Monday, November 30, 2009

Pulling the Plug on Granny? ... dont worry ....Granny herself couldnt even pull it!! ...

I am posting this video because of all the "talk" about euthanasia death panel's we seen out of health care reform opponent's over this last several month's such as from this "Teabag" movement cult that has been sweeping America. In past posting's on euthanasian death panel's, I said that the idea that we would do this is so ridiculous, we are so far from any mindset of such,the leftee's or the rightee's would never do such a thing. And the other important factor is because of money, as this video will clearly show how valuable it is to keep even those who are just about dead ... alive. My guess is that if anyone tried to even remotely advocate euthanasia at this point of our evolution ... not just the right and left would oppose it strongly, but even health care provider's and drug companies and every other sector of the medical industry would throw billion's in to stop it, there is a fortune to be made off keeping near corpses alive.

End Of Life Debate ... Thanx to CBS

However ... sooner or later we may have to address this issue. As it stand's right now, even if you wanted to end your own life ... you do not legally have that right ... in the State of Oregon you have a right to death with dignity, but even that is carefully regulated as what justifies it and who can assist and other factor's. The mainstream public's view on this is also that ending your life is a crime and immoral and is forbidden, and it is also not very common for any animal to be suicidal anyway's.

It's a difficult subject for me to write about ... my mother who had an infection travel into her bloodstream and organ's that made her flesh and inside's slowly deteriorate, got to the point on her final death bed where she wanted to die, even asked me to help her, the suffering was so bad ... the experience for me had me in tear's and one that I will never forget. The hospital said she was delusional ... not in her right mind ... and force fed her more drug's and done more test's and test's on her and kept her going and suffering as long as they could ... which was by our societies standard's ... the "moral" or "right" thing to do. And of course after her force fed torture and death ... my father was sent his end of the billing which was close to $200,000. My mom died not of being old ...she never got old. I had two other close friend's that had long suffering ordeal's before their death's who also couldnt wait to die, who I spent their last day's being at their side, and having them beg me to help them die because it was too much of a burden to withstand the suffering ... so this all is VERY emotional for me.It is easy to say what you would do in a situation like this ... but unless you have laid side by side with, and stared death in the face ... it is not as easy as you may think to say you know what is the "right decision", and "moral decision" to do.

I am NOT suicidal ... I never even thought once in my life of suicide as an option or idea ... even when hospitalized bleeding internally and told I probably wouldnt make it after an accidental incident ... all I could think of in that bed is how bad I wanted to live. So I would NEVER advocate suicide. But I do feel that, that choice should be left to every individual to decide ... and be able to do it legally without being criminalized or called insane for deciding to choose this.

It is so strange how we will call a soldier who throw's themselves on a grenade to save another soldier a hero ... yet if that same soldier was close to death and wanted to choose to die, call them insane or immoral. Wouldnt you agree? ....

That's the Reality!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

SLAVERY 2009 .... a "taste" ... 21st Century Style ....

***** USA TODAY: Human trafficking a growing crime in U.S. ... (newsread ... I updated this piece with a later article)

This posting is inspired because of another myth that our society seem's to mostly believe ... that "slavery" no longer exist's. This is just one case of one person out of million's that fall prey to this ... and is much heavier in the USA than most people want to think ... or at least admit to. I am also inspired to post this as my familia ... some of who are also recent immigrant's, prepare for a familia get together today at my daughter's home in a nice lakefront community outside Dallas, where everyone in her neighborhood does well and lives the American dream, and never had to face this reality. Today we will be watching Cowboys football on big screen and stuffing our faces with turkey and a 10ft variety of food's to choose from, and enough drink's to get a football team smashed. But these slave's will be the choice of meat consumption today for other's across our Great Nation, along with drink's.

First place ... slavery has alway's existed ... and will continue to as long as our species is still in this primitive stage of it's evolution ... we are still all animal, which will change in generation's to come. This particular case was about a Ukrainian immigrant ... but I see it also all around Dallas with immigrant's from Asia and Latin America. And not just prostitution or exotic dancing ... even adult male's are commonly enslaved on "what they owe" to those who made their move here possible. Meaning having to work free hour's, and getting caught in the IOU cycle that is difficult to get out of for many. This Ukranian gal's fee appear's to be exotic dancing ... but any of us with half a brain know's what else come's with that, especially us guy's.

In some countries where it is done mostly with it's own people instead of immigrant's that are poor countries ... such as Thailand, other Asian or Latin American or African countries ... it isnt even kept secretive ... it's a way of life, basically ... you want your familia to eat ... you become a sex slave ... even in childhood year's. Even young boy's in Afghanistan for instance are dressed up as girl's and dance to entertain grown men ... and you know it goes further than just dancing ... regardless of how anti- homosexual these same men would boast of being. Here it's more secretive and behind closed door's ... because also ... it is an uncomfortable image ... and American's like to create a reality in their mind's of being the perfect society ... and liberated ... and denying the nature of human reality.

We dont no longer put folk's on slave ship's in shackle's and beat them to row across the ocean in the belly of the ship. We just now ... smile ... and say ... here's your choice ... you do this or starve to death ... a much "nicer" way to enslave folk's ... and more liberated and fashionable.

