Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SUZE ORMAN PT.1: A couple Tip's and Advice .... and .... her Assessment of the Current Economic Condition ....

If one is self employed, starting a small business, has a little to invest, or just a creative independent entrepreneur .... looking to go solo and out to cut it on their own .... the one person I alway's advise folk's over several year's to read is Suze Orman.

Started in the trenches, made a bundle the old fashioned way .... unlike many of these corporate icon figure's, she actually earned it .... you know .... like .... WORK. Took her knock's and learned the hard way early on, even living in a van on the street for awhile ...getting burned herself ... so in most cases, she know's a "scammer" before they know themselves. She has a clear understanding of the corporate manipulation's in the financial sector's, and know's how to deal with it's crap. Razor sharp and on the ball, you wont get no half steppin or flip floppin out of her .... and goes straight for the throat, nor will you get any politically correct pop culture, politically slanted fairy tales out of her on the reality or condition... she is all about reality, and straight up.

***** CNN: Suze Orman's easy money to- do list ....

You see .... this is why I have said time and again ... DO NOT FEAR this so called "financial meltdown" talk ... because all we are fed and have been fed for year's is horseshit, believing that if we do not do as told and play the system's game .... the world will fall apart, they only survive on our fear, nothing else. This is why I say in time,through enough hardship's and loss with the help of education and technology .... the people can make this whole system collapse and go down in history, the suffering for not dealing with these entities will be minimal compared to the bubble/burst scenario's that we will have to face over and over and over .... and rest assured ... if we are too uneducated, frail, or just too set in our way's and think this is the only way democracy can flourish ...our generation's to come sooner or later will see the light and abandon it anyway, just like every other outdated system throughout recorded history been abandoned. All these folk's who lost 10's of thousand's last year due to the recession from their various retirement investment's .... do you realize that if you done something as dumb and simple as rathole your money in a safety deposit box or bury it in your backyard for that matter .... you would be ahead today, right now? You lost your goddamn money because you gave it to them to handle for you, thinking you can get something for nothing and banking on their word.

Let these mega corporation's and political parties, as well as the mega religious institution's FAIL, let them meltdown, breakdown, force them into bankruptcy and such, so they have to liquidate, sell off, downsize, etc. This is how the people will be able to truely create their own destiny. DO NOT FEAR these so called "meltdown" threat's, I stopped fearing this talk long ago, when I realized that they are all good for nothing but talk and scare tactic's. I dont want their help, their loan's, most of their political suck ass puppetry or even their mega corporate influence, I know for a fact and would bet my paycheck on it right here .... that if and when these system's start deteriorating .... all kind's of smaller independent's are going to come out of the woodwork and build this back up new and improved and never let this happen again ... just the same way "WE" dont let the thing's that were harm of our past ever happen again. LET THEM FAIL ....that is the law of the jungle ...true capitalism, true democracy, true freedom, and the true spirit of competition, not this silly crap that they feed us with and scare us with. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR ....let them die, deteriorate, and vanish. We are the engine of this nation and the world, people that are elite because they are creative, the scientist's, those actual doctor's and engineer's, the workforce, the spender's, the producer's, the consumer's, the actual one's who purchase the trade. Understand that none of these people do NOTHING AT ALL but manipulate market's,and most of our political structure as well is outdated, lazy, frail, and basically deadwood. We have all the tool's to move forward to a new era, that will be much better in time, and will look back and wonder how we could have been so ignorant to support such sloth in leadership and incompetence.

And Orman is right to the point on the President .... Mr.President ....do something about this, get firm, use your executive power.... I voted for you because you knew the game and spoke for long on it and what's needed ... not to see you buckle up under pressure and get weak! You have the knowledge, tool's, and had all the support, and even lived the American Dream .... you have no excuse to back down from these people...unless you yourself are "scared" .... and if you are ... you shouldnt have ran. And if you dont Sir ... you know what your part of the bargain was when you jumped into the arena ... and what was expected of you ... it is your "choice" Sir, whether you get consequence or reward ... you know how this work's.

Enough said ....



Holte Ender said...

Hey there Ranch Chimp, seen your name around the blogs, thought it was time to pay you a visit.

Agree with you about Suze Orman, I like her opinions on getting debt free and getting away from the big financial institutions. I bank with a one branch, local bank, with no fees, free interest bearing checking, free on line bill paying, paperless statements, they bend over backwards for their customers.

Also agree with you about fear. It has been common practice to put doubts into the minds of the population for many years now, and the tactics are alive and well and thriving. Somebody once said about Americans: We are not descended from fearful men but you wouldn't believe it now. We must get over this trepidation and start believing in the little things we can do for ourselves and start cutting the mega banks and corporations out of our lives. It won't be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is.

Ranch Chimp said...

Um, um, um, um .... you sure said a muthful in that last paragraph on your comment ...Amen to that!

You know as well that the sweetness of success never is easy.

All your bank give's you .... you lucky dawg! Actually more of a "smart" well informed dawg, because so many of us can use them small institution's, and if so .... the big boy's would have to do something that is uncommon for them .... that is ....to compete.

Thanx for stoppin by and throwin in your couple buck's here ......