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PAY FOR SPRAY, TENNESSEE: ... Has the "Volunteer State" lost it's "Volunteer Spirit" ? (Citation Violation Nation PT.5)

This Part 5 of "Citation Violation Nation" will look at another case in Tennessee (called the "Volunteer State" at that) where firefighter's let a home burn to the ground, because the folk's that lived in it didnt pay their $75 fee. I am including this in this series, even though it is not a citation, but it IS the ultimate penalty for not paying these fee's, especially if your familia member's were to die as result. Also understand that this Union City area is way up on the northwestern border of Tennessee, too far from major cities such as Nashville or Memphis. But the WPSD6 link below has some video and newsread on it, then I will add some thought's after.

WPSD6: ***** Community concerned about reputation after 'Pay For Spray' ***** (EXPIRED)

***** DALLAS NEWS: Firefighters watch as home burns in "pay to spray" plan


Tenn. Home destroyed in 'Pay For Spray' incident ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS

There has been wide criticism on this locally across Tennessee and the country as well, not just Union City/ Obion County area. I can understand though ... you need fund's to support and pay for these service's ... and especially in 2011 as an American, I get a tad more annoyed, because our Washington waste (representative's) spend more time spending our tax dollar's for special interest's, pet project's, and worrying how much more we will have to pay some backstabbing nation abroad to get them to "like" us ... it's like for me ... fuck all that ... what are you going to do about here? These rural American communities need assistance financially ... they should come as priority. At the same time, if you do put out the fire, it will be incentive for everyone not to pay the fee ... but that's where American tax dollar's should be brought in, on a Federal level if needed.

I know that $75 dollar's sound's like a bargain to most of us living in cities, but understand there are many town's in many state's like this in America, where the cost of living and wage's are much lower than in the major cities, many of those job's simply pay Federal Minimum Wage , and $75 is costly to some folk's in rural area's, even if they work hard for a living, especially in these time's.

The part that really got me here, was not the fee's or taxation or what have you, but the response of the firefighter's in an emergency ... I dont understand that type of mindset I reckon. For me, if I took an oath to protect for instance in this type of occupation (even if I wasnt a firefighter) ... especially my neighbour's, call me old fashioned or neanderthal is fine, but if an emergency like this come's up and I'm a firefighter ... my automatic instinct would be to respond/ act ... in situation's like this, I do what is needed, period. I dont follow guideline's or legislated rubbish that are rule book written well I reckon, when a "job" need's to get done, my goal is to get it done ... I'm a rather simple feller in them thing's, and frankly dont give a shit what the rule book's or law's say to do, I know I'm not going to sit there with my thumb up my ass and just watch. Has the Volunteer State lost it's sense of "volunteer"? I dont think so, I think it's just more legislative rules and rubbish fostered on us, and being brainwashed by this pop- culture crap.

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Four Dinners said...

They wouldn't take American Express then?....

WTF do you do if you've no cash on you and the nearest cash point is 20 minutes away?...personally I'd have nicked their fire engine and done the job myself

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually 4- D, I'm sure they would take American Express ... what the deal is here, is they have to pay and register by a certain day/ date with the fee, so just even going o an ATM at the time of the incident wouldnt do much good.

Thanx for your voice here 4- D, have a good un Bud

Free Volunteering said...

This is a fantastic policy. It is no doubt conservative, but it allows individuals to make a cost-benefit analysis of each bill. They are allowed to make a choice and take responsibility for their own lives.

Otherwise, the residents can lobby their local representatives to tax all citizens in the town for the universal service of the fire department.

These guys are absolutely gutted, but they know the blame for that fire and the lack of a service to put out the fire, is their own fault.

Simply: Let people make choices in life and deal with the consequences. I believe this is liberty.

Ranch Chimp said...

Free Volunteer ... Freedom of choice, eh? I know plenty about that, and am very supportive especially of that, but I dont think you get my point here. But not going to even get into that, debate, argue, etc Speaking of freedom, choice, liberties and all that other good stuff though. Next time you want to leave a coment on this blog/ journal ... you will have to at least be able to somewhat identify yourself and make it ligit, none of this stuff with various moniker's, title's, photo's of object's or other's you find, various website's you pick up or whatever, whether it's posing as a female in the midwest or some male in the south, or liberal, conservative, this or that, with many conflicting view's, opinion's, etc. I feel your the same anonymous person that just frequent's here and other blog's in these circle's who simply make's up or borrow's, different personalities, view's, or anything to just satisfy yourself for whatever reason. Nothing against it, or those who "freely choose" to post your comment's. But I deal with actual people, and not very much into fictional character's anywayz, anonymous voice's that just pop out of nowhere's, etc, etc ... you get my drift, eh

Thanx for your input ....

Darren Murphy said...

Sorry for the alias Ranch.

I always enjoy a good discussion and don't see the harm in linking to my sites at the same time.

I will refrain from doing so on your blog in future though. I will use my personal address in future, when posting.

Regards, Darren.

Ranch Chimp said...

No problem Darren, no apology needed. I just have a comment's moderation policy and like other's get too much that I dont care to spend time with, as I posted about. Whatever anyone else does on their blog's is their business and choice, this is something I just had to do. I understand the responsibility thing very much, I never drew any damn assistance in my life or asked for any freeride's, ever. I also dont approve of all the money we spend of taxpayer's in this nation to be squandered in these time's abroad and especially to place's that dont give a rat's ass about our nation or culture and will basically backstab us anywayz, so to continue to feed them seem's pointless to those who actually pay all the taxes and do eveything ourselves to begin with. Our representation for the most part should be replaced, just my opinion and choice. Charity start's at home with me ... period. With the wasteful spending, and the infrastructure that is deteriorating in this country, lack of concern in this nation for anything doemstic that benefit's the nation as a whole, and folk's having to scrounge because a rule book tell's firefighter's they cant put out a fire, is not in my book ... I do what need's to be done regardless of rule book's. I read a handful of blog's regularly, I dont like to read too much because it interfere's with my free thought.

I read a few posting's on your blog, well educated I know for sure, alot more than myself, and about as good as the anonymous closet cases I read, who are all mostly connected to one person. I didnt see any profile on you, but I'll take it as I see it ... but ... of course, a professionally sounding blog I must admit ... something you wont find too much of here.

Later Guy ....

Darren Murphy said...

Ranch, I agree with a lot of what you've said; I think it comes down to individual responsbility and the freedom to make choices for yourself.

Citizens have for too long had their arms twisted; their minds manipulated; and their taxes stolen to pay for special interests, that are not in the interest of the nation.

I have read a lot about the corruption of power, and believe good men can easily be violated by the system - and go 'rogue'. Such, the only solution is removing human control and referring back to the constitution as the framework. The US president has become a dictator, rather than an administration presiding over policy within the constituion.

Thanks for having a read. My Blog is pretty new; broad range of subjects, I've yet to settle upon. I'm uni educated (business/finance), but more importantly - I take an interest in world affairs, politics, economics.

I don't read other blogs much either, or mainstream news articles for that matter. I've found that academic reading through journals and books are the only trustworthy sources of information. This knowledge allows you to understand what news is relevant and what is propaganda.

I'm a UK citizen by the way. Nevertheless, I understand the influence the US has over world affairs. Britain is in large a puppet to the US. As long as the US dominates militarily and holds the reserve currency, they're the game changers. Thus, following US politics is just as important as domestic affairs.


Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the update Darren