Friday, January 29, 2010

GOVERNMENT ASSISTED HEALTH CARE: A conversation and opinion from my daughter on the subject .....

What inspire's this posting is a few thing's. First I was on the INFIDEL753 blog sight this morning reading a post on "California's Health Reform Plan" ... a blog that I visit daily that I been reading his stuff for long, because he dig's into so many non mainstream area's, as well as important mainstream issue's, digging up all kind's of info on a wide range of topic's. Then also because for several month's I been ranting throughout this journal and out and about around town with folk's of the Health Care Reform and the proposed Public Option. Yet my posting's on this is somewhat limited ... in other word's ... I write about the scam's and angle's of making a buck, and folk's that been dumped for pre-existing condition's and so forth, but I dont know for instance or had experience much with using these plan's or being dumped myself.I have never used any government assistance and/ or service's other than service's like the library, post office, etc. .... and all my life I have had insurance plan's I bought and only used a couple time's at that, and cant even recall the last time I wasnt insured to be honest. Also because of some early AM breakfast chat I was having with my daughter this morning over these above issue's. My daughter has a decent paying career and benefit's package as far as insurance, salary/ bonuses, etc. But the topic was on these state assisted health care programme's for kid's and the above topic's, which also INFIDEL753 informed me that several state's have assistance health programme's for poor and children. Such as the Dallas/ Fort Worth area's PCHP ( Parkland Community Health Care Plan, Inc ) and CHIP ( Children's Health Insurance Programme ).

My daughter never had to use these service's, and as a child I alway's had decent insurance for her, however when I brought up the CHIP Programme for instance this morning and the PCHP Programme ... she asked me .... " ...have you ever been in a CHIP clinic? ...." ... my response was "No" .... she doesnt have kid's and is single ... but had visited the clinic close to home here on business ... so she enlightened me. She told me that children in this clinic have to wait 6-7 hour's to see a doctor, that the doctor's spend more like 5 minute's or so with the kid, and are paid on how many they can push through per day ... perhap's like a commission? She also told me that the condition's are not very good, and that the place is dirty, and so crowded there is hardly no room in the wait area and such ... not a very nice picture she painted.

She also brought up that she wouldnt buy a Public Option to save a few buck's if one was even offered and dont care whether they pass one or not, much (she is a voting democrat I may add). I asked her to elaborate some .... what she told me basically was that she was for a nationalized across the board universal health care plan ( I am as well having spent time in both Canada and England and having familia as well in their health care industries ), similar to some EU countries or Canada ... where everyone pay's into it for instance. She said her doctor for instance spend's time with her, and treat's her like a person instead of just another one to get through such as one of these programme's she seen .... and at least with a full nationalized plan ... it would include everyone ... not just the poor, and be better than what they can offer with this partial plan. And ... it's make's a little sense to me .... after all ... I myself never needed the PO and just ranted about it so much, strictly because I looked at it as a plan for about 40-50 million or so that will be charged and forced by law to buy inferior service's at premium price's, and I knew damn well, mathematically speaking that this partial PO wont break major insurer's as they cry will, but make them compete, which they dont have to do now. And because I didnt want some unregulated private sector company providing these service's, because they are strictly about profit's and not care for people ... I seen they wanted no public option basically as I previously posted strictly to get those 10's of million's of people to be forced by law to give them premium payment's ... and to put these poor working classes on prescription drug's that will be mostly experimental and imposed as a must buy, by policy regulation's that they will also write and legislate, and I still believe that. But that's just me ... and how I see a scam. Knowing these scam's and such saved my ass many time's in life I may add.

I just was against what I seen these companies up to ... and rather see the government set up a plan for folk's ... because frankly, I trust our government oversight far more than I do these corporate giant's ... and have damn good reason to, as you can see in any of my posting's throughout this journal. So alot of my support for public option has been more of an opposition to major corporate giant's in this, because I know what their angle's and motive's are any time we ask our government for "something". These folk's basically take what we "ask" for and figure out a way to twist it into some way for them to rake in a fortune ... for example the "401K" scam and other's. All plan's are designed to make money for high rolling offshore investor's to play and capitalize off of ... not to give much of anything but a couple dog biscuit's and bone's tossed to us every so often, to keep us in a passive state of mind. Not much different than today's so called stock market for instance, as far as what's offered to us small investor's, which insider tip off's are accessible to all the top dawg's and played, even though for us it's illegal. The one's who capitalize most off our dollar's in other word's are everyone at the top other than us, if that make's any sense. My motto has alway's been basically "Fuck them before they Fuck me" ... it has been a way of survival for me and many other's at the bottom.

Just my opinion and a point from my daughter .... Enough said.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

MARILYN MANSON: "The Beautiful People" (dedicate to our loved ones on Capitalism Hill }: )

Since the last posting was about President Obama's SOTU speech to all our loved one's on Capitalism Hill ... and then an interview with some fine folk's from the City of Youngstown (OH) ... I figured what more appropriate a song to dedicate to our loved one's than the 1996 classic from Canton,Ohio's own .... Marilyn Manson, the lyric's of this great piece are quite fitting actually.

Also because this group of artist's in my opinion led by Mr.Brian Warner (MM), is one of the greatest group's of artist's in our era, as far as theatric's, composition, theory, and just an incredible "live" performance ... and utilizing every dollar to it's fullest in it's production's ... something we could use on the Hill as well. I could do an entire post on the credit I could give to this fine group of talented creative hard working gentlemen as far as that's concerned. Enjoy!

Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People ... Thanx to CHINOMANSON666


Monday, January 25, 2010

BAUHAUS: .... "A God in an Alcove" .... and .... "In the Flat Field" ....

I cant begin to describe the warmth of this group as far as their art ... slithering like a serpent for year's into the psyche. This English Goth Rock group Bauhaus, come's out of Northampton ( between Birmingham and London )... they formed in 1978 ... and disbanded "again" :) back in 2008. I had labeled them year's ago as my " Nocturnal Necrotica from Northampton"! The sound of Pete Murphy's vocal and depth of them combined for me with the bottomless goth bass sound from David J, is a one of a kind .... add Don Ash' guitar and Kevin Haskins percussion's blend ... and so be it! Your art gentlemen is unmatched and a class of it's own .... may it live for eternity with us! Thank You!!

