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SENECA VILLAGE @ CENTRAL PARK: ... A look back at the mid 19th Century New York City community ... (For Harmon Loft PT.2)

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This posting will be to look at a New York City community that just naturally was desegregated on it's own without any govenment interference, being the only influence to live like this was the people of the community. One may look at this as no big deal, but in the mid 19th century United States ... it was a very big deal.

In PART ONE below, I explain who Harmon Loft was in my childhood and why I am dedicated to keeping this man's spirit alive and able to do in this 21st century through this world wide web, and as Harmon told me as a kid, to never forget where I come from, never be ashamed, and keep those who are true friend's close in heart. But I remember Harmon once telling me a story about this Village and how folk's got along ... though he never mentioned the name, I didnt think much at the time about it, but just old folklore. This is for you Harmon ...


THE NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY: The Seneca Village website ... some art and history read on the community

Columbia Archaeologist unearth's ramnant's of 19th century Village beneath Central Park ... Thanx to COLUMBIANEWS


NY TIMES: Unearthing traces of African American Village displaced by Central Park


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YELLO (MEIER/ PERON/ & BLANK): ... "Oh Yeah", "The Expert", "Jungle Bill" & "Bostich" ...

Image result for Carlos Peron, Dieter Meier & Boris Blank

(left to right) Carlos Peron, Dieter Meier & Boris Blank

This induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY will be to honour and take a look at 3 artist's out of Switzerland who call their project "YELLO", Boris Blank, Dieter Meier and Carlos Peron have really done some impressive work's across the board for over 3 decade's now, and deserve every ounce of credit due for their influence and mark in this genre of the industry.

I look at them as a cornerstone of the post modern industrial music genre, who were some of the earliest of what's labeled as Electronika and Techno ... kind of a more eccentric dance sound that permeated those club scene's in the 1980's especially, and still to this day have earned their stay, with so many remixes of classic to current work's. I can tell you in the 1980's, whether you visited these type venue's in New York, Dallas, or London ... they were in big demand, and for good reason ... and these are the town's where I discovered these gentlemen with their wee morning hour's intoxicating mixes, which inspired me many year's ago to dig deeper in their worx. All I can say is impressive work Gentlemen and Thank You!

They have so many mixes and I spent several hour's literally on and off over the last week or so scouring YouTube to try to decide on 4 to post here, that are short and cover their year's, most known, and focused on visual and audio qualities most. Enjoy ....

YELLO- 11- Oh Yeah (HD) Live ... Thanx to SLAVA MALTSEV

THE EXPERT (this is a newer piece of work released late 2009) ... Thanx to RASTACHEETAH

JUNGLE BILL ... Thanx to YelloVEVO

BOSTICH ... Thanx to YelloVEVO



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PBS: From Ohio to Nevada, voters fed up with debt ceiling deadlock ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


***** CNN: The debt ceiling: Where you stand in battle ... (video)


It's no secret according to the link's/ post's above and this journal, that I have looked forward to these time's for a long time. While many folk's are only looking at the hurt, fear, frustration, death, and feeling awful about it ... you may fail to see the flip side of all of this ... YES ... including even terrorism, violent protest's, etc ... and this is why I call this great time's. You cant EXPECT change or for what need's to fail ... FAIL, by simply supporting the same ole same over and over and over ... it's kind of like a bad relationship, where the partner's keep making up to again break up, running back and forth to the same ole same, knowing that there is nothing left deep down and it's worthless to support and maintain ... and most imporantely ... a waste of all parties time. We all talk about our children's future(?) ... well believe me ... this is the healthiest thing for our children's future ... what is not healthy is this constant passive mindset in this era, that we can just peacefully (all due respect to Dr. M.L. King though, that was able to pull off some peaceful change ... but his era and situation was a tad different) and only protest peacefully in the street's dressed up in cute costume's with catchy phrased sign's and so forth and alwayz expect to get result's of any kind. While ya'll are standing in the heat and protesting, the power's are sitting in well guarded secure enviroment's and air conditioning, not paying a damn bit of atencion to you, and frankly dont give a shit about your families, communities or anything else, beside's what they can get out of you.

As far as the fear about meeting the deadline to raise the debt ceiling ... Look ... it should have no question of being raised ... first ... then the budget talk's AFTER, plain and simple, I explained the objective of all this in so many of the linked posting's, many of these folk's in power are not friend ... but enemy, if anything. Many like myself welcome their threat's with open arm's ... go ahead and not raise the debt ceiling ... it's ya'll who are going to hurt in the longrun alot more than us who are being trampled on by these self righteous inbred worthless incompetent parasite's and all their affiliate's and puppet master's. The flip side to us ... is of course it would be hard ... nothing worth the stretch and effort is easy, and we fail to see that. For one, it would break down our credit from the top to the bottom ... which would be a blessing, very hard of course, but blessed in the sense that our whole problem for a large part, is we stay in debt to these power's, we lack discipline, and like them, overspend ourselves and squander money ... and most importantely think that we can just buy our way out of everything, or have a magick antidote to solve everything ... we have became too much at time's like those who govern and dictate us ... which is weakness.

I dont like terrorism any more than my neighbor ... but I look at "why" we have this issue ... havent these folk's made themselves clear time and again ... to stay out of their government's, affair's and land's? Wouldnt you feel the same if someone came in your backyard to dig it up searching for anything of value and telling you how to live and what new foreign rules to abide by? Both the two polarizing mindset's of the majority of our population alwayz has excuses for why we pry into other countries business ... and both these side's are at all time's "right" in their own mind's. The very power's that rob us of our entitlement's, right's, Constitution, trying to make amendment's to their benefit only and not the people who are the spark plug's and petrol for this engine ... are the very power's that these terror group's are fighting against as well, for what they do in their land's. And that's why you also have so much rebellious wave's going on right now across the globe ... as I pointed out in my earlier posting's, this need's to come ... and just not domestic ... the power's want us to be "global" .... and .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... ya'll are going to get ya'll's wish ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... in time ... you can bank on it : ) Keep pushing them ... the more ... the better actually ... like any animal cornered ... they will eventually come for ya'll's throat.

As far as these politician's who use your entitlement's that you paid into year's for as a political weapon to their opponent's to try to make their opponent fail at whatever cost's as you see the GOP purposely doing to the President and his administration in this case. These type's are the lowest of the bunch, the "pure trash" ... and not a sliver of integrity even, if they pulled that shit in the real private sector's of society they would be in the unemployment line's or left to file bankruptcy, liquidation's, etc and if they pulled that in any of the underground trade's such as organized crime and drug cartel trade's ... they would be quartered, and if they said the lies and turned on their client's (people) like that, they would end up in an alley or river bottom with their tongue's cut out as a message, in some cases stuck in a slit through their throat's.

As far as this debt ceiling increase and the debt itself, as I posted in the last posting's, it will most likely be increased for some short stretch to use again and again as a tool and constant wedge to stick in our asses when they look to play scam's to cheat us again, and either way ... we will all get screwed in anything they do, regardless of the post show from media's and blog's you will see the day after trying to explain how their party won or got this or that ... bottom line, none of us are going to get a goddamn thing out of none of these but more miseries ... anymore than ya'll got on this other bullshit on so called Health Care Reform or Bailout bullshit, or any other reform's that are just a shaft up our asses another couple inches ... one thing that CANNOT be REFORMED ... and it is these worthless habitual liar's and cheat's that we keep on the payroll thinking one day they will actually serve the people ... get rid of them!

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BATTY BONNIE meet's BUCK NAKID ... "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" (You just cant hurry "love" sometime's, Guy) "LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.2"

This short video clip had me going this morning as far as my morning laugh, wondering if it could just be "love"(?) ... But anywayz, Bonnie didnt want to move so fast on it if it was, as you will see below. I got part of the title for this post also from the movie classic "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" .


