Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dale.G. ... American Soldier to Homeless Dope Fiend ... his story and battle on the Homefront ...

What motivate's me to writing this post ... is the many time's that I pointed out in this journal, how many veteran's of our's are living in the street's in our country. Something that I see as shameful and disgusting, even more, that places like the Salvation Army wont even give them a bunk for the night without payment in full first. This is the REALITY of our two faced society as well that lurk's behind the scenes ... not all ... but there is a segment. So ... I figured to write a short story of one of OUR HEROES that we love to talk about and welcome back home with open arm's ... at least until they get in a financial spot ... then they dont exist no more. Dale gave me permission to write this ... but requested to omit his last name.

Dale is a 40 year old man and veteran of the US Army, that is one of the over 5000 faceless folk's that live on the street's of Central Dallas. His story is typical blue collar America ... and you can find stories with similarities all across our nation.

Dale was born and raised in Cleveland, OH ... from a blue collar lower middle income home. He even was a high school graduate ... I myself never even attended a high school. Like many young American's including myself, couldnt wait to reach age, old enough to enlist ( I also want to point out I'm not a veteran, I failed my written exam at 17 for the Navy, when my retest date came up ... I was in Dade County Jail in Miami) After Dale graduated since he was already ROTC, he enlisted and was shipped off to Germany then the Middle East. After a few year's of service ... he came back to hook up with a high school sweetheart ... and they got married. They didnt have any children ... but were planning on it at some point ... Dale took up a trade as a welder, being hooked up by his dad who was also a welder but now deceased. His wife was a sales clerk for a large retailer ... together they made a decent wage. Then came a time when job's got a little tight ... and Dale said word on the street was "Texas" for job's and opportunities. He bought a Dallas newspaper ... and made some call's ... and hooked up a good sounding job offer within a week, good enough for him to spend to come here to just do an in person interview ... and the pay he said was much better. They hired him ... his wife quit her job ... they rented a U- Haul truck and moved to Dallas ... and she found work right afterward's here.

Thing's were fairly well ... they been here a few year's ... rented a small house, and planned on maybe buying one. Then his wife came down sick ... with pneumonia one day, it got so bad that she went into a coma for a period. He took off constantly from work to be at her side in the hospital. She got out and was still recovering and not working now ... and his insurance was limited. When she fully recovered ... she divorced him ... and left to go back to Ohio, to hook up with a guy she also knew since high school who Dale knew as well. Dale decided to stay in Texas on his own. He started drinking more frequently, and met a Texas gal ... who got him to try some heroin recreationally ... smoking "tar". Well ... he slowly became dependent ... then money started getting tight ... since he was getting her high too ... she didnt work. Then he lost his job for missing too much ... then the money ran out ... and she just went to find another guy to live with to get high.

One thing led to another ... Dale found a minimal wages job ... then couldnt no longer afford the small home ... and moved into a room in Central Dallas ... got to know a few of the neighborhood dope fiend's since he needed to establish connection's to feed the habit he acquired. His habit took everything besides his room rent now, and barely enough to pay for at least 4 "caps" a day ($10 capsules of heroin) he was now "running" (IV) in his arm's just to avoid getting "dope sick" (withdrawal/ comedown sickness). He had sold everything he had now to also feed his need. Then it came to the classic decision ... that most dope fiend's must eventually come to ... which is ... do I pay the rent ... or my next "bump" with my paycheck? And of course like most who fiend ... it was the "bump" he chose ... it's a "physical" thing. Dope sickness is one of the hardest sicknesses to have to go through (withdraw).

Dale now lost his room ... and was sleeping in a local squat (abandoned building) off of Lower East Dallas ... and now resorting to panhandling and shoplifting or other small crimes to support his habit, such as stealing copper, out of commercial air conditioning unit's, street light's or whatever. Soon he even lost the squat to stay, and couldnt go to the downtown shelter cause you have to check in and out at a certain time (he needed in/out quick access for his habit). He finally sought out trying to get treatment at the Salvation Army drug treatment center on Lower Hines Blvd in Central Dallas ... the wait period looked like a year ... it was so booked! Then when asking to stay for the night on a bunk in a large dorm type setting ... like a warehouse ... he was turned down ... because he couldnt pay $7.00 for it ... and sent back to the street ... he told them he was a veteran ... it didnt mean jack to them ... they just basically told him to take a hike. He ended up with a couple small time felony theft cases ... done about 6 month's in state jail ... then turned back to the street ... again ... homeless ... and having to face the dope world again.