Bauhaus- A God In An Alcove ... Thanx to Jesse Oor

Bauhaus- In The Flat Field ... Thanx to FETISHXXXGIRL



HEALTH CARE REFORM: DAY 25, 2010 .... Effort's, Progress, Employee Evaluation ....

Health care reform dead? ... Thanx to BREAKING NEWS

I havent posted anything really recent on "Health Care Reform" and most of my posting's over the last year or so of course have not been very optimistic, as through this journal's 6 or 7 part series called "Health Care SNOWEjob", explaining of the possibilities and scam's and angle's that insurer's and affiliated giant's may try to pull ... which unfortunately happened .... but one thing I didnt post enough about was progress of those we hire to do these task's, our representative's. And many time's I say they are slacker's ... many even ...well ... to be frank since everyone love's honesty .... good for not much of anything. I ran across this short clip today on CNN ... which was SHOCKING to me, since I havent kept up with it since I seen the major corporate folk's behind this pulled off the scam I initially figured they would. So I figure on a lil evaluation ... heh? Just for the Hell of it.

What was shocking to me of all this was we are in day 25 of 2010 .... our loved one's on Capitalism Hill has spent what now? ... at least a few month's on this job? I figured it to be BS as far as getting a public option through ...and sounded pretty dismal in my posting's .... but this take's the cake ... as dismal as I may have painted it in previous posting's ... the actual progress make's my prediction's look optimistic! No .... all shit aside ... this is sad as Hell. You mean to tell me after the thousand's of page's of draft's, bickering, blame game's, and all the money as well as time spent on this .... this is what we are looking at month's later? This is what ya'll done? Ya'll ought to be lucky you have a herd of sap's like the American People who put up with your asses ... and that ya'll aint got to work actual job's! .... Cause ya'll would be fired in a New York minute! (fast)

We might now be able to do something about dropping folk's for pre- existing condition's? Some may wonder why wasnt this done as a basic rule of fair business year's ago? ... and why couldnt the President who ever it was ... just sign fair protection from the get-go? No lifetime or annual cap's on benefit's? Again ... why wasnt this addressed long ago? ... and where are all those who said they been working on this for year's? And ... what in Hell have they been doing for year's? Giving incentive's for working poor to buy in? Your gonna have to give something .... or as ya'll are making it against the law ... you will find yourself needing alot of new jail space ... lower income working folk's cant afford that shit ... why do you think they dont have any to begin with? .... there certainly aint a lack of companies and plan's to choose from. And you can bet your ass this new scam we havent seen yet ... but rest assured will come ... is when they get these new 40 or 50 million new client's forced by law to buy inferior plan's at premium price's ... the key to that will be the pharma companies will step in .... and give incentive's to doctor's at shelter type clinic's to put folk's on prescription's (new try-out drug's and such)... even drug's that where folk's will have to sign paper's to wave their right's or chance to sue if the drug bring's them harm ... and if you DONT sign ... it will be a violation of your policy, forcing you in a position to have to take and buy anything they say. Dont believe it? Okay ... watch ... I know how they play ... and I can see this scam like a looking through a clear window. And your damn right your gonna need some subsidies ... or alot of new detention center's ... because if it come's for folk's of making a choice of buying the schlew of drug's they will be prescribed and high premium's ... or food in their belly and a roof over their head ... guess what they will choose?

But I will give our loved one's credit as far as effort's and working ... I mean, they have been working on this into morning hour's at time's and even on weekend's, they have actually been busting ass on this. So for effort I give ya'll an "A". As far as progress is concerned .... an "F" ... and that's just my point here. You see .... they been working to their max ... yet still havent made progress. The people hired ya'll and gave ya'll a decent salary and nice lil benefit package to do a job .... heh? They then put in a requisition/ order of what they "needed" .... ya'll took the order and went to work ... worked hard .... and come up with this. Now I'm not trying to be hard on anyone ... I have been a boss over a crew on the job before and never even minded lolligagging or slacking on the job when we had time, but when we had an important account/ job to do .... we had to make progress ... our paycheck and/ or bonuses depended on that .... we had customer's to satisfy ... and if we didnt ... we lose their business and go under ... and we couldnt cry that we were having a "meltdown" and need charity from the government, we just simply would fall, and those who couldnt produce and do at least even a halfway decent job were given pink slip notice's .... plain and simple ... I mean, that is how business and free enterprise/ market and democracy work's .... is it not? At least that's how many of us had to survive over the year's.

I am not going to blame this on the President .... you can look at anything in this journal .... never did ... never will. I didnt like some of his move's, but I wrote also well over a year and a half ago .... if this President GET'S elected .... he will run into more opposition and road block's than you can shake a stick at .... because folk's on all side's wont like alot of what he may propose. And even with another mistake or few under his belt ... I AM STILL NOT GOING TO BLAME HIM. Why? Because this is the fault of ALL ... on both side's of this cesspool ... all of them are what made this mess .... been for year's ... ya'll take money on both side's ... dont address issue's until it's almost too late ... tell the same horseshit to us term after term ... some for decade's ... then have the nerve at election time ... to even say what you been doing the last 20 year's or so ... that you havent even made any progress on except throwing us a few bone's here and there whenever your looking for a vote. Republican's have all been ranting how this admistration is tearing down the country ... yet it all fell under their majority. Yet you also have a bunch on the left that been lining their pocket's as well. And today both these side's have been bitching for a year now ... on who's fault everything is ... yet not getting anything done, on this very important issue, they all agree to have been wanting to deal with for decade's. Insurance money is in the way? Then goddamn do something about it and get the lead out of ya'll's asses!

So ... I think it is fair ... that the American Employer (People) has the right to know ... what are ya'll doing on this? And how many term's will we have to keep re-hiring you to get any damn thing done on some of these important issue's?

