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This is another posting that is past due for this journal that I'm a tad late on, but it was some conversation over breakfast a week or so ago with Joe and his recommendation that inspire's this posting especially now in these trying time's. And this is also something that our so called political leader's better also take a close look at, regardless of which of these 2 side's they belong to, as is pointed out here by Ms. Gil , who is a marketing expert, as far as the political end. But this posting is to point out economic's more than politic's ... after all, politic's are a show all by themselves. The news media today was saturated with the GOP debate last night, and Rick Perry got into a heated discussion with Mit Romney (no, I dont watch the bloody debates or care to, so I picked this off YouTube for reference), both argueing over illegal immigrant's, who hire's who or support's what, etc, etc ... you know the deal, you heard it all before, I mean, a couple month's down the road any one of these two may be in some place like South Texas, now hugging undocumented folk's and eating taco's for the camera's. Some more below, then my two cent's.

***** Shelby Report: Hispanic Buying Power ...

Out of the Recession with Latino Market Growth/ with Lili Gil ... Thanx to LILIGIL ... I also recommend visiting Ms. Gil's YouTube Channel and Website, and not to look at what slant of side she may take politically, but the content of what she has to say.

This video below isnt to pick on the State of Alabama ... but a picture of what has been happening in other state's as well, and this is mostly due to the economy, so it's why I wanted to focus on this as well in this posting ... and reason why is, because I dont believe this is the best of time's to be fiddle faddling with this particular issue, and the political end to this show is really a flip- flopping hypocritical freakshow if anything, that does more harm than benefit in my opinion. I mean for example, why are not any of these political/ official/ government rep's for instance talking about this? ... so you can see, I have alot of question's on how and why issue's are addressed.

Alabama's Immigration Law: Assessing the Economic, Social impact ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

First of all Joe is a longtime friend and familia through in- lawship, our wives even started their own entrepreneur endeavor together year's ago. Joe is American born (Mexican- American) and has truely made and lived the American Dream, very active in his community, large familia, kid's went to college, had success in their career's and endeavor's, home's paid for, semi retired, etc, etc. Joe grew up in very modest mean's in the original 1st Little Mexico/ Pikes Park area of Dallas, met and married a Gal from also modest mean's from around the Valley area of Brownsville/ Matamoros vicinity. But during breakfast the other day ... Joe was pointing out how great thing's were business wise (as an inde) and being swamped with more than he can handle, etc, despite the trying financial time's ... I then told Joe (who dont keep up with thing's as far as news and politic's, finance like I do ... it bore's him more or less) that it's because the Mexicano's/ Latino's have stimulated our neighborhood's as well. I cant imagine what our town/ neighborhood would be like right now without their business, and I'm talking about mostly legal born bred Latino's, but also a very large number of undocumented immigrant's, and many of these folk's who claim their all red white & blue and dont do business with these folk's especially in a big town like Dallas are not telling the truth, bottom line ... this is NOT just hiring them at companies and depending largely on their business small and large across the board ... but even moderate to upper middle class families of American's are some of the first folk's early in the morning before sunrise at local labour market area's (that I call meat market's, where probably 95%+ are undocumented) picking up those in the variety of parking lot's all over the city to do everything from yard work, to any other labour they have around the home. These folk's/ worker's spend the most of their money ... right here and pay taxes on everything, whether their documented or not.

Now some will say that illegal's are illegal, and it dont have a thing to do with legal immigrant's or Latino American's, which is easy to say ... but having lived in latino majority communities most of my life, I differ. There was a time when Mexicano American's and illegal immigrant's had a stronger social divide ... and over the last several year's that has mended and they are more interactive and united than I have ever seen. The undocumented are also big player's in keeping this economy above water, believe me. And I know the arguement from many of all culture's who say their taking our job's and it force's American born worker's to work cheaper, etc, yet at the same time, I never hear a peep out of any of the political representation about the "legal" immigration of well over a million a year, some that are even politically/ corporate sponsored that come from abroad to fill degree required position's and profession's, the position's that our college graduate's for instance spend 10's of thousand's on getting a degree, that made many of our young college graduate's now the largest population in this country in debt (even more now than basic credit card holder's due to student/ tuition loan's) ... nope ... not a peep, and this just show's the total hypocrisy as well on issue's like this.

Many latino's are all about living and keeping the "American Dream" alive, very strong familia support, starting many, many, small businesses, buying up inner city properties and investing in preserving them and keeping the communties vibrant, and importantely that compete's with all the corporate giant's that have been buying every goddamn thing they can, including our government building's and landmark's, or just ripping down inner city neighborhood's to put up new international investment's banking tower's only, where most of their money is offshore, or highrise condo's that only one with over a million in value/ asset's can afford. On the other hand, many of these undocumented in the thousand's in a town of this size are buying and leasing home's, and spending big time in many of our local busineses, still doing alot of shopping and spending dollar's big time as a whole. I cant even count how many folk's I met or known over the year's that have came here with nothing, worked their ass off, bought home's and started small businesses (many being independent contractor's, which is also big business in Dallas) that worked and were a success on a small level ... yet most importantly fueling our neighborhood's with constant growth and revenue. Hispanic's/ Latino's in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex and other area's across America have been about the best working stimulus we had ... alot of this action is what truely the American Dream is about, and especially what most American's really value.

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