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OCCUPY & EMBRACE AMERICA ... "Listen to the Majority of the People" A Message to WASHINGTON (Truth or Treason 2012 PT.3) & Failure/ Sequester UPDATE

For this "Truth or Treason 2012" PT. 3 will be another very importante issue that should be watched very closely, and even moreso if your an American voter, for reason's I have pointed out in the other two posting's, Part's 2 & 1 (linked after the video's below). This will have a big impact on the future of million's in this nation, much more than we may realize even. Just 3 short video's below with some point's of concern, then some word's on it I will add after.

As far as Sen. Bernie Sanders ... I cant even begin to Thank this man enough for all he has done as far as his hard work and staying all over these issue's ... this man is sharp and gotz it goin on!

This posting will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

***** CNN/ POLITICS UPDATE (Sunday 20 November 2011) AIDES: 'Super Committee' to announce failure to reach Debt Deal ... now alot of folk's are going to wonder if this thing was planned back in August and September vacation or whatever, simply to get a "remedy" front scam screen set up, to make it look liked they all tried so hard, yet because of gridlock were forced to "fail" so that it automatically goes into "Auto Spending Cut's- Sequester Mode"? Now, if this was the case and it was all a scam, this also mean's that both parties HAD to be involved with this, but it also mean's that the GOP are "in- charge" as well, and only have a handful of Dem's on the take. I dont know much about it, however, from what I gathered, there is also an appeal shot that can be taken toward's the cut's in the timeframe before they are about to take effect.

Also, I never knew of a thing about this Sen. Patty Murray of Colorado, but watching her and listening to her in the first video of the update link above, my jaw was actually hanging and I was in a state of shock, asking myself "How in Hell did she get chosen for this Committee? it must have been Republican's that chose her ..." I mean her approach to how to handle this is so incredible, she act's so frightened ... of what!!? It's no wonder the Republican's are walking all over everyone, just look at some of these pussified attitude's on the Democratic side ... what in Hell do we expect!!? One thing you must also think about here and question ... Exactly "WHO" are the one's who designed this so called "sequester plan" ... find those who engineered AND supported it, and those are the ENEMIES of America! I sware, even if I was in a position like the President, I would do everything in my power to veto every goodamn thing the GOP ask's for, I would even veto them using the toilet if I had to, and use my "pen" on everything I could ... If they threaten me to take it to court, frankly I wouldnt give a shit ... go to court! That in itself will take a couple year's to get even a hearing!

As far as Sen. Murray talking about what we (Dem's) are willing to "put on the table" ... are you kidding!!? Dem's and the President so far have been putting EVERYTHING on the table ... the GOP hasnt put a goddamn thing on the bloody table! ... When in Hell are you going to ask them to "put up"? Some advice to Sen. Murray ... listen to Sen. Sanders and learn a thing or two.


NO DEAL OVER A BAD DEAL ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... this is actually pure lunacy if you look at it and think about it ... basically, what your representative's are telling American people is ... they are going to cut the entitlement's that you pay for, will continue to pay for, and even start to pay more for ... now if that isnt about the most outright form of robbery by trickery, I dont know what is ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... who in any kind of sanity or a balanced mind could buy something like this? I mean ... politically speaking, anyone who would buy this nonsense, would have to be either politically a masochist, a sap, downright stupid, or paranoid/ scared.


***** RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" PART'S 2 & 1

The reason this is so importante and will have such a strong effect on American society is because of the the issue's of poverty and medical need's, which will in the long run, if handled and rushed recklessly will create more social unrest to come, even more than we see currently, maybe not immediately, but in time. And frankly anyone who know's me or read any of these related posting's that I do in this journal/ blog, know's that I havent been very optimistic about those decision maker's/ legislator's doing thing's in any balanced way, and VERY unbalanced and unfair, period. But I will be fair here, and once again, give them the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what my past or current assessment's may be.