Enough said ....


Friday, January 22, 2010

U.S. SUPREME COURT FISTING PT.1 ... Now the "HAVE'S" have MORE .... and the PEOPLE have LESS ....

I know this is not a pleasant posting, or another round of BS to make everyone feel better. However this journal since day one never was made to be popular, or to follow political parties, agenda's (personal or otherwise) or to attract folk's for any reason. It is simply a look at reality from a non biased perspective, and what I term as "Another View of the News". Of course by now ... most American's know or had heard about this Supreme Court ruling to be fair to corporation's and ... union's alike ... but ask yourself .... who of just them two for instance has more influence because of financial strength ...heh? Let me be more frank ... we just got fisted ... for those who dont know what "fisted" mean's ... it mean's were getting fist fucked ...okay? I like to thank Mr.Keith Olbermann (Countdown/ MSNBC) here for his comment's on corporations being citizens, even though some I am sure will think of course it is hysteria ... but for me ... well ... all my posting's over the last almost 2 year's clearly say what I think ....

Keith Olbermann on on "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" ... Thanx to MMFLINT

Is it hysteria over a simple ruling? Well ... I reckon that is for every individual to decide for themselves. Throughout this journal I have pointed out time and again of what I term as the "3 Entities" which is the 3 controlling entities of the free world, being mega corporation's/ financial institution's, mega religious organization's (all also intertwined with the rest of this cesspool, just a different department) and then the mega government's who as Mr.Olbermann frankly put's it as "prostitute's" .... thank you Sir! Nonetheless ... most of this journal since it's beginning is basically about that and how we are, will, and have been ... well ... getting screwed. With this new Supreme Court ruling it just shove's that fist a lil deeper. I am sure that many will put some twist on this for their political agenda's ... and some may just totally ignore it. But one thing is for sure, rest assured whatever side you are on of these two polarizing popular side's, you ARE GOING to get screwed as well, even if your independent, unless you become part of the cesspool.

My personal opinion on this is not of the right or the left ... I alway's thought both side's were mostly crap ... and just figured on voting for whatever was the lesser of two evil's so to speak for whatever decade it may be, and where I am. But to me ... that is now even out the door with this ruling .... I mean ... if we thought that we had folk's taking payoff's before ... we aint seen nothing yet! They bought our left and right prior to the first voting on health care reform through payoff's, they got that all in a road block. Now our own Supreme Court they even have locked in, and I am not going to just blame this on Justice Roberts ... as I have said time and again .... this has been being worked on for year's ... and the only reason so many did not see it ... is because of the distraction's that they create through their power's to keep us struggling and pre-occupied with everything beside's them. This took year's to create ... and the work's of all side's.

I remember the time with my buddies over 25 year's ago watching a St.Louis Cardinals football game at Busch (beer) Stadium (St.Louis) ... and my buddies thought it was cool since we were all drinking beer that the stadium was named after beer. I told them ... wait 20 more year's or so ... when every stadium has a corporate name on it and then see what you think. Probably 90% of every stadium in the nation today has a corporate or financial institution name on it ...Cowboys Stadium in Dallas being one of the few that dont ... but they announce every touchdown or field goal as the "Bank of America" goal/score ... so they weasled through that as well. For me, I just feel that "all 3" (including union's) should be eliminated from influence in our election's and pay off's to rep's, and like the rest of us "people" (since they all want to be treated fairly, and as "people") ... if you want to play your part in the election's, including CEO's and these leader's ... stand in line like the rest of us and ... well ... it's simple. We havent done this in recent past? There's alway's been lobbyist's? Well then ... maybe it is time to change that ... heh?

One may argue that this is being fair to union's as well .... but you see ... for me ... and this is only my opinion ... I feel that the government of the people should actually represent the people, and this type of ruling even put's the people more at a distance than before ... and pretty much lead's to ... the entire government being totally controlled and dictated to by the corporate, finance, and religious entities ... with no real representative from the actual people of the land ... but only those who are approved by the entities. Not that it hasnt been like this for some time obviously ... but this just lock's it in stronger. I have posted time and again that what is happening ... whether we see it or not ... is we are ending up with less and less ... and them with more and more. You cant even say that thing's are better or your making progress when you take two step's forward then three step's backward. You cant say a half million job's that been created mean a thing when you are comparing it to several million that been lost, add the population growth, and the 2 million or so legal immigrant's that are brought in per year through corporate influence to supply domestic job need's, when American's could actually use the job's ... it simply dont add up.

Rest assured if not now ... for whatever reason ... a time will come ... when American's are just going to say enough is enough ... and take other measure's to secure their best interest's ... something I've done back awhile ago. We should have all seen this coming though ... we simply didnt pay attention to it ... and instead listened to the folk's that just push for political agenda's and benefit. Who's fault is it? It's our fault .... we have all the "tool's" to change, but refuse to do it. The left will save us ..... or the right? Well .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, that's a nice thought.

POST NOTE: I had to delete the last two paragraph's here, because after reviewing them, I thought it sounded or could be misunderstood to make one think that I am saying if you dont vote democrat you are doomed, and that would not be fair, because this journal certainly is in no way to try to make anyone vote any way ... if I were to do that ... it would be unfair, period. So let me just give my opinion here on HOW I would vote if an election were held today, in other word's ... I'll rephrase that. There is no alternative party to choose, at least any that would work, or my guess is that some may go independent to make it look like they are disgusted with their party, and I just dont trust that, so I see the GOP as all bought and paid for right now, and feel like them as a majority in the house would make the ride worse, so I WOULD MYSELF at this time vote DEMOCRAT ... Okay? That's solely me and my opinion only.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

DJANGO REINHARDT: .... "The Sheik of Araby" .... and .... "J'attendrai Swing" ....

This posting for the music sector of this journal will honour one who's spirit will remain with me through his great genius composition and contribution to Jazz. A master of string's and genius in my opinion ... Jean "Django" Reinhardt .

