Monday, November 30, 2009

Pulling the Plug on Granny? ... dont worry ....Granny herself couldnt even pull it!! ...

I am posting this video because of all the "talk" about euthanasia death panel's we seen out of health care reform opponent's over this last several month's such as from this "Teabag" movement cult that has been sweeping America. In past posting's on euthanasian death panel's, I said that the idea that we would do this is so ridiculous, we are so far from any mindset of such,the leftee's or the rightee's would never do such a thing. And the other important factor is because of money, as this video will clearly show how valuable it is to keep even those who are just about dead ... alive. My guess is that if anyone tried to even remotely advocate euthanasia at this point of our evolution ... not just the right and left would oppose it strongly, but even health care provider's and drug companies and every other sector of the medical industry would throw billion's in to stop it, there is a fortune to be made off keeping near corpses alive.

End Of Life Debate ... Thanx to CBS

However ... sooner or later we may have to address this issue. As it stand's right now, even if you wanted to end your own life ... you do not legally have that right ... in the State of Oregon you have a right to death with dignity, but even that is carefully regulated as what justifies it and who can assist and other factor's. The mainstream public's view on this is also that ending your life is a crime and immoral and is forbidden, and it is also not very common for any animal to be suicidal anyway's.

It's a difficult subject for me to write about ... my mother who had an infection travel into her bloodstream and organ's that made her flesh and inside's slowly deteriorate, got to the point on her final death bed where she wanted to die, even asked me to help her, the suffering was so bad ... the experience for me had me in tear's and one that I will never forget. The hospital said she was delusional ... not in her right mind ... and force fed her more drug's and done more test's and test's on her and kept her going and suffering as long as they could ... which was by our societies standard's ... the "moral" or "right" thing to do. And of course after her force fed torture and death ... my father was sent his end of the billing which was close to $200,000. My mom died not of being old ...she never got old. I had two other close friend's that had long suffering ordeal's before their death's who also couldnt wait to die, who I spent their last day's being at their side, and having them beg me to help them die because it was too much of a burden to withstand the suffering ... so this all is VERY emotional for me.It is easy to say what you would do in a situation like this ... but unless you have laid side by side with, and stared death in the face ... it is not as easy as you may think to say you know what is the "right decision", and "moral decision" to do.

I am NOT suicidal ... I never even thought once in my life of suicide as an option or idea ... even when hospitalized bleeding internally and told I probably wouldnt make it after an accidental incident ... all I could think of in that bed is how bad I wanted to live. So I would NEVER advocate suicide. But I do feel that, that choice should be left to every individual to decide ... and be able to do it legally without being criminalized or called insane for deciding to choose this.

It is so strange how we will call a soldier who throw's themselves on a grenade to save another soldier a hero ... yet if that same soldier was close to death and wanted to choose to die, call them insane or immoral. Wouldnt you agree? ....

That's the Reality!



Rita said...


Back in the late 70's I went down to Texas with my older sister. I was a teenager & she was over 21. She had mental problems & tried to commit suicide while we were there. That's when I found out that committing suicide was illegal. She was told to commit herself to a psychiatric ward or go to jail. I thought it ironic that killing yourself was illegal.
Now the system is supposed to make allowances for a persons rights with what is called living will. It is a legal document in most states. The basic idea being to preserve personal control giving you a choice to be kept alive or not in some circumstances. Basically you sign a document stating that you don't want to be on life support or sustained by artificial means. I've know a few elderly people that have had them. Their wishes were honored when it came time for them to die. Although not perfect, it is a step in the right direction.

As far as "all the "talk" about euthanasia death panel's we've seen out of health care reform opponent's over this last several month's..." I agree it most likely would never happen in this country at this point in time. There are a few nuts that really believe it would happen. The rest is just mass hysteria & cult behavior whipped up by a few leaders who don't really believe it themselves. As soon as a decision is made in Health Care reform, all this will fade away.

The video was very compelling & I feel so sorry for people stuck in those horrible situations. If there is a fate worse then death, it is surely to be kept alive in some of these circumstances.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Ms.Rita! Good to hear from you and hope that you had a decent Thanksgiving holiday!

I am sorry about your experience, and have to say it almost sounded humorous as I was reading such part's ...on wanting to commit suicide or the thought, because it made me think ...Of coarse the ole gal would think of suicide ...being a teenager and ending up in a place like Amarillo Texas would make me consider suicide! Then when you said how ironic it is that suicide is illegal ... because I alway's have tought myself would they "convict" you? But no ... I understand dear that this is no funny matter ... I have to try to take thing's light because when I picture my mom's decaying body and two of my friend's who were also NOT old ...I actually come to tear's it still haunt's me to this day(this video was mild compared to what I had to witness).I just cant seem to erase it I reckon.But I think you plainly see what this is about ...and also I think we agree on a couple point's as well. To be frank Ms.Rita ... I dont know what I would think if I was in a situation like these folk's I said, I was at death's door before..and all I could think of was living, but also I was young too.

Thanx for your input and stopping by Ms.Rita ...have a good un! :)