Friday, October 14, 2011

FREE TRADE AGREEMENT: Our DYSFUNCTIONAL Congress, MIRACULOUSLY Get's FUNCTIONAL, Is this our new Job's Plan? (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.4)

This PT. 4 of "Jumping For Joy In America" will be to look at the new Trade Agreement and how miraculously fast Congress was able to pass this ... this must be a miracle! ... please call the Vatican! No, all shit aside, even as boring as politic's can get ... it's these moment's/ piece's that really get me to laughing up a storm, especially the way some of us cheer and jump for joy like little huddled masses of robot's at time's : ) But this will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" .

Also, you may ask how can I look at this with humour? But you see, there is a lil humour to everything, just like there is a "flip- side" to everything ... it's because some of the thing's we will have to swallow over the next few year's will not be so pleasant, and to strictly look at this stuff without some humour and being too serious can depress folk's too much. So a lil humour can be healthy ... after all ... some of this shit were fed is hilarious you must admit ... in the sense that they actually dont see how full of shit they look telling us this! : )

I got an idea to create job's too, that many of our political paid off representative's on both side's would love ... how bout just lowering our minimum wage here to $3.30 an hour, eh? ... this will enable more cheapskate companies/ corporation's to hire more ... and get this, we will still be getting paid 10X times the official minimal wage that Bernie talk's about in North Korea of .35 cent's an hour ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

This was suddenly slipped through almost simultaneously according to dating while the biggest news coverage was about the "American Jobs Act" which got the boot from the newly super committee Senate's GOP ... while GOP Congressional member's seemed to be jumping all over this like a cheap suit on sunday, and this was done in a flash, maybe they slammed one of them 5 hour energy drinx : ) ... I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch on this one! But of course according to CNN in the article/ link below from one of their columnist's, we should jump for joy on this ... which is great, but I also have question's, because this isnt clear to me yet. On the other hand, some Democrat's say this is basically bunk, even Bernie (Sen. Sanders) is making some point's of question here ... Wassup? Are we now free to trade, including continuing to cross our border here in Texas and up in Canada and keep getting our prescription's, dental and medical (which Congress and the Senate both want to stop)? Can we lift the limit on how many gallons of gas were allowed to buy in Mexico now driving it back to the U.S. ... after all, it's all about trading "freely", eh? Is this part of our new "job's package" ... after all ... everybody even on the right/ GOP been yapping endlessly about "Job's, Job's, & Mo Job's" . Maybe this is our lucky break and golden parachute ... ya think? ... I sure as Hell dont know, but we sure as Hell will find out 5 or so year's from now. But more below.

CNN/ OPINION: Congress Finally Gets Something Right


A GOOD DEAL FOR KIM JONG II ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... and I was just praising Hyundai Steel for going green too!

MSNBC: Free Trade Agreements ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


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