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This posting will take a look at another thing I have BMB (bitched moaned and bellyached) over for long, and even before I bought my first computer in 2008 and started this blog/ journal ... I been whining about this since after about the first year in Iraq. Why? ... because I knew damn well what would happen these dayz when going into a war of this magnitude, because of the contracting basically and how it's done, knowing this would cost us out the ass if it didnt bankrupt us first, and unfortuantely both happened! Now the first thing a person thinks when I talk like this, is I am one of these peace and love folk's that just run around ranting off that I expect everyone to love each other, hold hand's, etc, and I wouldnt fight back if a cruise missile was sent knee deep into my asshole. But this is so far from true ... I am VERY pro- defense ... in the REAL sense and definition of. First below, some link's, video's and related to this topic, then of course a few additional word's I will add. Again ... BIG THANX to Senator Sanders for mouthing off once again about this ... a fella who I just cant Thank enough ... if it was up to me, he would get a Christmas bonus for action alone beyond the call of duty! This will also be added to the Debt Crisis PT.1 posting for related reference's.




STARS & STRIPES: REPORT- U.S. Wasted $60 billion in Contracting Fraud, Abuse

SENATOR SANDERS: Fraudulent Defense Contractor Paid $1 Trillion

CNN/ POLITICS: Senate Passes Defense Bill with Detainee Policy compromise ... This is fresh news as far as the Senate passing this bill concerning spending in defense. But the trick here is again, more closer observation's of what money is going to and why? ... because they have 100 different avenue's to divert spending in one place, but taking that amount they publicly cut and spending it somewhere's else under a different title or department, which indirectly goes to the same party it was supposed to be cut from. Also notice in this so called "compromise" ... the detainee issue was highlighted ... this is a diversion to throw you off (this part is strictly done for domestic political reason's and vote's), basically to act like they are having concern's with the detainee issue, which is also rigged and crooked. First place, is any of these detainee's that ARE NOT found guilty of any crime's for year's should have been cut loose long ago, again, we CREATE terror and terrorist's by our action's. When you detain these folk's for year's without no charge and simply by association, even 3rd, 4th, and 5th party association in many cases ... it is totally un- democratic in the view of this republic as to what represent's democracy, which I have also discussed before. These folk's dictating these bill's and legislation ... I'm not talking about necessarily our representative's, but the corporate "lobbies", the safety and right's issue's of any of these detainee's they could care less about, any more than our mission in Afghanistan is about saving women and homosexual's from fundamoralist's oppression, if any of them were concerned with these issue's or even our social internal issue's, they wouldnt do half the stuff they do, and focus on area's that really need atencion ... these occupation's are more about business than anything else, which is also connected to the detainee issue.

The reason I was so focused on this for year's is because when I worked in shop in the printing industry for a couple decade's, I started noticing how dependent we were also on government contract's, many of those were in defense too. And everyone in the private business sector know's how great those account's are ... the government never welches or tries to back out of paying, need more time, a different payment plan, etc, etc ... they also pay "premium" price and very rarely whine about a thing. While dealing with customer's for instance I would have to haggle deal's all the time in that business, example ... I walk through a job with the customer, I give them a quote of say $20K on a job, and a time frame for completion, etc ... the customer sometime's would tell me of a competitor company across town that quoted them a few thousand buck's less, I can verify it ... that's when I would haggle without telling the owner even in many cases, I would throw in free film's, graphic service hour's, photo drafting hour's, or whatever I could to match that competitor's rate, and give a better time frame and/ or service. NEVER once had we had to haggle with ANY government contract ... they would pay top dollar, and even more to get a job and NEVER question a thing on cost's, and even gave more time for completion at that ... so government contract's to us were the cream of the crop! If you were looking for a steady good paying customer/ account, they never got any better.

When you have this kind of loose spending without proper adequate oversight, again, it's like putting a drug addict in a room with the drug of their choice and asking them to use discipline and be responsible ... it just dont work like that ... Like the drug addict, in time they will self destruct, the issue here is, when any of these large entities self destruct, the larger they are, the more they bring down with them. This is exactly what happened with those financial giant's on Wall Street over the last few year's, that needed multi trillion dollar guarantee's after and endless bailout's, its a domino effect that result's, and why I wrote time after time throughout this journal, that until you actually address this, all we are doing is rehashing the same circumstance's over and over year after year to get back to what created the mess in the first place, and every goddamn one of these politician's know this. We need to really tighten up in these trying financial time's on this defense contracting in particular, it is way out of balance ... if we had the enormous surplus we once had, no problemo, but we dont and are constantly hammered by our corporate lobbied dictated rep's that our spending issue's are just in public school's, social service's, medicare/ medicaid, and social security, or anything that is public/ social/ government, again to make these entities fail, so they can be bought out by those who milk our government and revenue's to begin with and privatized by them. This is another issue of grave concern, but enough from me for now.

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BBC said...

I'll tell you why we are in Afghanistan, that country is loaded with important metals and the rich powers that be in this country want them.

And they have this sneaky way of using our military in there to clean the country up at the expense of us taxpayers, and our kids lives.

And then trying to befriend them so they'll sell them the metals.

See, liberal capitalists aren't so nice either.

Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Billy ... I done some posting's on this awhile back concerning the importance of the mining contract's that China won back in 2005 or so, railroad's, etc, etc ... including the merger that has been being worked on for year's between India and China as far as new mega market's, also the infrastructure and railway concern's in Afghanistan. Basically China will have the copper and other wealth mined through western corporate avenue's and railed into China ... but also a big issue, is the billion's that USA spent on Afghan infrastructure to industrialize it and so forth, which cost's us billion's ... because IF we did pull out of Aghanistan, were really fucked, because they lack the engineer's/ crew's and money to maintain the infrastructure that we already paid for and built ... oddly, we are actually having to borrow as well from China to do much of what we are doing. China has been flexing it's strength militarily and such, which I just see as them selling "woof" ticket's basically (and they should!)... but also with good eason too. Put it this way, China is NOT dumb, a few year's back alone they had to regulate those investor's of the west who were buying up all of the goddamn real estate in China ... I shit you not! Simply because they have seen how their own country is also being manipulated by the same entities that are screwing us ... it is so deep Billy, I could go on and on over this crap ... put it this way ... the Chinese are seeing thing's that havent materialized yet, thing's that will within 10/ 20 year's influence and cause social problem's in China and they know it. These reckless misfit's that abuse this nation and milk it basically are no good for nothing, and we should be the one's "enslaving" them instead (too big to fail icon's that is), cracking the whip on them, and the one's that are just completely a waste ... getting rid of them, permanently that is. Long story, and Thank You for your voice on this Billy!

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing here Billy, is that the whole prize package to this, is that China and India both are not only mega market's for new investment, they also combined, house like a third of the globe's population, and the big winner is, not having the regulatory oversight's of the west especially as far as enviromental concern's, and the fact that the Chinese government is still owned by the communist's, yet the young of China are a technocracy (this is the connection/ alliance between them and the corporate communist's of the west for instance) this is like an insurance policy of sort to keep industry as is for as long as they need to, until everything possible is mined from the earth and taken, then, they will ALL invest into the green clean market's by buying out everyone else who started it. But this is what will cause some really big social and economic issue's to come, forcing a transition unlike anything humanity has experienced, long story though ... basically what you have mathematically, is a transition so delicate, it is destined to collapse ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, but history show's you that this is natural as well.