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STACY SCHULER: A Look at Total Disregard, Recklessness, Incompetence & Lack of Integrity (Sexploitation Nation PT.10)

Stacy Schuler

This "Sexploitation Nation" PT. 10 will take a look at the recent conviction and case of an Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler, convicted of sex offenses and giving alcohol/ drug's to minor's. I really didnt plan on doing a posting on this even though I followed it ... but as the trial and testimonies got more detailed, I decided to point out some thing's that I thought made this case outragious, and because the media's are saturated with this case actually. Some newsread below, then my input.

MAIL/ONLINE: Female Teacher jailed for four years for having sex with five students in drink and drug- fuelled orgies after Judge rejects defence that boys 'took advantage of her'


First of all, I am one who had sex as a teen with a school teacher which also grabbed my interest. My case was different, I was NOT one of her student's (I wasnt even in school at the time, being a drop out my first year of high school), but after I seen her a few time's, she also told me of different sexual thing's she had done with student's, asking if I'd like to try this or that, sort of thing, etc, etc. She did give me alcohol, but no drug's, nor did she use drug's around me at all. But, there wasnt much to it for me, as far as feeling troubled or depressed, etc ... the lady was very nice to me, etc ... so I had no "ill" feeling's about it ... she was about 30 year's old at the time, a high school teacher and I was around 16- ish I reckon. But NO ... I suffered no trauma at all ... like I said, she was very good to me, to be honest ... other than that, nothing odd or special to tell.

Now as far as the sentencing of Ms. Schuler ... in my opinion, I didnt think that any prison time was necessary at all ... maybe some probation ... but also understand this is the USA, and the moral standard's here are fairly strict on these sex issue's, which is why I wanted to include this in this series in particular. Also understand that in this country if it was a male teacher, the sentence probably would have even been more severe actually. This varies from culture to culture and country to country. My wife for instance at around 15 or so got pregnant by her high school teacher even ... this was in the Philippines in school, and from what she told me, he got several of his female student's pregnant, all were about 14/ 16, and this was year's ago, no doubt if it was America, he would have been really treated harshly. But even if Schuler get's out in 6 month's, the whole reporting as a sex offender thing for life every few month's or whatever will be strict punishment in my opinion by itself, the parole thing, the morality classes, fine's, fee's, and all the rest that are not talked about here ... I mean, she will be marked for life basically as well.

But the reason this case really caught my atencion, is when the defense started to make this case for her innocence, the tactic's they used at her approval especially. I mean ... some of these young men and student's stood on the stand even and talked decent and supportive of this woman, then all of the sudden, she was creating a defense trying to say she was taken advantage of by these guy's to make it look like a rape case, I mean, these young folk's come to your defense, even hugged you in court, spoke good of you, and your willing to try to reverse this to make it look like they raped you? The fact that also especially being an althletic type instructor, and her offering these guy's not only alcohol but drug's and having these group sleep- over's before football practice is also not good for any young athlete, it take's too much from the athlete, I mean ... how can you do that if your an athletic instructor and love your work?

Also the one excuse afer another that was entered on her defense of being everything from bipolar to having to take prescription drug's, mixing alcohol with these drug's, being a vegetarian, having bowel irritation's (bowel movement's?), flash/ temp insanity, etc, etc ... was just sickening having to listen to ... geeeezzz! I mean ... why is she even a teacher to begin with, with so many disorder's and mental health issue's? Who hire's these folk's? The idea that she couldnt even recall a thing and didnt know this was an issue of legal concern was incredible, yet had it all planned out, plenty of drug's and alcohol on hand, multiple boxes of sex gadget's/ toy's, etc ... I mean, one gal who knew her testified that she had already planned a defense if she got caught ... you live and work in a suburbia community in Ohio and dont know this would be a concern/ issue? This disregard for those student's that stood by her in her defense is what was wrong in my opinion, to turn on someone like that and backstab them? ... that especially was uncalled for. Along with the total recklessness and even accelerating the event's/ action's ... lack of regard for even health and sexual safety for these student's, the incompetence as far as being a teacher (in my opinion, regardless of how great a teacher everyone said she was) ... and just the total lack of integrity across the board is incredible.

We have so many folk's that are out of work right now, that really want to teach and help young student's is what make's this sad as well. You are paid to do a job, and using the taxpayer's money for your personal entertainment, is no different than these politician's who milk us with their expenses and feed us one lie after another. Is this what a person call's "pride" in their work? ... working hard? ... having integrity? To me this was just another undisciplined, very selfish person that has little regard for student's or for her work ... and more interested in just using these young men for her own entertainment, using the school as a pick- up point. I mean ... sure they were consenting, and I dont have an issue with the act's of sex with young men ... but is there no other way in your free time you can meet and find young men to indulge with? ... are you that goddamn lazy also? This was just pure bullshit on her part.

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Infidel753 said...

I once knew a woman from the Philippines who was impregnated by her teacher when she was 14. Maybe it's a standard educational practice over there?

It's hard to judge the Schuler case without knowing more about it. I have the very strong impression that boys that age generally don't feel "victimized" by sex with an adult woman -- quite the contrary -- but the drugs and alcohol are a more serious matter.

As for her trying to blame the boys, obviously that's despicable. Given that she was trying to avoid going to prison, one can understand if not excuse.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting Infodel, that you knew someone in the same situation from the Phillippines. My wife talked to me about this in detail year's back, and according to her, so many girl's had issue's with this teacher, his rep wasnt too cool, even though of course they "willingly" went along, I think alot of it seemed to do with him leaving the school after and refusing to see them or the kid's, etc ... it was a weird story indeed Guy. I remember once year's ago while talking to her son (who I brought over here as a kid) some small chat, I brought up his dad once, and asked why doesnt he ever talk about him, etc (we got along real well) ... he said that he alwayz wanted to meet his dad ... but only so he could shoot him in the head, he thought as a child, I cant get into much more detail on that, but it was an abandonment sort of issue. He (son) now has been a success here in America/ Dallas, achieved the American Dream, etc. But I dont believe it was standard practice in the Phillippines, at least I wouldnt guess, being how the teacher took off after ... really a twisted story I cant get into here, for some reason it was kind of emotional for my wife just discussing it, I just wanted to support and comfort her at the time (it made me sad just seeing her sad), because she got kind of sad and emotional, so it was a lil more deep than just the sex act. But yes indeed, he got many of the student's pregnant and his rep locally later amongst gal's got pretty sour after a few year's, and he basically disappeared to another Province/ Island. One of the thing's also that get's me about a country like the Phillippines for instance (this occured back in the late 1960's, I may add) is that at least back in them time's, abortion was popularly frowned upon, being it was very strong catholic as far as religion, still think catholicism is, of course alot has changed too, I know many young Fillippino's now for instance, who are very different in their thought's let's say on these issue's. That country is very similar to America, heavily American influence as you probably know, even the english language is mandatory in their school's ... Phillippines has such a fascinating history as well.

As far as this Schuler case, I had alot more detail's in this case I will admit, so it's good for anyone who read's this with interest to check out the case themselves. I didnt want to get into the sex detail's of it here, it would have served no purpose for this posting. One of the few time's I actually felt sorry for a Judge, having to read the sentencing and explaining his opinion, must have been a tad embarrassing. You see ... I actually think, if she would have just come clean from the get- go, he wouldnt have even given her prison time, it was all the twist's, turn's, and stories that she was presenting, that later made it look really screwed up, the parent's outrage put's him also in a position of having to impose some time, but I feel like probation would have been sufficient in this case ... I just dont see this as really criminal, but truely shitty on the "civil" end.

Thanx for your voice here Guy ....