Mr.Reinhardt was born in Belgium in 1910 (1910-1953) and spent much of his childhood in Gypsy camp's outside Paris,France, co-founder of "Quintette du Hot Club de France" band ... most noted for his guitar work .... a master of guitar, banjo, and violin ... played with many great American Jazz name's such as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and Coleman Hawkins to name a few. For me .... his music was a "Serenade for the Soul". One of many that I am obligated to honour in this journal for his (their) contribution's and creativity. Thank You for all the great art Sir! ... Enjoy!

Django Reinhardt- The Sheik of Araby ... Thanx to VPMATT

Django Reinhardt-  J'attendrai Swing- 1939 ... Thanx to M3MNON


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AL JOURGENSEN ( MINISTRY ) .... on DAVE NAVARRO'S "SPREAD TV" .... concerning POLITIC'S .... and "PSALM 69" ....

Of course as I posted 2 posting's back in the "Ministry" music video's posting, I am a big Ministry fan as well as the genius art and composition of Mr.Al Jougensen, for year's. I have never met any of the band, have seen them "live" though, and personally know two guy's who done work with Mr.Jourgensen here in Texas, who described him to me as a very generous man, with a warm personality and very down to earth, and one hard working SOB .... very detail oriented.

I just happened to find this interview dated from 2008 sometime, while searching Ministry video's to choose to post, and I must say .... I agree with Mr.Jourgensen on so many thing's here as far as the scam's of Wall St., bailout's, making the rich richer, Bush/ Cheney, etc,etc. I was somewhat amazed how much I DO agree with Mr.Jourgensen one can see perhap's in my political statement's and assessment's throughout this journal. So I wanted to post this video interview with Mr. Al Jourgensen and band member Tommy Victor in this journal. I also want to add that I enjoy Dave Navarro's show as well ... as far as talk show's and guest's he has on. And I look forward to Al and his new plan's in the filming industry ... and congratulation's Sir! And Thank You so much for the 28 year's of great music!

Al Jourgensen, Tommy Victor On Dave Navarro's Spread TV (Part 2/2) .... Thanx to THE OFFICIAL YOU TUBE PAGE OF MINISTRY

I also wanted to add a classic here of their's, first released back in 1992 .... and was a big hit as well when released, titled "Psalm 69", of course ... one of my all time favourite's as well! Thanx to ARTICHOKHART Enjoy!


Monday, January 18, 2010

TEXAS GOP GUBERNATORIAL PRIMARY DEBATE HIGHLIGHT'S .... Did I vote for Rick? .... You Betcha! .... : )

Let me first point out that this "highlight's" clip was chopped to piece's and edited to create this piece for entertainment purposes. I did vote for Governor Rick Perry a couple time's as well. So why would I vote for a man like this to be Texas Governor? Well ... the same reason I voted for GW Bush for Governor .... because they both pretty much dont do a damn thing ... both of these guy's are amongst the biggest slacker's you could ever find in American politic's. :) (which worked fine in Texas, but in Washington it dont work, as you seen with GW Bush) You see ... when Bush for instance, like Rick were Governor's ... you never heard from them ... and all they done was look cute for the camera's .... which was fine by me. In other word's ... stay out of my business and your cool with me, I alway's, like many other Texan's are gonna do whatever the Hell we want to do anyway's .... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! :)

Also let me add that this is not the first time a woman has ran or been Governor of Texas ... Texas has had women Governor's before ... and actually one of the first state's to have a woman as Governor for that matter with former Gov.Miriam "Ma" Ferguson (D) who served twice as Governor ... 1925-1927 and 1933-1935.

Now the only problemo is .... when time's and budget's get tighter ... or there are some serious issue's that need attention ... you cant have these type's trying to do a job .... because it wont get done. For year's we been mostly doing great, at least a Hell of alot better employment wise, business wise and such than any of the rest of the nation, with minimal regulation .... and damn near everything goes. I mean ... the shit you can do and get away with in a place like Texas ... you could never get away with in most other state's.

I listened to the entire debate ... and frankly speaking both Hutchison and Perry sounded lost .... and half the time during a question ... were so out of touch with everything ... they just could smile. It was probably the most senseless and dumbest debate that I have ever heard in my life ... I just couldnt stop laughing. And if I were Rick ... I would have kept my mouth shut more instead of reading off stat's on job creation and revenue's and such. After all .... what does your competition have to run on ... the economy? Well .... try to convince Texan's how bad it is when our unemployment rate although increased ... is still one of the best in the nation .... and how awful the economy is when still having a fairly thriving economy. Believe me .... there are many state's who wish they were in our shoe's right now. So shut the Hell up .... and you may win Sir! :)

Also let me point out that business owner, Mrs.Debra Medina is the 3rd candidate in this debate here. Also note that the date at the top of the video pre-start is incorrect ... it was NOT 2009 .... but 2010. Is this because a Texan posted it? YOU BETCHA! :)

Sorry about the way the video is cut off on the right, but some YouTube video's wont fit the allowed window's of the blog, and I couldnt find another of it. Did I at least try? YOU BETCHA! :)

Highlights of Texas Gov. Debate Jan 14, 2009 ... Thanx to RICKPERRY4GOVERNOR

BONUS FEATURE: And for a little entertainment ... a former Gubernatorial candidate who lost to Gov.Rick Perry in the last election ...Mr.Kinky Friedman does one of the classic's .... "I'm proud to be an Asshole from El Paso" ......

Asshole From El Paso ... Thanx to EXECUTIONERFIVE


Sunday, January 17, 2010

MINISTRY: .... RIO GRANDE BLOOD (Live) .... and .... N.W.O. (New World Order) ....

The "Ministry" is a music group that has overpaid their due's ... and I cannot compliment enough all the hard work and great piece's of art that Mr.Al Jourgensen has been behind ... including the work of the "Revolting Cocks", "10,000 Homo DJ's", all the interactive work with those like KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult", Pigface and the list goes on ... I even know a couple personally that have worked with Mr.Jourgensen in the music industry ... that have described to me the dedication and devotion of this icon. I can tell you that their performance "live" is much more than I expected, to say the least... and excellent live engineering I may add, considering how loud their sound is!