70 Grandma Chases Butt Naked Burglar Out Her House With A Baseball Bat ... Thanx to HIPGM16

"YOU CANT HURRY LOVE" ... of course, the Supremes classic ... Thanx to SUEDEMIDDLETON ... that I want to dedicate to ole Buck


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CONVERSION THERAPY: "Saving Gay's is like Saving the Rain Forest" & What happened to Good Ole Fashioned Sex Deviation's ? (Sexploitation Nation PT.7)

Pope Benedict XVI addresses cardinals for Christmas wishes in in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican December 22, 2008. REUTERS/Max Rossi

Pope Benedict addresses colleagues right before Christmas 2008 concerning homosexuality, comparing saving gay's as to like saving nature and the rain forest's, that homosexuality is more of an illness to be treated, not a sin, but homosexual act's are a sin ... now remind you about all the male on male sexual abuse that has surfaced in the Catholic church, I have to wonder how many of those colleagues may have been involved with homosexual act's, eh? Is not sodomizing boyz by adult male's a "homosexual act"?

Part 7 of "Sexploitation Nation" will take a look at more pop culture news and rant's over the "Conversion Therapy" racket ... back in the 1980's or so ... you also had other faithed based government milking businesses to make folk's think through hypnosis that they were victim's of satanic ritual abuse back in their childhood, etc. Of course, this more recent venture is once again to create another programme to save folk's or convert them, etc.

Our society forced into a debate over someone and how they practice sex ... that's about as importante as worrying about how we arrange our eating utensil's at the dinner table, how we prefer to squat when taking a shit, or the proper way to urinate, or sleep ... or thing's/ practice's that are normal daily function's of animal's all over the planet ... including the human animal species, which has went so far out of their way to try to seperate themselves from nature thinking their different and superior to nature ... we havent evolved to that point ... yet. As far as religion's ... or what so and so in an ancient civilisation done or said ... I mean ... who give's a shit? (beside's for the art and literature value) Does any of it put food in your belly? a roof over your head?, get you a paycheck?, in 21st century societies? I myself reckonize my animal/ self nature ... and that I need what other animal's need, and know how delicate life/ flesh is, having faced death, pain, need for nourishment, sleep, etc before ... that's the reality!

I was so filled with awe, love, affection, and almost had tear's in my eye's, reading what the Vatican of course said about comparing saving gay folk's, to saving the rain forest's ... I didnt know whether to cry, fall to my knee's in praise, wind my watch, text my neighborhood Pastor, or take a shit. However, it's great to see that everyone is full of love, saving humanity and trying to get gay dude's to get gal's pregnant to, since we have such a population shortage, too many job's and not enough worker's, and over abundance of wealth and food ... especially the Vatican. A couple gay folk's to me, having an affair, or relationship/ marriage, etc ... may not be in tune with the majority of the species, but not very deviant in my opinion, but to each their own. I dont have much else to say, other than what I said in other posting's linked here.




POPE LIKEN'S SAVING GAY PEOPLE TO SAVING RAIN FOREST'S ... of course good for the Vatican and their love of humanity, creation, ecology, etc ... which should be inspiration to also stop protecting so much pedophilia abuse they have been accused of and have admitted to ... I mean, why would you not let a priest marry knowing their practicing homosexuality, especially on children at that? Perhap's ... to lead them into temptation, then start another side business to save them from what you fostered on them indirectly ... after all ... it is business, is it not?

HOMOSEXUALITY & PSYCHIATRY: HOMOSEXUALITY IS VERY ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR ... of course at the very end of this article, it show's who is clearly backing this, not until you hear all the deviation's of course first .... below I wanted to add this link (updated 13 August 2013) **** I wanted to add this also, because frankly I dont give a shit whether homosexuality is "normal" or not ... the fact is, that it's a reality, it exist's in practice, and whether or not you accept it or not, is not going to change that, period.

***** FREE REPUBLIC: Exposed: The Myth That Psychiatry Has Proven That Homosexuality Behaviour Is Normal

"The Marquis de Sade" ... Thanx to JHERMBABY ... while browsing some point's on sexual deviation's ... I chose this crew to take a look at it. I mean, what in Hell ever happened to good ole fashioned down home deviation's ... back when I was a kid I was reading about real sexual deviation's, like the work's of the Marquis de Sade

Of course, hearing of all this sickness their looking to cure, I couldnt help to think of one of my old favourite classic's from "Alice in Chains" ... called "Sickman" ... Thanx to FCKROCKNROLL ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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DEBT CRISIS PT.3: SEN. BERNIE SANDERS talk's about, the issue's, the President, & "Gangsta 6 Pack" ... & RC on "Defining ORGANIZED CORRUPTION"

First of all, big credit here to Vermont Inde Sen. Bernie Sanders, I mean, this Guy to me is truely a warrior and hero, or what I look at, as the "true" elite of our nation, and just to think ... 5 year's ago, I couldnt even have told you who in Hell Bernie Sanders was ... Hell, I didnt even keep up with politic's much then, and bought my first computer in 2008. Sir ... your a rare breed ... and Thank You! : )

One may think I'm just a liberal socialist in some of my posting's that hate's corporation's and the rich ... so far from the truth ... I am more pro business than most Republican's actually, stand for many of their so called value's even, for giving tax incentive's, rugged individualism, strong defense (real defense though, not corporate dictated), fiscal conservatism, pro "Right to Bear Arm's" etc. Never drew once any gvmnt assistance in my life, alwayz paid my taxes, and voted Republican most of my voting life at that.

But what we are seeing in America today (and many other nation's being scammed by the same force's) is by any sane standard's ... "Organized Corruption" any way you slice it. It is anti free market, anti capitalism, it is one sided, unfair to those who are really elite and all small businesses and corporation's, and frankly robbing the American people from the lowest wage earner's to the higher wage earner's ... and no one sum's this up better than Sen. Sanders in Washington, I am grateful that we even have some folk's in Washington left like him. And this so called politipop group "Gang of Six" ... is nothing more than a "Gangsta Six Pack" ... as I pointed out before ... we dont have a damn sudden budget crisis, except for getting muscled on this by a bunch of thug's in well tailored suit's ... listen to the man Sanders and other's below and learn.

POST NOTE ADDITION: As far as all ya'll's talk about the "deadline" and America defaulting if ya'll arent allowed and agreed on milking us ... GO FOR IT! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... DEFAULT, and see what happen's ... maybe all Hell will break loose in this country and we'll be able to get rid of most of ya'll's sorry asses, see who survive's it the best ... us or ya'll ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) The bottom line is this ... the mega corporate and financial sector's are trying to drive every free country into bankrutcy basically so they can buy it all up and have all resource's, mineral's, energies/ utilities, medical, emergency, insurance, money, etc ... all under their roof, this eliminate's all government's or at least minimize's them and they control everything alone.

DEBT CRISIS PART'S 2 & 1 ... Part One here include's several posting's/ link's to give an overall picture of the condition and answer some question's for the reader ...

MSNBC/ ED SHOW: Ed and Bernie hammer "Gang of Six" ... Thanx to SANDERSFORSENATE

CNN: Sanders on Cut, Cap, Balance a "Disaster" (RC: Cut, Cap, Balance, humor & truth) ... Bernie also discusses why he voted against the President here, and I will as well, even though I supported President Obama 110% ... but this Mr. President is too serious an issue to support you on, not some nonsensical issue, and will have a tremendous economical effect in our country, according to what decision/ support you choose ... dont dig your own grave Sir ... and Yes ... I realize what your up against.

Bernie on the Budget: CNN (cut, cap and balance) ... Thanx to Senator Bernie Sanders


MIGUEL CABALLERO: "FASHION & ACTION" ... Fashion in Mind, for those Special Time's ...

