Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is not the biggest news or talk of the week, as a matter of fact, this week it's politician's owning up to the fact that they smoke crack cocaine or whatever in Canada and U.S. ... I mean, one down in Florida said in a news confession that his wife was his "rock", yet law enforcement agent's that busted him say otherwise, that his "rock" is the kind that he bought on the street (cocaine) ... so buying street cocaine show's just how cheap he is as well {: ) ... No, frankly I dont give a shit if they use one dope or the other, meaning that many of them use legal dope that is just as addictive these dayz, getting prescribed thing's like Adderall or Oxycontin, so frankly there isnt even any need anymore to buy street meth/ ice, crack or even heroin, and most folk's in high place's are just as doped up as any street doper if they choose to be, and legally ... no biggie eh? Also let me add that many of those in higher places of society do these pharma opiate's, speed, etc, that are more expensive than street heroin, cocaine/ rock, speed/ meth, but it's ALMOST identical in the high, that is why the lower classes are addicted more to the street/ underground drug, because it's cheaper and you dont need a personal doctor to prescribe them to you, so what these folk's do who are addicted to the pharma drug's are no different than any dope fiend on the street, such as Rush Limbaugh was for example. Working poor class folk's get jailed and convicted, these folk's get fund's from us for rehab's and reinstated to their position's and get paid the whole time, and are the ones who legislate on behalf of the pharma companies, that is just how corrupted this nation is. What I am concerned more about though, is what many of these folk's in Washington are doing as far as their job's, eh? I mean ... you can fuck Rubber Duckies or get wasted on dope for all I care ... what are ya'll doing about our issue's while ya'll are getting great paycheck's and benefit's?

We really have very weak government representation when it comes to this sort of thing too, even telling us what some of these companies tell us that "you need to shop around". Well, we really need to shop around on getting some of this worthless crew out of Washington to be honest (on both sides at that). Now, can you imagine that you have to get some kind of sudden surgery (no matter if you got whatever colour, brand, plan or whatever of insurance) ... and then you have to shop around on top of it? how in Hell do you do that when they are already operating on you? or do you get online right before the surgery and bid like at a goddamn auction and/ or compare price's?, and most of these place's wont even dislose any of that info to you at that, and how in Hell would you get accurate or even close to accurate figure's when the billing is all after the fact? I really think this is so strong in America because for one of the enormous wealth here, and because I dont really know what other large scale country that would even tolerate this? I bet alot of countries would toss out these companies on their ass. And because we have an overall majority of representation in Washington that constantly like so much else sweep's this kind of thing under the rug, over and over and over and hardly ever addresses a damn thing on this, those who do are indirectly silenced in some fashion. You may say it isnt government's job to clear this up ... but do you expect any of these companies/ hospital's to do it? ... THINK!

So I wanted to post on this ABC News investigation, because this should be BIG NEWS! I call this "HealthCare PART F", cause frankly were getting "fucked" ... and the "Green Plan" ($$$$) as the mandatory alternative to the Bronze, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Red- White & Blue plan's or whatever their called. We been saturated with talk about affordable healthcare, and everyone has been fiddle faddling with what the President tried to make good on, ripping it to shred's, adding this, taking out that, while telling us that we as American citizen's need reform and cut's on every bloody goddamn thing from our municipal services, entitlement's, retirement's, education, etc, etc, thing's that we solely pay for at that! This shit has been going on for year's and get's worse year after year after year, I started this series nearly 4 year's ago, and as usual, were still debating and stalling the same shit now as we were then. You have to wonder as an American when you see this ... who in Hell is doing any bloody thing about this? I can only imagine what some folk's think in foreign countries that REALLY do have healthcare across the board for the human species that is affordable, thinking of what a fucken nightmare America must be on this avenue. More below ....

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