Monday, December 14, 2009

"BIG DAWG" (President Obama) .... bark's about "FAT CAT'S" ( Big Banker's) ....

I wanted to post this for the record in this journal ...because ... again is short and to the point. And I like when someone can make it short and too the point since I have a difficult time writing anything "short" ... simply because I really dont have a "writer's background and education" in such. Another reason I want this for the record to hold our President to his word's here ... I like you Sir ... but dont try to be too bipartisan with these misfit's ... they are "bull-headed" like those you see now you are having to deal with on the Hill ... and you see how well "they" have adapted and welcomed your way of thinking. In other word's ... be nice at first ... then go for their throat's! You da man Sir ... and you da "Big Dawg" .... you do have thing's like "Executive Power's" Sir.(just a friendly reminder) :)

But the President sum's it up perfectly here in a few word's as well ... because he's right (polite) ... because that payback "was" exactly their intention with motivation being to cut and run from regulatory responsibilities ... I have myself posted too much about this in my previous posting's nearly a year ago if we do bail these folk's out ... what kind of stuff their going to pull ... and how they will scramble to pay back specifically for this reason. Which wasnt too hard for anyone to see ... unless you delude yourself thinking that these money hound's are actually "patriotic" ... and care about the country beside's just securing their golfing territories or other domestic properties. If they were so goddamn patriotic or had any respect or gratitude for American's ... they wouldnt use the goddamn money we gave them to buy up all the nation's prime time commercial space to try to sell us more scam's that are clear as day to anyone with half a brain. Or use all the rest of the money for more offshore investing, just to name a couple of their stunt's. If anyone need's a foot in their asses ...they would be a prime candidate!

***** CBS/ 60 MINUTES: Obama Slams "Fat Cat Bankers" (video & transcript)

Obama Blasts Bank Bonuses ... Thanx to CBS



Anonymous said...

RC, I have a feeling that Obama's meeting with the bankers yesterday was just for the show -- you know, to create an impression for public consumption that he is doing something. I imagine that, immediately after the meeting, he called each of them and apologized for using stern words, encouraging them to carry on as usual.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh,heh,heh .... Well Ms.Elizabeth ... I can see that you are sharp and on the ball, and that is a positive assumption and trait indeed, to be a player ... you must never under estimate the player's.

President Obama dont need to call anyone and make apologies, he know's how to word thing's so there is none needed. Secretary Treasurer Tim Geithner would be the one up there to make any such "gester's" ... let's say, Tim is sharp, and an insider...and is the reason President Obama selected him ... in the hope's of gaining some consensus as well as trying to tackle the mess that took year's to create. The President is actually sincere about his feeling's about Wall St. He is certainly not against bonuses or any person getting million's ... nor is he a socialist. He is a breed that many as I have posted wont understand. He is a little sick and tired of folk's making a bundle who didnt earn it, as well as those who forgot where they came from and who helped them ... even every politician know's that one hand washes the other ... especially them ... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh... no one is a stranger to lobbyist's, on the Hill. :)

As far as the "show" part ... Hell ...... it's all "show", alway's been. And indeed there is going to be a Hell of alot of more showcasing in the next few month's by our President ... that is ... if he is serious about keeping a democratic stronghold of sort on the Hill. Mid term election's will be right around the corner ... and the GOP is going to ride the asses of dem's on this one rest assured. While dem's are all settled thinking that the right are just all nutcases ... and wasting their time blogging about comedian's such as Limbaugh and Beck ... your serious rep's know that unemployment isnt inproving enough ... and they are going to push it that the dem's trashed health care reform ... banking and hoping that people are upset enough with other factor's in economic's around the corner for 2010 ... that they will try to regain power in the Senate and House ... you can bank on it. So indeed President Obama better do a Hell of alot of showcasing 2010.

Thank You for your visit and comment's Ms.Elizabeth! :)