POST NOTE: This is not to slander prostitution at all, or exotic dancing. I as a early runaway teen was taken in off the street by a group of 4 prostitute's at a time to live with them, and work around the house for them to earn my stay ... I had learned alot from these gal's ... and much more than I would have from other people. They treated me like a son they never had. The difference is ... none of them were forced into the business ... it was their choice ... and they treated it like any other profession.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ZZ TOP (Tres Hombres de Tejas) "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers", "Just Got Paid" and "La Grange" ....

This band didnt get a lack of publicity ... but is posted because this IS a Texan's journal and Texas is not Texas without "ZZ Top" or simply them "Tres Hombre's de Tejas". Besides ... when it come's to blue's guitar ... they dont come more unique as that sound out of "Reverend Willy G" (guitarist Billy Gibbons ... and yes ... he actually is a minister) ... and believe me ... there is nothing like a ZZ Top Barbeque Party! These pieces are from the early 1970's, and some of my favourites of their early dayz, the first here called "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers". ZZ TOP is originally out of a little Texas town called Spring. ... Enjoy! ....

ZZ Top at Hard Rock Hollywood June 12, 2012- Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers ... Thanx to KEN ROTBERG

ZZ TOP Just got paid 2007 Live (Gilford, NH) ... Thanx to saskatchawan

ZZ TOP- La Grange live ver. ... Thanx to MYPK13



Credit Card Pinch ..."Last Call" to rob Ya'll ...PART 2 ..."BORROWER BEWARE" ...

This Part 2 is a follow up to the first posting Part 1, posted on Tuesday Oct.06,2009 and previous posting's related to the scam's that lender's will seek to advance on, due to the new regulation's that will come 2010, below, the PBS documentary "Card Game" that will show what to look for, which I would recommend to anyone.

***** The Card Game | Watch S28 E6 | FRONTLINE PBS ... (video)

The only reason I started posting this so long ago in this because one...I knew if this President got elected, one of the first thing's he was going to attack is lender's ... because when he was Senator...this was a big concern of his, and I was keeping an eye on Obama before he even attempted to announce candidacy for Presidential run ... because of his concern's. And two ...because I had to learn the hard way to get keen to this industries practice's and scam's back over 20 year's ago when I got caught in it's web in the 1980's.And also so many college student's in our nation are eaten alive by these companies without realizing what they are actually caught in until after they graduate. I am not out to knock lender's here, but just to act on behalf of simply consumer advocacy, and just to say ... BORROWER BEWARE is all. I mean ... where would most of us be without a little loan to help in those tough time's? But also understand ... that any of these businesses are in business for one make money ... not as a helping hand.

Now many American's will just be lazy to think or hesitant...and just bank on the fact that with these new regulation's and guideline's ... everything is cool now...and we have "protection". This is fine and great that we do get some protection...and is just "fair" ...after all...the American people have to live by more rule's and regulation's than any company or entity that control's the market's, so why not should they be regulated more strictly as well ...beside's...all these are looked at in today's reality as "elite" ... and they are nothing more than a bunch of college educated thug's actually. Lesson No#1 ...NEVER think you are "safe", and understand that any legislation that is imposed on them...anything that can be "made" can be "unmade" they WILL find backdoor's and loophole's to get around new regulatory law, (you cant be "safe" and "free" both in this point of history, and "thinking" like that will make you vulnerable) ...they simply have their attorney's and accountant expert's devise plan's... to still find one way or another to milk the borrower to the maximum it can is all. There is no such thing in today's reality as being "safe" from anything ... and never depend on government to protect you from everything... especially your own wrong action's and move's. Learn to stay a step ahead of them, as they do in staying a step ahead of you ...and you will win more than you lose.


Monday, November 23, 2009

JAMES BROWN ...get's on the "GOOD FOOT" ... and "Get's Up Offa That Thing" ...

James Brown with keytar

The 1960's was a time of alot of great music out of America and the UK as well. We all had idol's and favourite's in music as kid's. This is one of those artist's who stand's out to me in my childhood as far as inspiring my love of contemporary American music, Mr. James Brown ... an artist with such an intense sound, especially "live", but what a sound he produced "live" and the adrenaline rush of his show!

Mr.Brown also known as the "Godfather of Soul" well early on as the hardest working man in the industry ... passed away back in 2006 ... and lived a full solid life, even on the edge. He was a post Depression Era kid ... that was street smart and moved around alot ... and certainly knew how to move the "good foot" while entertaining. His music really energized me as a child and I love him to this day. Mr.Brown was born in Barnwell,SC. This music sector of this journal would not be without this man ... this is a couple  of my favourite song's as a kid ... Enjoy! ... **** additional "live" James Brown here

James Brown- Good Foot ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS

James Brown- Get Up Offa That Thing ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS


Image result for james brown concert poster   Image result for james brown art


GLOBAL WARMING PT. 3: ....Effect's on HUMAN species migration ....

***** MIGRATIONPOLICY.ORG:  Climate Change and Migration: Sorting through Complex Issues without the Hype ... (updated this with new link here)

I choose to call this "Global Warming" in this journal instead of the NEW title called "Climate Change" ...because I see no reason to change what the original title was.The title of this event was changed strictly for "political correctness" to pander to the whimpering masses in the world who want to BMB (bitch,moan bellyache) day and night from these two polarizing power's of our society,who do nothing but point finger's at each other to blame...and are more concerned with their theories and being either right or wrong than what is actually happening and trying to address it.


