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NEW YEARS GREETING'S 2012: ... from Dallas, New York, and the Ranch Santa (Chimp) ... w/ Billy Idol NYE "live" 2005

The title/ header here sayz it all ... a Happy New Year Greeting to the reader! : )

BIG D NYE 2011- Planet Productions- Dallas ... Thanx to PLANETPRODUCTIONSINC ... this is at the strike of midnight (01 January 2011) in downtown Dallas' "Victory Plaza", about an 8 minute fireworx display with sound sampling mix. A few band's also do "live" show's at the event bringing in the New Year ... it's not Times Square (NYC) ... but it's a great time in Dallas and nice fireworx show! Enjoy! : )

***** Ranch Chimp Tip: Those attending "BigD- NYE" this year, should consider taking the train/ rail ... Victory Station is right there, parking in downtown is a bitch, and park in a no parking, you'll get towed ... also all Dallas area law enforcement will be on a "zero tolerance" this weekend for drinking and driving, refuse the test, and they will take your drivers liscense on the spot.

This is a picture of some of my familia this Christmas at my daughter's Dallas area home, I'm the Ranch Santa in the suit, the 2 boy's to my left and right (as an elf and one with Santa cap) with my arm's over them pointing my finger's at their head's are two of my grandson's. The 3rd and 4th girl's from the right/ top are two of my daughter's.

This below was just sent to me from some of my familia up in New York this Christmas, the woman in white 2nd row from bottom with the Guy in the white shirt and tie is one of my mom's sister's & her hubby (both in their early 80's now ?) ... and the rest are her kid's (my cousin's) and grandkid's, the kid on the bottom right with the dog is a dancer, touring with Britney Spears on her stage dance crew. This brought back lost memories for me, because I can go back at least 50 year's or so, and was in these Christmas get- together's in this same room with my cousin's opening present's and playing as a 5/6 (?) year old kid ... the tree was on the right just like here back then, and the wreath was also in the center window, just like a half century ago.

Billy Idol- Scream & White Wedding ... Thanx to DRDVZ1971 ... This is a New Years Eve 2005 video that I chose for a music video of Billy Idol doing "Scream" & "White Wedding", that I wanted to post, because anyone who's been to a Billy Idol show, know's how this crew deliver's "live" too! Guitarist Steve Stevens of this crew is actually a "show" in himself, I stood once right alongside of him (I had an "all- access" stage pass through a local production company) less than 10'ft once on the "White Wedding" tour and was so impressed just with his guitar work and style, it just blew me away between listening to his monitor output and the huge cabinet's that surrounded the stage, was a storm of classic work in high gear, doing a couple random spin's at a speed that looked like a West Texas dust devil at 100+mph, but absolutely incredible guitar work, especially being he worked solo covering the rhythm and lead so well in the blend of them. It was kind of a funny audience up in front, surrounded by girlz dressed in white wedding dresses as well! BTW ... old schooler's like myself may recall even the older dayz when Billy was with "Generation X" ... love these guy's "live" though! Enjoy : ) This will be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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I wanted to post this Thank You video from OWS to it's supporter's, plus OWS' commercial video and a Thank You as well from American's that support this movement especially, because over the last couple month's I have viewed and read so much opposition to this movement as well. They have been called dumb, stoner's (pot smoker's), a waste of time, draining our public tax money with their occupation's, disrupting everything from election's to people trying to work, to being called a hippie movement who need's to use soap and water, a waste of media time, etc ... several folk's asking them to please stop, while calling them insult's as well ... and one Guy mentioned for them to stop, so other young American's like himself can have a real movement that can create change by 2075 ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which is fine and dandy, but some dont just want to sit and support the same ole same deadbeat shit for another half century while waiting for change : ) This posting is NOT to post any of the complaint's over this movement, but to Thank and support this movement, and post as much as I can with hopefully million's of other's like myself, so that this movement continue's to pop up again and again all over the internet.

Of course it's a free country to an extent still, and those who wish to ignore this movement and sit nice and proper going through the usual channel's of change and supporting the same ole same people are entitled to do so ... but I hardly call something like this a waste of time or insignificant, and it certainly is about as pro- democratic as you can get. What's also importante of this movement is what it will inspire and infuse for splinter's even more organized and feed the thought and spirit of this for million's of even young American's who see through what we currently have, just like those of my generation seen through the fault's that our fathering generation's before us had.

This inspire's true thought and motivation for change in action. For me this is far more than just poor folk's against the wealthy or 99% Vs. 1% ... this is about accountability, cleaning a house that frankly need's a good bath, and not the soap and water kind, to bring awareness in trying time's of how detrimental this is to the well being and stability of the future by ignoring these renegade's of market's and trade, letting them just recklessly continue business as usual, while we passively sit by and think we live in LaLa land of an era like "Mayberry RFD", "Leave It To Beaver" or other nonsense, like the American Dream as we knew it still exist's or the related, and everything will be fine and change, if we just say and do what were told, or whatever the pop culture report tell's us is acceptable or not. Hell, I'm not against true free market at all or capitalism, but when it become's not that anymore ... that's the issue, just like when voting the same ole same get's to be useless ... that is the TRUE "waste of time".

It take's all kind's of avenue's and strategies to get change, and alot of work ... this movement played a big role in inspiring that ... and Thank You much! This is not so much of a battle between the "have's" and "have not's", as it's painted to be ... but the "have not's" being able to get also rewarded for merit and hard work and being the true leader's and engine of this system ... not rewarding worthless self manufactured icon's who do nothing but manipulate.


Official Occupy Wall Street Thank You Video ... Thanx to DSAUVAGE

Occupy Wall Street Commercial ... Thanx to DSAUVAGE

End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.2)

This Part Two of "End to Privacy" is just a video that just came up from one of my favourite YouTube site's RTAMERICA. I am actually 110% in support of the CIA and other's affiliated of doing this ... so the reader of this may call me a commi or whatever ... which is fine as well. But ... I have my reason's, just like I have my reason's to not want to know what certain intell agencies in our nation is doing as well. But first the video, then my view on some of this, beside's what I wrote in Part One.

CIA Sifts Social Media Sites ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

RCJ: End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.1)

I'm a tad different than many in my thinking on this, also I dont live in a fantasy mindset of thinking, I realize how dangerous the world is. But what inspired my first posting on this a couple year's back, was all the people I talk to who are worried about their privacy, yet ... they willingly play into everything that contribute's to invasion of it. When you just use your social security, drivers liscense, credit card, apply for a job, or anything else that has your code or number, you just lost some of your privacy, period ... you dont even have to get online and use a computer or even a cell phone. It's simple ... you dont want to discuss something in public ... dont ... period, but dont blame this on the government either. This uproar over the TSA scanning is also for me ... nonsense ... I dont care if you strip me buck naked, like in jail intake, ask me to bend over, spread my asscheek's and look up my ass. I would rather have ya'll doin that before I get on a bloody plane, than sitting in a seat on the plane later wondering if the SOB next to me is squirming because he may have a bomb strapped to his ball's, detonator up his ass that activate's by a ground cell or something, their even trying to surgically implant explosive's now for that matter according to intell. That's the reality that we live in, like it or not ... period. I'm also aware that agencies may use this constant threat of terror to invade more of our lives ... I'm just aware, not paranoid ... and I cant change the fact that we have major threat's against our well being as well, whether were pumped with "fear card's" or not ... it's the time's we live in.

Even that cant stop terror/ harm completely, but make's for just a tad more safety from it. For instance ... you may wonder if Bin Laden was some kind of genius for being able to avoid capture for so long? ... nothing "genius" about it though ... he was able to, because he didnt use the technologies that we use daily or cell phone's that are on contract's with your friend's and familia package discount's, and stayed in clear sight, down the road from a military base, that even had U.S. support ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... right in the open, right in the heart of the city, even burned all their trash for that matter and used foot messenger's, etc. Major drug cartel's operate similar as far as communication's ... their not genius, just not that stupid. But all this shit as far as sifting social network's is needed, if we like living. A buddy who work's across the street as a car mechanic for instance, who moved to Dallas from Jerusalem (Israel), was telling me just how dangerous it can be in that town, just going to a bloody mall on the weekend to shop or browse ... and the tight security that is needed in that town. I dont think we clearly understand that there are folk's that are out to kill us, not because of our personal action's, but just because we are in America, and they feel they have a job to do, which is to destroy us ... period. And now even more of a threat of local domestic terror, even by lone wolves, tampering with store shelf medicine's, food line's in buffet's, comtamination of public drinking water, sabotage, etc, etc ... the list is endless, we even have our own financial entities screwing us, and Wall Street! We should also realize, that we have a job to do, to stay alive and safe ... the reason's are not importante, it is what it is, and this is the reality those who run this country made happen over year's of their action's and interference with these nation's and people, and blaming who or why aint gonna change the reality, but action will.