To make it short ... they started in Chicago back around the early 1980's, later relocated to Texas ...where Mr.Jourgensen kept no secret of his campaign against the policies of former President and Texan as well G.W.Bush. Back a few year's ago Mr.Jourgensen announced from his El Paso,Texas home and studio called "13th Planet Record's/ Studios" that he was closing the door ... and to retire the band ... this is after a quarter of a century of work. Al is a genius in my opinion as far as his composition's and art, also one of them multi-task kind of guy's .... he not just does vocal's and guitar ... but you pretty much name it ... and he does it, he is no stranger to hard work!



Nonetheless ... posting this group in this journal is past due ... and deserving of my utmost respect. There is so many great piece's to post ... so I just chose two favourite's of mine here. This first piece was made in 2006 called "Rio Grande Blood" .....Enjoy!

Ministry- Rio Grande Blood Live ... Thanx to THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE PAGE OF MINISTRY

This next piece was created back in 1992 and was nominated in 1993 for a Grammy .... called "N.W.O." (New World Order) ......

MINISTRY New World Order ... Thanx to NASTY BYTE


Image result for ministry n.w.o music


Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 HAITIAN QUAKE AFTERMATH: (Part 1) .... the Best, the Worst, and the In-Between ....

This posting is done in this journal to point out the best and worst and the in between that come's with this catasrophy .... which is exactly what it is ... simply being in harm's way at the time it strike's. This could happen just about anywhere's ... it is nature and how this earth "act's" .... it doesnt look at species, or gender, race, finance's, or political side's .... nature is the supreme dictator ... at least until a species or force can control it. My condolence's and sympathy sincerely to those who have to experience the aftermath of such. I seen so many video's worth posting for various reason's on this posting, I simply couldnt decide on one or two, so just ignored posting any.

During the long drive back home last night in the rural darkness ... I decided to listen to various talk show programme's on the radio to absorb what I could. It was absolutely saturated with this catastrophy and political finger pointing, especially also because of the comment's and reaction's of Rev.Robertson and talk show host Rush Limbaugh. I have also listened to both these on their statement's in their entirety ... not just the select part's that all the opposing pundit's wanted to point out .... I am "fair". I dont think either one of these people first of all are "racist" let me say ... I am basing this on the fact that I have sat and talked with actual "racist's" face to face. However some will base this on the insensitive type talk in some of their statement's. But believe me ....real "racist's" make both these guy's look like pussycat's, and their hate is for real ... not just anger, and racist's also come in all color's.

I dont know much about Haiti to begin with, with the exception of some of their long line of religious practice's and/or belief's and the "art" of it. As far as their political leadership or standing's right now ... not much. Mr.Limbaugh was pointing out all the down side's of their economic's, dictatorship government, not contributing much of anything to the international community and the list goes on, and of course I suspect there is many truth's there as well. However ... this is not the time and place in an emergency situation and catasrophy of such to start this type of political analysis and finger pointing. After all this isnt a country threatening Metro Miami/Dade with a nuclear weapon, or chopping off American's head's to post video's of jihad and threat's on YouTube. And Mr.Limbaugh's talk concerning donation's, not fair at all .... if people want to donate for whatever reason ... it's their money and their choice. The President wasnt telling American's to donate ... he was simply making it convenient to access the proper channel's to do so if they chose. And that's important to do .... because the scammer's in these kind's of event's come out of the woodwork trying to capitalize off of the miseries of other's and these type's of catastrophies.

Another thing .... and this wasnt exclusively of Mr.Limbaugh, but other's on the same side of the fence with him ... I noticed that there is this talk about 100's of million's of dollar's and such this will put us in debt by helping. This is nonsense, and there are other countries helping as well. There is no long term debt that could come out of this. This is mild in expense compared to the trillion plus that we will shell out to contractor's and other's over these manufactured war's and takeover's dictated by corporate entities that control the world's market's. Mr.Limbaugh also stated that the President is asking suffering American's to donate who are suffering due to this administration and what position it has put American's in as far as employment and finance's ....this is also nonsense ... our difficulties stem from a long negligence and lack of oversight and especially the strong deregulation of the Bush/Cheney administration .... none of this happened in the last year, so this is nonsense, political rubbish. This help for Haiti will have no effect on our economy or cost us any great amount ... unless ... we privatize this effort and give billion's to some panel created to distribute service's and aid with no oversight ... actually something like what Bush/Cheney would be more likely to do. So tell this nonsense to some jackass. This isnt about war or politic's, this is simply about lending a helping hand in an emergency and an act of compassion ... which even the strongest of us will need at some time or another.

Are we acting too slow? Well yes and no ....meaning that anytime we have a challenge like this ... because of red tape, political correctness, and too many in charge, we make it more difficult ... on the other hand ... you have to do thing's in a proper manner to get proper and efficient distribution. The bottom line is ... these type's of event's put's you between a rock and a hard place and there isnt no quick fix and solution ... but to make an effort and learn how to improve for the next ... because it wont be the first or last ... and they will all come fast, furious and with no warning beside's what scientist's can gather to try to better prepare us. Political talk or left and right finger pointing does not a damn thing but make it more difficult. As far as aid like medicine, food or whatever and expenses .... more nonsense. Do you realize even with no contribution's or no special budget account set up ... we could feed them and even other's all over the world? We are such a wasteful society as well ... look at all the food we just toss away and even drug's for some reason or another. Also when these quake's hit in any area of the world that has dense population's and structure planning ... it just make's it even worse.

The politcal punditry that I have been reading on this internet has been incredible as well ... absolutely insane and pointless ... beside's perhap's being maybe in some bizarre way psychologically therapeutic for venting anger ... other than that ... simply pointless.

As far as Rev.Robertson's statement on Devil pact's, and Dieties revenge or such, c'mon now .... what in Hell did you expect out of this man? He actually believe's this stuff as well ... I dont think he hate's Haitian's though, but I am 110% sure that he doesnt like it's religious history ... and feel's very threatened and afraid of it.

