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CHARLES MANSON (PT.1): ... The "Victim" who never Whined ... Portrait of a contemporary American Scapegoat (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.8)

Charlie & wife Rosalie Willis

This "Incarcerated American" Part 8 will be to look at the case and trial of what I see as one of the biggest scapegoat witch hunt style pop culture kangaroo trials and conviction that I ever seen in my 55 years of life, that of Charlie Manson, and really is fitting for this series. Charlie and his case is one that I am personally familiar with, that I first looked into 20+ year's ago at least ... through a friend who introduced me, who was doing some research on this case with Charlie. But first a couple short videos of some clips and quotes from the man, and the link right below for a look at the trial, then I will add my thoughts and such on it after.




Charles Manson- Injustice Revealed ... Thanx to DYSTOPIAUK

Charlie Manson [Diane Sawyer interview] Complete ... Thanx to Paul Reilly's Channel

Interview with Charles Manson ... Thanx to RYANGARY60

The reason for this posting, is not to try to get on the "Free Charlie" bandwagon or anything like such, as a matter of fact, I wondered ... "What in Hell would Charlie do if he was freed?" ... I mean most of his life, all he ever known was incarceration. I was actually shocked looking at the case, listening to Charlie's side and how it went down, everything connected with it was so flimsy, especially the testimonies/ depositions from alleged participants, and Charlie acting nutty in court simply out of rebellion and anger sure as Hell helped fuel it, being the guy has been there before in small bunk cases, knew the hypocrisy of the system when it comes to folks of his social/ economic background and such, and was just pissed and created a freakshow as sort of an insult, because he knew this was all about wanting for some freak to toy with for societies pleasure and someone to publicly scapegoat and hang, because of the counter culture uprise of the time (similar to folks like Occupy Wall Street and war protesting, etc of today), and what better candidate, than a nobody to connect to a gruesome murder scene. Even his priors he went down for were amplified by technicalities, probationary/ parole violations, stealing petty to eat or whatever, which when any stolen property/ merchandise is taken over a "state line" by offender, it automatically jumps the offense into the "federal" category.

As far as those who claim they were under Charlie's magickal LSD induced spell or other bullshit, such as Pat Krenwinkel (It was Krenwinkel's plea deal testimony designed by Bugliosi that basically sealed Charlie's conviction during the trial), Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Charles "Tex" Watson ... who actually admitted to doing these brutal slayings ... there will be no talk of them in this series besides what little here, because they're all basically liars and most importantly, whining coward's. One statement of Charlie once that caught my atencion, was him saying something about the honesty in jail/ prison, and the repercussions of your actions in prison, if you're a phony basically ... it's true, like a street code of sort ... bottom line ... you screw up, play games ... you die, period. Out here in especially this day and time, we are saturated with lies, pop culture, and bullshit ... even those we look up to as leaders are basically worthless cowards in many cases, running their goddamn mouth about all what they do, which frankly aint a goddamn thing, but running their goddamn mouth :-) I think ole Tex (Watson) was preaching, others were saving others through psychological group sessions, prayers, or whatever in prison, getting brownie points in the public and prisons eyes as having "changed", and now "good" instead of "evil" etc. Even Sadie (Atkins) a few years back dying of brain cancer, pleading to be released, with her new pretty look and hairstyle, soft spoken, loving and all the rest of the nauseating bullshit about all she done as "good", and nothing about the brutal acts she committed and even teased and flaunted about in court at the trial, as well as to fellow inmates ... was whining about how evil Charlie was, and how she has changed, etc. The only one out of this so called "familia" who has stood to their guns with any amount of honesty, has been Charlie, who committed no related offense, was not even at the scene for that matter of it, yet has spent over 4 decades incarcerated over it.