We been talking mostly about Greenland,Polar Ice Cap's,the Polar Bear's and such. And that's fine ...but there is not much talk in the media about human migration. This event ...could drastically change where and how human's live and migrate, which was clear as day even a few year's back, and were not just talking about Bolivia, it's not like once this get's into a higher gear it will just target small isolated area's of peasant villager's.No doubt that wherever human's migrate or move to, you can rest assured that they will bring their filthy lifestyle's along with them too. And no one will BMB too much until it hit's home...then they will act...because that is how our nature work's.We have it embedded in our brain's at this point of our evolution that we still are nature's little precious creature's ...God's personal little Teddy Bear's ...and nature and the universe including the eco system's are here to cater to us and our need's.

The fact is as I pointed out before ...we dont realize how lucky we are.Why? Because we are still here and able to thrust our carbon footprint knee deep in the ass of nature.We could be wiped out so quick by any simple a large asteroid smashing into the earth ...wiped out to where it may take million's of year's and another species to come to find out that we actually existed at a time...or just be forgotten altogether if we never were.Were special alright the manner that we are probably the most destructive and filthiest creature that this planet has ever seen.If there was such a title of "evil" to be credited to a life form, human's would be most deserving of it.If a sudden mass virus started to quickly mutate because of climatic change's for instance that wiped out half the human species would probably be a blessing to the planet as a whole.

I am not trying to sound cruel here ...and display "hate" for our species...after all...I am part of the same mess and just as filthy.But I am trying to point out how we should show a tad more respect to the planet ...not unless you/we have another one where we can quickly be transported to if we needed to.We are only a product of the controlling power's dictation's.We drive filthy burning fossil fuel transport vehicle's ...because that is what is manufactured in mass ...and sold to us to use.We dont focus nearly as much on alternative fuel's ...simply to please those power's to maintain their wealth and power.Dont blame it on "need for job's and a robust economy" ...that is BS talk ...any alternative fuel/energy investment's will create plenty of new job's as it grow's and change how we work ...and be a positive to the economy.This is also why I state over and again in this journal that this whole system need's to collapse because we have reached our max of this level...and it is time to move into the future and change everything for the next step of our evolution... and to show more respect for our planet ... something that is long overdue.

Probably the most nauseating part of all this "global warming" issue has been having to listen to both of the two controlling side's BMB about each other,point their finger's and find someone to call wrong, or to put blame on...and spend several year's argueing over this pointless rubbish. It doesnt really matter who's fault it is...nature doesnt give a rat's ass which of us is right or wrong, or what "party" we belong to. I am not close to being a scientist or educated enviromentalist for that matter...but I do also have to wonder with all we "extract" from the earth ...wont that have some kind of effect as well on the eco system's just by itself? We cant fix any already changed, or even damaged, with a quick remedy, and we will have to deal with what's to come ...but is that excuse to also not change our filthy way's? I am sure nature would be able to survive without us thrusting million's of ton's of trash into the atmoshere and water .. after all it did for million's of year's before us. And you can bet people are going to have to migrate and shift around quite a bit...because of all the flooding and additional dought area's as well...even in continental USA place's like Colorado for instance will effect those who depend on fresh run-off water from mountain's too.

Interesting enough ...I was watching a programme the other day on the tele, it was one of them political talk show's ... and they were laughing and cracking joke's on Al Gore when he stated that deep in the earth it may be million's of degree's. He simply made that statement in the heat of the moment while explaining something else, similar when someone claim's they have a zillion problem's to deal with.But this entire show was focused on that statement by Mr.Gore, and that alone was used to say that he is a crack pot and off on the deep end.Well ...I'm sure it was entertaining for many ... but what they are that this man is actually working ... unlike some ...who seem to be alien to that word...and do nothing much ...but show's such as those.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

MR. ROB HALFORD ... "Electric Eye" (live) ....

The music selection of this journal I want to mostly devote to the numerous talent's that are not reckonized enough in my opinion,with outstanding talent's ..I could post all day long the endless array of great musician's in the mainstream limelight that get honored daily ...which would be easy ...and they are great.But I want to point out those perhap's less publicized because of corporate decision's on signing to label's, and those who just love their work more than the limelight, and love more their art, than just trying to compete for stardom let's say at the dictation of corporate marketing.

One of those great vocalist's and songwriter's would have to be Mr.Rob Halford. Known as the "Metal God" ...with his former group "Judas Priest" who formed in the mid 1970's, to one of his most recent group's from the early 1990's named "Fight". Mr.Halford is most known for his Operatic Style almost 4 octave vocal range, which in the industry is unique. I could not begin to give the credit due to this man in a paragraph ...but I certainly know...I can NOT exclude his work from this journal. I am a big fan of his and have been for 30 year's, and he is still going strong in 2009 and 5 year's older than I am. I have seen them live as well...and a show that is breathtaking to say the least.Mr.Halford is originally from outside Birmingham,England (my grandpa's hometown actually)and relocated to outside Phoenix,AZ where he is simply a "rancher".

This piece (live) is called "Electric Eye" ...... Enjoy!



Friday, November 20, 2009

AFGHANISTAN ..."Funding and Stupidity" are NOT Compatible (PT.1) ....

I know throughout this journal I have whined more than my fair share about this, but didnt give much support on what I was trying to point out. This is a video where the former Afghan Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani ... openly admit's to what the reality is as far as the corruption in this nation, of course none of our deadwood representation is addressing this, or anybody looking at this with the least amount of common sense.