This posting into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be a tad different than the usual music/ art's pick's, and will focus on the fashion world. And to take a look at and honour, the Miguel Caballero Company and it's unique design's and their multi purpose. So unique, that they had to patent their specially designed composition's/ material's.

Also I want to credit a friend (I cant post their name here), who was just visiting from Monterrey, NL, Mexico for bringing this to my atencion while in Dallas. I fortunately was able to find some YouTube video in link below and some read on the company.

Of course the average working class person cant afford this line of design's, but the competition is also in the worx, and over time will flex out more in the market's. In Mexico right now there are some tough time's due to conflict's of those in the drug trade and other related issue's, that we hear about here and there, and a need to be more aware and careful where you are and who around when in public too. There is just more of a chance these dayz to run into action, whether relaxing at the pool, or taking in some music and drinx at one of the venue's, or just shopping and strolling the central mercado's/ market's even, and a need to keep that in mind. I personally cancelled my plan's a year ago to visit Monterrey simply because of the issue's on this ... and I am one who frequented Mexico quite a bit year's ago.

Bulletproof Clothing ... Thanx to VICE


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CUT, CAP & BALANCE: Ranch Chimp's CONSERVATIVE Approach/ Proposal for TRUE Fiscal Reform ...

I have alwayz agreed with Conservative's that we need to cut our excessive spending in Washington ... which has been enormous ... and being a fiscally conservative American, I found cut's that can be made immediately, and so much, that you wont even have to touch senior's medicare/ medicaid, or even SSI/ Entitlement's, and you will get much American support across the board. Show your true conservative patriotism as I and other's do, and put your money where your mouth is ... a large part of the solution below. Thank You ... God Bless Ya'll ... and may God Bless the United States of America.




This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour another unique presence in the early industry of rock music, of the 1960's/ 1970's that was quickly moving into the limelight/ mainstream. These pioneer's "Focus" had managed to not follow the herd (which was easier to do back then, before everything started getting too corporate maneuvered, orchestrated, homogenized, and neatly packaged, much more freedom back then in this industry), and just stay focused on what they produced locally in Holland, but soon, because of the truely free market of the era, started getting atencion on our side of the Atlantic as well ... thus a legend is born. And I also want to credit here Mr. Thijs van Leer for all he's done even during their later dropping review's to keep this project going ... a classically trained musician and multi talented/ contributing composer, and for his all around outstanding work.

I chose two of their most known piece's here in America to post for this ... their category of rock music ... I sometime's hear jazz, classical, and traditional contemporary rock ... but I never had a label for their sound beside's "Focus" ... Enjoy!

"HOCUS POCUS" ... FOCUS live performance on NBC's "Midnight Special" (1973) ... the young lady introducing them is RB/ SOUL icon Gladys Knight BTW ... Thanx to LOEREZ

"SYLVIA" ... THIJS VAN LEER/ FOCUS "live" 27 February 2010 @ "De Bosuil" Weert, The Netherlands ... Thanx to VINCENTLYONS ... I chose this "live" piece of several I reviewed, because it was shot by an amateur hanging off a balconey using maxed zoom, and still ended up quality and raw ....


Monday, July 18, 2011


This posting is because of another disappointment in today's news to me ... that is clearly nothing but more GOP/ Corporate political strongarming, nothing less! It is clear in the HuffPost news and link's below what is happening here, in this stunt, 44 Republcan Senator's basically wont let Prof. Warren run the agency, bottom line.

What you have is folk's telling us they have the best product's in the world for consumer's, whether it's insurance, financing, or whatever we consume in mass ... they want no competition beside's their own circle, they dont want any regulation, or protection's to the consumer's, they want to call all lawsuit's against any of them frivolous, and dont want to assume any responsibility for their product's, and they want to use a large portion of their earning's to buy up the nation like an auction and eliminate the only voice of American's which is our representation.

Look, I dont have a problem with Richard Cordray ... but Prof. Warren built this agency ... and I am grateful to have a "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" ... and I like Warren, she's tough and get's the job done, and I'm sure the President agree's. Again, the lobbyist's of mostly too big to fail power's have this all controlled through the GOP (she scare's the shit out of them!) ... and frankly it's bullshit! As far as I'm concerned Warren built it, she has the experience, she's the architect, she should run it! However, she is said to be running for Senator(?) ... uh- huh ... Enough said

HUFFPOST POLITICS: Richard Cordray to lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... The newsread and link's here will clearly show you what the Hell is going on, on this ...

ELIZABETH WARREN/ KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's, Vs Blind Faith ... PART 1 ... This video's and read will serve as Elizabeth Warren PT.1


GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON: Most American's are Sick & Tired of Ya'll's SORRY ASSES (Portrait of a Dysfunctional Gvmnt PT.3)

This posting of "Portrait of a Dysfunctional Gvmnt PT.3" will be because, I was in a great mood this morning, until I had to see ya'll's ugly mug's on every goddamn media this morning talking about what American people need ... how in the Hell do ya'll know what is in our interest, if ya'll cant even perform your job adequately?

And the thing about all this bullshit, is it's solely to make the President look bad and this Administration ... and has been nothing but threat after threat from the GOP, about what ya'll are going to do, if they dont do this or that on the Hill ... ya'll as a whole/ team are downright worthless, and should be grateful your in such a position to be set for life and never have to worry about a goddamn paycheck ... any other American from a labourer to a CEO would be TERMINATED for such goddamn job performance!

American's are getting more and more hip/ keen to ya'll's BS ... and one of these dayz, hopefully retire a large portion of ya'll's sorry asses, especially the Republican's and Teabag's for instigating all this crap.

CNN: OBAMA, LAWMAKERS TO RESUME DEBT TALKS ... This is CNN's latest newsread and vid's this morning on this debt crisis talk's.



Friday, July 15, 2011


This Taste of Texas PT.8 will be to take a look at some of rural Texas. Even though I live in a large metro area of Texas ... Dallas/ Fort Worth , I am one who actually covered the entire state, and it's large. I was not born in Texas, I was born in the Northeast, my familia's home's were New York, Pennsylvania, Southern California and Southern Nevada, Grandma had a small beauty salon business in Miami Beach (FL), and kin in Birmingham, England, so I came here as a Lone Ranger of sort, with no familia here ... actually as a fugitive from justice as a teen from Montreal, QE (Canada), and settled first in the City of Houston . I came here for a fresh start, and for me it paid off, and that is why I love this state, which must seem insane to some folk's, with all the talk you hear about Texas that is negative ... it actually was the best move I made, as odd as this may sound, but you would have to realize some of the obstacle's and issue's I faced too.

However, one of my favourite thing's is visiting load's of small Texas town's while driving, whether it's between Dallas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico) and other Mexicano cities close by, or the far western part's out toward's El Paso, Big Bend, the Rio Grande Valley, or the south sub- tropical valley, the coast, hunting in the Big Thicket's and Southeast Texas ... or the small town's way up in the Panhandle by Palo Duro Canyon ... you name it, I been there. But Texas is full of these little town's, and the Barbeque and TexMex is like no other in the nation, at really great price's too ... it can be very difficult to watch your diet in this state, some of the most friendliest laid back atmosphere's, etc ... and I have covered this nation coast to coast as well, and frankly I never could find TexMex/ Mexicano/ Barbeque like here. But the link below on one of those small town's from CNN. This damn video below make's my mouth water! Lot's of reasonable clean motel's as well to spend the night, in some of your favourite area's you get to find over the travel's, as well as the great eateries and place's to take in a few drinx and some music or such.

