Friday, December 18, 2009

SONIC YOUTH: .... does "Kool Thing" ... and ... "Nevermind" ....

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There would be no possible way in Hell, I could exclude this music group from this journal ... so it's about time I post them! For their fan's "Sonic Youth" certainly need's no introduction ... however a formality of this journal for the record....

The Youth came out of the "No Wave" music scene of New York City the early 1980's (1981/1982 I believe) ... with a unique vocal's and protopunk image ... and the unorthodox and alternative method's of guitar and other instrumental tuning with common work tool's ... to the psyhedelic and punk styled undertone's ... all what made this group of artist's as unique as their method's of instrumental manipulation/ modification's. And they are still active in 2009 with a release this last summer. And genius in my opinion!

This first piece released off the 1990 "GOO" CD titled "Kool Thing" is of course one of their classic's ... and bring's back memories for me of cruisin through the desert of SW Texas in the darkened wee hour's of the morning with a pint of Jose Cuervo Tequila in my left hand and the steering wheel in my right hand heading for the Mexicano Border (yes ...drinking and driving...but no one..."literally" is out there to hurt on the backroad's I travelled) listening to the intoxicating sound of "Kool Thing" and the feel of the cool night desert breeze with the windows down. Enjoy! .....

Sonic Youth- Kool Thing ... Thanx to SONICYOUTHVEVO

Sonic Youth- Nevermind ... Thanx to JULUCHA



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