As far as the "fishing expedition's" of law enforcement ... well ... you have to expect that too, that shit was going on before the computer age ... but ... also understand that you still have court's and law's to use in your defense, if something foul come's up, and even after the fact, appeal's, etc. And we even have watchdog's watching all these watchdog's as well. We dont need to watch the government agencies as much as you should watch where the funding of these media's come from ... so watch us, because we are also watching Ya'll too : ) But I also mentioned in some of my earliest posting's that security in this cyber space especially is simply going to have to get tighter ... we even have countries that are hacking into our system's. Also as far as your privacy is concerned ... all your major marketer's are watching every move you make, even watching your cell's when you shop, your eye's, what you shop for, eat, like and dislike, etc ... Why? ... because it's business. I mean ... how many time's do you visit a site even online ... and next thing you know, your hammered with product's folk's are trying to sell you in pop- up's etc? ... there IS NO BLOODY PRIVACY ... and most folk's frankly dont give a shit who your screwing or whatever, unless they can make a buck off you.

Sure ... they can cut down communication's like these organized movement's, OWS or whatever ... but that wont stop us either from protesting, voting, and fighting for our right to voice, even if you cut down our cell's and site's, that doesnt break the spirit. Even in some countries like Syria with recent clashes or Iran, and trying to cut folk's off ... folk's still were clever enough to find wayz to get their message's out to the world. All I'm saying is that everything has a flip side to it. If it werent for these investigation's, snooping, sifting, etc ... you would have more of these cyber bullies even attacking folk's, their website's, their credit/ financial account's etc, hacking public system's, and even more of these spineless closet freak's than you can shake a stick at, that want to prey on your little children and their web space's and lives. I could list 101 reason's why I support alot of this to an extent, but I made my point here.

Word Out ....

Alex Jones: US Government spies on everybody ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... I also wanted to add this video in this posting, because again, simply thought for awareness is all. I cant say that I agree that Bin Laden has been dead for instance way before they say they executed him, I dont have any evidence to support that, but I also have no evidence that he was taken down as reported and buried at sea ... nor do I really give a shit anywayz. But it is importante to know at least that, of course there will be operation's to suppress movement's and so forth, so you dont need to be some conspiracy theorist to suspect that, just have common sense. There are watchdog's as I said watching watchdog's, and many is even watching the government. My concern was not with our government as much as it is with corporate entities/ interest's as you can see throughout this journal. But also as I mentioned in previous posting's, you dont need to declare something like "martial law", when you clearly have legislation and law's in place to do that for you ... cleaning up our representation and the hand's that feed them are what's importante especially ... again ... we have represenative's who have no term limit's and are bred to be political mouthpiece's since their college dayz, eliminate them through the power of the vote, and make term limit's, stop pay- off's to them etc ... will clean up much of this mess, so even much of the solution is simple as far as strategies and what we need to do. But I just wanted to make sure this is posted as well, in case it dont get linked at some time with the above video.


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Two New Earth's ? (CNN) ... & a 1902 "Trip To The Moon" ... from "Sci- Fi" to Sci that's "Fly" in 1.1 Century (Above & Below PT.5)

This Part 5 of the "Above & Below" series will look at a recent CNN piece on the possibilities of other Earth like planet's that may be able to produce and/ or sustain some life similar to Earth, and their not just talking about two here, they already suspect there may be hundred's, which shouldnt suprise us either. I mean ... just a child in 7th or 8th grade when they talked about planet's, orbit's, solar system's, etc ... I alwayz wondered if there could be planet's in other system's that are just the same distance from a similar sun energy in orbit, that may be somewhat like here?, perhap's plant's, animal's, or similar? Actually, it was one of only a few subject's in school as a kid that grabbed my atencion and could make me listen without boredom ... even though I scored highest in "math" as a child, I actually loathed and disliked math (which alwayz confused me, wondering why I would score so well in something I disliked? : ) But nonetheless ... this stuff is fun to me, and I love all the documentaries on the cable/ tele of this kind of stuff (not sci- fi though much).

They mentioned also the sci- fi French film classic here "A Trip To The Moon", so I went to YouTube to dig that up ... and what a treat this piece of film was (I never seen it before, so it was a suprise to me ... I mean, like this is some really old school flick : ) But just a look at what our idea's were like 110 year's ago as far as sci- fi ... to science, astronomy, and space exploration today that is not only real, but "fly" (cool) too.

CNN/ OPINION: Two New Earths and the Search for Life newsread and video


A Trip to the Moon- Le Voyage dans la lune (1902) ... Thanx to MICHAELSATOKWOLMAN


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CHARLES MANSON (PT.1): ... The "Victim" who never Whined ... Portrait of a contemporary American Scapegoat (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.8)

Related image

Charlie & wife Rosalie Willis

This "Incarcerated American" Part 8 will be to look at the case and trial of what I see as one of the biggest scapegoat witch hunt style pop culture kangaroo trials and conviction that I ever seen in my 55 years of life, that of Charlie Manson, and really is fitting for this series. Charlie and his case is one that I am personally familiar with, that I first looked into 20+ year's ago at least ... through a friend who introduced me, who was doing some research on this case with Charlie. But first a couple short videos of some clips and quotes from the man, and the link right below for a look at the trial, then I will add my thoughts and such on it after.




Charles Manson- Injustice Revealed ... Thanx to DYSTOPIAUK

Charlie Manson [Diane Sawyer interview] Complete ... Thanx to Paul Reilly's Channel

Interview with Charles Manson ... Thanx to RYANGARY60

The reason for this posting, is not to try to get on the "Free Charlie" bandwagon or anything like such, as a matter of fact, I wondered ... "What in Hell would Charlie do if he was freed?" ... I mean most of his life, all he ever known was incarceration. I was actually shocked looking at the case, listening to Charlie's side and how it went down, everything connected with it was so flimsy, especially the testimonies/ depositions from alleged participants, and Charlie acting nutty in court simply out of rebellion and anger sure as Hell helped fuel it, being the guy has been there before in small bunk cases, knew the hypocrisy of the system when it comes to folks of his social/ economic background and such, and was just pissed and created a freakshow as sort of an insult, because he knew this was all about wanting for some freak to toy with for societies pleasure and someone to publicly scapegoat and hang, because of the counter culture uprise of the time (similar to folks like Occupy Wall Street and war protesting, etc of today), and what better candidate, than a nobody to connect to a gruesome murder scene. Even his priors he went down for were amplified by technicalities, probationary/ parole violations, stealing petty to eat or whatever, which when any stolen property/ merchandise is taken over a "state line" by offender, it automatically jumps the offense into the "federal" category.

As far as those who claim they were under Charlie's magickal LSD induced spell or other bullshit, such as Pat Krenwinkel (It was Krenwinkel's plea deal testimony designed by Bugliosi that basically sealed Charlie's conviction during the trial), Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Charles "Tex" Watson ... who actually admitted to doing these brutal slayings ... there will be no talk of them in this series besides what little here, because they're all basically liars and most importantly, whining coward's. One statement of Charlie once that caught my atencion, was him saying something about the honesty in jail/ prison, and the repercussions of your actions in prison, if you're a phony basically ... it's true, like a street code of sort ... bottom line ... you screw up, play games ... you die, period. Out here in especially this day and time, we are saturated with lies, pop culture, and bullshit ... even those we look up to as leaders are basically worthless cowards in many cases, running their goddamn mouth about all what they do, which frankly aint a goddamn thing, but running their goddamn mouth :-) I think ole Tex (Watson) was preaching, others were saving others through psychological group sessions, prayers, or whatever in prison, getting brownie points in the public and prisons eyes as having "changed", and now "good" instead of "evil" etc. Even Sadie (Atkins) a few years back dying of brain cancer, pleading to be released, with her new pretty look and hairstyle, soft spoken, loving and all the rest of the nauseating bullshit about all she done as "good", and nothing about the brutal acts she committed and even teased and flaunted about in court at the trial, as well as to fellow inmates ... was whining about how evil Charlie was, and how she has changed, etc. The only one out of this so called "familia" who has stood to their guns with any amount of honesty, has been Charlie, who committed no related offense, was not even at the scene for that matter of it, yet has spent over 4 decades incarcerated over it.