CNN/ WELCOME TO LITTLE AMERICA: LEE COUNTY, TEXAS Actually this piece was done, showing the ethnic diversity and balance according to America overall as far as culture percentage's in population's, or such.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE ULTIMATE REVOLUTION/ ALDOUS HUXLEY: Creating a "MASS"ochistic Society, that LOVE's their Servitude & Punishment, without Violence & Religion

First of all, all credit to this posting to a fellow Dallasite (Irving) Jack at WEASELDOG'S LAIR , for bringing this to my atencion, he linked in his comment's on my Christian Lopez posting. No, I didnt even know who Aldous Huxley was, or read any of his book's, so much Thanx to Jack on this. I can tell you that what Mr. Huxley say's though in this video is accurate, and the reason for a must in this journal, it IS importante to know. Then after the video I will add some word's, and also incorporate this into my previous "Debt Crisis PT.1, the Paper Doll Show" ... and of course, Special Thanx to Aldous Huxley.


Some may just think this is another conspiracy theory, or because it was in 1962, it may be out of touch with the current condition in 2011 ... but it is what Mr. Huxley said, might or could happen only ... and this sum's up accurately what we are seeing now basically. Whether it's the politipop politic's and game's/ threat's that are designed, such as in this so called debt crisis, the reason for war ... or the newest horseshit they're fixin to feed us, to try to create austerity in America, which is currently being tried out in other countries as you see, to see how much of that they can get away with as well, then of course, if it succeed's as planned, we will get it next ... and that is what most of our representatives are not telling us, or their behind the door talk's they are currently engaging in, bottom line, and it will surely not be about any of them missing a paycheck or getting any entitlement cut's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... nothing appear's as it is, period.

This is also why I say that thing's like martial law of course are option's, but frankly, you dont even need to declare martial law in these times, since you already have enough book law's to ball and chain folk's as it is, and the fact that none of these like to call anything what it truly is. For instance ... austerity is simply more financial control and ratholing of folk's money, the war in Libya isnt really a war as I posted, it will be called everything but war, withdrawal of troop's from Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else (unless it's a country that has no resource's to take or wealth) isnt really as it look's, as I also touched on before, etc. And of course, the tele, internet, etc ... you have to be cautious to a degree as well, because those are all current day propaganda tool's in high usage, and will also have to be much more regulated over time too (not for us, as much as for them) ... that will leave you mindless and loving your servitude and punishment as Mr. Huxley put's it.

Probably the most screwball, odd, and hilarious part to all this ... is that the very threat's of terrorist's we are spoonfed daily, in a weird way are an ally of our's/ the people ... as odd and twisted as that may sound (but of course, you would rather live under these dictator's than the Taliban, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh  {: ) ... kind of like better to live under the Democrat's than the Republican's {: ) ... as I posted in previous posting's, they are a worse threat and enemy to those very power's that dictate us actually ... in fact, the whole reason we even have terror threat's are because of those who dictate our representatives and other government's representation, understand also, that many in our Government representation are not even aware how they are dictated, and only doing their job's as far as taking lobbying interest's and budget's into consideration, etc. I dont like these jihadist's either, but the fact's are fact's, period. Again, alwayz look for the flip- sides and especially "motive". And boy oh boy, are future terrorist's going to give these neo- global dictator's a run for their money, especially on cyber terror to come (their already scrambling to try to get a grip on that) ... ya'll aint seen nothin yet {: ) Of course it is a reality threat to us and our lives, because we will have to suffer the casualties most, those who dictate have haven's they hide in mostly, but all their asset's and market's are what's going to get hit ... you see ... these terrorist's also know, that the best way to hurt these power hog's is to hurt their asset's/ finances. On the other hand those asset's/ finance are also our food on the table and energies, so basically we have become too dependent on the forces that have control over us.

This bullshit you see in our government on this debt crisis thing, was all rushed and orchestrated as I posted in previous posting's they would do, just like they done on the 2008 bailout scam, the rush to the Iraq invasion, or even the so called Health Care Reform stuff ... all rushed and mostly forced by the GOP side ... and if the GOP side didnt do it, those who control the government by lobbying, special interest's, and so forth would work on the Democrat's to do it, or anyone they can. It's importante again to have the 2 party deal/ system for this control, with all the morality issue's and other measley nonsensical issue's, and instigating racism, classism, sexism, etc, etc ... to keep the masses at each other's throat's without violence and stay one step ahead of them, while they throw us a few dog biscuit's here and there to make us think we have accomplished something in 20 year's that should have taken 20 minute's   {: ) ... in the past of course, religion and other repression's was the sole tool's to control, now with a changing mindset and many believer's in God even abandoning religion, they have to find other method's ... and they know they are close to total control, this is why the recent desperation and creation of all the sudden threat's and snowjob's basically ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, let's just call it a "Rush Job", eh? {: )

Remember the bailout's? What will happen to us if we dont do this and that, as in this journal's earliest 2008 posting's (just one example here) , where I pointed out, we are going to still have a crisis, whether we give them the money or not, and that it would all go offshore, which now we can see ... IT HAS, and we are even in worse shape, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ), this is why I point out time and again, DONT GIVE THEM NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD! Then they alway's like to play the "Kiddie Kard", saying what doom and gloom await's our future children of course, and of course we give in out of fear or whatever, then 20 year's later when our children are still getting the shaft, they have two side's to blame it on, if there was only one side, they would have to take the blame, etc, etc ... you get the picture? Some of the old timer's in campaign's have all the answer's of course, as Sen. McCain had wrote on a piece of scratch paper when he ran for President, yet he didnt know how many home's/ properties he even owned ... you got to wonder ... since some of these folk's know how to stop the war's, fix the economies, create job's, etc, etc ... what is the holdup?, what have some of ya'll been doing all these year's? Oh ... forgive me ... their opponent's are the problem (which is true to a degree, yet it's the whole thing) our problem isnt the system's we have set up for government, or even the many law's, we have a well designed system and right's/ Constitution, etc ... our problem is that you have a selected group in one room who are trying to do a job, supporting their supporter's, and no one want's their budget to be hampered or rearranged, eliminated, etc ... believe me, there are ton's of thing's that can get cut beside's social services and government services, consumer protection agencies, etc ... and we all know that! Whether we admit it or not. Beside's, that's the whole purpose of the "Privatization" thing, not to free us from government, but for those power entities to be the new government basically, when we lose our government and sell it to the highest bidder, we have nothing left.

One of the thing's that these power icon's are missing ... is that they are going to simutaneously create one Hell of a mess in this storm we are starting to experience, and are going to get one Hell of an opposition in time ... this is why I write in so many past posting's of what I call the "collapse" ... as all previous empire's collapsed throughout history who tried to do too much, and outstayed their presence/ welcome ... folk's lose faith in them eventually and either oust them violently (example here) or walk away ... but they all fail over time ... and so will this one, and thus anew start's. You can control most of the people, most of the time, but you wont be able to control them all, all of the time ... and that force feed's and grow's in the masses as well as the horseshit you blind them with ... nor will you see it coming. So ya'll's choice is simple if you dictate ... give in now, or later and suffer the consequence's/ reaction's of which. You can bank on it too.

Enough said ....


METALLICA: "Master of Puppets", "Iron Man" (for Ozzy), and "Orion" a Tribute and Memorial to Cliff Burton ...

Image result for METALLICA: "Master of Puppets", "Iron Man" (for Ozzy), and "Orion" a Tribute and Memorial to Cliff Burton

Cliff Burton

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is really past due, and to honour Metallica. There is so much that one could write about as far as this crew's hard work and success, composition, the intensity of their showmanship, and alot else that these gentlemen have done, including bringing metal music into mainstream Grammy material and such, but I will leave that to the link. I done a posting with CISSIE888 doing some guitar cover work of Metallica's "Blackened" though, and her meet with vocalist/ guitarist James Hetfield, and Cissie done some really righteous work on that too I may add!