I am still basically like I been for year's and year's, even back when I voted straight Republican ... I never kept up with politic's back then though, didnt even know who I was voting for, or frankly with such a busy schedule and life back then, had time for any of it either, I have much more free time these dayz, to actually look at and study these issue's and move's. But basic value's I still hold dearly are thing's like even entrepreneurialism, strong business ethic's, pro free market, rugged individualism, stong efficient defense, etc, etc.

Some may look at this as just support for poor folk's that draw welfare or social service's of some kind, and even some unproductive member's in that group of society. However, especially if your a conservative ... this is more deep and complex than that ... and you must have a clearer understanding on poverty, what feed's it, and what economic condition's and circumstance's causes it, and the idea that you have to have this to show diversity, competition, reward, etc, in the free market world and arena is another urban myth that is held by many conservative's, you cant begin to understand this clearly, unless you been in the trenches and actually seen and/ or lived that ... you could have a great education in this, and listened to the best of the best expert's in lecture's, etc ... but experience make's it's own point's.

When it come's to those in poverty in America these dayz, it's a little more and diverse than just lazy folk's and/ or folk's that dont want to work and just freeload. I cant even count how many I known or met over the year's and even moreso these dayz especially that have a decent education, they have busted ass, worked hard, are very competent on the job and managing what very little money they have, do all the right thing's, are at least semi patriotic, etc, etc ... yet no matter what they do or how hard they work, they just cant get out of the cycle and even be fairly compensated for their work and their commitment. Many of these folk's are the working poor, and low end middle class of the country, these are the same folk's in mass that are the engine that keep's this whole system running and feed it and slave for it, the consumer's, the first decision maker's on the line's, the manufacturer's and production folk's, the one's who spark the new idea's, the one's who know making a tight budget work better than any of the expert's in Washington even, etc.

This recently was especially apparent to me as well when a buddy and I attended the Occupy Dallas gathering's here at City Hall in Dallas as well as the big bank district area's in downtown and the Dallas Federal Reserve one in Uptown Dallas, where I met so many folk's on small chat, I even handed out so many card's to folk's, which are like a business card I have with my journal's web address, email, PO Box, and home phone number on it, just like in my profile here, and picked up some card's from other's they had, and some literature as well. The diversity of the crowd's was incredible ... I met folk's that had degree's, and came from a variety of background's, not just poor folk's, some were from decent upper middle background's and certainly had much more formal education than I ever did. Yet ... what these folk's had in common with some of the poorest, was they had been a victim in some way of a corrupt system gone too far, and not only greed ... but a greed that is so extreme, that it can only result in failure, because it is so out of whack and unbalanced, even millionaire's are joining in these dayz, saying straight out that they WANT to pay more taxes even, is how unbalanced it is, yet many of our politician's dont seem to want to listen to any of them, regardless of their background's even.

I call this series "Truth or Treason" because failure to listen to the country as a whole and work on it's behalf is a form of treason in my opinion, I am not accusing any of these folk's of commiting criminally federal act's of such, so it's just a title, just like when I talk about the corruption, the legislator's make sure that the law's are written to make everything they do legal of course. Whether or not we take cut's to anything and whatever level, we of course will still have to pay in more to all of them, period, and continue to even more. It's also a matter of who them tax revenue's and related go to ... a government that work's in the best interest's of the entire country, or sell's out to only this sickness of extreme greed and robbery by trickery basically, and these so called "deadline date's" and condition's, timeframe's, trigger's, etc, to handle these issue's and manner look's like a scam in itself frankly, as I pointed out before. However, when all is said and done, it is all of us that vote who will have to make a serious decision more than ever now when we go to the poll's next November 2012, in these trying time's ... the action's of this Super Group or whatever you choose to call them should be very much considered in this, who support's what and does what, and they all should be held accountable, regardless of what political side you may embrace, it's a matter of America. The best balanced thing for the longrun for our representation to do is Occupy and Embrace America and listen to the People ... more than just Ya'll's career's may count on it.

Word out ....


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