To this day ... Charlie is actually called one of the most recognized "serial killer's" of the 20th century ... just to show you an example of just how twisted our brains have gotten ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :-) ... we have REALLY been brainwashed, and NOT by Charlie either :-) ... technically he doesnt even fit any way into the definition of a serial killer, so dont kid yourself. Just picture if you said that you didnt like a person or thing, spoke of how they should be eliminated for their actions, not even in a specific manner, and your buddies/ associates went and killed that person or thing after, even though they did it, turn around and say your "words" and/ or "dislikes" inspired them, so it's your fault? I dont know if that even makes sense, but that's what you have here basically. Kind of like when folks blame "guns" on murder instead of the actual person that pulled the trigger, eh(?) There isnt a damn thing wrong mentally with Charlie in my opinion, in fact, despite his lack of formal education, like many I met on the streets, is more level headed, and keen to the reality, has more integrity, and certainly more honest than many we look up to. I would actually feel safer and trust him more than many that are considered safe or trustworthy today, if I was sleeping in the same cell as his cellie for that matter ... at least I would know there is a certain amount of integrity if anything with him ... he's an actual victim and doesnt even whine about it. Charlie's angry? he sayz outrageous things? of course he does, he's been shit on his whole life, what should he do ... smile and talk loving to everyone, knowing they're just there for their ratings and to create a cheap show, making millions off him? ... but most importantly, he's about as straight as you can get.

I also notice there's this sub- culture movement now to free Charlie and even talk of another trial, etc ... but I am no way connected to any of that either. When the trial was going on, I was a young teen and didnt pay much atencion to it, only knowing it was in the news constantly, besides the weekly casualties in Nam (Vietnam) ... I didnt even grasp the whole late 1960's peace and love flower thing, even though I loved the rock music of the era ... and damn sure wouldnt have even considered on living in some commune type environment, and when I got out in more rural areas like the Mojave Desert of the Southwest, Texas, or upstate New York, the last thing on my mind was doing LSD and holding hands with folks singing love songs in a commune ... I was there to do things like "hunting" and/ or related sports. I was a kid who knew realities like the streets of New York City, which wasnt very peaceful and loving most of the time, and stayed as a teen fugitive in a brothel (or what some call a whorehouse/ cathouse, etc), nothing like the commune environment, I actually showered daily, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :-) ... so the trial and "movement", protesting war or such, to me frankly I could have gave a rats ass less about at the time. I even tried to enlist in the U.S. Navy at 17 or so, despite the chance of going to Nam ... didnt give a shit about the war either. So I never belonged to this peace and love or free the people movement either, meaning I have no motives of such to write this about Charlie or this following. But I heard constantly about this so called "familia" ... how evil they were and their so called "leader", "pied piper", or "guru" ... "Charlie", so I just took it for face value ... thinking that's it. I had no idea what this was about until my first contact with this case and Charlie 20+ years ago ... and found out, it's nothing like what the stories say, and Charlie also seemed to be some die- hard environmentalist as well to me if anything.

One of the most incredible parts of this case, was the lengthy story book presentation Prosecutor Bugliosi made of this for "motive", and even got away with it blindly for a bit by a jury and court, basing it mainly on a song off a Beatles record album at that, mixed with some ancient verses from the Holy Bible, then twisted to some kind of modern day interpretation of these verses, engineered by Bugliosi actually, as if it was a school arts project ... with depositions/ testimonies from a bunch of so called followers, that willingly went on their own to hang out in this commune, were not even competent enough or should have needed to been to testify, who were on multiple LSD trips, and still even tweaking during some of their stories ... basically scared kids, runaways, ex- offenders, kids rejected by their families, etc ... being fed with words and ideas to fabricate even way- out nonsensical theories of motive by Bugliosi as well, even Manson's defense was a joke of legal eagles, disorganized, and in my opinion a waste of money, spending more time with each other, trying to present their theories and strategies. Even the jury was railroaded time and again and denied (believe it or not) to even hear testimonies from the defendants, based on ... get this ... Charlie and his/ their hypnotic vibes, drug induced psych powers, telepathy or whatever may harm them and their mental health, claiming that it happened to these followers. Frankly the one who should have been in question on their mental health, should have been this Prosecutor Bugliosi, who made a nice little nest egg off his book too, which was really "motive" for Bugliosi's show. This case is to look at a victim that never whined, and his portrait as a contemporary scapegoat only.

Enough said ....


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SANTA MONICA, CA (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.2) ... "Battle @ The Nativity Scene 2011" w/ Guest Pat Condell on Militant Atheist's & Cultural Masochist's

This PT.2 of "Battle of the Doll's" (Battle at The Nativity Scene) will be another battle just reported today by CNN, this time in the Los Angeles area town of Santa Monica ... and Thank God (humour only : )Southern California atheist's havent started protesting the town's in Southern California for their name's such as "Santa Monica" or "Los Angeles" for instance, since so many town's (even more than Texas) have name's that even connect back to Spanish Christian/ Catholic mission's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... ya'll would have to re- name half the bloody state! and ya'll know then that all them Mexicano's/ Latino's would think Ya'll are racist's too : )

But anywayz Mr. Pat Condell is someone that I enjoy watching his video's on YouTube, and he just added this piece, which is exactly how I feel about this as well, so I just had to include it, to let Pat speak for me here, and to save the reader from another one of my over worded posting's because of my lack of writing knowledge skill's ... because this pop culture "monkey say, monkey repeat" herd mentality in this country is frankly not just shocking because alot of these same folk's claim to be free thinking, liberated, tolerant, etc ... but it's also to a degree nauseating. I think Mr. Condell summed it up perfectly as "militant atheist's and cultural masochist's". The CNN link below on the Southern California Doll Battle, then ole Pat : ) And Merry Xmas to you Pat, and especially baby Moses : )

CNN/ U.S.: On California Coast, Atheists Nudge Out Nativity Scenes


The Intolerance Of Diversity ... Thanx to PATCONDELL


MASTER SGT. ROBERT ALLEN (U.S.M.C.): ... A Marine's Christmas Song ... (Veteran's Spotlight PT.20)

This "Veteran's Spotlight PT. 20", is a Christmas salute posting to our troop's ... highlighting Master Sgt. Robert Allen, U.S. Marine Corp and his Christmas song from Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, a nice intimate solo piece of work too from Sgt. Allen! Thank You and Merry Christmas to those serving and their familia's back home! Enjoy! : )



A Marine's Christmas Song OFFICIAL MARINE VERSION ... Thanx to MCASCPPA


ROLLING STONES: "19th Nervous Breakdown", "Happy", "Tumbling Dice" & "Sympathy For The Devil"

Image result for rolling stones band

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will have to go to those bad boyz of the 1960's British Invasion ... the "Rolling Stones"! and what a history this crew has at that, so I will let Wikipedia handle that. For those who compared them just because of the Brit Invasion of that era to crew's like the Beatles, The Who, etc ... there is no similarities actually, Stones as well were a class of their own and especially the way they composed and arranged music was different, in a way ... more of a garage band style, party type group strictly.

However ... what a history they made, and Mick Jagger's business savvy skill's were a plus. Difficult to only pick 4 song's, but I managed after reviewing so many Stones piece's here and there over the month's ... I chose 4 of my favourites of many tunes of theirs, of "live" performances. 2012 April should be their 50th Anniversary, and of course still out there. I seen them "live" once in the Dallas' Cotton Bowl Stadium, I believe 1981, and ZZ Top opened for them, great show too! But these guy's really bring back alot of old memories for sure, love you guy's! ... and Thank You ... Enjoy! : )

The Rolling Stones- 19th Nervous Breakdown ... (I believe if my memory is correct, that this was live in Australia 1966) ... Thanx to COMMERCIALNEWSANDFUN

Rolling Stones Happy 1972 (06/ 25/ 72 Houston) ... Thanx to RCC663

Rolling Stones- Tumbling Dice (live) ... Thanx to MARCELO BERNAL

ROLLING STONES- Sympathy For The Devil (Live 1969) HD ... Thanx to DRUNGSTA



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OCCUPY WALL STREET 2.0: Austerity Fetishism Vs Transformative Movement/ Economic Inequality Vs. Corporate Neo Communism (The AWAKENING PT.8)

This PT. 8 of "The AWAKENING" will be to honour and celebrate the 3 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which of course now occupies the nation as well ... and this next phase they are calling "2.0". The title of this posting inspired by those in the below video's ... Alyona Minkovski, Katie Davison, and Jesse LaGreca (even though Alyona doesnt belong to the movement, she dont yet realize what significant role she will play) ... just a few of the many heroes and heroines of this movement. Some video's below, then some word's I will add.