Finally this week ... a local drug treatment center decided to take him in ... as a charity case ... to help him ... which I seen him off to. And hopefully the treatment will be successful, and following programme.

Good Luck Dale ..............

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Walter Cronkite: Remembering a fella that got the JOB done.....

This post is long overdue considering Mr.Cronkite died July 17th,2009 in New York City.Born in St.Joseph,MO November 04,1916 ... where he lived in Kansas City until the age of 10, then moved to Houston(TX) to do his schooling and attend University, he became known to many viewer's of the News as...."the most trusted man in America". And no doubt why... I mean...I am 53 year's old...and I grew up knowing tele news as "Walter Cronkite" the so called "Anchorman" of the "CBS Evening News". The term after all "anchorman" was created based on him.

I mean...what hasnt this guy covered when he was on the job, whether it was as tele anchorman or any other coverage he was doing? From covering World War 2 bombing's, to the Nuremberg Trial's, JFK, Watergate, Viet Nam, Moon landing's, Shuttle Mission's, even the first American tele broadcast of the Beatles. Kind of like a living walking/talking encyclopedia I reckon. But he is a figure that I cant never forget and who I listened to regularly over the year's. Damn good at what he done and loved! And served this country well in this respect.

I just wanted to post this space in his memory ........

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dallas Police response to victim's of crime and accident's ....

What motivates me to this posting is a couple thing's...for one ... what neighbor's and other's around the City of Dallas are complaining about... and two... because I want to add some more local issue's to this journal, that need attention and brought to awareness. I also want to point out right now,that this is not a post to insult or cut down Dallas Police officer's at all... most officer's are doing all they can as far as street patrol is concerned.But I do question City Hall,Council Member's, and some of those who make the decision's within the Police Department.

Yesterday early... I was with a few fella's that are neighbor's to view/examine their vehicle's after they were broken into during the night... the usual was stolen...stereo's,tool's,tire rims, of them right next door to me had his battery stolen from under the hood as well...they break the car window,then pop hood and trunk or whatever.They did call the police... and it was a series of hit's, and IS a FELONY...but they told me the police told them on the phone to call back in 4 hour's, to try to set up,to get a report wrote so they can mail you a report to file with your insurance. And this is an old familiar tune in this town. I have also had neighbor's as well as other's all over Dallas...try to report even home break-in's/burglaries... and they as well had to call back hours later,then usually within a week or so you will get your report to file with insurance. Does anyone INVESTIGATE "crime scene's" anymore? Two of my neighbor's had no insurance coverage on "theft".Later when enough called back... they were told that DPD does make round's on patrol in the neighborhood.

Two of these guy's yesterday asked me what they can do?... since I know a little about the law...I told them... as far as the report's and such...not much. I told them...if they catch it in the act...defend you and your property.Then question's they asked was... what technically justifies defense? Do they have to have the good's in their hand's? a weapon? have attacked you? Will they sit in jail for murder with an expensive bond they cant afford, for month's until their cleared?, and they feel no one may believe them because,these two victim's were black and low income. Well here's the bottom line... if they are in/on your property gained entry through break-in/force, you feel threatened.. you have every right to use deadly force. Yes ...a homicide investigation does have to follow... and your case has to be presented for Grand Jury determination through the County Prosecutor's Office, to determine if it warrants an indictment for murder/manslaughter. But if your straight up... NO... you will not sit in jail with a couple hundred thousand dollar bond while this is being determined... you will be granted in most cases(unless there is probable foul play)to be released into your own custody without any bond. And besides, the police have backed those who had to defend themselve's and property over and over as well as the District Attorney's Office.And trying to find a jury to find fault with you defending yourself and property in Texas(Dallas) is like pissing in the wind! I told these guy's..."Understand fella's... this is NOT New York City, San Francisco,or Washington DC...this is Dallas,Texas!!" ..."Nor do ya'll have to be like brother Al Sharpton...and get stabbed on the subway during your mugging... then pray for the thug's who just jacked you"(No disrespect to Rev.Sharpton or the cities I mentioned..but a point to be made).The guy next door dont speak much english... and just gave up...their from Mexico...and decided to not even try to get a report, and just took the loss...which is fine and YOUR choice...but as I told Dan and Rick who want a report and to defend themselves... you have your right! Dan and Rick were in no mood for giving in... or praying for the SOB's who rob them!