Afghanistan's Government Is A "Looting Machine"- Former Afghan Finance Minister To CNN's Amanpour ... Thanx to ashrafghaniaf

The level of which we have been brainwashed in our contemporary society is unmatched to anything I have seen in America's history ... not even the Russian's who are neighbor's with this country want's to get involved to the extent we are in this nonsense ... and they have much more at risk in this than us ... as far as pipelining petro is concerned through this region ... and this is what this is all about ... bank on it ... although you may not hear that from the media ... but that IS the reality here. And can you blame Russia for being reluctant to act more? ... or even any petro companies beside's "playing" sapling government's like our's? Of course you cant, why would you even get involved when you have sucker's like our country to go around the globe and kiss everyone's asses? And we cant blame this on our President ... you can solely blame this on our government for decade's who are worn out, over the hill, relic's, and corporate pocket puppet's, in all their thought's and idea's ... and in bad need of a retirement check and letting some fresh blood take over this mess with practical approaches and idea's.

And get this ... we are also currently spending million's to rip out the opium crop's ... and going to spend million's more for these folk's to re-crop with agriculture to go into the world market to make money. Why not just use them crop's to feed themselves and screw the world market? Why even funding the destruction of opium plantation's/ farm's?, half the opiate's are intercepted as it is ... by Iran, and Iran currently has probably the largest stash of uncut opium in the world ... you know damn well if you have half a brain that Iran is pushing this product on the black market to get into the west ... even if the media or anyone doesnt tell you. This goes to show you the depth of the corruption on a global level, and in particular these region's of the world ... they make western corruption in place's like Mexico look like Girl Scout activities. And did you ever look at half these village's and peoples and their standard of living ... their education level ... their superstition's and clinging to these radical religious cult's and terror group's? Are we stupid enough to even slightly believe that any change we bring to these region's like such would be significant? Dont a person become stronger and more independent and free when they do for themselves? How can anyone learn to prosper and be strong and independent ... when they havent learned how to take care of themselves and mold their own destiny and future? Did America become the GREAT NATION it is on the back's and funding of foreign government's? Absolutely not ... and that is exactly how we became so strong and world leader's.

This isnt solely about Afghanistan ... I have posted before how we are looked at globally as "sucker's" ... and the biggest sucker's at that in the world. We are played relentlessly like a day old "mark" these day's ... and they know we will eat right from their hand while we empty our pocket's to these nation's ... and it's all done for business and cheap labour ... nothing else. Anyone who think's that this is about freeing peoples from evil clenches are so lost on the reality of the world it is almost unbelievable. Or that we will be safer ... or that we will be loved ... or that these folk's will overnight become like us and not look at us as simply occupier's and a free lunch ... or any other nonsensical thing's we have been embedded with psychologically to believe. People become stronger and more independent when they do for themselves ... if they fail ... then they just fail and stay the same in the same rut. If they move forward and achieve on their own ... they cherish their act's and become more appreciative of their accomplishment's and enjoy more the reward's of their success.

Trust me ... if we dont see this now ... we will in time see the nonsense that we tolerate and how many lives we lost of our finest in the longrun over these folk's who cant possibly right now or anytime soon do much of anything to insure our safety or even their own for that matter. This is not funding and assistance, as much as it is simply pure stupidity to be honest. And YES I am alway's concerned with these region's ... but there are different way's to deal with issue's, we have became accustomed to doing everything one way, the "old fashioned" way, with the same folk's making the same decision's decade after decade until they just get old and die off ... which is the only blessing we get sometime's since they are reluctant to retire and we just keep supporting these people instead of giving them a pink slip and getting rid of them.

POST NOTE: It's most incredible to hear some of our representative's call these terrorist's coward's ... I mean ... look who's talking. I dont think I need to point out here to anyone with half a brain who can think for themselves who the coward's are here.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

SID VICIOUS ... does ..."MY WAY" .... and SEX PISTOLS ... "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" (Live) ...

Image result for SID VICIOUS sex pistols on stage

One that I cant avoid for this journal, and most deserving would be Sid Vicious also known as John Simon Ritchie ...former vocalist/ bassist for the music group "Sex Pistols". One of the great's of 20th century entertainer's.The title of the song "My Way" originally done by another legend Frank Sinatra ... was most fitting to describe Sid's life. Even though some look at his life and death as tragic perhaps ... understand that Sid done thing's his way ...and created his own reality and destiny and his death as well ...he done "what" he wanted ...which makes this piece so appropriate. One of my favourite entertainers who will alwayz be with me in spirit! Enjoy .....

The Sex Pistols- My Way ... Thanx to HOPELSFUTILE

And another piece here as one of my favourites of the group doing "God save the Queen" .... Thanx to F@1$0F!10$0F0


 Related image  Related image


"GLOBAL GOLD RUSH" ( PART 1) ... Hold your "GOLD" ... regardless of what your Told ....

America is a country of enormous wealth, and has alot for the taking ... especially the people. Now you may think that you dont have much and live a modest working class or middle class life, but you have more than many around the globe may have. An important possession to have in time's such as now ... which is only going to get tighter than what we seen in 2009 ... regardless of what your fed as far as the recession is over or other pop culture talk ... is your "gold". All across America, if you noticed recently are place's advertising to help you through these time's ... by giving you cash for your gold. Despite the variety of place's with various name's you see doing this ... it IS ALL orchestrated by only a handful of people behind the scene's ... and an attempt to buy up just about all the gold they can ... the more they can buy the better. They even say now that they will give percentage bonuses, like an extra 10% for every hundred dollar's worth you sell ... DO NOT BUY THIS. Your gold, and even silver is one of your most valuable asset's.