This posting will be added to "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference


3 Months of Occupy Wall St ... Thanx to THE ALYONASHOW

OWS Marks 3 Months, defies critics & Gains Momentum ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

Occupy Wall Street: Three Months In ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

I dont look too much as this being about "economic inequality" as far as how loosely the term is used ... I see what has been happening as more like "highway robbery"! I mean ... I think most of us favour some degree of economic and social inequality, it inspire's, motivate's, create's competition, etc ... we get inspired by those folk's that are not equal to us in other word's ... we sure as Hell dont want to all be the same, we would die off as a species. But what this austerity fetishism as Mr. LaGreca put's it is about is nothing but that, and a wave of what I look at as more corporate neo communism, anything but free market, competition, individualism, reward for risk's, etc ... this whole cesspool as folk's are starting to see is all one huge crock of bullshit, by a handful of entities who do nothing, create nothing, contribute nothing, and fear competition at that like frightened cat's ... have not an ounce of integrity or even spine for that matter, yet mislabeled as "elite".

Alot of American's are not yet comfortable with this, and only because they dont yet see the significance of this and are only looking at the short term, thinking of these folks as disruptive, disorganized compared to what we are used to as the "norm", and see these movement's of recent past history as something that just dies off and amount's to nothing. But as I posted in earlier posting's throughout this journal, will move in wave's, and also, as long as this changing system continue's business as usual, this also will continue to keep the flame's burning. Look at it like Ms. Katie Davison point's out ... a "transformative movement" in this sort of what I call a "transitional moment" throughout this journal. This also will inspire so many affiliate movement's and a new generation of what I talked about in earlier posting's of political/ social thought ... not being of this left/ right dichotomy and way of thought, alot of our thinking is not just like this or cultural, but also became genetic. We learn as a species from past mistake's, and all the hardship's that are coming to folk's, again ... are a blessing we dont yet realize or even see. So when you see thing's get worse for many over the next few year's, dont look at the short term hardship's, but the longrun benefit's of the pain and struggle.

Also as Mr. LaGreca point's out ... it is also importante that this splinter's and diversifies it's strategies and reaches out to both side's of this current era, as you can see by finding some common ground at least for some dialogue if anything, with even those folk's like in the Tea Party ... the power's want you to be divided as much as possible, the more the merrier for them, why do you think they created this? This austerity fetishism also as I earlier pointed out will hit everyone up and down the chain. On other political avenues if you want to look at poll's for instance (I never placed much stock in them, but the stat's/ figure's are something to look at as well) currently about 8/ 9 out of every 10 American's are unsatisfied with our representation, especially in Congress on both of these polarizing side's ... and this is a key factor, being that we are across the board finally waking up whether what side we belong to or group we fit into ... we are finally realizing this overall contamination of freedom and democracy and the dysfunctionality of the governing body as a whole.

Other than that ... Congratulation's to OWS and affiliate's ... and their will to utilize will.

Word Out ....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.2) ... The MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA Edition

This PT.2 of "Government Shutdown & Countdown" will be to look at what I call "The Merry Christmas Edition" of the same ole same "Satan Sandwich" serving with the again "Outta Town by Sundown" following ... I reckon none of them on the GOP want to miss any of them last minute Christmas Holiday sales, to try to give their petty jumpstart to the economy. I got an idea though ... how bout like former President GW Bush done ... mail us a stimulus check for $500/ $1000 buck's per household and we'll gladly spend that shit, eh ... whatcha say? : ) ... it is our tax money eh? No ... all shit aside though, we know ya'll's little cheap tight asses wouldnt do that : )

But anywayz ... as I suspected and wrote in my earlier posting's that they may try this stunt ... of course ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they done and are. Some stuff below linked, and a couple video show's ... then a few addition word's the ole Chimp on the Ranch will add.

This posting will also be added to the list "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

CNN/ POLITICS: Obama, Boehner Square Off in Payroll Tax Fight ... newsread and video's, full story

President Obama Speaks on the Payroll Tax Cut ... Thanx to WHITEHOUSE ... this video just in 18 hour's ago and I had to post here. What you see here is straight, not any campaign talk, left right talk or whatever ... this is the face and word's of a man, who is just simply sick and tired of these game's, plain and simple ... no pep rally talk, no bullshit, no pretty goofball smile's for the camera, just straight up ... and even more reason why I will support in this case whatever he decide's is best ... and when I say "him" ... I mean that ... not Reid, Baucus, Boehner, or McConnell making the ultimate decision's. I'm personally sick of how many Democrat's have been obstructing the President's decision's too.

RCJ: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.1) ... The Return of the SATAN SANDWICH {: (

First of all, on this one I will support the President and Democrat's 110% on whatever call they make regardless. I mean, even if $700/ $1000 buck's in extra taxes per year is a noticeable amount to many of us ... I am one as I wrote earlier time and again willing to pay that extra tax. However ... on the other hand ... I personally speaking, am sick and tired of this game after game set- up ... and because so ... if I were in President Obama's position or fellow Democrat's in the House or Senate on this one ... I WOULD NOT ANY LONGER COMPROMISE, period. And I know how awful that would be looked at by some fellow Democrat's, being we get stuck with a tax increase, and it could also make or break my political career possibly ... but someone, somewhere must draw a line in the sand, eh? I mean ... give folk's like the GOP/ Republican's an inch in this game, and they'll take a mile, that's how it worx. The Democrat's and President Obama have been very generous to the GOP, despite the GOP's relentless stubborn whining, bitching, moaning, and bellyaching ... and they know it! The President himself is sick and tired of these game's, you can see and hear it in his talk and expression, even in this "CBS 60 Minutes" exclusive .

Again ... I am one who is more than happy to give tax break's to the wealthy and like doing business that way, because one hand washes the other ... the only thing though ... is this has been a one way street, we give, and the money doesnt go to domestic spending in job creation, but offshore to start manufacturing or such in foreign countries where you can pay employee's under a buck ($1) an hour with no benefit's ... and that brother/ sister ... dont cut it in my book. So why wouldnt I just give in on this one and let the tax break's ride through for the corporate clan and associate's? Because ... I wont play endless game's and go through these endless stand- off's time and again ... just for 2 or 3 month's of certainty here and there for American worker's, military personel, folk's drawing their SSI or whatever ... it's our goddamn money, and we dont need any goddamn babysitter's to manage our money, we do better than ya'll when it come's to our budgeting and spending ... this is all bullshit, period.

I cant even believe some of the blogging from fellow voting Democrat's as well as mainstream journalist's I been hearing and reading ... I was actually left with my jaw hanging to the floor in disbelief. The continuous complaint's over progressive die hard Democrat's and even Occupy Wall Street patriot's ... as well as the endless talk about .... "Ohhhh, it's over ... I give up, were doomed ..." "another satan sandwich, I'm frightened, which one do I choose? ... " "we dont have any choice, it's only getting worse ..." ... "boo- hoo, I dont know what to do, their shafting us ..." etc, etc (nauseum) Of course their goddamn shafting us, and we keep negotiating with them and letting them continue to do it!! What do you need? a jackhammer up your ass before you stop playing their game's? ... Geeeezz ... and these folk's call themselves "liberated"? ... how in Hell can you be liberated when the only thing you do is crouch in fear, talk doom and gloom, and take whatever is given to you?!! These progressive Democrat's and these folk's in Occupy Wall Street are the TRUE warrior's of the left ... plain and simple. Geeezz ... why the Hell do these folk's give up so goddamn easy and throw in the towel is what puzzles me ... I dont give a shit how much influence big money has in politic's ... I am going to do everything I can to buck them ... I wont even do business with their financial institution's ... and even recently encouraged several people I know locally, to withdraw out of their major bank's and put their money in local small bank's and credit union's, which they done on my advice, and dont even regret doing so, they found that their better off and less bullshit fee's to pay ... plus ... their keeping them extra dollar's out of those giant's hand's.

