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AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: "ObamaCare" or "Socialized Medicine"? ... NO ... It's "CORPORATE CARE AMERICA" Taxing (Health Care SNOWEjob PT.10) & (Jumping For Joy in America PT.5)

I first wanted to highlight the response here from my main man, Sen. Bernie Sanders below ....

A Good Day For America ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

This Part 10 of the "Health Care SNOWEjob" & Part 5 of the "Jumping For Joy in America" series will take a looksy at the newest U.S. Supreme Court ruling on what is called the "Affordable Care Act", which of course the right wing started calling "ObamaCare", then even some on the left were so intoxicated with the name, they even out of pop culture love decided to take the name with pride and most of the media's today are doing of course the expected ... the left jumping for joy , and the right whining in misery, etc, etc ... and it is actually difficult to get a non left/ right look and opinion of this in any of these media's for the most part, once again, we are letting those in power think for us and reacting. This is one of those time's where I DONT like being right/ accurate, but unfortuantely this turned out exactly how I suspected it would thoughout these posting's. I am not thinking in a right/ left mindset here, so it may be difficult to understand for some, because I AM an Obama supporter and voting Democrat, and pleased that this President at least get's credit for this, and Congratulation's Sir! ... with all the miseries they put this man through on this. So you would automatically think that I would be jumping up and down with tear's of joy, but I'm one that doesnt evaluate thing's from one or two angle's, I'm kind of like an urban type survivalist, so I learned the hard way through life to look at thing's from an alternative perspective let's say. But that's not to say that there arent many positive's in this, and it is some of the most biggest of, let's say "change" instead of "reform" for this, cause actual financial reform hasnt even been touched in this, that we ever seen in my life at least, just not enough from my view. After all for political reason's again ... they will not throw bone's/ treat's/ trinket's to the dog's unless they expect to get support for another motive or idea they have, because it wouldnt happen, just like the pitch you get when you buy a new car, all the chain of command, your salesperson having to consult and negotiate with management or whatever, etc, etc ... I make it easy and simple for the salesperson, I tell them what I want, what I want to spend and on what term's, this way, no one's time is wasted, if they dont present me a straight quick deal right there ... I walk, period. I mean, if you cant cut me a deal yourself, I must be dealing with the wrong person in other word's.

I have wrote throughout this series where I stood on this, being a "public option" of some percentage, because without one, there IS NO option, or even any real free market competition for that matter, plain and simple as it get's, with nothing to dissect or analyze. Those calling this Obamacare or socialized medicine/ healthcare/ socialism, or even a bloody "Affordable Care Act" are all incorrect on what they label this as, and so inaccurate it isnt funny anymore ... because frankly it is none of the above ... what you have basically to accurately put it is just a new government and Supreme Court supported version of "Corporate Care in America", basically being NOT a public type government sponsored thing that resemble's socialism, but as close to one that you will see being that it level's the playing field some for the consumer, so the victor's in this are NOT only the citizen's/ people, but also who played our politician's to make this happen, the corporate sector, and then of course locking it in through the Supreme Court showdown, getting the people in a frenzy of anticipation, hope, etc. Even though so many Democrat's of course will cheer this till the cow's come home, as they constantly talked about how public option still had a chance when it really didnt, making excuses for this and that, then when public option was dropped, they changed their tune and said ... well at least we got this or that, people like that have basically not much strength or even determination, so to follow them, basically make's you weak as well.  The right wing today is just as weak and blind talking about how we have fell into socialism (geeezz, sometime's I wish they were right!), but as far as this "reform", it's a start, but doesnt address the initial problem of too much corporate/ financial influence, but more fine's, fee's, penalties in the form of what's called a "tax", but from the corporate dictator's that bought out our government basically, which is why I explained in past posting's the wayz and complexities that they will twist this into, and title's they will label them as. Folk's are suprised they say that Justice Roberts ruled in favour with the left? ... come now, surely your not that suprised/ blind as to why, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Some CNN read linked below, then I will explain how these title's are inaccurate, and a look at the non left/ right reality of what we do have.