I met bassist Cliff Burton and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett in London (UK) back in the 1980's and had some chat with the two concerning their work, put it this way ... at the time, these Guy's were thrilled, just to be an opening act for other bigger act's ... and frankly, it sounded like they worked 7 dayz a week for that matter, and were on tour as well in Europe at the time as an opener. It seemed that Kirk is also inspired by Spanish guitar too. They seemed so young and full of ambition, enthusiasm, and fire ... really in the trenches, putting in that extra mile. Just very shortly after that, I read that Cliff died in a tour bus wreck unfortunately.

So this posting is also sort of an honour to Cliff (RIP), which I was grateful to find a homemade tribute video to post, and of course to the legend Ozzy as well, who I am old enough, that I actually seen Ozzy w/ Sabbath "live" just a couple year's after the 1970 release of Iron Man (my wife is also a fan of Tony Iommi's "live" guitar work in concert, truely some classic work). So it's a mixed posting too, and honour to what are now an icon of talent in the industry and influence themselves to many young musician's ... Metallica. Thank You gentlemen for all your contribution's and work!

MASTER OF PUPPETS ("Live" Seattle 1989) ... Thanx to MRPYRONINJA

IRON MAN ... This video was a must for this posting ... of Metallica covering the classic "Iron Man" originally by Black Sabbath/ Ozzy Osbourne at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with Ozzy and wife front row audience, and they have OZZY rocking to this one, one of his own classic's, this must have made Ozzy feel 40 year's younger! Outstanding job covering it, to Metallica here ... Thanx to MetallicaTV . Not sure of the date here, but it was uploaded 2008. And WOW! ... what an explosive "live" cover ya'll Guy's do of this 1970 classic!

Cliff Burton- Orion ... Thanx to ELCHINGOSO


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CHRISTIAN LOPEZ: ... YANKEES fan Meet's the TAXMAN, the "RIGHT" thing, & a look at the $150,000 American College Education of today ...

First of all ... Congratulation's to Christian Lopez and also to Derek Jeter/ NY Yankees. Now, the most focus on this in the media's has been over the so called "evil" IRS wanting to collect taxes from Mr. Lopez on the so called gift's that he received from the Yankees, which was no biggie to Mr. Lopez, or myself, Mr. Lopez put's it to the point in his statement about that. What caught my atencion most in this, was the fact that Christian still owes $150,000 in student loan money, who has a degree in Government ... and work's as a store clerk at Verizon. And since Christian is in the light right now, I wanted to use this story, to also take a look and give thought to the cost's of further education to so many young American adult's in this country, and the position's/ job's that so many more these dayz end up with. I have a niece myself right now trying to get a college education, and is currently fighting in Afghanistan to get that.

When I use the term "right thing", I use it carefully ... being that there is two side's to that as well. The first being the politipop- culture "right", being to do whatever is popular whether it's right, wrong, or anything else, simply following the herd mindset, then there is the more balanced "right" thing ... being sincere as far as ethic's, integrity, and so forth, which Mr. Lopez exercised/ displayed here, trust me, this ball is worth more than the $45,000 they're talking about, now. And I really mean that Mr. Lopez ... and you will see "why" in time friend, I'm not going to point it out here, because it would be like spoiling all the fun and surprise element ... but trust me ... I know ... and this was the "right" move :) I know you are a sincere man ... and a big Yankees fan too! Having a degree in Government is also great Christian, because in my opinion, our Government could use alot more American's like you! :)

NYDAILYNEWS.COM: Christian Lopez, fan who handed over Derek Jeter's historic 3000- hit ball, will owe IRS thousand's NEWSREAD/ VIDEO

FIRST PERSON: Fan who caught Jeter HR Ball ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS

I would also like to dedicate this video/ song to Christian Lopez, by the Beatles , called TAXMAN (in humor Christian, there is nothing wrong with the IRS : ) ... Thanx to  THE SUB ROSAS ... this will be also included in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In 1945 another era of the two decade reign of Benito Mussolini and Associate's came to an end. A time for Italiano people of just too much war, unemployment, need for infrastructure improvement, and just being dictated to by this regime through repression and violence ... folk's just had enough and simply were not seeing any change basically ... thus an era end's and start's anew.

A new era of frustration's and revolt is beginning ... today's politipop dictation is manipulated behind the scene's far more stealthy and cleverly than of those dayz in the 1940's ... everything is bigger and better, and made to look like what it isnt, media's are even bought and controlled, more and more money now is going to even a smaller and smaller circle, all the globe's resource's are being ratholed as well, we are being conned into fighting over senseless issue's to ignore what the reigning power's now are doing ... todayz dictation is done through buying power, corporate maneuvering, and control of the globe's resource's, energies, and financial market's ... the playing field today much bigger than anything of the past, and scattered across the globe, in all region's at once. The terrorist's we are constantly warned of almost daily are even a bigger threat to the new dictator's of the globe, than to us. How much more and how long more will people put up with the rubbish they are fed, in this new era?

An excellent video below, with great music and visual art's to highlight progressive political change here ... not sure who the artist is on the music/ vocal's, but excellent piece as well! ... Enjoy!



Friday, July 8, 2011


This piece I got from "An Average American Patriot" 3rd hand, which was an interesting read to say the least, at least enough for me to want it posted on it's own, yet connected for reference to the "Debt Crisis PT.1" piece posted. AAP note's that he has no idea where it came from, being anonymous ... nor will I verify anything in it, but for me it's a must read. I dont have any comment's on this piece to contribute beside's what I commented on the posting itself.

****It can be a COMPELLING READ as well for some, however THIS IS IT ... Enjoy!



The reason for this addition is to point out some thing's that I have indirectly or piece by piece in various posting's throughout this journal, because of the "feeling" of hopelessness that also plague's our overall society on these thing's. I'll try to make this simple as I can.

UPDATE SUN. 10 JULY 2011: I also want to add here before reading this, that something does not add up to any of this so called budget crisis sudden urge. What I mean is the economy has been shit for a few year's now (and NO ... NOT because of President Obama ... it took year's before that and reckless foreign spending and deregulation to get to that). Bottom line, you know the debt ceiling has to be raised, you know we have obligation's to those who have backed us, despite what nation they are, and to our people ... but this rush to use this as a tool to have a budget deal made is foul, okay? We know we need budget reform, but why all right now? Why couldnt that wait? I cant figure out what all is going on ... YET, because so much remain's invisible, but will come out in time, but I would hope that this isnt a scam as well by even paid democrat's with republican's to create a state of fear, then act like they are trying to do something for the people, only to throw in the towel after a week or two of arguing on camera, then tell us that they had no choice, but to go with entitlement reform/ cut's. (they pulled the same thing with the public option, if you recall). The President's move's dont make sense either, so I'm missing something here. But this has got to end somewhere's, I, like million's of other American's are sick and tired of these political game's year after year, and trying to figure out like I am here what kind of shit are they cooking up next. We gave all these way too much time frankly.

We know exactly what the problem's are in this nation ... we know that the political rat race is failing operating the way they do, not on issue's, but only on political power/ grandstanding, and supporting the agenda of their biggest contributor's only, we know what major problem's there are in the economy as far as spending where and on what. We have more tool's today in this country than we ever had in the past, especially the power of this social networking shit, we know we need to revolt this cesspool in some way ... but can be as dysfunctional as our government, simply because we let simple issue's dominate our thought, which lead's to frustration and lack of confidence. There is such a thing as being over confident of course ... but we truly dont even act or even exercise our freedom of choice's. I mean ... we follow some of these loser's as if were under the spell of a Pied Piper, it's gotten insane! And look at some of this incompetence we follow and let direct us in mass, I mean seriously ... take a close look at some of these folk's ... what is so special and elite about someone who cant get shit together? ... who simply sayz whatever we tell them to say to please our mind's at that. What kind of leader's ... well ... dont lead? That's about as dumb as giving your money to some church/ preacher thinking it will get you a prime seat in heaven. The majority of folk's ARENT born this goddamn dumb ... we actually through our action's chose this way we act. Geeezzz .... middle class folk's balance what little budget's they live on better than any of these wasteful overspender's in Washington, meaning ... you can do a better job than them!