Another complaint I hear is about response to car accident's, one poor gal for instance just had her car totalled by another gal on the LBJ Freeway by the house here awhile back... I pulled over to see if they needed any help... she said they were physically okay...just a little shook up.But she told me the police already pulled up... and didnt even get out of the patrol unit...asked if they needed an ambulance? She said the cop's then... told her to have a good day... and quickly drove off. She called 911 then to complain...because she was expecting for at least a report or something... they told her to trade insurance info with the other back tomorrow with their info...and they will mail a report for insurance... but that police cannot stop for any accident unless there are major injuries or a fatality/death.This one gal's car front end was totalled, her air bag saved her from possibly death... at least severe injury... and she was in disbelief and somewhat outraged at the same time... who can blame her? She moved here from Minneapolis... and said this would never happen back home.This is just one of many cases that I could point out.

We understand the call backlog of police officer's... and we have several hundred new recruit's being hired... but many folk's do not feel they get any attention at all who are victim's of crime's and accident's. A few year's ago pressure was let up some for traffic unit's... by having now Dallas County Sheriff,State Police(on Tollway's),and DART(Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Police handle the traffic ticket's/ violation's and such ... this was done to enable Dallas Police to focus on more serious crime's and patrol's....well...uhhhh... it's been a few year's already, and folk's are still asking what do they need to do to get an officer when they need one? Hammer the hell out of City Hall for one... and everyone else you can!

I'll just leave it at that............

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stimulating the Economy .... or Stimulating Special Interest's pocket's? .... (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.3)

What inspires this posting is some small chat I was having with a fella up north last week who lives in the City of Grand Island, NY ... he is actually a lifelong resident of the Buffalo, NY metro area, and a life long mechanic, currently in his early 50's, and independently employed with odd/ end type auto/ diesel repair work, his name is Tony. I still have family on my mother's side who lives in the Cazenovia Park Area of South Buffalo, and had an uncle who worked about 35 year's as a Foreman for Ford Assembly Plant in the Buffalo Area, drove Ford's of course all his life.The City of Grand Island is a huge island (suburb of Buffalo) that sit's in the Niagara River between Buffalo,NY and St. Catharines, Ont (Canada) ... it is very beautiful country up there, I have done some of my earliest hunting as a kid in this area. The City of Niagara Falls (Canada/ USA/ NY) is also right next to it ... and is an awesome sight to visit Niagara Falls if you are ever in the Buffalo Area ... the flow of the water when looking over the railing is so hypnotic, it is said to have pulled folk's into it ... and the sound of the Falls is so loud, that you cant hear each other talk when up close, and the mist is enormous! But so much for all the tourism sweet talk ... and let me get down to getting my goddamn job done here.

I was talking to Tony about the economy and my constant ranting about how the next bite of stimulus should be coming soon in my previous posting's ... and anyone who lives in the Buffalo Area know's well that it's economy has been in Hell way before this recession ... even as far as a couple decades back when steel industry started moving/ relocating and such ... when I lived in Buffalo ... if I recall correctly, two major employer's there were Bethlehem and Republic Steel ... this town took an asswhipping similar to Detroit. But what really got me is the sound of despair and lack of enthusiasm of anything in government from this fella Tony. He was also a Clinton supporter ... since Secretary of State Clinton was real popular even in Upstate New York when she was Senator. Bottom line ... like many American's I have talked with ... lack of confidence is very strong as far as our government is concerned. Part of what really ate at folk's alot ... is because of this bailout scam that was pulled on us during the end of the last administration, our continuing job losses, grocery inflation, inferior Chinese product's, and the unending commitment to foreign oil. And this stimulus talk has working American's still skeptical about what exactly will it be used to stimulate? Regardless of how great we hear that the economy is coming back ... it sure as Hell isnt getting sufficient number's of working American's to get out and spend ... can you blame them?