To this day ... Charlie is actually called one of the most recognized "serial killer's" of the 20th century ... just to show you an example of just how twisted our brains have gotten ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :-) ... we have REALLY been brainwashed, and NOT by Charlie either :-) ... technically he doesnt even fit any way into the definition of a serial killer, so dont kid yourself. Just picture if you said that you didnt like a person or thing, spoke of how they should be eliminated for their actions, not even in a specific manner, and your buddies/ associates went and killed that person or thing after, even though they did it, turn around and say your "words" and/ or "dislikes" inspired them, so it's your fault? I dont know if that even makes sense, but that's what you have here basically. Kind of like when folks blame "guns" on murder instead of the actual person that pulled the trigger, eh(?) There isnt a damn thing wrong mentally with Charlie in my opinion, in fact, despite his lack of formal education, like many I met on the streets, is more level headed, and keen to the reality, has more integrity, and certainly more honest than many we look up to. I would actually feel safer and trust him more than many that are considered safe or trustworthy today, if I was sleeping in the same cell as his cellie for that matter ... at least I would know there is a certain amount of integrity if anything with him ... he's an actual victim and doesnt even whine about it. Charlie's angry? he sayz outrageous things? of course he does, he's been shit on his whole life, what should he do ... smile and talk loving to everyone, knowing they're just there for their ratings and to create a cheap show, making millions off him? ... but most importantly, he's about as straight as you can get.

I also notice there's this sub- culture movement now to free Charlie and even talk of another trial, etc ... but I am no way connected to any of that either. When the trial was going on, I was a young teen and didnt pay much atencion to it, only knowing it was in the news constantly, besides the weekly casualties in Nam (Vietnam) ... I didnt even grasp the whole late 1960's peace and love flower thing, even though I loved the rock music of the era ... and damn sure wouldnt have even considered on living in some commune type environment, and when I got out in more rural areas like the Mojave Desert of the Southwest, Texas, or upstate New York, the last thing on my mind was doing LSD and holding hands with folks singing love songs in a commune ... I was there to do things like "hunting" and/ or related sports. I was a kid who knew realities like the streets of New York City, which wasnt very peaceful and loving most of the time, and stayed as a teen fugitive in a brothel (or what some call a whorehouse/ cathouse, etc), nothing like the commune environment, I actually showered daily, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :-) ... so the trial and "movement", protesting war or such, to me frankly I could have gave a rats ass less about at the time. I even tried to enlist in the U.S. Navy at 17 or so, despite the chance of going to Nam ... didnt give a shit about the war either. So I never belonged to this peace and love or free the people movement either, meaning I have no motives of such to write this about Charlie or this following. But I heard constantly about this so called "familia" ... how evil they were and their so called "leader", "pied piper", or "guru" ... "Charlie", so I just took it for face value ... thinking that's it. I had no idea what this was about until my first contact with this case and Charlie 20+ years ago ... and found out, it's nothing like what the stories say, and Charlie also seemed to be some die- hard environmentalist as well to me if anything.

One of the most incredible parts of this case, was the lengthy story book presentation Prosecutor Bugliosi made of this for "motive", and even got away with it blindly for a bit by a jury and court, basing it mainly on a song off a Beatles record album at that, mixed with some ancient verses from the Holy Bible, then twisted to some kind of modern day interpretation of these verses, engineered by Bugliosi actually, as if it was a school arts project ... with depositions/ testimonies from a bunch of so called followers, that willingly went on their own to hang out in this commune, were not even competent enough or should have needed to been to testify, who were on multiple LSD trips, and still even tweaking during some of their stories ... basically scared kids, runaways, ex- offenders, kids rejected by their families, etc ... being fed with words and ideas to fabricate even way- out nonsensical theories of motive by Bugliosi as well, even Manson's defense was a joke of legal eagles, disorganized, and in my opinion a waste of money, spending more time with each other, trying to present their theories and strategies. Even the jury was railroaded time and again and denied (believe it or not) to even hear testimonies from the defendants, based on ... get this ... Charlie and his/ their hypnotic vibes, drug induced psych powers, telepathy or whatever may harm them and their mental health, claiming that it happened to these followers. Frankly the one who should have been in question on their mental health, should have been this Prosecutor Bugliosi, who made a nice little nest egg off his book too, which was really "motive" for Bugliosi's show. This case is to look at a victim that never whined, and his portrait as a contemporary scapegoat only.

Enough said ....



CJR said...