***** CNN/ MONEY: Supreme Court Says Health Mandate's A Tax

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Your Health Care is covered, but who's going to treat you? ... (***** this was added later)



But all in all this so far has more twist's in it than a goddamn pile of metal's at a scrap yard, because of all the back door slip in's, special interest's, left/ right political battle's, etc, etc that got thrown into this as well, so to make it simple there isnt any public option or even anything remotely close to any competition, in other word's the various companies that created this, all are still pretty much under the same board of director's, kind of like having investment banking CEO's managing an oversight committee on banking, nothing more. I say it isnt truely an "affordable care act" because there hasnt even been ANY reform on the overblown milking and care cost's across the board in any of this, meaning the outcome is just simply another over inflated health care plan made mandatory now by law. The care will be affordable in this respect as I posted in earlier posting's that there will be different "level's" and "label's" of care ... some great, some just inferior at inflated cost's to the consumer, basically alot more of community care type cattle clinic's that are more like the charity place's, except now, the money goes to the government in the form of a "tax" then of course end's up in the hand's of the industries that truely regulate it, making this so far from socialized medicine or government as it get's, meaning again, this socialized medical talk is pointless, except to drive emotion's of the people for political reason's. They may not be able to turn you down with a pre- existing condition, but let's see what kind of care a person get's based on class as far as accessibility in the longrun, I'll leave that there. Proving it or holding them accountable is another thing, same as when you apply for a job, they cant look at your age, colour, gender, etc, etc ... but they all do all the time. You cant have anything truely fair if you have no balance, get my drift?

As long as if there is some kind of oversight on how the billing/ charge's are dealt with, it will be a plus, but if you end up with thing's like this "PBS/ FRONTLINE: DOLLARS & DENTISTS" but instead in the medical industry, you will have another issue. What I'm saying is the "expansion" of thing's like medicare or medicaid (whichever it's called?) and the federal dollar's to state's, etc, is a plus, BUT ... WE MUST see how that is being used by these medical companies and the corporate finance plan's or such that will do business with it, etc, etc, I dont worry over government subsidies as much as I worry about the corporate subsidies, eh? : ) ... there will be alot of new money up for grab's, it's good for the people/ consumer, but you need to "watch" those who grab it too, get my drift? : ) Without close oversight this can lead to a financial disaster too, this is "why" I like as much government in these thing's as possible, and YES, I trust government more than mega corporate folk's, the reason "why" is as clear as day with their history of recent. As far as the whining over this out of this right wing ... I dont even see what in Hell their whining about !!?, except maybe forcing small businesses to fork out more money or something, and even that is up for grab's as far as  employer's being able to opt out (the worker cant opt out of nothing) and pay the fine instead, which you know will choose what profit's the business the most, and this state to state nonsense where each state can decide what they want to do, I'm a Texan, so I understand state's independence, but some thing's should not be dealt with state to state and should be mandatory federal law for every state, because the southern state's or "red" state's, are quicker to abuse this. I mean ... the victory here for the medical industries is a BIG PLUS in so many wayz, as LONG as they dont manipulate cost's too much or method's, service, etc.

ObamaCare or socialized government care and all that bubble head talk ... nonsense ... look at some of the countries that really do have national care, even our closest neighbour's of Canada and Mexico to see what true across the board government sponsored care really is about, not this Willie Foo- Foo talk nonsense. The timing for all of this was perfect because it get's both the right and the left either in joy or a frenzy and of course the support that follow's, bottom line there is the people's/ government's need's werent fully addressed as the partisan political and corporate need's. It's basically corporate taxation ... again, I have no issue with paying more taxes to OUR GOVERNMENT for overall social and domestic need's as any in any more social type country would (I even believe a certain amount of socialism is healthy), I am all for it, but not all for simply privatizing and reducing what government we do have left, and that's all you end up with, and with this new Supreme Court ruling making corporation's a person now, and the schlew of commercial advertising now by these entities how oil/ energy companies are the new enviromentalist's, mega investment banker's the new education saviour's, and energies need's provider's our lifesource, just add's that much more to the support of such, with everyone from Adderall manufacturer's doping up the American people into speed freak's, to health care provider's who are the answer to all, to insurance companies having you jump state to state, year to year, to try to save you $200/ $300 dollar's here and there in a rat race that can only get more complex, and where is our true voice or representation or even competition in all this? and what will your dollar get you? is the bottom line. Again, I'm NOT anti- business at all, as a matter of fact, the principle's of business, capitalism, free market are a major plus, it's just that too many abuse it in those sector's today, anyone can do well in business without excessive greed, and make a healthy profit.