What I am getting at here ... is something that I been talking about since the beginning of this journal ... and that is ... if people dont spend like usual ... there is no way that we can trump over job's that were lost ... no matter of the creation of several thousand's here and there ... we are stepping one step forward and two step's backward basically. Working American's are not only a key component in our domestic economy ... but the entire globe actually ... as I have posted before ... if we were all out of work or at least the majority ... the entire globe would suffer ... no matter how much we feed in taxes, stimulation, to investment banking and corporation's. What are all these powerhouses without folk's like us and the European's, Canadian's and such spending out the ass? They're all nothing without us. And simply milking a dying cow isnt going to bring the cow back to life is what I am saying. Stimulating all these special interest's isnt going to do jack but buy time and allow time for trash lip service between election's from the left and the right. I call it trash ... because it is good for nothing but a false sense of hope, basically no different than a preacher on your dying bed telling you they can do something for you .... when you know damn well ... your dying.

If you really want to stimulate anything ... you better start taking some of this stimulus money and get it into the hand's of those who are going to spend it, and quick too! Giving it to just a couple large international investment banker's so they can "feel" confident about there capital worth and showcase for the Commi Party of China... aint gonna get jack squat, as far as getting folk's confident enough to spend a goddamn thing, except what they absolutely need to spend. And just getting a few ratholing small time investor's to buy up all the cheap foreclosed real estate wont cut the mustard either ... as it is ... it's foreigner's like the Chinese and Arab's that are buying that all up by the carload as well. And us now looking at just inflated inflation to come and taxing even a cup of coffee more aint gonna cut it either, or any of the other new taxation's ya'll are fixin to hit American's with in the next few year's. All your economic genius is building is a path to one of the largest 3rd World Nation's on the globe (USA) if you dont play this stimulation correctly and effectively.

Tony like many American's feel it's hopeless ... and always just simply say ... "What can we do about it? ... were just "piss- on's" or such. Bottom line is ... we the people have one of the most powerful voices in todays times ... and simply crying in our beer about how these misfit's use us, wont cut it, we can hammer the hell out of our representatives till their asses are sore! You cant use the excuse no more that you dont know who to write or the address ... or how much does a first class letter cost? ... or that you have no writing paper, etc, etc. Even if you have no computer! Every public library across the nation has them to use for free! If you keep bending over, your going to continue to get a foot in your ass ... period! Be a Wolf goddamnit ... and go for their throat's ... if they want to slack ... crack the goddamn whip. Create your own job's and businesses... like Tony did ... or I myself do, and at least make them sweat. Alot of what we have ... can be blamed only on ourselves. Buy more Chinese stuff? Let those who keep fear in us and keep us supporting their wealth from our dollar's buy it! I do my damnedest to try to make sure every dime I spend will go to an American. Nor do I give a damn if the people of India or Pakistan have meaningful employment ... why in the hell should I?

That's the Reality ... enough said ....



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homeless in America.... and ... Breaking away from the cycle.....

What inspire's this post is some small chat I was having with a fella in the neighborhood the other day that run's a small store. During our conversation... something came up about some homeless folk's in the neighborhood that panhandle at the intersection's and such... he of coarse commenting that they dont want to work or do anything. I didnt think too much about the comment because the man is still fairly young (30-ish) and never been on the spot much in life. But I did enlighten him a little on the reality of homelessness. I have also posted a little on this previously in a post for instance back May 30th,2008 called "Poverty and Despair". And I have heard this popular response from many over the year's as to the homeless... for instance when in downtown Los Angeles one saturday morning back in April 2007... a couple utility worker's who were asked by a homeless man who was asking just passerby's for change, while he sat against a building on the sidewalk was told by the utility worker's... "Go find a f'n job Nigger"... they were white males... the panhandler was black male... and yes... they were in uniform.. on the job...and this let me add is in liberated California... you know... one of them state's where they are supposedly compassionate to black's as far as using word's like "Nigger" and such.