I wanted to add this video I found, even though he is one that I havent voted for, but at least it's solid truth ... and so well put, Wolf Blitzer here is more mainstream politically correct ... but you want bloody damn honesty ... Ron Paul speak's it here. Hardly any of these chicken shit's in Washington will even address this and bring it to the table. Frankly ... we would save billion's more cutting some of that shit and the waste and pet project's from our representation alone, especially on foreign and defense spending, and this mind you is coming from a Republican! So ask yourself ... who is really full of shit?

Ron Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 12- 14- 11 ... Thanx to LIBERTYSOURCE

Enough said ... Word Out ....


ALYONA MINKOVSKI: ... Brain's, Bold, and Beauty ... Make's the Forbes "30 under 30" List! (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.2)

Related image

Part Two of the "Beautiful Girlz" series in this journal will be to honour and take a quick glimspe of Alyona Minkovski on the ball and on the job! Who just made the "Forbes" list choice for folk's 30 under 30 to watch in the media , and of course Congratulation's to Ms. Minkovski! But no ... this actually didnt suprise me as a choice for Forbes ... this gal is really on the ball, straight up and kick's ass where needed on getting the "job" done! I have a love for her show especially, the guest's, the topic's, the point's of interest, flashing the scam's of what's going on and how especially were getting screwed. Whatever the discussion, she's rolling up her sleeve's and diving in.

But this woman for fella's like myself who like these subject's/ issue's to explore, nail, and bring to the atencion ... you couldnt want more from a woman ... I mean ... here you not only have beauty, but what a treat with her brain and how she think's and get's to the nitty gritty wasting no time on these issue's, and nicely bold at the same time. Even without the beauty just to have a long discussion with or to listen to, she a treat and a half, that could entertain you as well as capture your interest for hour's! Just a really sharp all around Gal!

But enough from the Ranch Chimp and unto this woman of interest, with as usual below, other importante issue's of concern! Thanx alot Alyona for all the coverage and your hard work made to look so easy (which I know isnt), and best of luck in the future! Love Ya ....


Happy Hour: Alyona make's Forbes 30 under 30 to watch in media! ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

Blake Shelton- Footloose (Official Video) ... Thanx to BLAKESHELTON ... Alyona said she was a fan of the original Footloose movie and as to her question about a new one, Yes there is ... and this is the official video for the remake/ cover of the song for the movie done here by Blake Shelton, who done an excellent remake of this Kenny Loggins classic ... I wanted to dedicate to Alyona!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SEOUL: Is YONGSAN DREAM HUB CLOUD TOO LOUD ? ... A World "Made" Center after World Trade Center ....

This hasnt been much in the mainstream of news, yet I still wanted to post on it because it has had alot of sensitive response with American's, as far as the concept/ design of this building planned to go up in Seoul. This design was "made" and "labeled", as soon as the design's were released to the public ... before it was even given a chance of voice to defend itself ... instead, just having media's run these picture's wild to just tease folk's for reaction/ response, cause they knew it would touch a nerve. Some link's of read and video below, them some view's of my own on it.


***** BLOOMBERG: Seoul Skyscraper Resembling Twin Towers Collapse May Change After Outcry


***** MAILONLINE: Outrage over plan's for Korean Buildings identical to burning twin towers ... and the architects claim they didn't notice

No doubt this was a big event as far as terror here in our country, even many year's to come after 9/11 it will be, so alot of folk's get touchy on this ... I'm even touchy on these thing's. But this building I thought was a fine piece of design ... looking closely at it ... I seen the idea ... having this small almost intimate condo/ apartment community above the smog and hustle bustle of the city, and the green factor incorporated into it, landscaping, etc ... I see some of these concept's as being a norm in the near future actually, and more and more tall urban structure's as well, not just serving as a place for corporation's and office's to house, but also, more and more energy efficient idea's, for water/ rain recycling, filtering of hazzardous atmospheric contaminant's/ pollutant's, utilizing all the solar/ wind energies it can collect, etc, ... even the design make's it spacious living and enough seperation for privacy that you cant even find on alot of ground level urban living, or standard high- rise condo/ apartment living. And the more and more of these idea's, the lower the cost goes.

On the other hand, folk's are upset because it look's like an insult to America resembling the 9/ 11 event (even though it's nearly half the height of the Trade Center Towers) ... and the new World Trade in New York City is even an uplifting piece of work 2nd to none . Look at the design and what we learned and what those ashes turned into at World Trade Center ... the old trade center was basically a "death trap" for instance, which unfortunately we had to experience this harsh loss and terror to address something that should have been addressed even long before it.

But I simply cant see this as insulting to America, and I even look at the Dutch and South Korean folk's as great allies at that, that I wouldnt want something like this to turn into some petty bitch fight and sour our relation's on a social level. I also find it difficult to believe that this was intentional or to try to insult or offend anyone, or done just for public relation's to advertise and get atencion to such. I think it's a damn good piece of work, and look forward to many more of these and other design's/ concept's for near future urban living, and multi- purpose use structure's of this sort.

My vision's in the future even go further than this, being of these complexes of sort standing in mid air without ANY ground support structure all over the planet, which would also reduce vulnerability to thing's like tsunami's, flooding, earthquake's, etc ... which I wont even get into here, because I cant explain what I vision, due to there isnt any solid science/ physics yet to explain this, I see this as a new science/ technology that we never experienced for instance ... I only vision it, yet dont understand what I vision, if that make's any sense.

Word Out ....


Monday, December 19, 2011


I try to refrain from having too much religious item's in this journal. This is another case right here in our backyard in Texas, and of course an endless argument. And since it involve's this Christian nativity scene, I wanted to post on it. Christian's in my opinion have persecuted far more than atheist's, actually, I dont think I can recall any case of atheist's persecuting, at least going by the definition of "atheist", the folk's of herd pop culture in ancient Rome for instance that persecuted Christian's were called "Pagan's" ... but just look at history, look at especially the war's behind all religion's including the billion's and trillion's spent in religious countries abroad of our hard earned tax dollar's by folk's that dictate us and our government, that could give a shit less about atheist's, christian's, muslim's, satanist's, pagan's, or any of these nonsensical created battle's and bitch fight's, imposed by those centuries back till this day to manipulate the mass herd of population's ... creating code's, law's, and moral's in their palace's while watching the ignorant masses fight over it, while they who create these mindset's and culture's basically screw us.

Athens is a small East Texas town not far from Dallas, I dated a gal year's back who was born and raised in the Athens vicinity, and raised a Baptist christian, and proclaimed her faith in Jesus (except in bed : ) ... she was also a big fan of heavy metal, and that lifestyle ... it's also one of the friendliest lil town's you can just happen to randomly stop by ... with warm hospitality 2nd to none, peaceful, laid back, etc ... I love those folk's down there. So when I first heard this, I wondered, what in Hell is a group out of Wisconsin worrying over some lil East Texas town, and a simple Christmas Nativity scene for? The nativity scene though goes way back to like ancient Egypt even , way before Christianity was even an idea, part of ancient mythology and Paganism actually ... long story though, that I'm not even going to bother to get into here, cause I could write a book on this it's so lengthy. But local atheist's from what I gather in Athens, are who called in the folk's from Wisconsin, so it was kind of an "invitation" type thing ... remember Athens ... there are also some non- believer's around town : )

I'm not religious at all, because of my religious opposition year's back and strong stance on free thought. Yet at the same time, none of these scene's bother me ... I cant frankly ever say that I seen a piece of art whether it's in the form of a sculpture, painting, etc ... that made me react violently, or made me feel oppressed, or got my underwear in bind over it, and sure as Hell not going to debate, argue, or fight over it. But the Nativity Scene to me, is simply part of American Christmas culture/ art ... so I welcome it 110% ... as well as all the rest of the Christmas holiday festivities, etc It's a fine story, whether it's folklore or not, or whether I believe it or not ... I also support 110% the folk's who want to have Pagan celebration's. The last Halloween/ Samhain celebration they had in the White House hosted by the First Family for instance ... it clearly had all the imagery of ancient occult paganism and ritual element to it ( I mean ... I sure as Hell would know ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), and would be easy to look at, as a big violation of separation of church and state, yet I wouldnt try to stop it, because it's a festive time of celebration and the children have fun ... especially in these trying time's.

