Monday, November 23, 2009

JAMES BROWN ...get's on the "GOOD FOOT" ... and "Get's Up Offa That Thing" ...

James Brown with keytar

The 1960's was a time of alot of great music out of America and the UK as well. We all had idol's and favourite's in music as kid's. This is one of those artist's who stand's out to me in my childhood as far as inspiring my love of contemporary American music, Mr. James Brown ... an artist with such an intense sound, especially "live", but what a sound he produced "live" and the adrenaline rush of his show!

Mr.Brown also known as the "Godfather of Soul" well early on as the hardest working man in the industry ... passed away back in 2006 ... and lived a full solid life, even on the edge. He was a post Depression Era kid ... that was street smart and moved around alot ... and certainly knew how to move the "good foot" while entertaining. His music really energized me as a child and I love him to this day. Mr.Brown was born in Barnwell,SC. This music sector of this journal would not be without this man ... this is a couple  of my favourite song's as a kid ... Enjoy! ... **** additional "live" James Brown here

James Brown- Good Foot ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS

James Brown- Get Up Offa That Thing ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS


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