Saturday, May 23, 2009

German Brothel's create their own ....."Economical Stimulus Package" (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.2)

What inspire's this posting actually was all the whining I heard month's ago out of folk's like Joe Francis who is the CEO of "Girl's Gone Wild" ... a pop culture type of adult DVD serie's, which basically consist's of drunk coed's acting silly and posing in various erotic position's and such, actually quite lame ... but if that's your cup of tea ... to each their own. Then you have Larry Flynt's "Hustler" production's also whining to the Federal Government with GGW for $5 billion dollar's of our tax money to bail them all out... as I posted about Thursday January 09,2009.

As I have mentioned before on this ..."everybody feel's the pinch, in this economy .." and any branch of the entertainment industry is no exception! But to bail any of these overpaid pansies out is stupid!

I was reading about the sex/brothel industry for instance in Germany... a business that generate's $18 billion annually, that pay quite a hefty fee in taxes to Germany. Instead of whining to the German Government ... the brothel's decided to be innovative and see what they can do for their country,instead of what their country will do for them(as JFK said).

Karin Ahrens ... manager of the "Yes,Sir" brothel in Hanover for instance say's that client's are tighter than ever right now in this economy ... and even though her business has seen about a 30% drop in business... many brothel's are seeing up to a 50% drop. She said it's so tight ...that you simply cant charge no more for the "extra's", alot of pressure to cut price's, and "special promotion's" are needed.

Some of their economic stimulus includes .... price cut's,free shuttle buses, discount's for senior's and taxi driver's,and day passes,fetish and group special's, and just whatever need's to be done to be more creative in their marketing strategies. But not whining to the German taxpayer's like some of these clown's I mentioned above, who do nothing but dictate for lame, boring film's to be cut, then whine to the tax payer's that they need money! These folk's in Germany really work their asses off in the trenches!You dont hear them whining!And their getting result's... the old fashioned way ... by doing something.

Congratulation's to folk's like Karin Ahrens and associates on their innovative marketing and patriotism!




Infidel753 said...

Now, this is the kind of innovative thinking that's needed to handle a recession. The senior discounts are an espectially good idea -- with people living longer and staying healthier, this is clearly a potential growth area in the customer base.

I've always thought that prostitution here in the US should be legalized, taxed, and regulated to take the danger and criminality out of it, but it will be a long time before we can get such sensible measures past the azure-schnozzled element which still wields far too much influence here.

Of course, the hooker industry in the Washington DC area will doubtless continue to receive inflows of cash from members (heh) of Congress, even if it's not officially in the stimulus package. It's about as close to a recession-proof industry as there is.

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree on the legalization issue. It would also help those in the business as far as diseases,bad client's,and thug's running it...the list goes on.Legalization is just a positive any way you slice it.

Thanx for your visit guy...

concerned citizen said...

A 30 to 50% drop, wow!
Yep, this is the time to get imaginative & figure out how to make that extra buck.

In this current economy lots of us little people are finding out we have more innovation & imagination then we thought. For instance, the 19 year old girl that lives across the hall from me had her hours cut at the Pizza Parlor she works in. She promptly set up a bin at the theater across the street to collect the recyclable cans & bottles that normally end up in the trash after a show. Well, she might not be a Donald Trump, but I find that sort of ambition commendable. Consequently, I try to help her out as much as I can. This is what it's all about...people giving each other a leg up.

Infidel753 said...

people giving each other a leg up.

Hmm, I'm not sure I've heard of that specific act before.....I wonder what the German hookers charge for it?

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Infidel ....

"people giving each other a leg up..."

Heh,heh,heh.... no you didnt Mr.Infidel..... :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello CC! hit the nail on the head. And we also have just spent loosely alot too. Sad to hear about a 19 year old trying to get ahead, working,doing the so called "right thing" and getting their hour's cut,that sux, especially with inflation on folk's too.

Good thinking on the gal collecting the recyclable's. You know ...when in PDX for instance..I noticed recycling machine's like outside the supermarket,bottle's,can's, plastic's etc. I wish the hell they would do something like this in Dallas. PDX was such a clean city...yet so old at the same time. Many area's of Dallas... are beyond filthy that are older, the litter/trash here is incredible in some area's... this also would enable street folk's to have incentive to pick up all the bottle's,plastic's and such. But Dallas...ignore's alot of area's(LA especially does as well...which makes Dallas actually look clean!) and just let's it be, it really look's awful in some area's of this town. I really think too...the mindset of the people's of PDX(Portland)is just different than this town... and people care more about thing's like that. Dallas is very beautiful as well ... at least where the money is!

Thanx for your comment's CC....