At the same time I understand, this is a serious issue for separation of church and state ... yet ... no ... I wouldnt go into a small town like this, and tell people of faith that they need to take down their display, and especially during the season for me would not be the appropriate time to address it. Nor would I even want to stop folk's from having this faith thing whether I believe in that particular faith or not, I look at faith sometime's as part of what pull's folk's through tough time's, but I also seen some hard thing's in life, whether it was folk's on the street or in incarceration ... I understand human's need's, so I seen first hand how faith has helped people psychologically as well. Yet at the same time, I will not tolerate religious bullying from any of these religious extremities, that may identify themselves as Christian's, I will defend my property, self, and familia when needed, but I also dont think that the majority of these faith folk's are out to persecute or bully anyone.

Earlier this evening (sunday) a lady sitting next to me on the train (rail/ subway), while going downtown to the West End entertainment district, said something like ... "Excuse me ... but has anyone ever told you, you look like Jesus?" ... I just looked at her somewhat shocked and said ... "Uhhhh ... noooo ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's a first : )", she sayz something like ... "No ... really, it looks cool though, with your hair and goatee" I could have gotten offended I reckon, but she was cool, and it struck up some conversation is all, soon finding out, she wasnt even a religious freak or anything, it was only just something that popped up I reckon as small chat.

Other than that ... enough from me, cause I'm fixin to go to bed, and some newsread below and some audio of both sides arguing on KTRH/ Houston news/ radio ... and I still hope for the people of Athens to have their Merry Christmas, sincerely : )

***** ATHENS REVIEW: Rally for the Nativity ... (newsread)


KTRH's Morning News Talks Religion.wmv ... Thanx to KTRH NEWS


Sunday, December 18, 2011

KINSEY SICKS (MERRY CHRISTMAS): "Twisted Christmas Parodies", "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians", "Touch-A Touch Me, TSA Security"

This induction into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is past due, however, I wanted also to wait till the Holiday Season to post for a Merry Christmas posting as well. It will be to honour the Kinsey Sicks ... and to take a peek at their Christmas parodies, however to also honour them for their ourstanding 'a cappella' style and beauty shop quartet vocal's/ sound. Their creativity in contemporary American parody and stage/ video, especially being that they just happened to accidentally and unexpectedly ended up in the entertainment industry without even intending to. And just a real fun group to uplift them spirit's! So Merry Christmas from Kinsey Sicks ... and myself, the Ranch Chimp. And Thanx Ya'll for all the fun and contribution's to the Art's! ... Enjoy! : )

Twisted Christmas Parodies by the Kinsey Sicks ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS

God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS

Touch- A Touch Me, TSA Security (Rocky Horror Parody by the Kinsey Sicks) ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS ... this I wanted to add as tip's to those travelling the busy airport's over the Holiday Season, for those who get too uptight about being frisked.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Laquisha Dansby & Erik Whitaker: "Love Gone South" (was it that Ol' Pick- Up Truck?) ... "LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.3"

The positive part of this "Love Is In The Air" Part 3 is that no one was killed, which would have been easy to do. This I can only see as "Love Gone South". I dont know what Mr. Whitaker's motive was to make him act in this manner, charged with attempted murder and other charge's, he will have plenty of "time" to ask himself. There could be 101 reason's for these type love affair's gone wrong ... could it have been her bitching over that Ol' Pick- Up Truck? ... well ... only they know, but I thought the 2nd video I found and posted would be an appropriate dedication for this posting : )

KABC7/ LA: Man tries to run over Girlfriend, crashes into store (newsread)


***** HLN: Cops: Man crashes truck through store ... (newsvideo)

"Stupid Old Pick Up Truck- KAYLA MICHELLE" (Taylor Swift/ Picture To Burn) ... Thanx to GUITARGOOCH ... Just a video I found on YouTube that I would like to dedicate to Laquisha & Erik, I thought was fitting ...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

COL. LARRY WILKERSON (U.S. ARMY) : War & More ... A View of America from the Eye of the Hurricane (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 19)

This "Veteran's Spotlight" Part 19, is simply to look at some view's outside the mainstream box and more from what I consider the "Eye Of The Storm" here from retired U.S. ARMY Colonel Larry Wilkerson , because he make's some good point's here.

Look, since the start of this damn journal ... I have of course alwayz been pro- defense, but also "real defense" and against all this corporate dictation of war and unfortunately now our political representation more than ever in American history. Pointing out time and again of the repercussion's of our action's around the world and how we will be viewed, and especially everything from our ocupation's, strongarming, boasting of being number one, playing "King of the Hill" game's, and American's sucking it up like lollipop's and falling more and more into a rut over these misfit's in our government that run everything else in the world, but our own country ... here, that cant get a goddamn thing done for America, but fussing, nitpicking, and nickel and diming us to death. We have the best defense if needed in the world ... I never worry if were protected from an enemy at all ... but ask myself alwayz ... who is the real enemy? ... our enemy is ourselves.

It isnt just the imbalance in this nation we call mistakenly at time's unfair, because without balance, no such thing as fair can exist, common sense just show's you that. Also as I have pointed out time and again especially to my fellow Texan's, knowing them ... How would Ya'll feel if a foreign country was occupying your land and backyard here in Texas or anywhere's in America, telling you what you will and will not do? What do we expect innocent people to do who are imprisoned abroad by us for year's without charge's being formally brought against them, and then cut them loose, give em a meal voucher and plane ticket ... do we expect them to go back to their people and talk about how great it was being a prisoner for nearly a decade of American's, after they did nothing but have a 3rd or 4th party association with someone who talked attack on America? And why are these people so successful at selling resentment and attack's to America on their people? But enough from me ... I think Larry below sum's up thing's well.


Col. Wilkerson: US War w Iran '3 yrs. Away' ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

POST NOTE: I'm all for not only defense, but intell, covert operation's, helping allies, stopping terror against us, etc, etc ... I dont even WANT for our defense/ government to have to report any of our defense "secret's" to us, and would tell them ... "I dont want to know". The issue though with me, is the interest's involved as far as what we do and why? If Saddam Hussein for example, was a "real" threat to it's people and especially to us and/ or allies, but what also is that threat "level/ extent"? ... I am more for taking him out covertly before I would want to spend $700/ $800 billion on it and thousand's of our finest trained lives (military) ... but at least would like to know what is the actual offense he has committed, and what is the depth of it, chance/ percentage, and what affect will it have on Iraq, other's globally and here? Not these Kangaroo Court assessment's, and not just about bloody oil and/ or resource's. It's deep as far as issue's and purposely complex. I simply never bought some of the reason's for going to war or occupation's.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NYPD's (SWBU) "SCUMBAG WOMEN BEATERS UNIT" & More ... (Police Brutality PT.8)

This "Police Brutality" PT.8 posting will be just an opinion of mine (that I'm sure many other men share) on this brutality against young defenseless women. Understand that this is not defense or even personal at that, these women that have been getting increasingly beaten, sprayed, and abused, old and even young have done nothing to call for 3 or 4, 200lb men to even have to restrain them the way they do. I chose the video below even though it doesnt focus on women in particular, but because Mr. O'Donnell put's together a good commentary and vid compilation.

But YES ... the thing that has been most irritating to me during this whole OWS movement has been especially the video after video after video footage I have seen where gal's in particular are beaten, targeted, sprayed, rough handed, simply because of some men/ officer's who have psychological problem's and probably a history of domestic abuse even, look for the most vulnerable, and take out their frustration's on them, because they can get away with it. I also do these posting's of course because with me, it's personal. These women could be your daughter's, niece, girlfriend, mom, etc ... this may be norm in some countries, but this is fucken America! I know that alot of men would like to probably deal with these kind of scumfuck's that treat our women like this ... who frankly dont deserve to be just reprimanded and desk duty or paid leave, but if anything ... hogtied and hung upside down from a tree and beaten by men of their size. I seen more than my share in real life as well, and why I focus on this.

Any comment's left on here now or in the future that try to justify this shit or debate will be eradicated as soon as I see them ... there is no arguement with me, I dont tolerate this shit, period!

