Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HYUNDAI STEEL: "Seal the Steel" ... Hyundai's NEW Greener, Cleaner, Leaner, & Meaner approach to Steel Production (GLOBAL WARMING PT. 10)

This "PART 10" of this journal's "Global Warming" series will be to salute the newest steel production coming out of South Korea's Hyundai Steel Division . This series is not just to point out the destructive point's that contribute to Global Warming, but to also credit and salute those who actually are taking them step's to clean up our planet anyway they can after the century old mess we left it in. Now I realize that there is still an issue with trapping CO2 emission's within the structure's, but that's just a bug that will be addressed in time. What matter's here is all else they were able to do and recycle/ reuse in a beneficial way eco- wise. These innovating type mover's and shaker's are the business and better investment's of our future. Yes ... it cost's them a sum, but it should pay off itself in the longer term.

If someone stumble's across this that has never read a thing in this journal before, I want to point out that I am very pro- business ... I dont hug tree's or anything like that, but I do have an issue with the way we trash the globe (yes, I recycle). As far as the Global Warming title ... I use it because that's what it originally was titled before the new sugar coating of "Climate Change" came along simply. The arguement on this is basically another leftee/ rightee bate type ... some say that the Earth has been going through climatic change's/ heating and cooling for 100's of million's of year's, and it's natural ... other's say that it's caused by humankind and the excessive release of thing's like carbon emission's/ fossil fuel's usage. I differ from the mainstream thought on this, because I agree with "both". I think there is clear scientific data that the Earth has been through climate change, and I also looked at it as a warming trend since after the last ice age, of a slow gradual warming, chain reaction sort of thing. But I also strongly believe, that over the last century, our usage of these fuel's, destruction of forest's and trash output to land, air, and sea's, had put warming in 10th gear accelerating what would naturally take multi- centuries longer to naturally come to ... so Yes, I feel we need to clean up bigtime ... I mean ... you wouldnt want your sewage to back up on your property and stink you out ... the Earth is our major asset/ property.

It is clearly evident what is happening, regardless of what title we choose to call it, and technologically/ scientifically speaking, we are not yet to a point where we can change the damage we done ... so I frankly dont give a shit who's to blame here ... all I'm concerned with is cleaning up a planet/ home that has been recklessly trashed and degraded for too long. And Big congratulation's to Hyundai on their effort's and expense!

***** CNN: Hyundai Steels Itself for a Cleaner Future



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