Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AL JOURGENSEN ( MINISTRY ) .... on DAVE NAVARRO'S "SPREAD TV" .... concerning POLITIC'S .... and "PSALM 69" ....

Of course as I posted 2 posting's back in the "Ministry" music video's posting, I am a big Ministry fan as well as the genius art and composition of Mr.Al Jougensen, for year's. I have never met any of the band, have seen them "live" though, and personally know two guy's who done work with Mr.Jourgensen here in Texas, who described him to me as a very generous man, with a warm personality and very down to earth, and one hard working SOB .... very detail oriented.

I just happened to find this interview dated from 2008 sometime, while searching Ministry video's to choose to post, and I must say .... I agree with Mr.Jourgensen on so many thing's here as far as the scam's of Wall St., bailout's, making the rich richer, Bush/ Cheney, etc,etc. I was somewhat amazed how much I DO agree with Mr.Jourgensen ....as one can see perhap's in my political statement's and assessment's throughout this journal. So I wanted to post this video interview with Mr. Al Jourgensen and band member Tommy Victor in this journal. I also want to add that I enjoy Dave Navarro's show as well ... as far as talk show's and guest's he has on. And I look forward to Al and his new plan's in the filming industry ... and congratulation's Sir! And Thank You so much for the 28 year's of great music!

Al Jourgensen, Tommy Victor On Dave Navarro's Spread TV (Part 2/2) .... Thanx to THE OFFICIAL YOU TUBE PAGE OF MINISTRY

I also wanted to add a classic here of their's, first released back in 1992 .... and was a big hit as well when released, titled "Psalm 69", of course ... one of my all time favourite's as well! Thanx to ARTICHOKHART Enjoy!


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