Not much talk about the fine's/ penaties yet, but it will get some highlight to come ... it IS NOT a criminal offense to not buy their insurance ... however it will be controlled through taxation/ IRS via the corporate entities instead ... you will alwayz be in debt to the IRS based on this law under penalty, so you might as well pay (**** AND THE TAXATION/ FEE IS "SMALL/ MINIMAL" CONSIDERING ALL "YOU WILL GET") ... and for those young people, they got ya'll by the ball's totally now, since ya'll are about the only folk's that cant even qualify for bankruptcy on a student loan whether your broke, bankrupt or dead, they'll have ya on this too, if you decide to not play : ) I mean ... this entity (IRS) can even take your passport for that matter, restricting your travel, credit rating's, garnish wage's, take personal property, or a number of other thing's that the IRS has power to do, this will just be dictated by the medical and insurance companies instead, with them deciding and telling the IRS/ Gvmnt who is to be penalized or not and to what extent, those of course with the least money will get hit the most of course. You wont go to jail because they cant afford it now, but later if they can twist it some way into a profit (such as how the privatized corporate prison system now milk's the tax dollar's incarcerating low income folk's), they will figure out a way to do that if necessary. If your very poor, homeless, or belong to a church that opposes buying it, you will not be penalized, and some other's, that too will become complex over time though. Of course the only alternative you have at this point is the right wing, which sayz that they wouldnt penalize folk's or force them to buy insurance, but then you have even less reform and no change at all, and all over time even dictated more by the corporate sector. Initially when this talk of reform started and what got so many American's in high gear, was the idea that we would get some sort of public option's, at least million's was excited about at least a partial plan like myself to try it out, that was twisted into a plan that basically make's 100's of billion's more for the same entities that milk the system and our government and more power now telling our government how they can act, so the treat's that you did get like the mammogram's for free and such are well paid for rest assured, the profit's and benefit's to those who dictate outweigh anything they will shell out in the long run. But still there is alot that will benefit folk's as well in this, at least alot more than what we had, and when you dont have much to begin with, anything is great.

Basically to some it may also look like the whole thing was staged to actually be presented to the Supreme Court to look like a people's challenge by the right/ left, just so it would be "forced" into a law using the IRS and our government to cater to corporate interest's only. The "cost's" factor is really a huge issue as I pointed out how everyone is milking everyone as far as cost's/ billing like in the last posting , you MUST address that for true significant "reform" as well ... you just cant leave business as usual on this. But they/ industries DID get the most importante part they wanted to go into effect asap, and that was as I posted in the earliest posting's, to get that 30 to 50 million or so paying into those companies via the government, so their BMB (bitchin, moaning & bellyaching) is unwarranted and excessive.

Enough for now ....

I also wanted to add some video below from all side's and how the expert's or prominant one's weigh in on this. And chose these PBS video's to highlight, because so many of the other media's were so politically slanted on both the left and right channel's/ media's. For the first video though I chose PBS Chief Editor of Health Affairs Susan Dentzer to give a balanced non sided view of what this mean's for citizen's.

What Does Court Decision Mean For Citizens? ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

From 'Hallelujah' to 'Sadness' Stakeholders React ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR **** I loved it and really got a laugh out of this below when Dr. Donald Palmisano said something like "... we ought to put Congress on Medicaid for a couple week's and it would get fixed ... " heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's as straight as it get's Guy : )


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