Thursday, October 20, 2011

NORTH DAKOTA BOOM BOX: Job's Boom, Baby Boom, Room Boom ... AMERICAN JOBS PT. 2

This PT. 2 of "American Jobs" will take a "serious" look (obviously unlike California, they dont have a shortage of welder's : ) at where some of the jobs are right now in America. And this is somewhere's that I never even expected to hear of a next boom ... but it's a for sure boom at that! From jobs to babies to room's, because the way it look's too, is probably every damn hotel/ motel room in a town like Bismark is probably indefinitely booked! But there's a flip side to this housing shortage ... it's going to take "Mo Jobs" to build the housing needed, which again feed's the entire chain. It may be wise for many of our political representation to take a study of this and find out what the Hell make's this happen and use it to inspire thought.

***** CNN/ MONEY: Double your Salary in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota!

***** NY TIMES/ U.S.: A State With Plenty of Jobs but Few Places to Live

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Infidel753 said...

Unfortunately this sounds like basically the same situation as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi -- a lot of oil in a place with very few people. The whole state of North Dakota has maybe one-tenth the population of the DFW area, and even of those, few live near the western edge of the state where the Bakken formation is. If the same revenue source were located in an area with a substantial population, it would just get washed out in the statistical noise.

Fossil fuels are a dead end, anyway. If we want a real jobs boom, with jobs bringing long-term benefit, we should invest in developing solar power. Of course, that would take investment from the government, so the Republicans wouldn't consider it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I agree with your comment 110% Infodell and Good Morning! After this dries up, it's over too! This is exactly what this look's like and I especially agree on the alternative fuel's Vs. fossil especially, being that, that WILL be the future maga investment, I've wrote too much about this already in this journal. Job's are so tight right now for folk's I posted this for two reason's, to show immediate job's, and to also look at what need's to be done to spur growth, this case was strictly a quick grab for petro/ oil, but doesnt have to be for just oil as far as investment's private and government.

Thanx for your voice here