Thursday, October 6, 2011

MINISTRY (CLASSIC COVER'S): "Radar Love", "Black Betty", "Mississippi Queen", "Just Got Paid"

Yes ... another Ministry (Al & Tommy interviewed here by Dave Navarro as well) posting to go into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . Beside's, anyone who know's me also know's how big a Ministry fan that I am ... they are an excellent studio group and really a truely kick fuckin ass band "live", and based in Texas too ... so I absolutely have them at the top's in their category! These song's below are all classic cover's that Al and the crew does, and even a few ... "Radar Love", "Black Betty", and "Mississippi Queen" are song's that I loved to cover myself on vocals and blues harps when I was a young gent : ) (never "Just Got Paid" though, even though I personally love it). So I love the cover original's as well ... but Ministry has such a unique flavour of cover's they do that are very versatile, yet distinctively "Total Ministry". I mean, this is a group and of course a talent like Al too, that can bring classic to folk to metal, thrash, electronika, industrial, rap, and such together in one piece, and still be distinctively Ministry in doing so, hard to explain here ... I can rattle on about this crew for hour's though, and it didnt suprise me a bit that Al wanted to retire touring after he got in his 50's either (even though I hate it) ... but he will still stay very active producing and doing other work with band's and film according to his interview's. Also a BIG Special Thanx to those who were so kind to share these piece's on YouTube and of course to Al, aka "Buck Satan", aka "Uncle Al" and his crew too! I love Ya'll!

POST NOTE: Looking closely at the album cover of these great classic's, I'll be goddamned if that aint ole Al himself in drag, posing as Jackie Kennedy in the car with the former President ... now that's truely a conspiracy! : )

"RADAR LOVE" ... A "Golden Earring" cover ... Thanx to IRATEPLAGERIST

"BLACK BETTY" ... Geeezzz, talk about historical shit (rock- wise), this song was originally done by legend Bluesman "Lead Belly" and received recognition at first back in the 1940's if I recall correctly, then went dormant for year's, being revived again by the short lived "Ram Jam" in the latter 1970's, then again later by even Sheryl Crow, I have done vocal's myself covering this with a couple band's in the past ... But Thanx to PHILIPP011 . Actually according to this here (Wikipedia) this goes even back as far as recording's into the early 1930's, being done by/ for convict's as well outside Houston on a Texas prison farm.

"MISSISSIPPI QUEEN" (A "Leslie West/ Mountain" cover) Thanx to PHILIPP011

"JUST GOT PAID" (A "ZZ Top" cover) ... Thanx to ZURCBLACKSTARR


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