That's the Reality ..............

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SUZE ORMAN PT.1: A couple Tip's and Advice .... and .... her Assessment of the Current Economic Condition ....

If one is self employed, starting a small business, has a little to invest, or just a creative independent entrepreneur .... looking to go solo and out to cut it on their own .... the one person I alway's advise folk's over several year's to read is Suze Orman.

Started in the trenches, made a bundle the old fashioned way .... unlike many of these corporate icon figure's, she actually earned it .... you know .... like .... WORK. Took her knock's and learned the hard way early on, even living in a van on the street for awhile ...getting burned herself ... so in most cases, she know's a "scammer" before they know themselves. She has a clear understanding of the corporate manipulation's in the financial sector's, and know's how to deal with it's crap. Razor sharp and on the ball, you wont get no half steppin or flip floppin out of her .... and goes straight for the throat, nor will you get any politically correct pop culture, politically slanted fairy tales out of her on the reality or condition... she is all about reality, and straight up.

***** CNN: Suze Orman's easy money to- do list ....

You see .... this is why I have said time and again ... DO NOT FEAR this so called "financial meltdown" talk ... because all we are fed and have been fed for year's is horseshit, believing that if we do not do as told and play the system's game .... the world will fall apart, they only survive on our fear, nothing else. This is why I say in time,through enough hardship's and loss with the help of education and technology .... the people can make this whole system collapse and go down in history, the suffering for not dealing with these entities will be minimal compared to the bubble/burst scenario's that we will have to face over and over and over .... and rest assured ... if we are too uneducated, frail, or just too set in our way's and think this is the only way democracy can flourish ...our generation's to come sooner or later will see the light and abandon it anyway, just like every other outdated system throughout recorded history been abandoned. All these folk's who lost 10's of thousand's last year due to the recession from their various retirement investment's .... do you realize that if you done something as dumb and simple as rathole your money in a safety deposit box or bury it in your backyard for that matter .... you would be ahead today, right now? You lost your goddamn money because you gave it to them to handle for you, thinking you can get something for nothing and banking on their word.

Let these mega corporation's and political parties, as well as the mega religious institution's FAIL, let them meltdown, breakdown, force them into bankruptcy and such, so they have to liquidate, sell off, downsize, etc. This is how the people will be able to truely create their own destiny. DO NOT FEAR these so called "meltdown" threat's, I stopped fearing this talk long ago, when I realized that they are all good for nothing but talk and scare tactic's. I dont want their help, their loan's, most of their political suck ass puppetry or even their mega corporate influence, I know for a fact and would bet my paycheck on it right here .... that if and when these system's start deteriorating .... all kind's of smaller independent's are going to come out of the woodwork and build this back up new and improved and never let this happen again ... just the same way "WE" dont let the thing's that were harm of our past ever happen again. LET THEM FAIL ....that is the law of the jungle ...true capitalism, true democracy, true freedom, and the true spirit of competition, not this silly crap that they feed us with and scare us with. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR ....let them die, deteriorate, and vanish. We are the engine of this nation and the world, people that are elite because they are creative, the scientist's, those actual doctor's and engineer's, the workforce, the spender's, the producer's, the consumer's, the actual one's who purchase the trade. Understand that none of these people do NOTHING AT ALL but manipulate market's,and most of our political structure as well is outdated, lazy, frail, and basically deadwood. We have all the tool's to move forward to a new era, that will be much better in time, and will look back and wonder how we could have been so ignorant to support such sloth in leadership and incompetence.

And Orman is right to the point on the President .... Mr.President something about this, get firm, use your executive power.... I voted for you because you knew the game and spoke for long on it and what's needed ... not to see you buckle up under pressure and get weak! You have the knowledge, tool's, and had all the support, and even lived the American Dream .... you have no excuse to back down from these people...unless you yourself are "scared" .... and if you are ... you shouldnt have ran. And if you dont Sir ... you know what your part of the bargain was when you jumped into the arena ... and what was expected of you ... it is your "choice" Sir, whether you get consequence or reward ... you know how this work's.

Enough said ....


Monday, January 11, 2010

40,697 Way's to make a BUCK .... Fine's, Penalties, Taxes .... and our fine Leader's ....

First of all for the record .... let me state that all of this of course is for our "own good" .... and the money is needed ... well at least by someone. So the CNN link below, has a few of the new law's for 2010 .... a few of 40,697 of them .... then I will cut through the BS and get to the point.

***** CNN: Laws covering texting, tanning beds, trans fat take effect in 2010 ....

Also let me point out here that over the next several month's expect to hear alot of fresh BS out of the GOP on how everything that is a problem is the cause of this current administration, and some will "buy it" .... dont be a fool. The problem's we are having on almost every level have been built on the negligence and incompetence of the last administration for the most part. I even almost exclusively voted republican my entire life, even for Bush/Cheney. The democrat side of this cesspool has actually made this mess over the last year a little of an easier ride for us at the bottom, so the GOP has nothing to brag about, they done nothing whatsoever to try to clear up any damn thing, and out of political desperation over the next few month's are going to rant, rave, blame every damn issue on this President and Administration. Many problem's that we will have to face .... cannot just be solved by a politician or party ...... and sure as Hell not by the republican party.

Any time we are told that something is being done for our good, look to make sure your wallet is still on your person basically. I have said earlier in this journal to expect alot more taxation, fine's, fee's, and penalties .. oh ... and especially inflation as well ...the only reason you are not seeing too much now because of a still staggering economy .... when thing's get back to normal .... or what those who dictate us consider normal .... rest assured .... you wont be able to save a buck on nothing ... price's and interest rate's will go up ...especially on petro. We also have mid term election's coming up and this will be a nasty one this year, so the last thing your going to hear is the truth, any money generating effort's will be solely done now by creating new "evil's" that they can penalize folk's on to make a buck. Government job's actually pay in many cases over twice the wage you can get in the private sector ... add the fact that it take's so long for any of them to get shit done .... meaning they need more money. Even our shovel's in many cities are getting rusty waiting for stimulus money for the shovel ready job's.Plus we have many corporation's feeling uncomfortable as well ... because they are angry they may have to actually spend without getting a tax write off every time they take a dump. Your tax dollar's of course that went to stimulate financial institution's, mostly went to offshore investment's, and main street small businesses are wondering now after almost a year ... why they cant get loan's? Are you that goddamn stupid? Did you ever even think that the money would go to you?

