Monday, January 25, 2010

HEALTH CARE REFORM: DAY 25, 2010 .... Effort's, Progress, Employee Evaluation ....

Health care reform dead? ... Thanx to BREAKING NEWS

I havent posted anything really recent on "Health Care Reform" and most of my posting's over the last year or so of course have not been very optimistic, as through this journal's 6 or 7 part series called "Health Care SNOWEjob", explaining of the possibilities and scam's and angle's that insurer's and affiliated giant's may try to pull ... which unfortunately happened .... but one thing I didnt post enough about was progress of those we hire to do these task's, our representative's. And many time's I say they are slacker's ... many even ...well ... to be frank since everyone love's honesty .... good for not much of anything. I ran across this short clip today on CNN ... which was SHOCKING to me, since I havent kept up with it since I seen the major corporate folk's behind this pulled off the scam I initially figured they would. So I figure on a lil evaluation ... heh? Just for the Hell of it.

What was shocking to me of all this was we are in day 25 of 2010 .... our loved one's on Capitalism Hill has spent what now? ... at least a few month's on this job? I figured it to be BS as far as getting a public option through ...and sounded pretty dismal in my posting's .... but this take's the cake ... as dismal as I may have painted it in previous posting's ... the actual progress make's my prediction's look optimistic! No .... all shit aside ... this is sad as Hell. You mean to tell me after the thousand's of page's of draft's, bickering, blame game's, and all the money as well as time spent on this .... this is what we are looking at month's later? This is what ya'll done? Ya'll ought to be lucky you have a herd of sap's like the American People who put up with your asses ... and that ya'll aint got to work actual job's! .... Cause ya'll would be fired in a New York minute! (fast)

We might now be able to do something about dropping folk's for pre- existing condition's? Some may wonder why wasnt this done as a basic rule of fair business year's ago? ... and why couldnt the President who ever it was ... just sign fair protection from the get-go? No lifetime or annual cap's on benefit's? Again ... why wasnt this addressed long ago? ... and where are all those who said they been working on this for year's? And ... what in Hell have they been doing for year's? Giving incentive's for working poor to buy in? Your gonna have to give something .... or as ya'll are making it against the law ... you will find yourself needing alot of new jail space ... lower income working folk's cant afford that shit ... why do you think they dont have any to begin with? .... there certainly aint a lack of companies and plan's to choose from. And you can bet your ass this new scam we havent seen yet ... but rest assured will come ... is when they get these new 40 or 50 million new client's forced by law to buy inferior plan's at premium price's ... the key to that will be the pharma companies will step in .... and give incentive's to doctor's at shelter type clinic's to put folk's on prescription's (new try-out drug's and such)... even drug's that where folk's will have to sign paper's to wave their right's or chance to sue if the drug bring's them harm ... and if you DONT sign ... it will be a violation of your policy, forcing you in a position to have to take and buy anything they say. Dont believe it? Okay ... watch ... I know how they play ... and I can see this scam like a looking through a clear window. And your damn right your gonna need some subsidies ... or alot of new detention center's ... because if it come's for folk's of making a choice of buying the schlew of drug's they will be prescribed and high premium's ... or food in their belly and a roof over their head ... guess what they will choose?

But I will give our loved one's credit as far as effort's and working ... I mean, they have been working on this into morning hour's at time's and even on weekend's, they have actually been busting ass on this. So for effort I give ya'll an "A". As far as progress is concerned .... an "F" ... and that's just my point here. You see .... they been working to their max ... yet still havent made progress. The people hired ya'll and gave ya'll a decent salary and nice lil benefit package to do a job .... heh? They then put in a requisition/ order of what they "needed" .... ya'll took the order and went to work ... worked hard .... and come up with this. Now I'm not trying to be hard on anyone ... I have been a boss over a crew on the job before and never even minded lolligagging or slacking on the job when we had time, but when we had an important account/ job to do .... we had to make progress ... our paycheck and/ or bonuses depended on that .... we had customer's to satisfy ... and if we didnt ... we lose their business and go under ... and we couldnt cry that we were having a "meltdown" and need charity from the government, we just simply would fall, and those who couldnt produce and do at least even a halfway decent job were given pink slip notice's .... plain and simple ... I mean, that is how business and free enterprise/ market and democracy work's .... is it not? At least that's how many of us had to survive over the year's.

I am not going to blame this on the President .... you can look at anything in this journal .... never did ... never will. I didnt like some of his move's, but I wrote also well over a year and a half ago .... if this President GET'S elected .... he will run into more opposition and road block's than you can shake a stick at .... because folk's on all side's wont like alot of what he may propose. And even with another mistake or few under his belt ... I AM STILL NOT GOING TO BLAME HIM. Why? Because this is the fault of ALL ... on both side's of this cesspool ... all of them are what made this mess .... been for year's ... ya'll take money on both side's ... dont address issue's until it's almost too late ... tell the same horseshit to us term after term ... some for decade's ... then have the nerve at election time ... to even say what you been doing the last 20 year's or so ... that you havent even made any progress on except throwing us a few bone's here and there whenever your looking for a vote. Republican's have all been ranting how this admistration is tearing down the country ... yet it all fell under their majority. Yet you also have a bunch on the left that been lining their pocket's as well. And today both these side's have been bitching for a year now ... on who's fault everything is ... yet not getting anything done, on this very important issue, they all agree to have been wanting to deal with for decade's. Insurance money is in the way? Then goddamn do something about it and get the lead out of ya'll's asses!

So ... I think it is fair ... that the American Employer (People) has the right to know ... what are ya'll doing on this? And how many term's will we have to keep re-hiring you to get any damn thing done on some of these important issue's?

Enough said ....


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