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CHRISTINE CAYTON .... "CRIMINAL" ? ...NO ... a "HERO" in my opinion (Updated 22 August 2013)

Christine Cayton

This posting is updated today 22 August 2013 with a YouTube video and UPI link below, as far as charge's being dropped on Ms. Cayton (congratulation's too) ... but fist some newread/ video linked, then my original posting with no change's after below it.

***** BUSINESS INSIDER: Crazy Story Of Texas Woman Holding Up Alleged Ponzi Scheme That Hired Heisman Trophy Winners (newsread)

***** UPI.COM/ U.S. NEWS: Charge dropped in Ponzi gun incident

Felony charges dropped for Christine Clayton ... Thanx to KXAN


The town is Bee Cave,Texas (Austin Area) ... the institution that was the so called victim of this politically incorrect villian/criminal was called "Triton Financial". The woman charged with this so called crime is Christine Cayton. I read a couple brief clip's of this online ... and there is not much to it actually ... no real big news ... but enough for me to post in this journal to rant about.

In 2008 Mrs.Cayton took all her money out of her 401K and IRA both and invested it in real estate through "Triton Financial" ... a total of $125,000 dollar's. After not hearing from them for month's and not receiving any statement's from Triton, she decided that she wanted out of this ... and went to Triton and tried to talk, because they kept avoiding her and/or giving her any statement of her investment, having already given her the run around via mail as well as phone call's. They again gave her the run around a few more time's ... then decided to settle ... and gave her a check for $25,000 ... keeping $100,000 ... I reckon their end for the risk taking ... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh. :) She's no dummy ... she knew she just got bitten/burned. She decided to sue for the remainder ... which is a lengthy process ... but you should get through before you die of natural causes.

Her Husband work's out of the country ... so she is the primary care holder of all the families finances .... and had to act alone on this. She put two and two together ... seen the reality of the scam and the difficulty and length of time and money it will take to get back any of her money. She got high one day on prescription drug's and wine ... with a gun she bought at a yard sale ...unloaded ... with the ammo in her purse ... went to Triton ... approached the CEO Mr.Kurt Barton, demanded her money back ... and had ready the account she wanted it wired to immediately, thinking he would get scared and wire it cause she had a gun. She went then into her purse to get the ammo to load the gun, when an employee then grabbed her and escorted her to the front where Bee Cave PD was waiting to arrest her. She was charged with a second degree felony of "Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon" and held on a bond overnight of $20,000 ($2000 cash through a bonding company in Texas) and released on bond the next day.

Now she say's she made a dumb mistake ... and regret's it and scared of the jail time she is facing and also losing the $100,000. Well ... I'll admit that not having the gun loaded was pretty dumb ... but to be frank ... I look at this gal as a "hero" of sort. I mean ... there is not a snowball's chance in Hell if I was on a jury ...from what I see ...I could not find her guilty enough to send to jail or prison for even a day. As a matter of fact ... since the law's favour these inbred piece's of shit that write this complex legislation to protect these thug's like Triton and make it so difficult for anyone to ever get back any decent portion of what they got burned for...by the time the court, attorney, and other's get their fee for getting what they call "justice" ... I would hope to see more citizen's do what Mrs.Cayton done and get the justice that the American people and small investor's deserve and the respect that is long overdue.

Some may say ... well ...she is the one who decided to invest ... which is true, but know how these folk's lure in people to invest just specifically to rob. That is the whole reason that I posted this ...is because these institution's are all over the USA and rip off ten's of thousand's of average American's on a daily basis ...I cant even count all the people that I known or met over the year's that have gotten burned through that or some other investment scam and lost ten's of thousand's, and the law's are designed to protect those who do it...if they find the right law and learn how to manipulate it to their advantage.

Mrs.Cayton ... to me ...your my HERO!! and best of luck ... sincerly!! ... from a fellow Texan ......



Infidel753 said...

One could argue that she was merely using force to try to get her own property back, and it seems dubious whether that would be illegal. If somebody steals your car, is it illegal for you to pull a gun on him to force him to give it back? This seems like basically the same situation.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Mr.Infidel for your comment.This is exactly the kind of comment I needed to make my point as well.You hit the nail on the head again ...it IS illegal in most of our country to use any force if someone stole your car right in front of you to get it back, and criminal. Especially in the most liberated area's of the country...I know this too well. Some of our law's are all twisted to begin with. For instance almost everywhere's in the country it is a crime to flee and not report a crime in progress that is felony. What we just seen I posted about a couple month's back ...was a teen girl get raped at a high school (Oakland Area)gathering by a group of young underaged men(that the media also swept under the rug) while bystandard's stood by with their "cell phone's" and watched, then law enforcement said there was no law against what they done. The law's are wrote to favour few in many cases. I'll shut the Hell up now.

Thank You Sir .............