A gentleman the other day was pointing out how taxes are so high for instance in some EU countries .... and as many other's in America ... asked me about health care in place's like Canada and the UK ... is it decent? Decent....yes .... as far as for the average person .... people with money dont ever worry about that, nor do any of our politician's ... they will never see a day in the poor house or even anything close to what average people will. So thing's like taxation or public option directed properly in a way that folk's can benefit is a plus. Even in place's like France ... you dont have to worry about going into bankruptcy over getting a decent education. The City of Dallas is on a campaign telling citation officer's to get on the ball ... and are frustrated because all the red light camera's they put up over the last few year's are making people run red light's less ... and now the red light camera companies are going to charge the city for not raising enough revenue. They openly said ....."We need more violator's!" What the difference strongly is in say some country like France or such, is that when people shell out these high taxes .... they actually get a considerable amount in return ... and some actual oversight of those institution's who dictate ... at least more than we get for our buck in this country. They still have their problem's, just like anywhere's .... but this point was to be made here to tell the truth since that is what everyone love's. I know I'm a socialist or commie, and that's fine .... I really dont give a shit one way or the other, what some spineless, mindless jackass think's of me.

The sad thing is .... that as I write this as well ... many are trying to figure out how they are going to lay on us their next idea of creating a new war tax, and possibly even a draft or something similar ... I have pointed this out before in earlier posting's only because we are playing up to exactly what our enemy has planned in their strategy .... they know the best way to damage us ... is to force us into bankruptcy ... and they will try their best to do so. That is something that we are really going to have to play to ... dont get me wrong .... I realize it is not the American Peoples fault we are in this mess .... we are in this mess because of our government and the entities that control them and the arena. Even as job's have became tighter ... our corporate dictated immigration implemented through our government bring's in somewhere's between a million and a half to 2 million legal immigrant's a year ... to ...well ... work. We have a Secretary of Homeland Security (Napolitano) who would be better selling Chia pet's to couch potatoes with credit card's, than securing a goddamn donation bin for the Salvation Army from getting jacked! And the million's we spent to have our finest in our military destroy opium farm's in Afghanistan ... are now replacing the opium with marijuana farm's, which recently was changed from evil to good now.... while the rest fight in the battle field to establish a new government with moderate Taliban insurgent's included in it ... while we pay off the rest to put down their gun's against us with monthly paycheck's ... also from us. Only problem is .... you will end up with the same shit in a new package, and when our pay-off's run out .... those insurgent's will have to again find money to live on. Then we have to deal with our newest location of interest ....Yemen ... another country that we been playing in for decade's and corporate buddies with.

A man here in the neighborhood a couple year's ago told me he dont have to worry about the new taxes on smoking or soft drink's and alcohol .... because he is a fitness kind of guy ... and uses none of the above ... my response to him was .... "rest assured Bud .... they will find a way to penalize ya'll too".


Friday, January 8, 2010



***** ATLANTA CREATIVE LOAFING: R.I.P. shock artist Joe Christ Linhart (1057- 2009) ...

***** THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE: A Regular Joe: The Revelations of Filmmaker Joe Christ ... (10 October 1997 interview with Joe)

This me the last item I wanted to post in this journal. But I knew I was going to have to sooner or later ... so I will here. This included also in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" of this journal/ blog ... and Part 2 Here. ... I added a couple read links above

And ole buddy of ours from years back passed away June 21,2009 in his Atlanta Area home..... Joe. This was so disappointing to me, since our other dear and long time friend as well Greg "Spike" Guerrant just passed in August 2004.

Joe was one of the hardest working guyz I have ever met .... he was known in the underground film and music industries for his work and art piece's as well. Started his music career here in Dallas (with exception of previous work with Los Reactors, Tulsa, OK) with the band "Healing Faith" and later formed "Bigger than God" ... started his filming career with "Communion in Room 410" ... and Joe just moved around alot as well. Those who knew Joe knew the kind of fella he was ... and especially his devotion to getting the job done ... and that he sure as Hell done!! .... I love ya Guy .... but sure as Hell dont like posting this .... although I know what your response to this would be Joe, as far as death .... I'll leave it there.

I will simply mark this memorial with a song and brief video interview below, in an old weekend haunt of ours back in the early 1980's in Dallas' "Expo Park District", and one of his old songs called "Thing's I was warned about" .... Thank You Joe .....

Joe Christ and the Healing Faith- Gun In My Mouth ... Thanx to DAVID DENNARD


Related image

(left to right) Kelly Keys, "Joe Christ" Linhart, and Sharon Fletcher ... Kelly had an underground record label and store in Dallas' Exposition Park District

Joe was mostly known for his movie's, although I loved his music and have of course all of it. But he was influenced strongly by the legend film maker John Waters as far as his movie's. I remember when Mr.Waters was somewhat disturbed when Joe met him ... that Joe used actual blood in his horror flick's ... to Joe it gave the audience an added touch. Joe's movie's were lampoon's on horror, organized religion, and a humorous look at the dark side of life, and just anything odd or taboo ... he was one of those fella's with a real outgoing personality, and could make a sad and depressed person laugh. But I also wanted to add a couple trailer's from film's of his here, also I want to point out that Joe does the music as well for all his film's.

"The Director Yelled Cut- Joe Christ Vol.2"- DVD Trailer ... Thanx to THEREALJOECHRIST

"That's Just Wrong" (2005) DVD Trailer ... Thanx to THEREALJOECHRIST

And one last video of Joe ( on keyboard's and vocal's ) doing "Los Reactors: Dead in the Suburbs" live in Tulsa,OK .... June of 2005 ......

