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CHARLES MANSON (PT.2)/ COURT TESTIMONY 1970: "REFLECTION of SOCIETY" covered by Steve Railsback, and 1967 Interview & Music ... with Dana Fuchs cover of "Helter Skelter" (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.22)

Charles Manson

For Part 2 of Charlie and Part 22 of the "Incarcerated American" series, I wanted to highlight his courtroom testimony that is what I alwayz looked at as a reflection of society so clear and straight to the point, because each and everyone of us are a reflection of our societies, but this is a great piece, probably the best thing that came out of Charlie's mouth at that trial and covered/ acted out by actor Steve Railsback so well displaying the passion and truth of what the man sayz from the 1976 movie "Helter Skelter". Another favourite of mine would have to be Rev. Jeremiah Wright's "Sermon on the Hood" that was equally criticized by our politipop culture society. Also included is a short and straight interview and a sample of Charlie's music in 1967 when he was a free man.

I wanted to post a picture above of a young Charlie well dressed, since all the most pop cultured picture's of him so loved are in his latter year's, above you see a nice looking young man who "if" he didnt have the type childhood and parenting with all the bad luck thrown his way, could have been probably a respected citizen having even accomplishment's under his belt, such as with his music, etc. I post this because of what this newly risen corporate legislated establishment of today is turning our children into with their games and screwing our kids more than ever on everything from education to everything else which will be a foundation to how they turn out and what they are having to go through. I look at Charlie as a portrait of an American scapegoat because of what I point out in Part 1, the fact is that this man has been in prison for over 40 year's for a crime committed by other's who blamed it on him, and Charlie wasnt even anywhere's near the crime scene at that. If you want honesty ... listen or read below.

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***** TESTIMONY OF CHARLES MANSON: In the Tate- LaBianca Murder Trial ... 20 November 1970

Charles Manson Monologue (Steve Railsback) ... Thanx to WESTHAM712

Charles Manson '67 interview (pre- family murders) ... Thanx to JONTETEHGIMP


***** PD/ RCJ: "CHARLES MANSON" PART 1 & "Incarcerated American PT.8



Dana Fuchs Band- Helter Skelter (Beatles Cover) ... Thanx to DANA FUCHS **** I wanted to post this song by the Beatles that was widely also associated to Charlie ... and the movie title of the above movie clip as well. But there probably isnt anyone that I love to hear more than Dana Fuchs doing this classic, her voice just makes me melt like Janis's did when I was a kid, and what an outstanding vocalist Dana is, again ... some of the best vocalist's I ever heard came out of gospel church choir's, such as Whitney did too, and Dana is also one of those. This will also be included in the journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" ... Enjoy!



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***** THE RESISTANCE/ PERIL'S OF THE POWER POSSE (inspiration for hope & change)


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