Friday, May 1, 2009

Gun's vs. Government's ... stockpile up on gun's and ammo America! : )

What inspires this posting in this journal ... is my first major disagreement with President Obama. I certainly am grateful of his addressing all the problem's that our country has ... and staying at hard work at a fairly good pace ... thank you Sir!

But when it comes to American's Right's ... especially to defend oneself ... and to have a necessary militia to guard against too large of government control and possible tyrannical effort's of anyone ... I draw the line ... period. Even President Obama can certainly understand this in his expertise of Constitutional Law. I certainly would NEVER advocate/ suggest that every American arm's themselves, that wouldnt be very American to do so. My wife for instance does not care much for gun's, nor like's to carry one, and is a life long liberal. Which is also why I dont say much about my wife ... is because she "request's" that I dont ... in anything I write because of my past controversial life and opinion's and association's. I do so out of love and respect for her, and the right to her opinion and own choices. Yes ... she has fired gun's.

For me ... this is not a right/ left issue ... but a "Right's" issue of American's. I dont like much the right or the left for that matter. Let's just say ... I'm an American ... and a Nationalist ... if one need's to label me. Now for anyone in Government that want's to debate the issue and may want me to sit and listen? No ... you have it wrong ... YOU LISTEN!! ... You dont jeopardize our right's or constitution in the name of pleasing other nation's who dont have such ... number one! As an American ... what other countries do ... is not my business ... and what we do to defend our land and personal right's is NOT their business. If you cannot control your gun problem's whichever they may be ... that is your problem ... not our's. I dont care if almost 30 other nation's or more have this so called "treaty" to deal with gun control amongst themselves. When I say something ... I mean it ... and stand for it ... no matter the consequences. The day I need to fear what I say ... and not be true to what I write in this journal ... is the day ...that I should voluntarily stop writing ... and/ or terminate my existence, for doing such, that's just me. I dont compromise or change my position unless I have rational reason to, certainly not out of pop culture mentality or ass kissing.

I am not sure where this is going ... and I know President Obama is just trying to do what he feel's is necessary ... but he has a proposal to try to get the US Senate to ratify a treaty for national gun registry, for foreign gvmt's, to identify gun owner's in our country and to have also power to prosecute and extradite under this treaty law ... any American that they find fit to do so with. I understand that the President and supporter's of this ... think this is a solution to the problem with arm's and ammo for instance ending up in the hand's of drug cartel's south of our border. But also understand ... when this so called drug war initially kicked off ... many arm's that we supplied to those south of the border to fight these cartel's ended up in cartel's hand's. These cartel's also have a wide selection of international contact's underground ... Why? ... because they have money is why ... money talk's ... and no matter how many weapon's you take from American's or anyone else, these folk's with money will buy what they want ... they only take advantage of the easy American opportunities they can ... which if they dont have ... will put no hamper on getting gun's elsewhere's ... period.

As far as Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano is concerned with her proposed strategies ... your strategies are weak and un- American ... and if it were up to me ... you would be immediately terminated from your position ... period.

This is not Europe or Canada ... and this insane idea that you can just disarm America in some fashion is silly ... do you really think you can get more than a couple hundred million gun's just turned over? Am I out of order? No ... you all thinking such pipe dream's are out of order! And are proving yourselves to be weak ... and not capable of governing or even coaching a pee- wee football team for that matter ... and weak representatives should be discarded/ eliminated, period!

This kind of action can lead to a possible slippery slope ... period. And every American that chooses to arm themselves couldnt be more patriotic to our economical difficulties then to go out and buy up all the assault weapon's and ammo they can. Case closed.

PS: I also want to make clear ... that NO ... I dont think there is any conspiracy by this President or any of these politician's to masterplan a way to get everyone's gun's ... this is simply how the card's fell, or any conspiracy to lead us into a socialist empire ... prove that rubbish! But yes ... I do think there are people that worry a little too much and would want to have better control. But this conspiratal masterplan stuff? I'll believe it when it's proven ... ONLY.


RC said...

Obama certainly knows his constitution - it's his speciality.

Where I have a problem with him is his lack of regard for the letter of the constitution, believing that much of it is up to heavy interpretation and the fact that the constitution authors were not in 100% according during or after it was drafted decreases it's relevancy.

This is a tragedy to me. I have mixed feeling about the right to bear arms and what that means in our current society, but I do hold fast to the constitution. Wish Obama did too.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your visit and input RC. I am just hoping that the President does what will be fair to the peoples which is America, I dont expect too much, this country is in a mess that most folk's dont even see yet, but they will in time...we are simply rehashing the same ole same and getting deeper and deeper into crap...across the board.. I have elaborated plenty on this in past post's. It's all in our hand's actually, but folk's are too pre-occupied with other troubles and thing's. The President is trying to let it change and collapse the easy way...piece by piece, because he know's this...and trying to build a new foundation and direction.Most American's dont even see yet what is happening, and there is so much that it is hard to keep up with...and for many...a worry if they seen it.

Mixed feeling's about gun's? Well that's fairly common these day's. Just look at everytime some person get's mad and decides to knock off a few citizen's and themselves...then the endless complaint's about the problem being gun's... I understand totally. I feel every right should be cherished and protected...many around the globe dont have what we have. I for instance support same sex marriage...even though it isnt going to do a damn thing for me whether folk's marry or not...But it's a matter of treating citizen's fairly...this is clear discrimination. Even if I didnt use gun's...I would want to 110% try to protect the 2nd amendment right...once you loose "right's" it will be difficult to ever get them back. I havent hunted in year's...but grew up around gun's, and sporting,hunting the range etc. I was younger than 10...when I was attracted to archery and target practice...and knive throwing and such... alot of folk's liked fishing... fishing bored me as a kid...and I loved the "hunt" and the strategies that come with it, defense techniques etc. So I guess it was kind of a sport as a kid. I know times have changed from when the constitution was written for I said ..."right's" of what we have is a delicate issue...and you dont want to start loosing what you have.

Enough said ... take care and thanx for your visit.