Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lt.Col.Yvonne Bradley .... an American Patriot .....

What inspire's this posting is the attention recently around U.S.Air Force Reservist and Counselor at Law Lt.Col.Yvonne Bradley, who is currently assigned to counsel former terror suspect and Guantanamo detainee Binyam(Ben)Mohamed ...the Ethiopian native who sought asylum in 1994 in the U.K. Mr.Mohamed was taken into U.S. custody in Pakistan April 2002 as a terror suspect... and claim's that he was tortured in custody...not in the USA...although by U.S. military and CIA...but in Guantanamo,Cuba...Pakistan and Morocco.

When Bradley was first assigned to defend Mohamed and went to meet with him... she said there was a little hesitation or fear on her part... since she was briefed before hand... that what she was to meet was the worst of the worst as far as terror suspect's are concerned ... and Bradley had previously defended folk's that included a serial killer and also death row inmate's at that.When her and Mohamed met... she was suprised to find out he was more frightened of her...than her of him ... and who can blame Mohamed if you believe his story? I myself do believe Mohamed.

Some of the treatment that Mr.Mohamed said he received in these foreign detainment area's... were being strung up hand's above head with feet barely touching the floor, being deprived of food and the use of the toilet, being drugged,small slash/incision's from razor type instrument's on his genital's... including being told that he should be castrated... so he cant reproduce more terrorist's,etc. Now understand..that these and other technique's... are called ... not torture these day's in our pop culture ... but "enhanced interrogation technique's". The only thing we have enhanced in this country is our two-faced hypocrisy and addiction to lie's ... which is something ... America is number one for. We also have a habit of speaking out of both side's of our mouth... and flip-flopping as much as the season's change ... we have became a nation full of crap basically.This isnt about national security as much as it's about national embarrassment,as Bradley say's.

Bradley believe's her client. Now some may say Bradley is a liberal who is of coarse going to side with any of her client's ...for the record...Bradley is a lifelong republican/conservative. How does Bradley feel saying all this and wearing a U.S. military uniform? How should she feel? She took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States ... she is apparently doing her job ... something that would be great if the representative's of our country would do the same.

Now Bradley is having a difficult time trying to not only access needed record's of her client from during the incarceration period...but even any of her client's medical record's.Why? Well .... heh,heh,heh ... Why do you think? We have all these folk's that were detained, interrogated/tortured, right's violated,we have no solid evidence against them... are finally being forced after several year's of this abusive nonsense to release them... and were now in a spot to where we have to try to trump up some kind of phoney charge's or loose files to cover our asses from what's to come.... that's why? And try to create new lie's to cover up the old lie's. We say we DONT torture...then we say we do but now only 3 ... and now we have to make up more lie's because we are finding out that there were even more than 3.

Mr.Mohamed simply went to Pakistan because he converted to islam ... then to Afghanistan...because he heard that it was a place that practiced true islam, is this a crime? I have a friend ... who was born and raised in Afghanistan, who is also a muslim, he now live's in Dallas... and love's the living here, he also wear's his Dallas Cowboys jersey every day that they are playing a game.Mr.Mohamed is said to have tried to join a suspected militant group that are labeled as "terrorist's" and to learn how to combat enemies. Uhhhh there something wrong with that? And what is exactly a "terrorist" these day's? ... anyone that dont want to agree with our hypocritical way's? If an American want's to exercise their 2nd amendment right's these day's and organize a militia to defend this country in case of tyranny, they are called "extremist's"... even though our Constitution clearly grant's this, we do this to our own... and you know we do this to those abroad.

And we wonder how come folk's in these land's have a problem with our representation?
I sure as hell dont ... I have sat down for many hour's with some of these folk's from these countries and talked in depth to them...about how they see our representative's... man to man...face to face, and I must say ... I agree with them.

I see Lt.Col.Bradley as a true American Patriot as well... until PROVEN otherwise.


Prash said...

I loved the last word : Until Proven otherwise ! A term I am going to use it very soon with some people around me who are affected by the new A Influenza (Arrogance!)

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Mr.Prash ... a little arrogance is natural as even greed. However... we seem to sometime's get carried away with thing's. There is a difference between"Indulgence" and "Compulsion".

But I also liked the term "New A Influenza" :)

Thanx for your input guy.....