Understand that the dollar goes up and down like a yo- yo, and in a year from now say ... wont barely be worth the paper it's printed on ... why do you think China is so concerned? Because they have a crapload of American dollar's ... and we owe them over $800 billion as well ... their not dummies ... and neither should we be. They know they may be taken for a "ride" on this one. Our global economic's in the next decade is going to go through change's like we never seen in our lifetime ... and our standard's of living are going to change quite a bit as well ... especially in America ... this is all part of a long waited transition that need's to come about ... without it ... you will never get actual change ... understand, that nothing worth while working for come's easy ... never did ... never will. Our paper currency mean's more only to them who control it and manufacture it ... not the people. These folk's buying up all the gold they can already know what I am talking least they sense it, and whenever you have desperate people ... you have "game" to push. The more gold they can buy up ... the more control they have on it's worth/ value and over our live's even more ... because the worthless crap product's that we produce ... then consume ... to keep us all with food in our bellies ... is nothing compared to those more rare element's and metal's that are out there ... and it is truely something that you can spend in any country on the globe ... in any culture ... without no horseshit about the price of the dollar today verses the pound, euro, yen, etc.

In all our working class communites, especially first amongst latino's you have massive amount's of gold ... then African American's would come in second place (percentage wise) and then Anglo's, then Asian's. Latino's have their toddler's and kid's wearing alot of gold necklace's, such as crosses and other religious amulet's (to bring luck/ prosperity and ward off harm/ evil) ... if in tough time's you can get million's of these folk's to swap their gold for cash and just buy cheaper metal's to replace them, which would spread like a virus ... you are talking about billion's of dollar's. Those who are behind this ... also are working in all the free countries of the world ... in an attempt to get as much of the gold they can and they just melt it down into solid bar's. 10 year's ago you could get say ... $350 to $400 per ounce you sold ... understand that today you may get $900 for that same weight ... and that is only a decade (not sure what today's market rate this is a wild guess estimate but close). The more of these valuable metal's they get ... the more difficult this economic's transition will be on all the people's ... the only one's who are telling you the recession is over ... are those who make these prediction's and assessment's for a living or hobby ... and those at the top this only applies to ... the "have's" ... not the "have-not's" ... the only one's to feel the financial realities to come will be the people ... regardless of what you are fed to believe. And the less free the free market become's.

So ... why is this important, and why should you give a rat's ass if you need quick cash? Because ... if you think time's are tough now ... you havent seen nothing yet ... believe me. There will be a complete global change and the G-20 will orchestrate it ... and the market's and scammer's, speculator's, will all scramble to make sure they dont lose and only figure out how to obtain more wealth and more slave's. Then you will see ... new department's nationally and globally form to regulate more of what has been going on with all this corruption and outright thievery ... which will make them more desperate and cunning trying to get around new law's and investigation's. But understand that those in power who have the most are the one's also that "write" all the legislation ... this will also change over time ... and it may take time ... but eventually you will see a much more level playing field for all. It will be painful ... but the pay- off will be worth it. ANY valuable's you have such as gold in the meantime ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... are worth their weight in "gold". If you need to sell or pawn possession's ... sell the worthless crap they sold you and had you produce as well over the year's ... like those electronic's that become outdated and obsolete every year and replaced by the new and improved model/ version. Let them buy that crap ... not your truely valuable asset's ... you will WIN in the longrun!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DALLAS' ..."REUNION ARENA" ... Demolition ...A Farewell ...

Image result for dallas reunion arena

Dallas Reunion Arena (wikipedia)

This posting is simply memorabilia. It was sad to see it come down for me ... I couldnt even count to you how many events and concerts I have attended in this arena over a twenty year span ... and the memories touch my heart sincerely.As one can see they removed the inside and walls of arena itself first, and left the roof standing alone for this demolition, for environmental reason's and recycling. However this is the cost of progress ... and it, like Texas Stadium (Dallas Cowboys home for a half century) ... which will be next as you can see, is prime real estate. Awwwh ... what great memories of this place ... Farewell ....

Reunion Arena Dallas Demolition ... Thanx to ELITE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS


End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" (PT.1)

***** CNN: The internet and the 'end of privacy' ... (newsread)

RCJ: End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.2) posted 29 December 2011

First of all ... understand that nothing in the public is private ... and this is not the government's fault or Big Brother spying on you in a conspiracy ... this is America, not communist China ... and Big Brother could give a rat's ass less most of the time about most of us to begin with or what we say, or who we have sex with, or the other pop culture nonsense of mainstream thought that so many are concerned with. This is part of being free and it's price is all ... each individual must learn to "think" for themselves instead of asking your church, government or corporation to think for you. Thinking you can do all this and that in cyberspace, especially when you conduct business and private financial transaction's and not be possibly seen or may be a target for those who would capitalize off whatever you have to give up is silly thinking.In a sense, we are all sitting "mark's" for a scam/ bite. Also if you "work" for a living in the employment sector of mainstream America ... everybody is going to do check's on you, not just criminal these day's ... but credit history. Why? Why not? ... the employer's today can get to choose from the cream of the crop and bargain for bargain basement low wages ... because we still kiss up to their nonsense ... by populating like dumbasses ... and letting them do whatever they want, and thinking like they want us to think and do.