Great article. I find it amazing how many people will use Charles Manson as the measuring stick of evil. It seems nearly everyday I will hear a comment on TV of how this person or that person is as bad as Manson or not as bad. Growing up I guess I always thought he was the right hand of the Devil too until I actually looked into the case and seen the actual facts. People just say his name as if it stands foe evil. From what I have read and seen the guy never killed anyone but may have stabbed Shorty Shea but I am not even sure he done that. In my opinion he should be allowed a new trial after the awful way his first trial went. The craziest thing I heard about the Trial is that he wasnt allowed to speak his speech in front of the Jury because he may be able to control there thought pattern. Unreal. If that happen in a trial today people would be fired on the spot. Also the Prosecutor saying Manson stopped his watch. LOL. Give the guy a real Trial!!! Sure its not gonna happen. Maybe one of the big Networks like Histopy Channel could give him a mock Trial. There is no way he would be found guilty. Again, great article.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning CJR ... (7:45am Dallas time)a "complimentary" comment on this was a lil suprising, or to even get a comment for that matter ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... (not much comment's or traffic here Bud : ) And I usually dont even post/ leave anonymous comment's anymore. But also Thanx for the Manson music thing link, which I will review more later. I just had to do the posting since I see what most say about this case and Guy and because of how zany the whole trial was, etc, etc. I didnt mention even about Charlie's music, but yeah, he's a musician, I appreciated his lyric's in what I heard, but the music itself I could never get into, honestly it kind of bore's me to an extent, that's just me though.

The reason I usually dont post anonymous comment's is simply because there has been numerous non- existent chraracter's created to simply use this site and comment's page as sort of a "playground", only to either draw me into argueing with non existent character's out of thin air, or to flirt with me, or to promote sex type product's, or other product's ... and I dont really want this site to be cluttered with stuff like that anywayz, nor care to argue with blank space, anymore than I care to sit in a room alone and argue with myself or imaginary voice's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. So nothing against folk's who want to be anonymous, understand my position and what I been through on this online journey : ) As a matter of fact ... one of these blogger's I actually know personally, being I been in their town and home and them in mine (physically in person) remain's anonymous to this day ... but I would assume, just to protect his job and familia, which I understand ... but most of these other's that comment anonymously is just simply to play game's or hide or whatever ... nothing else.

However, Thanx for the visit and especially the link ... have a decent New Years Eve ... BTW ... in case you havent heard ... "2012" ... the end is near also ... just kiddin,there's been plenty of nonsense over that too : )

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I wanted to add, as far as the comment about Shorty or related (I'm in between cooking and online : ) I didnt bring up much about anything else beside's the case that he was being tried for in this, because it taint's justice in cases, and reason why court's dont allow it either. Charlie lived and hung with alot of folk's in the sreet crowd, biker's, dope dealer's, etc when you are around that enviroment, no doubt time's will come where you have to defend yourself one way or another, or just fight, period, it's almost unavoidable ... you cant go to the cop's for help, and the bad guy's are on your ass too, so you just have to survive and make it on your own. I have no doubt that he has been in conflict's that are physical where he needed to act in a physical or violent way. I mean, when your in that enviroment there is really no way to avoid it one time or another ... shit happen's basically.

Ranch Chimp said...

You can only bring up other scenario's, alleged or documented/ proven offenses, etc in a trial like that if it add's/ pertain's to "motive" or related, whether it's for prosecution/ state or defense, and the judge decide's what is allowed in that anywayz, or it's all striked out, other- wise it taint's juror's and proceedural justice.

Prash said...

happy hoidays mister ranch ! hope all is good with you.

BBC said...

It's fucking raining.

BBC said...

Fucking rain....

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Prash! ... same to ya Guy! Good to see you finally settling in, in the City now ... and seeing in your latest profile photo ... your even looking like a New Yorker now too! : )

If your not tied up New Years Eve, ya'll may want to check out Times Square to bring in the New Year ... it's a fun event, free and even the Metro/ subway drop's you there quick, I been to a couple myself there year's back, and that event is such an old classic for New Yorker's, even my mom went there as a kid!

Anywayz ... have fun Ya'll!

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Billy ... it wont last forever, maybe ya'll will get some snow instead and get a white New Year's Eve at least ... not sure if ya'll get much snow at that level/ elevation there though(?) I know your huge mountain's do though, no doubt.

Have a good un Guy ....