Look at the public option deal we got screwed out of in so called HCR, by the Democrat's turning on their supporter's ... and this compromise stupidity shit that we tolerated ... WTF is wrong with ya'll Democrat's that threw in the goddamn towel on this? It's simple ... here it is ... you stand firm, not cower like a goddamn chicken shit, and tell them straight up ... "The people WILL have a choice, and there WILL be free market and competition, and if the insurer's fail, tough shit, do a better job and make a better deal than the competition" ... if it get's into a gridlock .. so be it ... then nothing get's done, plain and simple, and press it again and again and again, until we get what the Hell is fair ... period! If insurer's threaten to abandon us or any of their affiliate's ... good! let them walk ... go to some other goddamn country to sell your bullshit, see if France will tolerate your shit or Canada, or even Mexico ... they wont!

Who twist's our arm's to shop at the largest retailer in the world? or twist's our arm's to do our banking with the biggest "too big to fail" banker's of the world? I mean, on shit like petro/ gas for our vehicle's, we dont have many alternative's/ choice's, but we dont focus at all on alternative's/ choice's either. We are the one's who choose to support and embrace all these icon's. Who choose's to take out multiple mortgage's on a property/ house and get deeper and deeper into debt? Who choose's to live beyond our mean's and recklessly spend? Why do we look at only left and right, and let that way of thought dominate us, without looking at the entire picture? Why do we even value and support leader's who dont even value us or our families? Why do we get so bent out of shape over the most stupid shit, like who the Smith's or Jones's down the street sleep with or do in the privacy of their home, or stupidity shit like worrying if same sex couple's marry, when we say that God will punish them? I mean ... dont we have enough to do and work on, than having to worry about doing God's job too!

Our politician's are simply a reflection of us and what we CHOOSE ... if what we have does NOT work in adequate given time and do a satisfactory job ... you treat it like we are treated ... you get rid of them and hire someone else, if you want to minimize our occupation in some of these foreign land's and war's ... you vote against it and do everything you can to disaffiliate your support. If you want to stop supporting these too big to fail entities, STOP doing business with them, period, dont accept their offer's, their financing, or any other damn thing ... shut them off, like they shut you off, and forget them as if they dont exist anymore, there are a mass of other businesses and service's to choose from. If we dont want our social service's and thing's like Medicare or Social Security touched ... hammer the shit out of these rep's ... and just tell them .... "NO, it's out of the question!, Ya'll chose to serve us, NOT the other way around!", turn your back's on them as they have done on you. These war's and endless occupation ... tell them their spending is limited and you will no longer support any of it, these countries, will get their own internal issue's ironed out over time or die trying, and some will also get what they so much want ... for us to get the Hell out of their business and affair's!

Why do we lack confidence and curl up in fear over word's and those who are nothing more than flesh, blood, and bone like the rest of us? I said I would support this President and vote for him again, and his party, and the only way I would not, is if he done something drastic enough to show he should be not supported no longer, that doest mean if I do that, I would vote for the more evil of the two which are the Republican's or some Tea Bag puppet freak ... oh ... I will still vote, but none of them, rest assured ... if my vote get's wasted, so be it, I WILL NOT tolerate incompetence ... PERIOD, or pay for it, support it, etc. And the Democrat's better get their shit together and tell the President wassup and what is on the table ... fuck the compromising, sweet talk, and the rest of the garbage ... this whole thing has been a one- way street with the GOP calling all the shot's ... revolt against it, and tell them what the deal's are going to be ... and all the real shit that need's to be cut as far as budget's/ spending, including those at the top equally, and especially all this spending in the political circle's, high living on our money, etc. Turn them off like a goddamn light switch and utilize the tool's you have! Hell NO, we dont need to cut SSI, medicare, food stamp's, close school's, shut down government building's like they done in Minnesota, etc, etc ... Ya'll's asses need to cut in Washington on your endless living large and spending, talk about sending human's to Mars now, and other nonsensical shit in these time's, send a goddamn robot, and watch the shit on YouTube, or let Bank of America or Exxon/ Mobil pay for that nonsensical shit! ... and foreign spending goes to the bottom of the stack ... period!

For those who passively sit and whine saying ... "Oh No ... it's not that easy ... you dont understand, so and so said this, the poll's say this, the analysis say's this ...", or other passive nauseating talk ... How in Hell do ya'll know when you never attempted to "try" to begin with?


Word Out!


NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "Bottom Feeder", "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood", and "She and Me fall Together" ...

Steve Stapleton

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to honour a London icon in the underground scene of industrial, ... "Nurse with Wound", and of course Mr. Steve Stapleton ... I myself have so much of this artist in my home collection, and have followed them closely for 3 decade's at least, at the top's of my list in this genre. But I just shouldnt say "industrial" I reckon ... their recipe is such a dark spirited avante- garde type sound ... in a class of their own, really a unique stand though in this. I also want to take a look at not only the composition here, but my admiration of the visual art's concept's that they are legendary for as well in their own class.

Of course being choosey and selective as I am ... (and selfish :) ... I chose a few of my favourite's of so many that I was so grateful to be able to find on YouTube, and Special Thanx to Ya'll credited below for sharing these ... Sincerly!! ... Enjoy!


NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "Bottom Feeder" ... Thanx to OPALSONGS

NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood" ... Thanx to NEGATRON

NURSE WITH WOUND: "She and Me fall Together" ... Thanx to ISAYNUKEM


Thursday, July 7, 2011


This posting of "PORTRAIT OF A DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.2" will be to focus on this morning's news from CNN on this so called "Debt Crisis", and again I will try to be as reasonable and considerate as I can on everyone here. I wasnt even planning on posting this, this morning, but the link below from CNN of newsread and video's, just came in this morning and sum's up in short of the new snowjob basically, politically and economically that we are playing, which is a dangerous game, that not many folk's are paying enough atencion to. Then after this and the link's, I will add some word's on what is truely just an ill recipe and mix in Gvmnt that is simply dysfunctional in any stretch of the definition, and simply CANNOT get a thing done of any significance. In the title as far as "RPM's" and "Engine Failure" ... the inspiration is to point out simply that America is NOT turning enough RPM's (revolution's per minute), and as a result ... our engine which is Washington is failing, period. Those who are trying to get thing's done, are simply not being allowed to make any progress ... find this "bug" (which is special interest's/ funding) ... and that IS your problem ... and can only be resolved like any cancer, by being removed and cut out, which mean's also those on all side's that are feeding it, as far as representation ... this also include's making term limit's mandatory as well, and not being allowed to take/ accept a million or two in fund's/ lobby dollar's (view the short video here) before vote's on the floor. I mean ... if your paycheck we give you with the enormous benefit's are NOT good enough ... go find another goddamn job, we dont need you.

**** CNN NEWS: ... OFFICIALS: PRESIDENT OBAMA SEEKS $3 TRILLION TO $4 TRILLION IN CUTS ... this posting is this morning's news, and reason for this posting, because this is some of the heaviest bullshit we have gotten spoonfed recently. This even out does the popular Health Care Reform SNOWEjob we think has been some landmark victory, which if anything ... is just another cleverly crafted piece of bullshit that mean's little to us and much for those in the industries, show me/ us one thing that has resulted in this ... beside's that, and even that has been stalled as I posted it most likely would be.



The bottom line here is that reading and viewing this current news on this newly created Paper Doll Show above over this debt crisis, you can clearly see that our government is definitely as a whole not working, the engine is just failing ... and the people in this nation are not turning enough revolution's to get adequate internal combustion out of this dying engine ... and I really mean that as far as using the word here "revolution" ... because that is clearly what is needed at this point. We have tried engine cleaner's, additive's, oil change's, tune- up/ spark plug's, adjusting the timing, and everything else ... and have had no success, which again is solid proof that this engine simply is shot and need's a complete overhaul, period.

