Monday, October 3, 2011

ELTON JOHN/ LIVE: "Honky Cat", "60 Years On", & "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour another veteran of the root's of contemporary 20th/ 21st century music, with over 40 year's in the industry, Sir Elton John . Again, because of the accomplishment's of this composer/ artist, I will let the Wikipedia link do the history for the most part here.

But Elton has root's that go quite a wayz back actually, that were bedrock to rock music of today ... this Guy was basically raised in music, even his dad was a musician, and heart been into it since a kid ... working the trenches in local pub's as a start ... and later mixed the honky tonk type style's with the classic to create an original distinctive piano style, that I rank in the most unique categories of contemporary pianist composer's, with historic icon's such as "The Killer/ Jerry Lee Lewis" ... who also clearly inflamed/ inspired Elton as well. But I wanted to highlight this because of the intensity of his work as a pianist in particular.

Because of the high volume of YouTube entries on this artist, I spent time over the last month or so reviewing so many of the earliest work's of Elton in "live" performance's ... and wanted to get as raw as I could to his beginning's before his fame of current to show just how intense his composition's were at start ... and what led to this artist having sold a quarter of a billion album's over a 4 decade career in the industry ... and there are so many classic piece's to choose from, it was really hard to select, but I found a few here that I thought were decent audio/ visual's of this outstanding pianist/ artist, and are of course a few of my own favourite's ... and Thank You Sir for all your contribution's to the art's over the year's! ... Enjoy!


"HONKY CAT" Live 1972 ... Thanx to JINZOAGAIN ... one of my favourite piano piece's by him I recently been working on a "cover" of as well on my keyboard's/ piano!

"60 YEARS ON" Live 11 December 1970 (audio) Thanx to EJINTHE70S




Weaseldog said...

You can't go wrong with the King of Pop.

'Pinball Wizard' would've been a good one for your list.

Great weather we're having today. I wish i was out in it.

Weaseldog said...

Granted, he didn't write it, but still...

Weaseldog said...

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdaye Jack(WD)! and Good Evening (10:50pm) ... Damn right it's great weather around town, I had to make alot of run's, we just got back, so I was in it most of the day actually ... geeeezz ... did you check out that chemical plant explosion yesterday around Waxahachie(?) that was Hell ... you could see that thing from Irving even! (BTW, my daughter's new office is in Las Colinas now) But back to the weather ... I hear it's been raining up in New York for a bloody damn week ... we could sure as Hell use some moisture here Jack, even though I do like the generally low humidity ... dont look like ole Rick's(Perry) prayer's done a bloody damn bit of good, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) The Texas State fair of course is packed, including all the train's/ rail's @ Fair Park Station!

Thanx for the link Jack from the movie ... geeezzz Dude, that brought back some memories! I remember when that first came out, and we went to see it at the old Chicago Theater down on State St. in downtown Chicago, that was when the Chicago Theater still played movie's, to show the time! Today it's something like the old Majestic in Downtown Dallas, performing art's type venue, Yes ... I even remember seeing movies at the Majestic, back in the late 1970's too! (were you born yet? (jusy kiddin Guy) ... but back then during the movie "Tommy" @ Chicago Theater ... that whole place wreaked the smell of pot/ marijuana with a cloud hanging over inside, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Jack, I'm old enough to remember when Times Square in New York City still was saturated with pinball arcade's and quarter peep show's, I used to play the pinball arcade's down there as a kid actually, my dauhgter get's to be in NYC this week ... lucky dawg she is! But "Pinball Wizard" was actually one of my first choice's for Elton's posting, along with some other's ... I mean ... it was truely a lengthy vid gathering, Elton had so much shit out there! Remember he also done a kick ass other Beatles cover ... "Lucy in the Sky with Diamond's" ... so there was so much to try to review ... but I had to also go with that Fillmore piece of "60 Years On" ... that was plain Hell ... wish I could have gotten more than just audio there.

Thanx for the drop in Jack!

Flying Junior said...

Howdy Thomas from San Diego!

Thanks for the vintage Elton John. I could scarcely believe the audio quality on "Honky Cat." Really loved hearing that again. Dropped by after seeing your moniker at Sue's place. Heard it on the laptop and decided to hook up the PC to the flatscreen and the Hi-Fi. Thanks again. That was great!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning FJ ... I was just at your site to check it out and leave a note. Sue? ... you must be referring to Hello Mr. President ... she's quite a gal too, eh? ... like her style.

But anywayz .... the Honky Cat piece ... yes I just LOVE, and was fortunate enough to run into that on YouTube ... lot's of great stuff on YouTube, eh? I actually probably spend more time on bloody YouTube than anywhere's else ... read several blog's, etc ... but because when I select piece's, I am kind of picky about quality and stuff and making sure there is adequate volume at least ... then every week or so I have to make a quick run through all my posted video's, because music piece's especially get pulled from YouTube for one resaon or another and have to be replaced, and sometime's I just cant find one as good as the first one I chose, yet sometime's I also have found better one's, so it's a constant job, and also my favourite part of having this blog/ journal. Glad you enjoyed it and Thanx for your voice here!