New law's were set in place in Dallas proper inspired by former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller a few year's back... as far as panhandling in busy intersection's, and in front of outdoor cafe's and store's,etc... they can write you a ticket now for doing so....$25 or $50 buck's I think. And it was enforced for about a year or so pretty much.. by bicycle cop's who ride around writing citation's... but most of the homeless threw away the ticket's, never pay or even show in court, and a warrant is pointless, because the jail's doesnt even want to house them... so Dallas' intersection's are pretty much back to normal...with plenty holding sign's wanting money, and I guess the cop's gave up writing ticket's as well. I even give when I can...the other day... a fella was in that hot sun at LBJ Frwy and Webb Chapel Rd. who is there daily here in the neighborhood... I decided to give him all the one dollar bill's in my wallet that day which were 9, for instance. But those who walk around with hand held gas can's at station's saying they ran out of gas down the street and so on... I'm hip to their game... and dont give jack.. or those who hang at bus and rail stop's saying that they need bus or train fare... I'm hip to that one too. Just be square with me in other word's and truthful... if I have it I'll give it... I dont care if you want a drink or a bump of rock/crack or whatever. But DONT BS me.

But what I was explaining to this fella that said they dont want to work is my point here.It's NOT that they DONT want to work...who will hire them?, beside's local middle income homeowner's to clean out the garage or sewage overflow or similar... cause they can give them $10/$20 buck's and a couple buck burger's, and even some of them cheapskates take advantage of them... and after they do the work, drive them by a store or similar...tell them to go in and pick up a newspaper or whatever and drive off without paying them or feeding them. You go apply for a basic low pay job these day's even.... they want a home address,a phone,and cell number, and email address, even now a credit check.... not just a background check...the names of friend's, family, and anyone who knew you,reference's, etc,etc. Now ask yourself, who that is homeless would qualify, when even non-homeless people have a hard enough time meeting all requirement's? When I worked street security in Uptown for instance during the night... I knew all the homeless people and they knew me... and we worked together in a way... I'd help them... and get them thing's and gig's... they would be an eye's and ear's for me as well. I knew all the dope fiend's too... and all the crack ho's(hooker's)... Why? Because it is best to know those who know the street's you work.And no matter how much they all look to have in common.... they all have a different story... of how they got where they are.Some of the crack gal's used to actually be exotic dancer's for instance... until they got older and dumped after they already got addicted and supplied... then tossed out after their used up still carrying the addiction... but now homeless... and having to use cheap perfume to cover the B.O. since they now dont even have a place to shower.Most at one time had family, friend's, job's, went to school, church, and all that most do.

It sure as hell is much easier to get into the homeless cycle than to get out of it. Once your in the cycle and the decline start's... it is rapid, and the deeper you get, the harder it get's. Many just give up, and face the reality that they are just in a rut... and most wont help them or give them a shot at anything to begin with. Even the Christian Crusader Salvation Army I found was charging homeless folk's as well as those who are veteran's $7+ plus a nite for a bunk, yes... a tax exempt christain,compassionate,widely respected, Christ following Group doing this to not just homeless... but former troop's who fought for our country. I have learned alot from homeless about the reality of our so called loving and charitable society, believe me... and a few survival tip's as well... on cheap self defense, the importance of plastic's and newsprint for insulation from the cold, the importance of black pepper perimeter's while sleeping on cardboard under an overpass or elsewhere's... so the ant's dont feast on you... and the list goes on. Many informed me... so that I was able to do my job better and keep the peace in a night life enviroment swarming with drunk's, car burglar's,thug's,and other element's who can make a night on the town... let's just say... unpleasant for some folk's who have money and a place to sleep when they get ready to crash. They also knew me as straight up... never BS them... and a man of my word.