I myself have bent over backward's to try to be as bipartisan as possible and especially support this President all the way since before he announced his candidacy, because I know his past and what he stood for, and want to give him and his crew time. But frankly I dont know where the President is going with this one, and would only hope that the Democrat's will buck this all tooth and claw, because you already know what the total Republican agenda is, and we wont get a shred of help from them, and we have no one else to choose from right now. I understand better than anyone flexibility, balance, and bipartisan need, but this has gotten insane .... sitting down with Speaker Boehner, yet letting Boehner do all the decision making on what is going to be addressed and acceptable and what is not going to be, both side's talking about what they think the American People want and need, and both not looking at the possible consequence's of ill action's on their part for this country overall. This constant talk of reducing/ cut's only for the American majority of people does NOT cut the mustard at all, for any American, regardless of political side, gender, ethnicity, class, etc. It is way out of any balance as well as totally dysfunctional as far as the engineering. The so called tax loophole's cut's are not even with any specific's, which tell you that, that is also bullshit ... and the final outcome as I wrote in my earliest posting's will HAVE TO result in tax increases, fine's/ fee's, penalties for all American's in the long run, whether they announce it now, or keep it in the closet till after the 2012 election, which is more likely.

The constant talk of job creation isnt going to work significantly either, as I wrote for over 3 bloody year's it CANT ... so this constant talk over this is pointless, if you have idea's ... do them and stop talking about them ... just act! ... but there is no goddamn way in Hell ... you can go from losing 100's of thousand's of job's per month ... and think that with a changing global market that is being forcefed on us, that you can just pop up with pie chart's quarterly saying we created 200,000 job's in this month or that month, with way out of sync unemployment figure's also designed to get maximum effect's out of the viewer's/ voter's, and say we are on any significant recovery path, while spending billion's out the ass year after year on everything from privatized military and contracted bombing campaign's, foreign investment's only of our dollar's and letting everything from prison's to government building's in this country fail to get privatized and auctioned off to the highest bidder, so they can take also all the tax revenue's for that as well.

We are no longer No#1 in this country except in bullshit, failure, and harbouring a bunch of corporate communist's and tax shelter legislative manipulator's, and the sooner we wake up to this, the better off we can be and act in a truely beneficial way. There is no doubt that this country need's to start to take other measure's in getting change and workable solution's ... because this is all we have left and we are losing it daily at the rate we are going, meaning we need some form of revolutionary action's, there are no other option's left. And the new investment's and market's are as I stated in place's like China, India, Russia, etc ... we need these people/ countries ... Yes ... but we also need to focus much more on domestic interest's, and believe me ... these other nation's understand, because they are also going to have their own severe internal trouble's with this new transition that is taking place, and are not going to be able to rescue us out of our's.

This whole crisis is another created piece of bullshit, and does not even exist, they are creating it ... again to pull another sting on us over the next few year's, trying to privatize everything, make all government fail (so even that is engineered and funded by the same cesspool bunch pulling this shit in Greece, Spain, Italy, England, and other place's ... they are trying to do the same thing with America as well basically) and replace it all. There is no need for all this new talk out of the GOP of the sudden need of "entitlement reform" ... all that is about is simply to convert all thing's like SSI, medicare/ medicaid, and social/ public service's across the board to privately owned entities ... that can only be bought by those who hold the majority of capital obviously. "Entitlement Reform" ... mean's JUST that ... to cut all our entitlement's PERIOD ... nothing else ... and promote more and more faith based crap to handle even now, not just the poor, but even the moderate middle classes. And the bottom line is, we will have to have taxes increased.

I agree we need taxation increases, but dont agree that they all should go to corporate foreign interest's, contracting, bombing campaign's, corporate welfare, and the rest of the garbage they want to do with them ... what ... pay more tax and get nothing for it, but more and more misery?, that's just downright stupid. And they are not even telling us that straight, on the taxes, with just hint's and small talk's. Meaning simply more taxes and cut's and sacrifice's at this rate, with NOTHING in return ... that should be totally out of the negotiation's, not even touched, without definitive blueprint's of where it will be used and actual "solid proof", including all accountability in writing, account's, invoice's, with full public disclosure, none of this crap like they fed ABC News last week on not revealing how much they pay for gym's, sauna's, pool's, personal instructor's and a schlew of other service's that our rep's for instance only pay $20/ $40 a month for (then these cheapskate's even write that off on taxes at the end of the year) including all the high scale luxury car's that they rent monthly/ annually and we are billed for, saying you cant tell us for security reason's (also note that Congress is fighting against transparency) ... it's our goddamn money, and we need to know where in Hell it's going, this need's to be stamped out!

And I totally "disagree" with our President on going along with this (I only agree that the debt ceiling should be raised, and this game the Republican's are playing is deadly to us overall, by using threat's to not keep to our responsibilities/ debt's, domestic and foreign) ... they want to cut everything but those who are behind this mess, and telling us your cutting tax loophole's will just be another legislative piece of bullshit ... it's NOT going to happen, and ya'll in Washington know it. This is no diffrerent than the bullshit on Health Care Reform, which basically resulted in some scrap's and bone's tossed to us, so that pharma/ insurance giant's could make billion's more, by making million's more have to buy their insurance, whether out of pocket or subsidized, so ALL revenue's go to them ... understand ... the minute public option was eliminated, that destroyed all chance of competitiveness, because you still end up only with a 100 companies/ corporation's under one board of director's is all, nothing more ... that's no different than putting opposing sock puppet's on your left and right hand to compete against each other under your direction ... therefore rendering it worthless.

Enough on that part ....

I have decided to choose some posting's here that are related to all this that I have posted in this journal, to sort of try to compile a list of related posting's so that the reader can easily access on this particular point here, there are so many in this journal, and I selected here the most importante one's only, to minimize how many. They basically show an entire picture of the reality and crisis we face (the TRUE crisis ... not this politically and corporate inspired "paper doll" crisis that we are being shown), that we are simply not paying atencion to enough. Now I know some think we are not living in a crisis, but I have been writing about this for over 3 year's now, and my assessment's have been accurate ... this isnt pessimism, but a look at what NEED'S to be reasonably done in some fashion, to try to get through this with the least amount of misery only, or not a damn thing is going to be workable, change, or anything else, period, and it can only get worse, unless we get real action and change. Thinking this WONT happen and there is some kind of HOPE the way we are doing thing's, is nothing more than living in a fantasy mindset of some sort. All the actual math clearly show's that the way we are doing thing's can only intensify misery and delay progress in any reasonable time frame.

401K LOCKDOWN: Senator's to PROTECT you by Locking Down your 401K ... "THE DEMOPUBLICAN CESSPOOL PT. 2 & 1"

"How to Privatize America Part's 6 Thru 1" ... the importance of this, is that by privatizing everything in America or other freeworld countries, the people lose all voice/ power, including all smaller corporate interest's, and all that support's us including our government's when their eventually forced into being sold on the auction block to the highest bidder's.

SUZE ORMAN PT's 2 & 1 ... these are importante tip's and advice to look at the current condition, so you can create a strategy for economic survival and misery reduction.

Government Shutdown's, SSI Check's, Political Grandstanding, 2011 Iraq, and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (Nation of BS PT.6) and Part's 5 THRU 1 ... this "Nation of Bullshit" series is just for that, to take a look at some of the most mainstream popular BS we are being fed.

GLOBAL GOLD RUSH PT. 2 & 1 ... these are importante to understand mega mining, the pro's and con's of it, and the value of metal's such as gold in a changing global transition, the importance and value of such at a time of heavy fluxuating currencies, and uncertainty of some.