I myself work for myself ... so I am not looked at since basically I dont exist. I dont do ANY transaction's financially online, buy online or give credit info or the like's online. You have something to sell me ... that I want to buy ... I will send you a cashier's check, international money order, or whatever other way I can. I have had people that told me they dont do that ... so what did I do? ... well, I cranked my brain up and found someone that will do it because they want my money ... again ... supply will alway's meet demand. I dont use my cell phone to take pictures and send pictures of my intimate leisure around through cyberspace ... not because I give a rat's ass if anybody found out ... but just because, Why? who give's a rat's ass what I do in my leisure time sexually or otherwise. Nor would I want a girlfriend to "sext" me a nude photo of her ... again, Why? What would be the purpose? To wank with one hand and hold my cell in the other? Pleeeease. A day will come to where we will have to do almost all this in cyberspace ... but until that time come's ... I will do as I please ... and everyone should "think" before they "do".

I have seen my life as an open book ... and left it to where I really dont care what anybody find's out about me one way or another. Why? Why should I? Unless it put's money in my pocket or food in my belly or make's my life better ... other than that ... I really dont care. So dont think that our "privacy" is being taken away and that you are a victim, if you want to have peace of mind ... you alone are mostly responsible for making your information widely available. And do yourself a favour, and dont expect government to do it for you and waste their time on petty nonsense.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MACKINLAY'S RARE OLD HIGHLAND MALT WHISKY ... an expedition well worth the work! ... (I'LL DRINK TO THAT PT.1)

I rarely get around to drinking these day's ...but this is one I would stand in line in anticipation for! :)

***** TORONTO STAR: Crate of whisky opened after 100 years buried in Antarctica ... (newsread)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 4: .... DONT ASK, DONT TELL ... Capitalism Hill Style ... Just show us DA MONEY Rick!! ...

I just had to post this quickie here in this journal for memorabilia sake, after getting a good laugh out of it. This is a look at our heroes in action ...and show's the "LOVE" behind the scene's that is shared. Understand now ... that this is done all out of the commitment of our insurance industry and affiliate's,and our political representative's .. to save and reform health care for ALL American's ... to show their love for us...and patriotism for America ...God Bless them ALL and God Bless America! And special thanx to them patriotic teabagger's who stand in the weather element's to support those who love us so dearly! :)

cnn rick sanchez w bernie sanders on lobbyist in the health care debate.flv ... Thanx to THECORRUPTORG



I have a unique collection as well of some of the earliest experimental industrial music from the late 1970's/early 1980's ...and when I first heard these guy's a couple year's ago reminded me of some of the great old school industrial in a way. So I figured to look to YouTube to see what I could find video-wise.These two piece's are live March 13,2009 in Providence(RI) ... Enjoy!

Boston Typewriter Orchestra ... Thanx to Alex DiVincenzo



A posting to honour Veterans Day ...and HELL YES ...HAPPINESS!! Veteran's all over our great nation and abroad can stand tall today and be reckonized for their service's to their families,communities,our country ...and our allies, and in representation to their comrade's who have fallen and given the ultimate sacrifice for the shared cause.Where in Hell would we be without these guy's and gal's?!!!

American's and our veteran's will celebrate today coast to coast ...from the smallest town's to the largest cities..and all those who are alive this moment that are veteran's can certainly appreciate what they have done...even more from their experience's in these battle's...and witnessing first hand from being in these foreign land's that are less fortunate, how well worth their effort's were and how great it is to be living here at home in America! Congratulation's to ya'll for a job well done! Grab a beer and a bite and lay back and enjoy for a day.

I also hope still to see more effort's from our representation in Washington ... as I have posted in the past like a broken record ... to assure our veteran's a little more than just lip service support and make sure that an end is put to this nonsense of seeing figure's such as in Los Angeles of the thousand's of homeless vet's that line the street's ... THIS!! ... IS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!! I will say it again ... THERE IS NO REASON THAT ONE VETERAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD!!

There should be no excuse for this homelessness of veteran's or ANY lack of needed assistance! And dont give us this BS about cost's, budget's or other crap!! Cost my goddamn ass! Half you overpaid stuffed suited SOB's dont even earn your paycheck as far as I'm concerned.I dont care how ya'll do it ...get the goddamn job done! ...our veteran's certainly done their job's! Could you imagine what the hundred's of million's it probably cost to crash that rocket into the lunar surface a week or so ago to see if there was ever water there, or still is, could have done being spent on our veteran's instead or a number of other project's that are a waste of money in my opinion? I dont see any damn scientific victory if there was water on the moon or not(and yes, I've read the reason's), and I am VERY pro-science/ space/ NASA funding as well. Water on the moon!! Geeeez .. sometime's I think there's water filling ya'll's brain's!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

MR.STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN ...does his Texas Flood ...

There is not a snowball's chance in Hell of starting off my series of music piece's without having Mr.Stevie Ray Vaughan there. Stevie Ray has to be one of the most influential Blues artist's guess is that even BB King and Bobby Blue Bland would agree with that!Born and raised in Dallas' OC (Oak Cliff section) made it also easy for me to be able to attend his show's over the year's.He died in an air crash around 1990 ... I had the opportunity to see one of his last show's just about a few week's before his fatal end ... RIP. His style of blues on guitar and his fitting vocal's is a trademark in the industry and about as down and dirty as it get's. ... Enjoy!

Stevie Ray Vaughan- Texas Flood- Live At Montreux85 ... Thanx to PIOTER LOTER


Friday, November 6, 2009


This is a Memorial Post honor those soldier's who died on base yesterday at Fort Hood. And condolences to the families and friend's of those who died ... from the heart of Texas.