I remember getting a little choked up emotionally when I quit that job. All the patron's and club/business owner's who greeted me nightly with big expensive smiles, and flashy car's and gal's... could really care less if I quit or not, most were two faced anywayz.... but when these crack-ho's,and homeless, and other undesireables came to me... and hugged me... saying that they will miss me... it meant something to me... I knew they were sincere, and to this day... I still stop by when I can to visit the area and see some of those.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gov.Mark Sanford of South Carolina ... Is he dealing with a "full deck"(mentally)? ....

What inspire's this posting is another topic that has reached great magnitude with the public in our great nation. I mean... there is an abundance of posting's with their spin on this guy... and opinion's from all walk's of the American public, not just folk's in South Carolina.When I first heard it... I thought..."Oh well... no biggie... tell me something important..."etc. I am not for the man, nor against the man. I have read that he has been sort of a Lone Ranger even amongst those in his own party... and I personally admire one who think's and not just follow's the herd of whoever is popular at the time. But I also expect any political servant to do their damn job that is ON THE PAYROLL!

My questioning here is not about whether the fella is in love... or how romantic he feel's about his new found "soulmate"... or if ole Jenny(wifey)will forgive the ole boy... who obviously is going to demand alot of ass-kissing to make up for what she did not accept, since these fling's or whatever been going on supposedly time and time again... she made herself clear, basically... she doesnt want to "swing". But what I do question is the mental stability of this man who's in a position of governing one of the nation's fastest growing state's? I know the media has been no saint here as well.... endlessly reading his email's via satellite, his poetry,love,romance, and all the other amusement's that "Inquiry Mind's" are so fascinated with.And the only reason the GOP want's him to step down... is because they are worried about their own image than his... even though they say.... so he can try to devote his time to repairing damage in his personal life.... PLEEEEASE.. ya'll dont give a rat's ass about his personal life... and half of ya'll liar's probably known he was dipping his wick to begin with.At least if your going to lie... for Petes sake ....make it good!

Bottom line is... when your on the J.O.B.,your on the job... and when your in the media talking about issue's that should be job related... that doesnt mean flood's of interview's talking about your soulmate,trying to get your relationship back with wifey,getting down on one knee for your girlfriend, how deep your love for ladies is, how many time's you crossed the line and which of them time's you didnt get naked with the gal or have sex. The same as I wouldnt give a damn about your calorie intake,your table manner's,toilet habit's,or if you use hairspray.... I care about ISSUE"s ... and what are you doing to show you are EARNING your paycheck!! Let's discuss our troop's, our budget,economy,unemployment,etc,etc... dont bring your personal goddamn life to the job... and the media should put a lid on it too! Because ya'll just feed this nonsensical fire with your question's of stupidity! Your damn moral's dont create job's or mend budget shortfall's, or do our troop's with their neck's on the line a damn bit of good.

Therefore.... Yes... I would want this man to resign... I knew high schooler's who are more disciplined as to getting the job done and not letting their personal life interfere with important issue's that depend on them. My question is here Sir... is not your devotion to women or your sex life or your morality standing... I am questioning your "sanity" and competence... because of the position you hold and responsibilities to your employer's(taxpayer's).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Left vs. Right ....The 2nd.Coming(Stimulus) ...and a fresh slab of BS ...

Throughout this journal I have focused quite a bit on why this entire system need's to collapse(like previous empire's such as the Roman's,Mayan's,etc)either piece by piece... or all at once... which it will in time. But I also been focusing on exposing the bite's/con's that are in the work's and materializing, stating just not long ago that a new batch of crap is cooking to be fed to us... but I couldnt pin point what approach yet they are taking. But now it's becoming clear...because they are already exposing the framework.I knew it would be good and complex... because if there is one thing many of these politician's are any good at... is a good con job, when their back's are against the wall.