***** HUFFPOST: Lawrence O'Donnell Condemns Anthony Bologna, NYPD For Pepper Spray Attack ...


Occupy Wall Street MSNBC reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality! ANONYMOUS LOOK! ... Thanx to Kenny Hendrick


Monday, December 12, 2011

How a Government can Unintentionally Inspire, Incite, & Breed Terrorism ... "The AWAKENING PT.7"

"The AWAKENING" Part 7, is another fresh video update in the first video from RussiaToday, the following will speak mainly for themselves. I know this isnt the most cheerful Holiday Season stuff to post, but there CANNOT ever be enough of these posting's either in time's like now ... it's needed to know, and to show just what the Government is falling into and the mistake's they will find out they are making ... in time. Sadly as you probably know, the Government's legislator's/ representative's in this nation are either pawn's or hostage's in a way, the largest money has influenced and mostly bought everything in it and in the public, and this is why I focused so much on this since the start of this journal, not because I enjoy it, but because I know it's inevitable. The deeper our representation get's caught into this trap, the more trouble will result, and a war on people and inciting terrorism and inspiring a new generation of anger/ hatred ... is a war you will soon enough find out you cannot win. And it will have also a drastic impact on the economies and business which enhance's the issue's. Again as I have pointed out in my earliest posting's on these issue's, this will go in sort of wave's globally and what will make it unique as well, is that it will be cross cultural and bipartisan over time ... this is not about left or right, it's simply action and reaction.

The idea that you have law enforcement in riot gear and bullet proof vest's and so forth cannot stop folk's that are knowledgeable in weaponry/ firearm's, etc ... and sooner or later with these tactic's, you will be ending up with dead cop's, innocent cop's who may not realize what they are doing, and ya'll know this. The sonic sound's or drones wont be totally efficient either, all that does is make folk's run and hide, plan and conspire, breeding a new front of potential, what politipop culture and mega media's would call "terrorist's". Even slowing it down in spurt's, like for event's such as political speeches, G20 or whatever, still does not eradicate the spirit/ idea, and especially when you continue to conduct everything like business as usual, like your currently doing. Even trying to get a public militia to help suppress many of those enraged (which ya'll will have to do in time also, because you will run out of manpower, even with the wealth financially feeding you) at most can only create a bloodbath you wont want. Innocent's will get hurt, and those who pay our representative's and their businesses will have target's on them eventually with even political rep's being made for what they do. You would eventually also have to face random sabotage of large energy provider's, and the list is endless. You just simply wont be able to protect everyone all the time or even infiltrate covertly, undercover, or otherwise.


Eviction Addiction: OWS vs. Drones, LRAD's & undercover agents ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

This I used below as an example to quick no nonsense solution's, and eventually many of our own veteran's will see even moreso how their getting railroaded in this country as well. And I have to give so much credit to these heroic protestor's/ veteran's in a place like South Korea, because they have no firearm's/ defense to use ... this is why I focus so much on the 2nd amendment and the importance of keeping our firepower as citizen's/ people ... which the 2nd Amendment clearly state's what the amendment is for ... for the people to protect themselves from a government gone haywire and/ or against it's people. As you can see in this video below, the veteran's/ military through their effort's here DID GET their benefit's/ pay ... without violent confrontation it would probably not have been possible ... but just an endless runaround of sort. A lesson to be learned also here, is allowing police to centralize you and form a perimeter ... this you have to diversify and plan better, which I'm sure these military veteran's know too well, and will refrain from making that same mistake if needed action later ... at least to halfway protect yourself against these violent mob's of police.

South Korean Military Spies Clash With Riot Police During Demonstration ... Thanx to RACHELVIRAGO

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) G20 Pittsburgh ... Thanx to GLASSBEADIAN a lil more info on these system's HERE


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JANE FONDA: GOP/ Politic's, Sexuality, & War ... BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.1

This Part One will be of a new series for this journal called "Beautiful Girlz", title of the series inspired by the Van Halen song (late 1970's) "Beautiful Girls". And this one will be to take a look at and honour Ms. Jane Fonda. Whether she is 24, 44, 54, or 74, she can make a young or old guy's heart rate get in high gear ... and in my opinion at age 74, she is still drop dead gorgeous! even moreso now!

But Jane is the whole package all around and a dream for many men, not just the beauty end, she's talented across the board, business savvy, sharp/ intelligent, not a bore, a fitness instructor, liberated enough to where she dont consider being called "hot" as sexual harassment, an activist, enough money of her own, a producer, actor, sensual, outspoken- no nonsense ... and damn sure know's what many men like ... she's no rookie! : ) She got my adrenaline in high gear at 12 year's old and still does at 55 year's old! ... and her beauty is timeless. Enough from me and onto Jane.


***** YOUTUBE/ CNN: "Jane Fonda takes aim at the media"

On the sex- symbol thing and arousing men ... : ) You STILL arouse me Jane! : )

***** CNN: Fonda: Never thought I was a sex symbol ... (video)

ABOUT.COM/ URBAN LEGENDS: Jane Fonda decries 'Grotesque' internet lies about her anti- war activities ... I wanted to add this because of all the controversy over Ms. Fonda back in the Viet Nam war era up to this day ... alot of veteran's were not pleased with her, she was bold, anti- war activist type, etc I myself am very pro- defense/ military and even have a "Veteran's Spotlight" series I love keeping in this journal for that reason. I think alot of American's in these dayz dont want to disrespect our veteran's when they preach anti- war stuff ... yet many American's, whether they lost loved one's, or other's they heard of who sacrificed are sick and tired of some of the reason's for war, and some of the later result's it end's up in ... if that make's any sense. I have wrote at the same time throughout this journal my disgust with some of the defense contractor's that milk this nation and corporate influenced instigation for war, not leaving well enough alone and minding our own business at time's. I feel some of these nation's, despite how hard we fight for them and try to help them ... many of the folk's in them nation's even look at us as occupying and deciding what's 'right' for them, etc.

My idea of "defense" is basically that ... defending our nation, not occupying some nation, placing a puppet dictator in there to mine and drill their resource's without "invitation" and common social/ political interest's ... this is why I was so supportive of the bombing of Hiroshima/ Nagasaki for instance, even though it is an unpopular stance to take, you dont fuck around with our damn Naval Fleet like that (Pearl Harbor), and expect us to ask why you did?, or try to sympathize with you ... bottom line for me is ... you bomb and fuck with us, I will come back harder if I have the authority and arm's/ defense to do so. Even countries like Iran dont bother me ... I would sit down face to face with them and explain in simple term's where I/ we stand and would NOT try to stop any of their nuclear endeavor's (beside's asking folk's to consider this for 'enviromental reason's', which I feel we have the technologies now, to where we dont need nuclear weapon's and still have very outstanding defense) ... because I know that if they used it against us, what my/ our reaction would/ should be ... and frankly they dont want to fuck with us when it come's to that ... so we can set the slate straight from the get- go and be friend's or die as enemies, plain and simple.

VAN HALEN- BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (1979) (Remastered) HQ ... Thanx to TheManFromCabo ... I want to dedicate this song to Jane {:-)


Saturday, December 10, 2011


This Part 3 of "U.S. Supreme Court Fisting" will basically be a positive note update from Part 1 (linked below) ... and hopefully this will be addressed even deeper. The most hilarious part to this for me was the title they came up with to call this ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... "Citizens United" : ) Other than that, not much else for me to say I havent covered in Part One and throughout this journal for over a few year's now ... I have covered these related subject's more than "Van Halen" cover song's in early 1980's jam session's. And Thanx again to Senator Sanders of Vermont!


This will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" link list. This list is for the reader's convenience, with a list of post's that all basically tie in together to paint a basic picture of what's going on. I done this after realizing when talking to so many folk's in person, that they are so busy, and there are so many issue's to deal with, they have no idea what's coming from where and what's going on. So, what's happening is more simple than you may realize, and all the mega issue's are actually connected if you look closely. It's not no mega- conspiracy, but just a simple 2- bit hustle and bid game is all, played on a grand level by those who have the most money/ asset's.