Beating the "ECONOMIC WIZARD'S" of the "WALL STREET CASINO INDUSTRY" in the NEXT "Decade of Decadence" ...

DAVID STOCKMAN: ... Stopping the "RUNAWAY TRAIN of BORDERLINE LUNACY" in it's Track's ... AMERICA'S STUPIDITY ... another clear and truely bipartisan look at the condition we are in with both side's talking here in some sort of unity concerning mutual concern's ...

Americans for Job Security/ Americans for Prosperity ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's Vs. Blind Faith ... PT. 3, 2, 1 ... Pt.3 here in particular show's and focuses on another smokescreen patriotic organization, that are mainly anonymously funded group's that strictly have a political motive, this being of course paid for by corporate interest's using the GOP as a front.

OBAMA FACTOR: American Worker's may Chase their Tail's LONGER than they Think ... PT. 1 & 2 ... these posting's will give a more clearer look at the reality behind job's/ employment and the condition of such.

AMERICAN MARK'S: Robbed in the name of WAR, FREEDOM, and HUMANITARIANISM .... ... this posting simply take's a look at another way we are deceived and basically financially milked out of money by special interest's, through our representation.

NEW SOCIAL ORDER: .... the 2 Face's of the "Current Condition" and the "Balance Factor" .... ... the title here sum's this up perfectly as far as content, the importance of the two video's incorporated is to show both perspective's of left and right thought's, and to try to conclude a workable balance.

"Fractional Reserve's" .... and the "Creation of Bond's out of Nothing" .... the importance of this posting is mainly the video in here that show's another big problem of concern that lead's to this constant bubble/ bust repeat scenario series that we have in our financial system's ... it's importante, because for one, we also need to stop these entities that are too big to fail in this new global economy, or else the bust's can only be more severe, because now they take down more than ever in the past, and much quicker on a global level.

MID- TERM CAMPAIGN (2010 SHOW PT.6) ... If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many POLITICIAN'S would call in SICK? ... the only importance to this is strictly political ... to take a look at the 2010 political scam's and threat's that were pulled to sway vote's for the 2010 Mid- Term's, because many of these strategies will also be pulled again and again, since they obviously worked. Which is the whole reason I focused on the magnitude of concern that the 2010 mid- term is here, because if we let the GOP take any majority in the House or Senate ... this is exactly what you would see happen, that is happening now.

THE ULTIMATE REVOLUTION/ ALDOUS HUXLEY: Creating a "MASS"ochistic Society, that LOVE's their Servitude & Punishment, without Violence & Religion ... an importante video to watch to get another view of the mission that is being pulled on us, and purpose. This was a newer/ later posting added 14 July 2011.

DEBT CRISIS PT.3: SEN. BERNIE SANDERS talk's about, the issue's, the President, & "Gangsta 6 Pack" ... & RC on "Defining ORGANIZED CORRUPTION" ... added 22 July 2011

AMERICAN IDIOT'S (CNN/ MONEY- ALLAN SLOAN): How Washington is DESTROYING the ECONOMY ... an excellent read here that was posted 18 August 2011 ... the title sayz it ALL ....

SENATE SUPER COMMITTEE: The American SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE "Sacrifice" (The DEMOPUBLICAN CESSPOOL PT.3) ... This posted 21 August 2011, where the title speak's for itself ....

Social Security, The President, Oil Speculation, & Job's ... A view from Senator Sanders (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.1) (added 29 August 2011) ... this is what should be a call of America to all parties and politician's to just this one time in such trying time's, to just be honest for a change and stand once and for all for what you say ... and if they dont, they should be shut out by every voting American.

GVMNT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.1) ... The Return of the SATAN SANDWICH {: ( ... this piece added Fri. 23 Sept 2011 show's once again another fear card scenario and the repeated method's of dealing such hand's.

OCCUPY WALL STREET: "The AWAKENING" ... A HEALTHY TIME for AMERICA & The GLOBE PT.1 ... added 06 October 2011

BANK TRANSFER DAY: "The AWAKENING" ... A HEALTHY TIME for AMERICA & The GLOBE PT. 2 ... added 11 October 2011

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FREE TRADE AGREEMENT: Our DYSFUNCTIONAL Congress, MIRACULOUSLY Get's FUNCTIONAL, Is this our new Job's Plan? (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.4) ... added 14 October 2011

STUDENT DEBT CRISIS ... The NEXT GENERATION: A look at Frustration and Fear ... Solution and Strategy ... Added on 21 October 2011

MICHAEL MOORE Report's the SHIT via The SCHITTREPORT- "The AWAKENING" ... A HEALTHY TIME for AMERICA & The GLOBE PT.3 ... Added 01 November 2011

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE Game's, & Attacking El Banco Bandito's ... "The AWAKENING PT. 4" ... Added 04 November 2011

NEWT GINGRICH, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC? "The Pimp & Ho Squad": Their "Commonality" & "Calamity" ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S PT. 3) ... This added 18 November 2011 concerning the recent Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac issue, and our politician's who get paid by them for their support basically.

OCCUPY & EMBRACE AMERICA ... "Listen to the Majority of the People" A Message to WASHINGTON (Truth or Treason 2012 PT.3) ... this addeed 19 November 2011


SAVING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AMENDMENT & PRE- PAID POLITIC'S/ ELECTION'S with Senator Bernie Sanders (U.S. Supreme Court Fisting PT.3) ... this added 10 December 2011

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.2) ... The MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA Edition ... this added 21 December 2011 to show the continuous bullshit game's played by our representation, this time for Christmas.

OCCUPY WALL STREET 2.0: Austerity Fetishism Vs. Transformative Movement/ Economic Inequality Vs. Corporate Neo Communism (The AWAKENING PT.8) ... this added 22 December 2011, marking the 3 month anniversary of OWS

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PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE VS. PASSIVE PUSSIVE'S ... Intro w/ Michael Moore (TRUTH OR TREASON PT.6) ... Inspired in part by Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff ... added 10 January 2012

TAX THE RICH!! ... & Live HAPPILY Ever After ... Collapsing, Reforming, & Re- Creating an outdated 20th Century System ... added 27 January 2012

U.S. Government Spending Spree on BULLET'S & PLINKING, the Continuous RECKLESS & IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING (MO OF YO MONEY PT.8) ... this added 06 April 2012 ... a look at the ridiculous spending on hundred's of million's of bullet's for target practice and giveawayz

JEFF NEELY- Helping Congress "understand" the "culture" of "WASTE & SPENDING" ... An Insult to our President and People (MO OF YO MONEY PT.9) ... this added 17 April 2012

AMERICAN SPRING 2012/ THE AWAKENING PT.16 ... this added 23 April 2012 to update the new and current movement(s) of the American Spring and OWS

SOCIAL SECURITY ... The OTHER $60+ Billion CASH GRAB and "Socially Securing Society" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.8) ... this added 25 April 2012 to show more of the slithering shit and fear card's being dealt to privatize Social Security

REPUBLICAN'S caught organizing "Job Growth Obstruction" to oust President Obama & "Political Crime's Against American's" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.9) ... added 27 April 2012

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JP MORGAN & The JUNKIES: "Too BIG to Fail, Regulate, or Trust" ... & Pulling on them Ole BOOTSTRAP'S ... with Charlie McGrath (NATION OF BS PT.9)  ... an old familiar tune of course, added 15 May 2012

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE/ FELIPE ADRES CORONEL: "Politics to Prose"(interview), "Wake Up", & "Peruvian Cocaine" (THE AWAKENING PT.21) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.2) solid interview with the artist/ political activist ... added 31 May 2012

VICTORIA GRANT: A Canadian "Financial PUNDIT" give's a Lesson on "Financial ENSLAVEMENT" (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.5) ... added on 08 June 2012

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