Fort Hood is not just a base ... but a small city of it's own ...of around 52,000 soldier's and their families.It is a proud Texas Community and proud to serve the peoples of our great nation ... and have done so for many year's.

The video below is a view of life for a soldier in a day at home in Fort Hood ....

US ARMY- Ft.Hood Texas "a day in the life" ... Thanx to JAH JAH


Thursday, November 5, 2009

POLITICS OF PRO-POLLUTION (PT.1) .... What is the Point? ....

This video is presented by journalist/ reporter John Stossel, who is kind of known for his investigative reporting. I wanted to post this to show just a fraction of all the media that is out there on this "Global Warming Hoax" movement ... and has especially been going after Al Gore the last couple year's. What we are seeing of course is "politic's as usual" only. So I call this ... The Politic's of Pro- Pollution". They accuse the global warming theory advocate's here of instilling fear into children and such. This is another reason why I have alway's pointed out how we use children as a commodity and show no respect to them.

Global Warming Theory DESTROYED By  20/ 20's John Stossel ... Thanx to JEDIWITNESS

Now of course my question is ..."What is the point here?". The only point in any of this could only be ... to make sure we have no one interfering with our filthy habit's and excessive greed. This dont have a goddamn thing to do with saving the children from brainwashing ... we as adult's always use that crap ... and use children as a commodity for the most part of our society on every level as well.

We have folk's here wanting to sue each other over their theories? All the arguement's whether the earth is getting warmer or cooler over the decade's and centuries ... and all our effort's and energy we spend on pointing finger's at who's right and who's wrong. I can assure you ... that nature dont give a rat's ass about our petty primitive indifferences ... nor give's a rat's ass about the human species for that matter ... it evolve's and act's ... there is no politic's to it, no good and evil, no left nor right.

My bottom line question is ... what is the purpose to continue to throw million's of ton's of pollution into our land, air, and sea's daily? I actually would like to hear any of these theorist's answer that. I never hear any of them even discuss that. Even if we didnt have global warming or cooling ... is there a reason besides politic's and money to keep trashing the planet? Can the earth survive without our filth and disregard? Will we be doomed if we just happen to find a more efficient and cleaner way of doing business and supply of energy? Isnt that just basic common sense and actual progress?

The bottom line is ... we are a filthy destructive species ... and as far from nature as you can get ... we believe we are special ... nature's little chosen lovebug's ... who can do any damn thing they want ... and suffer no consequences for our action's. That is the real INSANITY. Like it or not ... our future will look at our past mistake's and look for way's to clean up the mess we made ... we have a habit of leaving alway's a mess on every level for the next generation's to have to deal with. There is nothing awful with these children who think that we need to clean up the enviroment ... what is awful is us.

That's the REALITY ....


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AL GORE ... Give him 23 minutes of your attention ... it's well worth it ....

Even though this video is over 32 minutes ... you need to only see the first 23 minutes to absorb the important issue here. Set aside politic's for a moment, and take a look at what this man ... has been busting his ass on doing. You can call it "climate change" ... you can call it "global warming" ... you can argue all day about who or what caused it ... but the bottom line is ... it's here to stay and we WILL have to deal with it ... you can bank on that part! Just give him 23 minute's of your atencion ... he deserve's that much.Beside's that ... this man has some great economic's tip's as well, where we can utilize the market instead of fearing the market's and building America to a stronger point as well, all by dealing with this pollution problem in the same process. All the tool's are already here!

@katiecouric: Al Gore ... Thanx to KATIE COURIC


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN ... and his "Far Beyond the Sun" ....

Part of my music series I will be posting here ... would not be enriched without the talent of this gentleman ... Yngwie Malmsteen out of Stockholm, Sweden. I have followed his work and mastery of guitar and composition for years. He is one of my all time favourite composer's and guitarist's, who I have enjoyed live as well! Enjoy ....

Far Beyond The Sun- Yngwie Malmsteen ... Thanx to ROCKGODPATRICK


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Johnny "Man in Black" Cash ... and why he just hates the name Sue ...

Of course ... the "Man in Black" is a legend ... not just in Country either ... and a lyricist and American poet as far as I'm concerned ... I love Johnny Cash, and just happened to find one of my favourites of his playing "A Boy Named Sue" on YouTube ... The one and only Johnny Cash!

Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue (Live in Denmark) ... Thanx to JOHNNY CASH VEVO


Monday, November 2, 2009

DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.1): "Let's Not Chat About Despair" ....

I have decided to post some of my favourite artist's as far as music is concerned recently ... and one that I must post here at the beginning would have to be Ms. Diamanda Galas ... one of my favourite live performer's ... who is not only a composer but vocalist of Jazz as well as Opera ... and a fine pianist as well, who has brought warmth and content to my mind/ soul and heart over the many year's with her art and beauty ....

Diamanda Galas- Let's Not Chat About Despair ... Thanx to SIREN OF THE SEAS


7 year old Utah boy ...steal's car and run's to avoid going to church? ...

