to the game, thought like they did for a moment...then put together a scam I just guessed they would try as stated in the 4 previous posting's ... unfortunately ... the awful part of thinking like this is the raw reality you have to see and think, and deep down ... you hope you can be wrong on what you see coming ... but have to face it anywayz. But this guess appear's to be with percision accuracy ... meaning that the hustler's didnt work as hard on the scam as they could of ...or I couldnt have detected it quickly, or any of the other's who see this as the investigative reporter's in these video's.

Now I dont think at all that our representative's are all "corrupt" or intentionally out to screw us. We have alot of rep's with a good heart, that many may even came from background's just like any of us. What the problem we have is ...the way thing's are done and have been done for decade's in Washington ... and how the controlling entities we dont see behind the scene's pulling the string's work to keep these people in term after term to condition them to the atmosphere and make them comfortable to be the slave master's as they dictate to them to be. Inevitably this grow's like a cancer and become's the standard for many who dont see what is actually happening to them. Another way they are able to control our rep's is by the money portion's they give them ... even if a rep may not be all fond of receiving it ...the fact is ...they are left feeling like they owe back a favour ... which is natural ... I mean ...when someone support's you monitarily of just any other way ... you naturally owe a favour ... it work's the same way the banking industry does us favour's by loaning us credit ...the objective? is that the "party" receiving become's in "debt" to those who support or lend. So this is why I stated in posting after posting how important it is to break the chain link of this ceespool and way ... to actually get change ...or else ... you can never really get ANY change ...only as I said, "rehashing" what exist's into another "look" or "new packaging" only.

This is also why I titled this the "Demopublican" (to unite the two for the entities only on getting what the controlling entities want)... simply because what the entities managed to do now for decade's ... is deprive us through their morality structure they establish through the mega religious establishment's that they also control that we are pre-occupied with petty issue's of moralities to stay at each other's throat's with for decade's, buying them more time to sow new seed's for their plan's and agenda's ... to gain even more power and control. Example ... the issue of same sex marriage ... they all know it will become legal and it is a basic fair right, but keep our rep's in debate over it for year's to delay ... so that our hunger grow's ... teasing and tempting us, but denying us to taste ... you give a little at a time in other word's ... you dont give the dog the bone until it's fetched the ball repetitively in other word's.

And trust me ...what we are seeing here taking form in this so called health care reform is actually even worse than I thought or wrote it would be, unfortunately. This is really turning out to be a huge pile of horseshit. Unless someone can stop and make a turn somewhere's and detour from what this is winding into. Understand that in order to see what they are doing...YOU MUST ...think like them ... and not think how you have been taught to think ... only this can keep you one step ahead of their bite's ... and you must set aside this left/right, good/evil thinking, that has become almost genetic with us ...understand that they decide who has the most money and power, what is right/wrong, good/evil, left/right ... and educate us in our social system's to think by the guideline's they created for us to. YOU MUST THINK LIKE THEM.

POST NOTE: Also understand that this applies to all our war's and terrorism, this is all manipulated by the same entities ...through religion's,politic's and corporate giant's (3 entities) for the same exact reason's .... even the immigration and the list goes on.It take's money and arm's support to support and let these war's and terror thrive ... and that "support" is funded directly or indirectly through the same power's to achieve the same goal ...which is not good or evil but dominance and submission.


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