Monday, October 17, 2011


This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to take a look at some of the ancient art, a Tribute to Hindu Art  and the erotic side in particular . The craftsmanship and detail in the ancient sculpture's/ art and architecture is magnificent and incredible ... today it is quicker and easier to slap together some concept's/ idea's, back in them time's people devoted their entire lifespan to create a piece ... just so much put into it looking at the ancient art's, and this one is past due for this journal.

But this is also some food for thought as well ... for instance, I had to "sign in" on YouTube to view this, requiring me to be over 18 year's of age or whatever, but I did check it out after I posted it and signed out to see if it could be viewed on this posting without signing in, and it did for me, so hopefully the viewer will NOT have to sign in to view this post. But my point here of thought is ... this is something you have to be 18 to view, at least in our society in the liberated west ... yet you can be any age, turn on any prime time regular non cable network on the tele, and under 18 year's old, be saturated with lies, deception, murder, mayhem, poverty, despair, violence, cheating, etc, etc ... yet the art of basic love making is forbidden/ restricted ... you must wonder ... what have we become on some avenue's of our great liberation? But what also make's this unique in ancient time's is because there was also so much ancient art that depicted violence and bloodshed as well, and of course the world overall is far less violent than in any time of the past. But look's like they were onto something in India at a time, eh?

But enough from my jaw running and Enjoy! : )

ANCIENT INDIAN SACRED EROTIC ART TEMPLE ... Thanx to MARCOLFINU **** audio muted due to copyright



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