Los Reactors: Dead In The Suburbs ... Thanx to THEREALJOECHRIST


Image result for joe christ concert poster  Image result for joe christ bigger than god poster


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Choosing a Career and Trade College .... and Avoiding new Employer health care scam's ....

What brought me to this posting is a couple people in particular ... a neighbor named Rick ...who is a 50 year old gentleman and very experienced truck driver, currently driving for a local company around the Metroplex area. And the second person I dont want to mention her name here for a couple reason's, although she didnt care if I did .... but she is in one of them job's that are easy to lose, and be replaced, she is a clerk at a neighborhood small business, but she is currently looking to get into a trade college at 22 year's old to try to get something earning a little more than $9.00 buck's an hour, she has high school diploma, just no further. I have looked at some of the literature and such a couple school's gave her and watched their video presentation on getting you into a great career. Also Rick and this lady are not connected.... and have a large age gap, nor know each other ... but also both are getting scammed by employer's with new health care rule's that are manufactured by the employer's, which I will explain later.

This gal was considering a career as a video camera technician ... you know ... like the one's in the news studio's, and these college's have some very attractive brochure's, commercial's, and video disk they even give you ... and plenty of financial assistance expert's to write up your loan app's for you to submit to the government and affiliated financial institution's for student loan's. All they ask you for is your signature .... sound's great ...heh? Well is .... but like everything else ... look at all side's and option's. Choosing a career school and career that you may intend to get into for the next 30 year's or so should take some close viewing. I listened to her story ... then asked her if I could borrow her disk and brochure to take a look at it, her dad died when she was small ... her mom let's just say ... has problem's and isnt doing well .... and she has a roomate she share's rent with who is on the go.

But just out of the clear blue sky, even though she never thought about this camera career, she was quick to buy .... it looked exciting know ... behind the scene's in the studio etc ...and the video you see ... will make you feel like your on your way to being a producer and meeting all the tele personalities. Important to look at these career's closely and demand for position's etc, and like anything else in life ... there's a certain amount of gamble to anything. These graphic art's college's as well ... I of course was in this business year's ago, didnt have any college in it ... but took interest and used my free time to watch, observe, and learn ... then got in as an eager trainee .... a few year's later ... I was running the shop ... yet I only formally had an 8th grade education, and took one of them GED exam's.... barely passed and the rest is history. I "chose" this though ... without no coaching. In this time .. that skill I once had, has became obsolete, there is no more graphic film of splicing or screen matching for color seperation's, and even no need for pre-press department's, or even graphic artist's are in lesser demand ... why? Because technologies has made it to where the customer, can design with little or no experinece their own art at home .... send it electronically to a printer ... bypass all pre press , even plate for that matter ... and a computer and robotic's inscribes the job onto a reusable plate even (even the plate industry got hit as well as the film)etching it with a laser .... the ink's are electronically fed even for the press operator ... and soon they will make them obsolete as well, replaced with all robotic's ... and presto ... you have your product ready for the customer. Yet these graphic art's trade college's are coming out of the woodwork in abundance and advertising an exciting career .... Hell .... by the time your done with college ... you better hope there is a career. I am not saying that these school's are not good ... what I am saying is you should look closely at what career you choose.... they will push you into anything if they figure they can get a loan app through on you.

As I pointed out to this young lady, the news room's for instance at some downtown studio's that even use non human camera personel.... yes... robotic camera's, right now in 2010 ... from the brochure I seen and all the excited young tech's in the studio's in their video ... I think they need to revise their sales pitch let's say. On the other hand ... take nursing ... especially RN or LVN (Registered or Liscensed Vocational) .... this demand is growing even with new technologies that help nurses do alot of the monitoring, there is a good demand in this field .... but it may not be as pleasant seeing sick folk's over tele personalities, but better chance's of not ending up in the unemployment line's (Yes, I realize that unemployment in Texas is done online now to, instead of in physical person, I am just using for example) with $10K to $30K in debt or more before your even 25 year's old .... and getting mark's against your credit rating if your ever late on your pay off. My daughter in a nearby Dallas suburb and her husband do fairly well in that part of the medical industry ... they live comfortable, and never worried about their career's all through this last recession. Dont be so quick to buy these career's without taking a serious long term look at the industry and where it is going, despite how pretty the video's look or the person coaching you for these school's. This is a big business .... and alot of young American's I have met and known wish they would have looked at other career's or option's, take your time .... your not old yet .... you have a few year's ... give some serious thought is all I am saying.

Another thing I want to point out which involve's this lady and Rick both, as well as a few other's I have talked to that recently had their HMO's dropped in the last few month's. Both of these folk's have told me that their employer's have offered them new plan's ( so called health care provider's), with drastic variation's in plan's and deductible rate's and such. Rick said he was almost pushed into a rush choice to sign on insurance change's in coverage ... and his boss simply went online to get the info he gave Rick ... saying it's all online of the change's. Well ....Rick dont have a computer, or know nothing much about computer's ... and is never online for that matter. Like I told Rick the other day ..."Hold it right there Guy ...." ....NO .... there isnt any damn thing officiated in the health care reform .... they dont even have the new bill complete! He said his boss got the change's online, etc,etc. I dont give a shit if he got them from God via the Holy Spirit Messenger .... there is NOTHING that has changed YET or officiated ... do NOT sign a damn thing .... until you see actual brochure's, from the companies, or through an official news source ... I mean ... these day's you can go online and find any damn thing you want it to say or believe! And the shit will look professional and official .... Hell ... I get email probably once every couple month's telling me I won the lottery in some foreign land and am now a millionaire ... and it look's solid! And the change's in premium's and deductible's and other crap they both told me were insane! Like being robbed with an affidavit instead of at gunpoint! NOTHING YET HAS BEEN PUT INTO LAW ... and what you are seeing is companies pulling scam's before this is officiated to get you to lock into something they may not be able to later.

Enough said .... be Fly and be Wise!