Sunday, December 20, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 6: The Bad, the Bold, and the Beautiful .... the PEOPLE get another 2" INCHES up their ASS ....

This will start with two recent CNN video's from Sen.Ben Nelson(D-NE) and President Obama ... both explaining their reason's for this passage and compromise, which in my opinion simply is not good enough ... and this is not true reform, period.

This particular series start's with Part 1 posted Sept.09,2009 on Senator Olympia Snowe's so called "trigger plan" scam ... and I detailed there how that scam work's as well. Part 2 posted Sept.30,2009 introduce's the Sen.Baucus bite and scam. Part 3 posted Oct.14,2009 is a sequel to the Baucus bite, and extended BS. Part 4 posted Nov.11,2009 show's the pay out's that Congress and Senate member's received prior to their vote from the medical/insurance industries. Part 5 posted Dec.11,2009 show's the recent Demopublican unification on this issue. And today ...I wanted to show our President and Sen.Nelson describing more UNACCEPTABLE BS. This will clearly show what direction this is going and what we will most likely end up with. And this isnt to show any favour toward's republican's ... most of them are totally worthless on this issue as well. Hopefully eventually ... all these worthless outdated and overpaid representative's will be eliminated.


Se. Nelson answers critics on becoming 60th vote on CNN (12- 20- 2009 @ 11:31 am) ... Thanx to AULACTION ... *****NOTE: All of this is being engineered to get rid of a public option, because it mean's billion's to the insurance industry and also forcefeed's mandatory purchasing of their insurance by the low scale working classes, which you can bet they will get inferior service at a premium rate.


Weekly Address: The Patients Bill of Rights and Health Reform ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE

And let me point out for the record as well ...even though I voted for President Obama and had agreed with him on so many thing's ...on this particular item... he has failed the People in actually getting "true" reform...period. There can be no excuse or no compromise, when you make a "promise" you keep that promise, if you dont you are worthy of no credit, if you flip flop like the season's change, without damn good reason you are also a failure and lack integrity. When you represent those who supported and voted for you ... you go down to the death if necessary ...or else ... you are not worthy of leading a pack of rat's. When I make promises ...I keep every promise that I make ... even if it cost's me ... that is the difference between those who talk and those who do. Most of all representation on both of these polarizing side's as well now as even independent's bottom line have failed the American People... and have proven to be nothing more than a side show of weakling's and liar's that most likely couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag .. and are basically good for just talk and showmanship. Also I know for a fact ... if I was getting a salary ...had a small business venture and a degree like probably most of these Senator's do I would imagine ...NO ... ABSOLUTELY NOT by my own self integrity would not accept ANY money from ANY of these group's when it come's to taking a vote on what the people want, deserve, and need ... nor do I look at human health care ... especially when people have to pay so much for it percentage wise, as a commodity like utilities or such.

What you have is just plain ole spinelessness and untruthful people here ... across the board, and this is what I suspected since the beginning of this...not just in those other 5 posting's of this series...but all the other posting's as well on this ... my instinct's just tell me that most are full of shit. What is the real disappointment to me is that President Obama will actually go with this without no more of a fight ... he know's better than anyone the game and how it is played, so you cant say he dont know ...he know's and said he would fight for a public option. There is NO public option at all ... and the compromise is also a scam ... because they are all acting now like the insurance industry is even bucking this ... this is also a lie ... the insurance industry is praising this behind closed door's and they are the victor's all across the board ... even friday their stock's hit a record high across the board in something like a half century record. So that tell's you right there all this is a lie... and on both side's ... the peoples representation is a "total" failure across the board ... period. They will have all kind's of fancy cliche's and talk, explanation's, compromise's, reason's, etc,etc ... but the bottom line is ... they failed ... and didnt do what they said time and time again, and will continue to do so until the people just reject this whole cesspool across the board and do what the people need to do.

There Ya'll have it ... clear as day .............

POST NOTE: When I was a shop foreman in the printing graphic art's industry ( I ran a film and pre-press department) I stood for the employee's who worked for me. When it came time for a raise and business was good (and many that know me personally would verify it till this day) for an employee and if ever late ...I was first in the office of the owner ... asking where it is? I didnt care even if I got replaced or fired ... I NEVER HALF STEPPED on a thing. One gal we hired out of college because student's were cheaper ... and she was female and black ... which is also lower pay back then... and still today at some place's ... got a run around on her raise ... she busted ass ... I went straight to the owner ... told him ... she need's the raise, she earned it, and deserve's it ... she is an asset ... and we need her ...period ... what took almost 6 month's for them to review, took me about 6 minute's to get her. Her name was Carolyn Bell for the record ... and the list goes on from there. Would I have walked if they wronged her or stood by her in legal proceeding's? Absolutely in a heart beat ... and all the employee's knew that as well. That is simply what I expect from anyone who lead's anything ... period. Anything less ... your NOT "for real" and weak, and lack integrity.


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