Friday, May 29, 2009

"Global Warming" or "Humanity" .... which will work quicker ... and more efficiently? .... is this a "Silent Crisis"? ...

What inspire's this posting is a report I was reading this morning out of CNN London. The report was about a "Silent Crisis" ... and much was contributed by "Global Humanitarian Forum" President,former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan". Now I know this is not as important to many as say.... wondering what other's are doing in their sex lives, or what the reality tele familia "Jon and Kate" are argueing over at the dinner table ... or how much more money does our banking god's need from us the next quarter to feel comfortable with their "capital worth", and what year they will be able to start once again robbing us with inflated loan's and interest rate's or whatever other scheme's they have planned for us.However ... if these scientist's are even remotely close to what they predict, we all better be concerned with what is to come... you can find out plenty of info on this at the click of a few key's on the internet, with the help of a "true" blessing.."Google".

Let me start with some finding's and studies of scientist's and expert's here. Some of these folk's see what they term as a "Silent Crisis". They estimate that 300,000 live's are lost each year to malnutrition,diarrhea,and malaria... and that 99% of the countries that are impacted are developing countries that are estimated to have contributed less than 1% of the world's total carbon emission's. Those developing countries of coarse will suffer the worst of this storm. A storm....where it is estimated 300 million are vulnerable to, and a figure that will most likely double at that by 2030. Annan say's that ..."Climate Change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge". Of these 300,000 lives a year that are victim to this... 9 out of 10 death's are related to "Gradual Enviromental Degradation", also these death's outnumber direct fatalities from weather-related disaster's. The report also conclude's that "The suffering documented in this report is only the beginning" and a rise of only 2 degree's it say's "would be catastrophic". Now some may say this is simply "doom and gloom" talk... and for all I know, since I am not a scientist, it certainly could be. However...I must wonder.... what would be the "motive" for such? I dont buy the idea that the enviromentalist's either just want to shut down industry and see the economic repercussion's of chaos from the masses, I believe personally that much of this is a warning that we should feel blessed to have... and wake up to the possibilities of what may result from our greed and action's and failure's to not give the needed attention to a possible crisis that will effect the human species and every other species of the earth much more than anything we have experienced, or our science fiction stories can entertain us with.

Many of humanity feel no problem with raping and destroying nature, since nature has not been able to directly confront us yet with the penalties of such lack of concern. After all.... many folk's believe that they are "special",the pinnacle of universal knowledge and intelligence, and that something greater than us is watching out for us... no matter what we do...because we are so loved, so we are forgiven for any damn thing we do anyway's... the universe evolve's around us in other word's is more or less the mentality of many. I have to disagree ... I dont think the earth would suffer at all with out any of our species left... actually... I think from what we displayed of ourselve's by "choice"... it would do far better than with us.

I can also not wonder if any of this even remotely materialize's as these expert's and scientist's think may... what will be the reaction of the masses, especially the poorer number's which greatly outnumber the rest, when they are hit stronger with these problem's... and economic effect's of falling food production... and the inflation as well because of such of food price's? Will folk's just sit back and pray? Or just do what their told? Wait in line to die? I dont feel that is likely myself ... I feel that because of their nature... they will retaliate, fight, and possibly come for the throat's of other's who rule and dictate to some fashion... perhap's even if it became necessary, feast off of the flesh of those. Ask yourself ... is it our nature to just roll over and line up to die without a fight?

Enough said..........


Infidel753 said...

Fortunately there are plenty of ideas floating around for handling this. Obama's Energy Secretary, Dr. Stephen Chu (a Nobel-Prize-winning scientist) recently caused a stir by figuring out that we could achieve a considerable reduction of global warming just by painting the roofs of all the buildings in the United States white.

The problems of disease and deprivation in the Third World are still bad, but the percentage of the population suffering from those things is probably lower than at any previous time in history. Consider how the famines which used to ravage the world have pretty much vanished over the last few decades (starvation occurs only in a few pockets of gross political incompetence like North Korea and Zimbabwe), even though the population is larger than ever.

Most of the increase in greenhouse gases in the next 20 years will come from development in Asia and Latin America. Fortunately, this means those societies will become rich enough to make more of a contribution to solving the problems.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input and word's of optimism Sir.