This is indeed quite unusual. I have heard of kid's pulling many stunt's like tummy ache's or such to avoid the sermon's of the week across our great land, but stealing a car and taking officer's on a high speed chase...then running in panic from the authorities even on very desperate.One could assume many thing's ... for one ...who was the Minister? Or perhap's could the kid just have realized that there wasnt no Vaseline left in the medicine cabinet...and mom and pop because of the economic crisis couldnt afford any?(just kidding)However ... it does bring alot of question's to mind. Check out this getaway...and GOD BLESS AMERICA!! :)

Steal car, avoid Church ... Thanx to OHIORANDOM


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mr.Mark Griffin (MC900FT JESUS) ...Too Bad (your gonna die now) .... (PT.2)

I wanted to post another song of Mark's here which was his initial motivation for creating his stage title as "MC 900FT JESUS" ... which was I believe around 1988/1989 (I first met Mark had to be around 1980? when he played in a local rock band here in Dallas, and when he was a store clerk at VVV Records) ... but if I'm correct here ... I would say it was 1987 when Oral Roberts (Evangelical Minister and Founder of Oral Roberts University up in Oklahoma) said that this 900FT tall Jesus visited him ... and told him ... if he didnt raise some $8 million dollar's or so by a certain time frame of just several month's ... Jesus was coming back to take him away ... death. It's been quite a few year's since Mark mentioned the story ... so I may have missed a piece or so. But this song is about Jesus coming back to take the Minister to a visit with the Grim Reaper. The gentleman on the left in this video photo is Pat Rollins "DJ ZERO", who does mixing and turntables for the music ... Mark of course is 900FT JESUS ... and obvious from his picture here, enjoy. : )

MC 900ft Jesus Too Bad ... Thanx to MAKAUK



Kami Baker of Richland High School ...Is there racial tension here? ....

First of all I understand that this video clip is about how the security at this school isnt supplied equally because they feel since it is a minority school .. the cost's or fair distribution or employment of such has been denied ... or let's just say "inadequate" for those who are too sensitive to such blunt description's in our oversensitive PC society, which is a problem all over the nation ... especially in even your "liberated" cities that constantly talk how diverse they are ... and "fair". But I sense more to this.

***** SFist: Richland High School sexual assault news link's  ... I added this on tuesday 22 october 2013 for updated reference on where this case went

Friend of Richmond High gang rape victim blasts  school officials says whites are minority Flock ... Thanx to REPUBLICAN RJL

After watching this video of Kami Baker speaking out on the security of Richland High School ... I cant help to sense that there is some race tension here, at least to a degree. I am sure that I am not the only one who senses that ... I mean ... this girl is pretty shook up ... and I can understand from the brutal experience that her friend fell victim to. I mean ... from what I have read ... this girl was not only raped ... but near death in critical condition when she was air lifted to the hospital, which tell's me it must have been severe as far as physical assault, even foreign object's not specified used on the girl sexually. From what I read ... possibly "murder" was acceptable to these young men as well ... because according to report's ... if this didnt get broken up when it did ... this girl may have well been a corpse instead of a living testimony.

I understand when you have a rape victim that is a minor ... it is kept quiet as to any information on the victim ... because of age. But for over an hour I have been all over info on this girl online ... or just anything about her ... or even her familia, I havent found one bit of info on her ... or even her race for that matter. This is about as tight lipped a case that I have seen... and it seem's as well...that even popular media has avoided some question's and answer's like the plague on this. After hearing Ms. Baker I wonder if the victim of this offense was white? Does "race" play an issue? Well ... it absolutely does ... I mean ... let's say if the victim was of color ... and the suspected assailant's were white ... well ... every network would be talking about this endlessly ... especially the left/ liberal slanted media ... yelling "racism" ... "nazi men raping women of color" or what have you ... you get the picture. Also ... if this is a white victim ... and the suspect's are mostly of color ... should this qualify as a "hate crime"? ... in my opinion absolutely. Or can only "hate crime's" be charged to white heterosexual male's? My point is ... to be truely racially unbiased  ... you must be "true" and "honest" ... or else ... you are not for real ... but only a cowardly phoney with a mouth and no spine or courage ... something that our society is saturated with.

But I have no idea what the race of the girl is ... for all I know she could be black ... after all ... it is a minority majority school. But I just felt as if there was some racial tension here after listening to Ms.Baker ... not saying she is a racist ... but rather that she feel's she may be a victim of racism is all. No ... no one I can find on the internet is talking a peep about Ms.Baker's statement, or any of this for that matter ... and as you can see ... when CNN grabbed her testimony ... they labeled it as strictly talking about security ... again no mention of her race remark. I feel if she was a girl of color ... every network and liberal blogger coast to coast would have a mouthful to say and rant about it ... is this not true? And dont think for a moment that I am defending conservative media/ blogger's ... they are some of the biggest sniveling pussies of the 21st century ... and play race in everything or else gender. Hell they will choose candidate's strictly on race or gender more than the liberal's.

Also ... this is America ... and all these suspect's ARE INNOCENT until proven to have knowingly and willingly committed any offenses. However ... if any of these men are found guilty ... dont start sniveling about their background and being too young to know and all the other crap. And if they are truely men with any spine or dignity at all ... they will if found guilty ... not whine like a pussy during their pre- sentencing arguement's like coward's ... but stand and face the consequence's of their action's without begging a court or jury for mercy. When you participate in sexually assaulting and beating the crap out of some young girl probably physically smaller than you are ... and do this for over 2 hour's ... you know exactly what you are doing. There should be NO MERCY ... the victim had none.

That's the REALITY!!

POST NOTE: No ... I have not checked YouTube yet on this ... I usually just go to YouTube for entertainment. But I have checked much of the mainstream news and other media. After all ... this is a mainstream issue ... is it not?