Friday, May 22, 2009

MATTHEW SEGAL ... American Patriot and Hero ... and the "Millennial Generation" ...

What inspire's this posting is the year's of disgust/ contempt that I have had for these pop- culture phrases that constantly are used every time some special interest want's to propose legislation to tax us more or tighten our right's ... and using the now classic phrase that they are doing it for the kid's ... the over-selfishness and hypocrisy of our politic's and society is shameful! We should be grateful the young just dont flush us all down the goddamn toilet! The fact is ... we do not a damn thing for the kid's ... but create more misery for them in most of our action's, so save the BS for some gullible sap who buy's it.

It is this reason why I see Matthew Segal ... as a patriot and American hero. Mr.Segal is the Co- Chair of "80 Million Strong" and involved with other organization's such as "Student's Association of Voter Empowerment" ... the same young American's that I was cheering on to vote for this current President ... the "unsung heroes" in many cases, who protested in the trenches and put their neck's on the line, clashing with police at place's like the Republican National Convention in 2008.

The name "80 Million Strong" is appropriate as well. These are those American's born between 1980 and 2000 ... many in this age group are also those who have their asses in the trenches of these manufactured corporate and religious political war's, that we have to play game's with. Mr.Segal and his associate's will summit this July to propose/ create legislation on the Hill to strengthen building momentum for young American's to build and establish a more secure future with better economic's.

The fact's are ... according to folk's like the "US Bureau of Labor Statistics" at least ... is that 15.5% of American's between the ages of 16- 24 are unemployed and have an uninsured rate of 30%, which is the highest of any age group.And of those who are employed ... many are paid wage's that are not a fair living wage with no insurance ... and no retirement. Understand that also ... 87% of these have a High School Diploma ... 30% of those have Bachelor's Degree's or better. This "millennial generation" is the most widely educated and technologically adept demographic in our history. And the "value" of this education has been in decline since 2000. I cant begin to count how many times I have listened to folk's with these credential's in this age group say that they are barely earning a living wage ... and the 10's of thousand's they are in debt on credit from while earning their degree's ... having to pay for rent, food, book's, etc., all on credit card's .... card's which are pushed to them at an early age ... that leave's them also vulnerable to the schlew of predatory lender's out there that breed in this country like rabbit's! The average debt for an undergrad in this nation is $27K. This is also a national embarrassment to be frank.

As I have said time again in previous post's ... we need not worry much about the petro industry or the sales of SUV's and extended cab pick- up's or the other industries that have been sure money maker's for us for decade's ... because our biggest industries to come ... and really big money maker's will be thing's like these green technologies. You dont see folk's like Texas oil tycoon T.Boone Pickens standing in line to buy GMAC stock, or buying in the investment banker's bundle of bunk mortgages and such, or investing in China's one per week new coal plant's. He's no dummy is why, he's throwing alot into wind farm's though, and any ground drilling is for natural gas ... which even current vehicle's in operation can be EASILY converted over to ... the oil companies certainly wont tell you that though, or even folk's like General Motors!, or half these politician's ... because they want us to depend on foreign oil ... including "drill baby drill" herself ... Sarah Palin!

These of this 1980- 2000 generation are the one's who need more support than the rest of us on finding them good paying job's ... these are the people who will be protecting the old ... and the right's of American's and assuring worker's stability and fairness when it will be needed to keep our nation in the top categories of progress. They are the bold and innovative solution's of the future for all of us. The new entrepreneur's, diplomat's, and leader's that will take us to higher horizon's. They have been equally ignored by our media and politician's as well as even many of us for too long. This is the reality.

Congratulation's to Mr.Segal and Associates ....



Rita said...

Your posts are great & I do read them even though I don't always comment.

This is an esp. good one because my children are in that age group. Remember me posting about my son who lost his job a mth. or so ago? Well, he just got a new job, finally. Thank Goodness! I am quite relieved because I know the situation that you cite about the situation with young people these days.

I haven't actually looked up Matthew Segal (but I will) I commend & support anyone young or old who uses the democratic process to try to make this world a better place for themselves & others.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Ms.Rita ... last I heard you say, was he qualified for unemployment, so that's a positive,and now that your son is working...he may still not have used all his unemployment, so if this is the case it still stay's in his account to build up, if he need's to use any more in the future(at least that's how it work's in Texas if you dont finish it all).But great to hear that he has something going and back in business. I know it can be a lil tighter in a smaller city, because there is less business generating. But you also dont have to put up with the long job app lines of the larger cities as well. But getting back busy for him in these times is an all around positive.

Oh yeah ... I know how it is trying to keep up with alot of stuff.Then again...there are simply pieces I write that are not much interest to you or other's. I mean ... say folk's write about special recipes or other subject's, I dont even know squat about that stuff. I am very limited I reckon on what I write, but it's only a journal of current event's mostly and quite opinionated. And I'm no damn good either on making thing's short, just dont have that talent,on paper I have alot of word's, I reckon in person I dont have many word's, in person...I'm kind of quick short and to the point, according to alot of folk's.Most that know me are a lil suprised I can write so much crap! :)

Hope ya'll have a good Memorial Day weekend..........later girl!