Undo Citizens United ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Saving American Democracy Amendment ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

WSJ/ LAW BLOG: LA City Council to Vote on Citizens United Declaration

THE CAP TIMES- RUSS FEINGOLD: Supreme Court's Citizens United decision was 'Recklessly Avtivist'


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

OCCUPATION NATION: Washington's Hypocrisy ... When Hatred & Anger are HEALTHY ... "The AWAKENING PT.6" & "Police Brutality PT.7" & "Post Note"

This posting will serve both the "Police Brutality" and "The AWAKENING" series of this journal/ blog. And even though there are million's of posting's on this, there can NEVER be enough in these time's. Some read and video below, then some point's I want to add after.

OCCUPATION NATION: U.S. cop's Serve & Protect the 1% ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

OC/ OCCUPY COLLEGES: UPDATES: Bail Set at $5,000- Please DONATE BAIL MONEY to help a College Student- See Story, Live Twitter, Donate, and More

CROOKS and LIARS: Patrick Meighan, Writer For Family Guy Arrested At Occupy LA

MAILONLINE: Two officers suspended following UC Davis police pepper spray attack



First of all Thanx to RussiaToday as well for the opening of the title of this posting, as well as all the great coverage on several issue's they do across the board! This posting though is to show why "hatred" and "anger" as well is also healthy ... I get nauseated hearing some of these folk's playing down the importance of healthy hatred and anger, which should be a part of our existence in this era, because without some, there is no balance or counterweight, thus breeding defeat ... sometime's blood should be met with blood, that is what free's and liberate's as well, of course when all else fail's, and it is clear by now to anyone what the score is. This is why I have stressed in past posting's why this is healthy for America and the Globe as far as what we are seeing now ... all of which contribute's to not only healthy change but justice ... just look anywhere in history ... you dont think the French for instance freed themselves by endless fiddle faddle rabble and peaceful protest's, voting over and over for more of the same, do you?

But everything you see and read in just the above link's should make you angry and hate if you are halfway sane ... it's not radical or lunatic ... it's your nature, as much as your nature to protect your children, even animal's have this instinctual protection in them. What would you think or possibly do, if someone was abusing your children, your spouse, loved one, parent's, etc? ... think of this the same way, because this IS exactly what these in power who are puppet's are doing to our children, our veteran's, our familia's, our neighbour's. RT sum's it up perfectly in the above video, when they call it "Washington's Glass House of Hypocrisy". The bail bond's alone are even getting ridiculous ... $5000 for voicing your opposition? Beating your children silly, spraying chemical's in their eye's as they protest, instead of just picking them up if anything and relocating/ moving them? ... and dont think for a minute they cant. And these so called "higher education" institution's letting this happen to your children and loved one's, in turn charge you 10's of thousand's with much in loan's at that, for those to attend school there.

When I mention the bail bond's above, that is only half of that cash grab, the bond if paid in cash, you get back after the close of the case, if you go through a bonding agency, you have to put up at least 10/ 15% cash, and sign over property as collateral to cover loss if any, you DO NOT get that back, that is how the bonding agency make's their money, if you skip, whatever collateral you put up you lose as well. The attorney fee's even just to plea bargain will cost at least $500 to $1000. So you may wonder ... how does a simple city ordinance violation of say "disorderly conduct" end up with a $5000 bond? This is the trick in the arrest itself, of course all based on the officer's word. If you are disorderly, and even pinned down in a common knee pin and restraint position by the officer, and say it hurt's (which it will, trust me) when the officer put's the cuff's/ ties on your wrist's, if you try even to slightly twist your wrist or hand for comfort, that is "resisting", thus another charge, even larger than the initial disorderly ... then say you use a loud negative yell or tone of voice toward's the officer, or flinch your elbow ... that is an attempt of assault to the officer, thus maybe even putting you into a low felony range, etc, etc. Sometime's (depending on the municipality/ jurisdiction) they will even create flash/ sudden bond's and charge's to lump sum them all in one, regardless if your in violation of one or the other, which they can pull, if the event like this is also considered priority/ emergency ... long story though.

This crap they will also pull time after time about suspending officer's or whatever is more garbage ... they give them desk job's and other thing's, while these officer's in most cases draw pay ... it's no different than those CEO's who just robbed the taxpayer's through our legislator's, when they march them up to Washington to take a tongue lashing on camera from Senator's or such, basically pointless, then put on these show's on how hard they are working for you, giving you a choice of voting for two parties who are basically fed from the same payroll publicly and privately ... and basically in bed together, playing game's in feeding you more fear of what will happen to you if you dont support them. Try to pump that "fear" game into someone like myself, and believe me, there are a million like myself ... we will stand for hour's if we have to in the element's just to specifically vote against you, as an example.

***** POST NOTE *****: Back less than a decade ago, I had a bullshit case and charge where I had to do at least 30 dayz in jail on top of court cost's (they wouldnt just let me pay a fine, to set an example or whatever) or else accept 2 year's of probation (probation has you reporting every month, submitting all kind's of personal info on a monthly questionaire, and pissing in cup's whenever they tell you, to see if you use dope or whatever, not to mention the monthly fee). I basically told the judge through my attorney ... I'll take the 30 dayz, my attorney questioned my decision, she was telling me ... "are you sure Tom?, you really want to do jail time, when all you have to do is report once a month for 15 minute's" ... I told her ... "absolutely ... enter the plea ... it's final" ... beside's ... I knew that in Dallas County and all of Texas Dept of Correction's, because of overcrowding you get 3 dayz for 1, meaning 30 = 10 dayz only ... plus also the fact that the two court appearance's each count for a day- time served, and the book- in process to register which take's about 15 minute's count's as another day ... meaning technically I do 7 dayz for the 30, get out and dont have to report to no one, get my drift?

Anywayz, I brought plenty of cash with me to so I would be able to eat off the commissary wagon, not just the bunk shit they serve to inmate's (which is basically cold powdered egg's in the morning, bologna on hard bread at lunch and some slop with a meat at dinner, that the meat taste's more like cardboard than anything else), but when I booked in upstair's (it's about a 4 hour process) to go to a final unit to finally rest my head or get a shower and eat or whatever, you have to get your quick medical check first, which they only ask a couple question's from a nurse to ask if you have AIDS/HIV or whatever, routine. After my check, the guard/ boss take's you to the window to sign my/ your property and account paper's, but then tell's me they have a "new" policy now, to where they want me to sign a paper saying I agree to pay $15 from my account for the med check they just gave me ... I said "Huh? ... Hell Boss ... she didnt do nothing, I'm not going to sign over $15 dollar's for that ... Ya'll never charged before ... etc" (I had plenty of money, so it was a petty amount, but I wasnt going to pay it any damn way, or at least sign any goddamn paper to). The guard said if I dont sign I wont get any chow/ food and be locked in maximum confinement until I do. I told him ... "I cant", he said "Why?, you have plenty of money, etc" ... I told him ... "It's the principle and discipline Sir ... I wont sign ... it's not the money, I just cant ..." ... plus, I also knew there is no goddamn chow wagon at 11:00pm anywayz!

Bottom line, I was labeled of course as a trouble maker basically, was locked in a small cell, with no outside view, fed through a slot in the door, the light stayz on 24/ 7, and you can only talk through a push button intercom ... and if your ever in that situation, DONT EVER start using the intercom to bitch or whatever, they will send in a "goon squad" and beat the shit out of you in riot gear, and know how to do it to leave minimal bruises, they like the kidney area's, I seen it happen to other's before, so that's how I knew ... so just emergency call only or they wont even answer the call even. No commissary wagon, no visit's, no contact, no phone, not even a book/ read or anything basically and only the 3 bullshit meal's (described above) they serve you through the slot ... all this, because I wouldnt give them $15 buck's, and everyday, they would ask, if I changed my mind yet? ... I told them "I cant" ... after 5 dayz, they stopped asking. But for 7 dayz I stayed in that cell, and would just pace the floor back and forth for hour's and talk to myself, do a few bullshit excercise's, etc, it was about 8 paces from one end to the other. The way I knew if it was day or night and what day it was, was because of the meal's serving time's (since it's light 24/ 7 with no outside view), they served the powdered egg plate for instance about 4:45/ 5am, so I knew that started a "day", then I would put a scratch/ notch on the wall paint basically. But my point here ... I never gave them the $15 dollar's ... yet when my release came, I noticed they withdrew it anywayz without my signature, which is basically illegal as far as I'm concerned ... but no biggie, I'm not going to try to sue their cheap ass and spend more time and money.

Word Out ....