Now that we are 6 month's roughly into the new Administration... and we been ranting "change" till our tongue's fell out... we are slowly getting back to normal now... despite how bipartisan this new President has tried to be... and back to our classic "left vs.right" battle. The President has set much into motion.... but the forces of Washington and Wall St.,China,the Middle East and so on are forming a road block to where nothing much is actually getting done, and unfortunately wont get done.Health Care Reform is actually going nowhere's if you have been keeping up with how it's been going. Obama would like to try to implement something more social like perhap's the EU countries or Canada has... but it is too drastic for all the old blood on the Hill and all those who line their pocket's from the insurance industries, to drug manufacturer's,etc. And the left are devoting entire political show's to this fella Gov.Mark Sanford(R-SC)about him being a hypocrite and having sex ...while the right is telling us Obama's health care plan will kill us all by the social political dictatorship he's forming... and his economic's are putting us all in the poor house and unemployed,etc.And as usual... of coarse... most of us are eating like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet,not even looking at what they are doing here.

If you listen to Sen.Lindsey Graham(R-SC)he is leaning toward's supporting a 2nd stimulus...and trying to not only side with the left... but emphasizing he want's to sit down on this... for the people.. basically pushing Obama to do it.That way... if Obama opposes in any way... they will tell us that he is ignoring our need's. Because everyone know's the unemployment now is going into the double digit's by the end of this year(duuuuh... you think it took em long enough to figure that out?). And the right(GOP) are playing this round clever.... because they will use this in the mid-term election's around the corner.It will also position them at the right time... to find a new group of candidate's that hasnt took pay-off's,junket's,or had any sex fling's that can be traced.Sadly even several on the left are hammering Obama's health care proposal's because they too are being greased by the lobbyist's and companies to make well.... or else! Bottom line is that any real reform on health care appear's that it will only be in the form of a couple tax break's on insurance premium's... and a little more regulation on dropping folk's with pre-existing condition's which basically mean's if you fart right now you can get dropped... but the GOP are willing to tighten that up to possibly a sneeze.

This 2nd stimulus is the mother lode I had been writing about in my recent past posting's to expect...which they will address and put into motion after their 4th of July vacation... a vacation on our taxes... that will only be to set up a scam on a stimulus to present that will make us think it will create job's to replace all we lost and some... which it cant... mathematically speaking.I look for the GOP to try to publicize wanting to give us perhap's a stimulus check or gas tax break for $20/$30 buck's or a bag of cookies...because they are between a rock and a hard place going into the mid-term...if they werent... they wouldnt give us a pot to piss in, whatever they propose to offer us will be so petty anyway's on either side it's more insulting then anything.Most of the money will go to special interest project's and wont do much of nothing to get more folk's working... besides a few thousand here or there... that most politician's will showcase during election's only.

Sen.Charles Grassley(R-IA) will most likely be forefront in alot of the GOP's health care reform smokescreen... proposing to modify condition's of insurance termination, and stating they will crackdown on those medical businesses that are abusing the system and milking million's... which legislation will be written so loosely that any five and dime street hustler can figure out a way around it without being caught. Bottom line is... if you been watching them closely on this... you can clearly see that the complexities that they are making here... is only to smokescreen us into thinking that it will be significant change... the complexity manufacturing make's it only so we think so much is being done... when in actuality all that is being done is to reinforce and create legislation so that the existing power's can have their cake and eat it to... and dont have to loose any money in doing so.

Even the immigration reform is going nowhere's and everyone will try to avoid it as much as possible... simply because of election's,latino's will get angry eventually at Obama... because he promised in his campaign to address it... and is being forced right now to ignore it.... the GOP will begin to press it simply as a wedge in the asses of the left... which they can use... because the unemployment figure's are likely to rise some soon, and because they know it makes American's angry when this is ignored along with trade and exporting job's to foreign countries when unemployment goes up. The GOP will try to push and shove the Dem's, yet the GOP couldnt do a damn thing about it either if they were the majority and ran the Oval Office...Why? ... Because folk's like China and even the Arab's covertly dictate to us when it come's to economic's and are buying up our cheap real estate as well by the truck load as we speak.

That pretty much sum's most of it up... that's the reality... and our new fresh slab of BS ...... enough said.......... Other than that, I'm fixin to grab a couple cheeseburger's and a ice cold bottle of "Dos Equis" cerveza(beer) and try to enjoy this hot summer day in Hell/Dallas! :)